Lakers Celebrate Their 2020 NBA Championship | Final Moments Of Game 6

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ツ{Neøn} - 2 gün önce
I feel like the idea of doing this for Kobe Bryant goes underrated.
IQ sports
IQ sports - 3 gün önce
Jr Smith is already shirtless
Ronnie Jan Morales
Ronnie Jan Morales - 7 gün önce
Sad we didn't get rondo back. I mean, he said it himself, Him and Bron on the floor together its over.
Kenneth Paul Provido
Kenneth Paul Provido - 7 gün önce
This is the only finals celebration that i get emotional watching knowing that they did this for kobe,surely if kobe is still alive he will be tha first one to hug lbj so tight saying all those words of appreciation to him of giving back to LA the title after 10years.
Jason Wolfe
Jason Wolfe - 7 gün önce
Been a good year to be from LA baby !!
Aljon Lavarias
Aljon Lavarias - 7 gün önce
I came here again because of dwight and danny
ERICJIMRJ - 9 gün önce
I still remember when the playoffs began, I predicted their championship. I am no fan of lakers but I trust their game throughout the season. :)
Leon Esperanza
Leon Esperanza - 10 gün önce
Don't let this distract you from the fact that lavar ball said that lakers won't win another championship when they traded lonzo.
johnbutnotwick - 13 gün önce
Catalin Fifea
Catalin Fifea - 13 gün önce
Couldn’t be better! This was for Kobe! 💪🏼
Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy - 15 gün önce
What Clippers still watching? Ha ha
DANIEL OBIOMA - 15 gün önce
Omg good job LA LAKERS!!!! I luv yall so much and yall never let me down
Marko Ivancic
Marko Ivancic - 15 gün önce
Nobody cares
Jairon Ali
Jairon Ali - 16 gün önce
Does did count for Jr Smith
ashkira onyer
ashkira onyer - 17 gün önce
jimmy butler lead the miami but his team not yet ready for that
Xavier Morgan
Xavier Morgan - 17 gün önce
0:55 Woah! Were did that came from
Anthony Sefo
Anthony Sefo - 17 gün önce
I was looking for Deontay wilder hmm
Francis Alex Aldover
Francis Alex Aldover - 18 gün önce
lebron need jr smith to win a championship
Jim Marcum
Jim Marcum - 22 gün önce
The Lakers never won this game. The Miami coach harvested 25 points that Miami made warming up before the game started. The score keeper added the 25 points to Miami's score, thats legal right.
ivan Omblero
ivan Omblero - 22 gün önce
Ito talaga ang tunay na idol kesa sa curry nyo na di kayang bumuhat ng team.
TripledoublemachineL23 L23
TripledoublemachineL23 L23 - 25 gün önce
LAKERS is Back to Glory Kobe & Gigi this is 4 you! 🏆
Hassan Alnazghah
Hassan Alnazghah - 25 gün önce
stand by me
Marco Tan
Marco Tan - 26 gün önce
I would've laughed if heat made a comeback at the last seconds
PromoPrime - 27 gün önce
You know what has occurred to me just now? The Lakers have started 5 basketball decades as the dominance of the league
1950 Champs
1980 Champs
2000 Champs
2010 Champs
2020 Champs
Really Jayden
Really Jayden - 27 gün önce
Marchell Ivan
Marchell Ivan - 27 gün önce
I can watch this everyday
Sopamarucha - 27 gün önce
Dodgers and Lakers.." this was our year " Manager Dave Roberts said..
ThisIsJozo 02
ThisIsJozo 02 - 28 gün önce
*kobe in heaven*: Well done my brothers, WELL DONE
Lebron: *looks up at the blue sky* : we did it brother we did it*shed tears*
Kimani White
Kimani White - 7 gün önce
@progamer13 coolsghost i don't get it what's that blue sky thing, that's a term for business
progamer13 coolsghost
progamer13 coolsghost - 11 gün önce
He's not there!
