Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Cook The Perfect Lobster | Season 7 Ep. 6 | MASTERCHEF

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Trang Le Bich
Trang Le Bich - 11 saatler önce
Thepiccolopower - Gün önce
Jordan Peterson here?
Denis Corlotean
Denis Corlotean - Gün önce
Gordon you forgot to remove lobster`s shitsack!!
Aulrone - Gün önce
Take that vegans.
시연Siyŏn - Gün önce
Oh wow 😮 he crack open a lobster holy smokes 😂😂
James Sm
James Sm - 2 gün önce
Let's just sit back and take a moment to realize that we eat sea bugs. In fact we pay good money to eat these ugly things.
Ethan Stubbs
Ethan Stubbs - 2 gün önce
*Lobster has left the party*
The seventh sin
The seventh sin - 2 gün önce
Please do how to catch and cook a human next please
mohair - 2 gün önce
He didnt clean out the pooh vein
Molos Vuthi
Molos Vuthi - 2 gün önce
Gordan Ramsey and Simon cowlell are almost the same
Troy Saxon
Troy Saxon - 3 gün önce
Mr.Blamochai - 3 gün önce
He didn't clean the lobster from the organs, so it's not completely prepared..
oh oof
oh oof - 3 gün önce
"a pinch of salt." // takes a handful
bang nguyen
bang nguyen - 3 gün önce
R.i.p lopster
Big Papa
Big Papa - 3 gün önce
I like how he actually killed it before boiling
Video Review
Video Review - 3 gün önce
Part 44999 of why is this video on my recommended
Andres Perez
Andres Perez - 4 gün önce
Stop this. That thing is alive
ThatOneSingingRiolu - 2 gün önce
As much as you wanted to stop, people will always eat meat.
Skull Trooper
Skull Trooper - 4 gün önce
Little touch of extra *virgin* oil
Shooty Boi
Shooty Boi - 4 gün önce
He’s like a Pokemon master of spoons
Jonah Paragas
Jonah Paragas - 4 gün önce
0:18 R.I.P. 🙏
sandra escobar
sandra escobar - 5 gün önce
Mind blowing
PvP and Me
PvP and Me - 5 gün önce
Ana Ochoa
Ana Ochoa - 5 gün önce
I knew this.😁.. But I never could figure out how to take the meat out of the leggs😱
David Rheinhardt
David Rheinhardt - 6 gün önce
You never kill a Lobster with a knife thats very stupid and you need a cup of salt
jeffery kusi
jeffery kusi - 6 gün önce
Why was everyone so surprised
Tommy Malatesta
Tommy Malatesta - 6 gün önce
alonzo - 7 gün önce
That looks SO GOOOOODD
Jayden Albanes
Jayden Albanes - 8 gün önce
Rip mr crabs 2000 to 2019
Cielo Romantico
Cielo Romantico - 8 gün önce
animal abuse ° twists tail ° lobster : OOF
Jellaxus oni
Jellaxus oni - 8 gün önce
NeysNey 1
NeysNey 1 - 8 gün önce
Poor Mr.Krabs 😭
Infinity Playzz
Infinity Playzz - 8 gün önce
can i eat it?
Akhil Sai
Akhil Sai - 8 gün önce
I just want to become 50% of what he is
Dora NANCY Borrego
Dora NANCY Borrego - 9 gün önce
John Sarabia
John Sarabia - 9 gün önce
Fun fact: Lobsters can’t feel pain.
Arkhamgamer 105
Arkhamgamer 105 - 9 gün önce
Was i the the only person who's mouth was watering from seeibg the cooked lobster
Formula X
Formula X - 9 gün önce
El is the verga, jajajaja.
Jacob Walther
Jacob Walther - 10 gün önce
America - What’s that you said???
FuriousFiR3 - 10 gün önce
"were not cooking it all the way were just poaching it"
A guy who doesn’t understand the joke
Living like Larry
John Carter
John Carter - 11 gün önce
I'm vegan but i respect gordon ramsay. This is art
ThatOneSingingRiolu - 2 gün önce
It's a shame vegans like you are a minority.
John Marchan
John Marchan - 11 gün önce
I hate how that lobster is not centered on that plate.
Gufron Omega
Gufron Omega - 11 gün önce
I wan't 😚
Nutshell - 11 gün önce
He should not throw the left over shells at the outside dustbin because that guy on extreme cheap skates will probably take it
kesha keshoo
kesha keshoo - 12 gün önce
Oh Gordon😊
Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger - 12 gün önce
I wouldn't be able remember half of the stuff his doing
John Tao
John Tao - 12 gün önce
as an asian, i eat the brain of it too
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson - 13 gün önce
0:12 I love this guy even more now.
101 owlman
101 owlman - 13 gün önce
0:17 RIP
Chandan Sh
Chandan Sh - 14 gün önce
terrorist be like kill as humanly as possible wtf gordon no matter how you put that knife in it must hurt
skramble - 16 gün önce
Gordon Ramsay demonstrates his Mortal Kombat 11 fatality
Jdf07 -
Jdf07 - - 18 gün önce
Tbh that would be my home ec class right there
Manel R.
Manel R. - 18 gün önce
What's up with the inside of the head that's where the best part is and they don't eat it, I'm confused
Phuong Anh Nguyen
Phuong Anh Nguyen - 18 gün önce
Thư Lê
Thư Lê - 19 gün önce
except the head is the best part and he just pulled it out and left the shell for decoration
Anton Lee
Anton Lee - 20 gün önce
Uuuuuhhh oooohhh aaaaaahhhh waaaaaaao omgod youporn
Denisse Dominguez
Denisse Dominguez - 20 gün önce
Ese Ramsay es mi amorrr
Benjamin Veizaga
Benjamin Veizaga - 21 gün önce
Sooo nobody is going to point out that this lady is named Lisa Ann? 0:26 ?
SM Santos
SM Santos - 21 gün önce
Season 11 or 12 should be the Masterchef Champion all the Masterchef season winners...
Lois Loves Cheese
Lois Loves Cheese - 21 gün önce
Poor thing! :(((
functional intelligence agencies
You are going to jail for muder a lobster
ThatOneSingingRiolu - 2 gün önce
In your dreams maybe. The thing I don't like about you vegans is a lot of you can't respect brilliant chefs like Gordon Ramsay because he actually eats meat.
biggy1010101010 - 21 gün önce
Maybe I’m wrong, but I think lobster needs to be cooked for more than 2 minutes.
coolspeeder18 - 21 gün önce
I wish I was Gordon so that way I could make myself a lobster whenever I wanted.
la a
la a - 21 gün önce
i'm not a pro cook so correct me if i'm wrong but... he just gonna leave that green slimy thing hanging at the bottom of the lobsters tail?
L 4
L 4 - 22 gün önce
First you take you knife and stab the lobster in the tush...Lightly season ...SOLT PEPA ...then ...what are you looking at me for ? ..look at the lobster ya donkey!
Bartex409 - 22 gün önce
*21:00* Ok i have to wake up early tomorrow so i it's my last vid.

