Far Cry 6 - Official Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

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SpaceLion87 - Saatler önce
2:20 Is that Giancarlo Esposito? :D
wild man
wild man - Saatler önce
Don't worry Diego gets saved by Dora
Earthling117 - Saatler önce
When the LOS POYOS HERMANOS lost its business, territory and cover because of ONE MAN.
Smike M8
Smike M8 - Saatler önce
Breaking News:
Gustavo Fring teaches his only son the basics of a grenade in front of protesters
alduin - Saatler önce
lol gustavo fring
Themojaveranger 09
Themojaveranger 09 - Saatler önce
Oh hells yeah
mycatisfat777 - Saatler önce
aye I haven’t seen my man gus in forever
RÄØÛF KÛÑ ÃGÜÈRØ - Saatler önce
ubisoft graphic settings:
- low
- medium
- high
- ultra
- E3 or ubisoft forward
Lilrex12345765 - Saatler önce
Do you have to play the previous far crys to understand the stories
Rishabh Vailaya
Rishabh Vailaya - Saatler önce
Far Cry 6:
*Los Pollos Hermanos*
Ariel Koltes
Ariel Koltes - Saatler önce
This just makes me think of the maze runner ik no one asked. K bai
Scott Smith
Scott Smith - Saatler önce
Pretty sweet trailer if I must say, I was a bit disappointed with the last one. Hope this one is better.
Savage00712 - Saatler önce
Please for the love Pollos Hermanos fix the hit registration and please no bullet sponge enemies.
Oktay E
Oktay E - Saatler önce
I expected to see the 2 cousins, Hector Salamanca or Mike. Disappointed.
kamalfarhat987 CH
kamalfarhat987 CH - Saatler önce
i really there is secret ending but that doesn't require ending the game so fast
W - Saatler önce
Buying it
Emin Saral
Emin Saral - Saatler önce
Gustavo Fring?
Kai Kulha
Kai Kulha - Saatler önce
Gus Fring has taken over
0repr0suS - Saatler önce
Far Cry 3- Michael Mando (Nacho)
Far Cry 6- Giancarlo Exposito (Gus)
The Better Call Saul reference man😭
Lilrex12345765 - Saatler önce
Do i hear a gus fring
Lerry Ocean
Lerry Ocean - Saatler önce
Is that Gus?
Puss Roach
Puss Roach - Saatler önce
damn the graphic is fuckin incredible
A Very British Commentator
A Very British Commentator - Saatler önce
2:48 "are ya winning, son?"
fenismonja - Saatler önce
nobulle - Saatler önce
People judging graphics on a prerendered cutscene. Weird.
kuroiumineko - Saatler önce
huh, is it about Ukraine 2014?
Whicker Friesian
Whicker Friesian - Saatler önce
Nice to see Gus making an appearance outside of 'Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul!'
Holy heck, another Far Cry? Well then.
Luigi Ribaya
Luigi Ribaya - Saatler önce
Lmao Philippines Simulator 2021
books from Windblown
books from Windblown - Saatler önce
Gus owning a country is nit far fetch compare him to owning a fast food restaurant
NuCk ChOrRiS
NuCk ChOrRiS - Saatler önce
If guss hadn’t died in breaking bad???
Iron Fan
Iron Fan - Saatler önce
Ughhh... I just came for the Pollos Hermanos T_T
Dylan_yeah - Saatler önce
Nice. The exact same story we’ve gotten with literally every far cry game. I am so excited.
yea yea
yea yea - Saatler önce
How is this the same dumbass
Rino - Saatler önce
Los pollos hermanos
Leonard Bögershausen
Leonard Bögershausen - Saatler önce
Maaan this is another awesome Setting but in the end it will be just another boring AAA shooter. So sad
malik uzair
malik uzair - Saatler önce
it was a
motivational speech
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar - Saatler önce
Yohan from Monster would be perfect in this game lol
Rahul Aryan
Rahul Aryan - Saatler önce
Nihad Huzayen
Nihad Huzayen - Saatler önce
I never really bought a Farcry game before. I guess this will be the first one. This was SICK.
yoga5631 - Saatler önce
i'm getting a just cause vibe from this trailer
edit: also judging form the setting i wonder if they will implement parkour like they did dying light the city looks ripe for that too...
Nomology - Saatler önce
i thought vaas would be back??
poopeatr42 - Saatler önce
Well mom, I think the house be cleaned for a while.
Sir KinEvil
Sir KinEvil - Saatler önce
Instructions unclear:
The Iranians want ww3 now
Ciara - Saatler önce
Why hello Mr. Fring,. I see you're doing cameos now.
Nate T
Nate T - Saatler önce
finally a decent actor in a far cry game.