Ron Artest
Ron Artest - 24 gün önce
@The Milkman that's right
The Milkman
The Milkman - 26 gün önce
Me: Cringe
ESTGWLKR - 29 gün önce
He'S oNLy tHeRe bEcAuSe oF HoLLywOoD
my love songs
my love songs - 29 gün önce
Dodgers closed out the World Series in 6 games, too, like 2 weeks later. Amazing! I am a Los Angeleno, born and raised, and am hoping my Rams can get to the Super Bowl and make it a trifecta! Sad the Kings couldn't have a great hockey season to make L.A. teams really a great thing, but we can only hope for next season!!! Congrats to my Lakers and my Dodgers!!! Go Rams!!!!!! Let's get to the SB and win it!!
akb1717 - 29 gün önce
I’m so happy that they wot this. One, because I’m from L.A. Two, they won it for the black mamba. Three, it is the first time I have ever seen them win a champion
Mike Coxbig
Mike Coxbig - 7 gün önce
@jerry law agree to disagree, later, go raptors!
jerry law
jerry law - 7 gün önce
@Mike Coxbig Toronto beaten both the Lakers and Golden State in the regular season doesn't mean nothing and my analogy is not bullshit because what is a true fact is all NBA champions have complacency in the regular seasons and that prevents them from playing harder in the regular season and that's why every year the NBA champion loses to a team that doesn't makes the playoffs and the Shaq and Kobe Laker team that won three NBA championships had complacency in the regular season and that's why teams who didn't make the playoffs beat the Laker team all three years the Lakers won a championship and no NBA champion is going to play hard all the time in the regular season and Toronto and Golden State and the Lakers had complacency when they won their championship and they all lost to teams who didn't make the playoffs and just because Toronto beat both Golden State and the Lakers in the regular season doesn't mean they would have beat Golden State or the Lakers in the NBA finals and just because you think Toronto would have repeated if Kawhi stayed with Toronto doesn't mean Toronto would have repeated because it is true that Lebron James is a greater player than Kawhi and that's why Lebron James make a average Cleveland and Miami and LA team a championship team and Lebron James James is the only player who won finals MVP with three different teams and every sports reporter I hear on TV around the country say Lebron James is either the greatest basketball player of all time or the second greatest player of all time behind Michael Jordan and nobody never said Kawhi is that great because everybody knows Lebron James is a greater player than Kawhi and that's why Lebron James made the Lakers a championship team and Kawhi couldn't make the Clippers better and that's why Kawhi and the Clippers lost to Denver in the second round of the playoffs and Lebron James won back to back championships when he was on the Miami team and Lebron James can repeat but Kawhi can't repeat because Lebron James is a greater player than Kawhi and every sports reporter in the country knows Lebron James is a greater player than Kawhi and every sports reporter in the country knows this year's Lakers team would beat the Toronto team in the NBA finals even if Kawhi was still on the Toronto team
Mike Coxbig
Mike Coxbig - 8 gün önce
@jerry law Toronto had beaten both the Lakers and Golden State during the regular season when HEALTHY so please don't give me your bullshit analogy! The Raptors were STATISCALLY BETTER OVERALL WITHOUT KAWHI this past season so what does that tell you? It should tell you had Kawhi stayed Toronto would've repeated as NBA champions because their team is DEEPER and BETTER on their bench than the Lakers bench! It's a TEAM game and Toronto had a deeper bench than the Lakers. When Kobe won them back to back championships in 09-10 the Lakers were a better all around team and deep. So agree to disagree, later. I'd have guaranteed Kawhi and Toronto could've repeated.
jerry law
jerry law - 8 gün önce
@Mike Coxbig you are wrong because Lebron James is a better player than Kawhi and the LA Lakers would have beat the Raptors even if Kawhi was still on the Raptors because Lebron James makes every team he has been on a championship team and Lebron James got a championship with Cleveland and Miami and now LA and the Golden state Warriors could have beat the Raptors last year in the NBA finals if Kevin Durant didn't have a injury and if all the Golden state warrior players were healthy last year during during the NBA finals, the warriors had a great chance to beat the Raptors because last year's NBA finals would have gone to a seventh and final game if Clay Thompson didn't have a injury in game 6 of last year's NBA finals
Kyle Flash
Kyle Flash - 14 gün önce
@Mike Coxbig Im a Raptors fan and it was hard to see Kawhi leave but I understood why he did since he wanted to be near his family and stay close to home. I don't think he really adjusted to living in a whole new country, it seemed like he liked Toronto and the fans but preferred being home 😅 and Toronto would of most likely won the championship if he stayed but if they had to face Lebron it would of been tough 😬 Raptors have a history struggling against Lebron in the playoffs those two years getting swept in 2017 and 2018 in the semi finals still give us Raptor fans PTSD 😭
gyan gyan
gyan gyan - Aylar önce
This is not a good playoffs no riotss man
Rain Bows
Rain Bows - Aylar önce
Look at Jr Smith celebrating lmao 😂
Juan kirby Laggui
Juan kirby Laggui - Aylar önce
We don't care what the other fans o
GeorgéNothim - Aylar önce
Blazers in 4
Rockets in 6
Nuggets in 7
Heat in 7
Sergio furlanetto
Sergio furlanetto - Aylar önce
TheUnthinkable - Aylar önce
Former Laker Head Coach Pat Riley hollered at the Lakers' 2020 Championship with an *.