*1:00* Watching video of cracking lobster.
WIRESING - 23 gün önce
Idk I just feel likje when he gets to the knuckles he threw out all the meat.
Tsm Faze Ninja
Tsm Faze Ninja - 23 gün önce
I ate a whole lobster
SlavReviews - 23 gün önce
0:18 top 10 call of duty deaths
Moobeus - 24 gün önce
Just wanted to get it out there but I do not want to be “humanely” stabbed in the head if I’m ever to be eaten. I’d rather be shot or stabbed in the heart or somthing. Just me
ThatOneSingingRiolu - 2 gün önce
Doing that to a Lobster is quite similar to a shot in the head.
Krishna Gurung
Krishna Gurung - 24 gün önce
Dry Dog
Dry Dog - 24 gün önce
In America you cook lobster
In mother Russia lobster cook you
Paul Castillo
Paul Castillo - 24 gün önce
New: *_Lobster shell cracking ASMR_*
kakashi2k - 24 gün önce
touch of salt but it looks like handful of salt -_-
M3OW Sumo
M3OW Sumo - 25 gün önce
For a second I thought the people in front were kids in middle school
Cone boi -
Cone boi - - 25 gün önce
Кто Русский ?
A S - 25 gün önce
Lobstev fvesh, olive oil fvesh, all fvesh
Huiheng Zhou
Huiheng Zhou - 25 gün önce
0:19 my sister is vegan and I was watching it with her and she was scared Of it and she cried
BabysisAtii .__.
BabysisAtii .__. - 25 gün önce
No it’s not it’s meat in the head where the poster legs point is
GamingNation btw sOmEoNe ToOk My BeAnS
2:31 What is this?
TheTypical Miner
TheTypical Miner - 26 gün önce
When he says u have to kill it fast he means it bc after it dies u only have a few hours before some germs or virus I forgot what they were called they get in to the rotting flesh and once they’re in it’s hard to get them out
S.A Impavido
S.A Impavido - 26 gün önce
At least he killed him before boiling him lol
Imhang Limbu
Imhang Limbu - 27 gün önce
Oh yea yea, oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea,oh yea yea
MANIAC 77 - 27 gün önce
Gordon loves olive oil
Spectrum - 27 gün önce
Gordon: *inhales
Gabby The Great
Gabby The Great - 28 gün önce
satisfying af

tell me if ita wrong spelling im from the philippines not super fluent
ha ha
ha ha - 28 gün önce
the lobster was a great actor
Corek BleedingHollow
Corek BleedingHollow - 28 gün önce
I wanna have a threesome with that brunette 1:09 and that blonde 2:30
Fire Skull
Fire Skull - 28 gün önce
Save the animals!
Life Her
Life Her - 29 gün önce
Bunch of dumbasses lol never seen a lobster before lol. That's to easy
Patrick Ptomey
Patrick Ptomey - 29 gün önce
Sounds like my back when I pop it.
Afshan Tase
Afshan Tase - 29 gün önce
Gordon is a masterpiece
Spoder Mwem
Spoder Mwem - Aylar önce
0:30 a student should put his or her notes on paper
Dab cam
Dab cam - Aylar önce
Dab cam
Dab cam - Aylar önce
lapband100 - Aylar önce
One of my most favorite food!
Mark Perez
Mark Perez - Aylar önce
Arent you suposed to cook a lobster while its alive?
PotatoCHIP DY - 23 gün önce
Mark Perez yeah, to prevent bacteria from spreading, but since Gordon boiled it instantly after killing it it didn’t make a difference.
Danny Cobos
Danny Cobos - Aylar önce
People act like they are watching some kind of a miracle. WTF?
Lupita Navarro
Lupita Navarro - Aylar önce
Jayden Nair
Jayden Nair - Aylar önce
0:17 ewwwww