Obi Wan
Obi Wan - Saatler önce
homie senate p
homie senate p - Saatler önce
Is that Gus from breaking bad in the trailer
West Australia
West Australia - Saatler önce
ohhh so Venezuela irl?
JohnnY - Saatler önce
This is flaunting enough
Fahmeed Rokon
Fahmeed Rokon - Saatler önce
Gustavo Fring
Ralf van Zelst
Ralf van Zelst - Saatler önce
Oke now im hiped
THE P'HOGUES - Saatler önce
Looks kind of woke and inevitably you will play the role of antifa. I'll pass.
sanaullah hassan
sanaullah hassan - Saatler önce
Typical Robloxian
Typical Robloxian - Saatler önce
The name Vaas means someone who has potential and is somewhat a savior. He can relate to the people who is going through a rough time and understands the pain and suffering that that one person is sacfricing in order to save his or her loved ones. A Vaas can go crazy if he is mistreated by the people he knows well like his family or loved ones, and use him to finish their dirty work.
This means Diego... could be vaas
niiksa - Saatler önce
iReqretful - Saatler önce
0:02 - 0:08
2020 in a nutshell
Soft Drink
Soft Drink - Saatler önce
Thumbnail looks like black Negan
Ich weis es nicht Lp
Ich weis es nicht Lp - Saatler önce
Gustavo Fring !!!
Alfheidr - Saatler önce
Damn I love Giancarlo Esposito so much :D
Rafi ashari
Rafi ashari - Saatler önce
Imagine if it was Frank Underwood
Siddhartha Moravekar
Siddhartha Moravekar - Saatler önce
What a trailer! Chilling.
Gustavo sold los pollos and became a president.
Austin Howells
Austin Howells - Saatler önce
When the game coming out
Alex Berndt
Alex Berndt - Saatler önce
Uncrowned King
Uncrowned King - Saatler önce
I have a feeling that this kid is Vaas when he was a kid, that eyebrow cut too, maybe this game is before far cry 3 time?
Alex Berndt
Alex Berndt - Saatler önce
No, it's in present. Far Cry 3 was in 2012.
Creampupp - Saatler önce
So sad we don't get to play as Diego, would've been so interesting. Either way i fee like hes going to be the most interesting aspect of the story.
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Anderson - Saatler önce
Hey cool they made 2020 into a videogame
Cheesydude88 8
Cheesydude88 8 - Saatler önce
Doesn’t the president look like that guy from better call Saul and breaking bad?
Alex Berndt
Alex Berndt - Saatler önce
Yup. Gus Fring.
AshtimusPrime - Saatler önce
2020: The Video Game
J. FranciscoX
J. FranciscoX - Saatler önce
Now we know what Gus did back in Chile
marksmanr - Saatler önce
If that president wasn’t a PoC, everyone would say this is a White Supremacist game.
yea yea
yea yea - Saatler önce
Oh shut up nobody ever thought stop reaching
DEATH Machine
DEATH Machine - Saatler önce
Whats the name of the song that's playing in the beginning?
Peter Peter
Peter Peter - Saatler önce
Haha this game won't look anything near this. Gl to the ones who buy this trash
lucas san martin
lucas san martin - Saatler önce
“El presidente” more like Pollos hermanos CEO
Sameer Kamble
Sameer Kamble - Saatler önce
Gustavo of breaking bad is here!!
Emin Alibegovic
Emin Alibegovic - Saatler önce
This trailer fells like just cause 3
Garrison Jones
Garrison Jones - Saatler önce
1) Is it me or does el presidente look like a younger morgan freeman/nelson mandela?
2) Does this game not give off the impression that it is inspired by the us current cultural-political infighting?
I7ODOKON1K _3005_
I7ODOKON1K _3005_ - Saatler önce
Русские отзовитесь, вы где!!! Far cry 6 твою мать
Josh Clark
Josh Clark - Saatler önce
Actual footage of Seattle
Saksham - Saatler önce
2:05 did I only see the statue fall for one more time?
Manju Pant
Manju Pant - Saatler önce
He sounds like gustavo fring
Alex Berndt
Alex Berndt - Saatler önce
That's cause he's the same actor.
RaginPlayer - Saatler önce
Still waiting for elder scrolls 6
Hangchha Sampang
Hangchha Sampang - Saatler önce
Isn’t guss dead ?
Hangchha Sampang
Hangchha Sampang - Saatler önce
Alex Berndt LoL 😂 ikr
Alex Berndt
Alex Berndt - Saatler önce
This is Far Cry 6 not Breaking Bad (assuming you weren't joking)
kalamay - Saatler önce
So this is a story of the kid breaking bad? Heh.