Emil Koch
Emil Koch - Aylar önce
Not a Lakers, but I always respected that organization. World Class. This one is for Kobe!!!!!! There's no question Kobe's death really propelled this team to win. R.I.P. Now, all L.A. needs is one more really good player and they can go on a dynasty. I predict the Lakers will make 2-3 more finals appearances and win 1-2 more finals as long as Egos stay in check and the unselfishness continues. If everybody can stay healthy I don't see why not. Congratulations to the Lakers. Great Job on Miami for competing. I don't think anybody picked Miami to go to the finals.
StuuDude - Aylar önce
Dwight was so happy that he made a 3 with no sweat💀
Stacey Rowe
Stacey Rowe - Aylar önce
james veitch
Antony Willis
Antony Willis - Aylar önce
keep steam rolling over every team la lakers my all time favourite team ever since i saw kobe play them 3s pointers in playoffs winning them championship trophys r.i.p keep up the magnifficent work lakers
Shawn John
Shawn John - Aylar önce
no one was trying this year
Really Jayden
Really Jayden - 27 gün önce
Always an excuse
Shawn John
Shawn John - Aylar önce
@KENNYDREAD They all protested games idiot lmao
KENNYDREAD - Aylar önce
@Shawn John You said 1 team. Who else? Besides that Milwaukee didn't want to play 1 game, which by all means I supported but and then elected to stay and got smoked by Miami so that's on them. These are just excuses.
Shawn John
Shawn John - Aylar önce
@KENNYDREAD bucks forfeited
KENNYDREAD - Aylar önce
Absolute bs comment.
H - Aylar önce
Kai Freeman
Kai Freeman - Aylar önce
Kobe would be proud!!!!!!!!!!
Sarcastic me
Sarcastic me - Aylar önce
Only udonis haslem congrats The Lakers.😅
Corron Ramone
Corron Ramone - Aylar önce
Got chills like a mothafucka AD deserve this
Jason Wolfe
Jason Wolfe - Aylar önce
I wonder how Lonzo feel ??
Masato Gamer
Masato Gamer - Aylar önce
LAL Championship: 2020 Parade (October 25)
Luke Sullivan
Luke Sullivan - Aylar önce
Just imagine the crowd reaction if covid wasn’t a thing
cool kid
cool kid - Aylar önce
I feel like the Rondo-Lebron hug was the best part of the celebration to me
lars 44
lars 44 - Aylar önce
for Kobe 💜💛
Manicci Luxury Auto Styling
Kobes last instagram post was kobe and lebron hugging and Lebron wearing white jersey. Only fitting they won in the whites.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - Aylar önce
This makes me happy, Congratulations Los Angles Lakers🥳🥳
Macxie Gaming
Macxie Gaming - Aylar önce
Nandyan payabg hayop na smeet Nayan wla naman kwenta yam
Cloud 9
Cloud 9 - Aylar önce
Imo, Lakers 17 championships are way better than Celtics'
Kaycee Buchanan
Kaycee Buchanan - Aylar önce
Ledna Abdi
Ledna Abdi - Aylar önce
For Kobe 💛💜
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - Aylar önce
Got ridiculous lonzo out this happened lonzo sucks
Angel j. Garcia Matesanz
Angel j. Garcia Matesanz - Aylar önce
Buenas noches
Danush TV
Danush TV - Aylar önce
I kinda have a feeling Jimmy is gonna be the next MJ and is gonna win 6 rings
Brent James
Brent James - Aylar önce
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - Aylar önce
This was something special, where’s Miami at 😂😂😂😂
SportsHog Tv
SportsHog Tv - Aylar önce
Caldwell pope 👍 dude was a key ingredients
Casper Felius
Casper Felius - Aylar önce
Only time for me in the bubble where I truly really missed the crowd and fans inside the arena
Kyle Register
Kyle Register - Aylar önce
The Lakers Won The Championship For Kobe 🏆🏀
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher - Aylar önce
Still brings a tear in my eye
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - Aylar önce
Dwight Howard has more rings than the entire clippers organization.
I Sharted
I Sharted - Aylar önce
It’s the guy from 2k
Subscribe For no Reason
Subscribe For no Reason - Aylar önce
I have no idea at all
Ozlyx - Aylar önce
Lakers began the 2000 decade with a ring and ended the decade with a ring
MR.WORLDWIDE 2021 - Aylar önce
still trending.. wow. lol XD
alida flus
alida flus - Aylar önce
This was something special, where’s Miami at 😂😂😂😂
Jack Low
Jack Low - Aylar önce
Got ridiculous lonzo out this happened lonzo sucks
lexie honness
lexie honness - Aylar önce
my little pony
alberto javier muñoz ñaña
Aydan Aydan 2
Aydan Aydan 2 - Aylar önce
Let’s go I can’t believe it never thought I’d see another one congratulations Laker also rip Kobe this is all for you
alida flus
alida flus - Aylar önce
Game 6 was in 10th place with only 4 million views. Whoa! Jordan and the Bulls had 36 Million viewers when he played the Jazz. No one cares about the nba anymore. The
Pemuda Netizen
Pemuda Netizen - Aylar önce
Respect fo Jimmy butler
CoolingFan - Aylar önce
Damn Lakers, now I can't forget the year 2020 because of you...
Khristoper Anthony Barao
Khristoper Anthony Barao - Aylar önce
The 1.2k dislikes are coming from Golden State Clippers.
The Preacher
The Preacher - Aylar önce
Real celebration should be when we get to heaven someday with God..... Just saying
bilij pdan
bilij pdan - Aylar önce
Dwight Howard has more rings than the entire clippers organization.
Smart_SponGe - Aylar önce
Wow, AD has been in the pelicans for many years and the year he left he won a championship
Maamie Junelyn Codilla
Maamie Junelyn Codilla - Aylar önce
Imagine if this guy lebron wins all the finals championship.....
Absolutely the ultimate GOAT of all time .. but he failed. And again he success. Thats the life means.
Knowndribble - Aylar önce
Jimmy butler deserve a ring
bilij pdan
bilij pdan - Aylar önce
Kobe is proud
Masato Gamer
Masato Gamer - Aylar önce
143-142 Final/2OT LAL wins series 4-2
bilisha coli
bilisha coli - Aylar önce
Dwight Howard has more rings than the entire clippers organization.
Alex Juarbe
Alex Juarbe - Aylar önce
Congrats to Lebron but I know a lot of other guys who wish they had 3 months to rest before starting a playoff push for that chip....
Bentorent _
Bentorent _ - Aylar önce
1 more championship to tie with Celtics
Ulices Aldaco
Ulices Aldaco - Aylar önce
Man I wish Kobe was still here but god and to call him up RIP the mamba forever 💜💛🕊🙏🏽
bilisha coli
bilisha coli - Aylar önce
I feel sorry for the heat they fought as hard as they can. Damn highly respect for this team.
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - Aylar önce
Poor danny green Got death threats towards him and his girl for missing the 3 just to blow out the heat next game 😂😂😂
J G - Aylar önce
Kobe is my Favorite but the NBA Finals were not even watched this year. It’s sad but I don’t feel like this counts. Just my honest opinion. I looked at the Nielsen Ratings and Game 6 was in 10th place with only 4 million views. Whoa! Jordan and the Bulls had 36 Million viewers when he played the Jazz. No one cares about the nba anymore.
The season was cut short and played with no fans. The Lakers got all the “Has Beens” veteran Minimums. Not really a pretty team to watch. Anthony Davis seems a little Dumb. I Love LA but this was a sham
RetroBlue - Aylar önce
There was a game??
virtuous pious
virtuous pious - Aylar önce
Lakers can do a 3peat if they want to...
virtuous pious
virtuous pious - Aylar önce
@gtoss chddy maybe social distancing???
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - Aylar önce
how come the Miami Heat dont congratulate the Lakers? maybe because of Dwight's 3?
childoftheMostHighGod - Aylar önce
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UglyDolls Buddies
UglyDolls Buddies - Aylar önce
Yeah boi
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy - Aylar önce
LOL Kostas Won a Championship before Giannis. Mama, There goes that man
Baby Gay Mirando
Baby Gay Mirando - Aylar önce
Salute Haslem for congratulating Lakers especially Bron. How I wish he would have given atleast a little exposure.
Masato Gamer
Masato Gamer - Aylar önce
135-132 Grand Finals 4TH: 1.9
Anthony R
Anthony R - Aylar önce
Kobe is proud
KHYL Tv - Aylar önce
Looks like AI
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy - Aylar önce
If the economy is in a pandemic and millions of people are out of work, how are these ballers getting paid? Maybe it's not as bad as they make it seem. 🤷‍♀️
martin - Aylar önce
In memori Kobe