LeBron James goes off for 44 points, becomes NBA's 5th all-time scoring leader | NBA Highlights

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OoWee BJizzle
OoWee BJizzle - 17 gün önce
Teareal Davis
Teareal Davis - 21 gün önce
2:53 now that’s how you get a clean block KD!!
TheGamechange619 - 24 gün önce
This is Lebron’s year boi let’s go 💪🏾💪🏾
Johnny S4J
Johnny S4J - 24 gün önce
I´m pretty sure if the Lakers add Durant and hire a good coach (which Walton is not), they´ll be champions again.
Konner69 - 25 gün önce
this is his 17th year and still the best , that is impressive
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera - 26 gün önce
Tomas Perez
Tomas Perez - 26 gün önce
the continue player lebron are. final conferen.
terry varta
terry varta - 26 gün önce
Pliz 2.34 how is that not a an1. That's clearly. I could pick 10 clear fouls against LeBron in this game
Alex Amerling
Alex Amerling - 26 gün önce
forti tude
forti tude - 26 gün önce
41 and 41 I see no change in that that my prediction when bron went l.a.
mAc Alb3rt
mAc Alb3rt - 26 gün önce
Lebron should have 10 regular season MVP's if not robbed.
Parker Peter
Parker Peter - 26 gün önce
Who’s the first?
ryan corcuera
ryan corcuera - 26 gün önce
sick of people praising jordan in a lebron video.. when jordan passes bill russell, only then will he be the 🐐.. 11>6 the last time i studied math..
marvin jhomar mediavillo
marvin jhomar mediavillo - 26 gün önce
Where r u , Haters! go to hell!
Chat Patwah
Chat Patwah - 26 gün önce
Commentator: "Luke Walton was drafted the same year as LeBron and now he's coaching him"....ummmmm no! He's not coaching LeBron...LeBron used to torch every single team Luke's been on...LeBron was the player/coach for the Cavs, as evident when he left and they went from consecutive finals appearances to can't win a single game. Luke has finally turned over the reins to LeBron, so he's just back to coaching the team he plays on!
MR. smith
MR. smith - 27 gün önce
Kd still better than Lebron
Stone Village
Stone Village - 26 gün önce
+MR. smith Foh 👎
MR. smith
MR. smith - 26 gün önce
+Aljay06 kd still the best basketball player on the planet Lebron try his best but he would not get another ring 3 is enough for him that's all, kd will get more than Lebron
Aljay06 - 26 gün önce
Your comment is irrelevant in this video this video is about lbj not kd, go to kd video then comment that what you've said and it will be relevant and make sense, gtfoh
andrew padilla
andrew padilla - 27 gün önce
If this video doesn’t prove to you how great LBJ is.. THEN IDK!!!
edgar mata
edgar mata - 27 gün önce
overrated 44 points.lebron comes to the west jimmy and kahwi leave to the east .warriors are gonna separate too watch.lebrons career is scripted
Aljay06 - 26 gün önce
Wow dude you have a excellent mentality, what kind of drugs do you smoke? Can i have some? so i can experience what kind of brain you have bec im curious how your brain works and the way of your thinking bec its on a highest and different level lol dude my god
DerrickKet562 - 27 gün önce
How is this guy still so much more explosive than Melo? Basically the same age, but LeBron has WAY more mileage on his body. Blows my mind.
Marc Strife
Marc Strife - 27 gün önce
PS: don't @ me
Juanderful - 27 gün önce
No excitement for the laker crowd. He will never be loved there
Xpert UnSeen
Xpert UnSeen - 27 gün önce
LeBron sucks
Aljay06 - 26 gün önce
If lbj is sucks, then what about you lol? Prove something in your life first before bashing someone, for sure you still living in your parents house and lying in your parents couch all day while bashing someone and struggling to find a decent job lol
Ian Ford
Ian Ford - 27 gün önce
"Lonzo Ball saved LeBron's BACON with those 2 step back 3's!! " - Skip Bayless
terrell reeves
terrell reeves - 27 gün önce
King james
Steve Cheng
Steve Cheng - 27 gün önce
Lakers are so good when LeBron is having the ball. Luke needs to play LBJ as the point guard.
Jax Ace
Jax Ace - 27 gün önce
Omg who is making the west look weak lol, anyways Nothing to see here It’s just the goat mentality to be in your 16th year and still the best in the world
Zyrif Brown
Zyrif Brown - 27 gün önce
I’m a simple guy I see Lebron I like
John Mcgee
John Mcgee - 27 gün önce
That Hairline looks better this season!!
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell - 27 gün önce
Intensity Fit Club
Intensity Fit Club - 27 gün önce
How do people not notice that all of these highlights no one is playing actual defense and yet you are so amazed when players score 40 or teams get 140
MyFriendlyPup - 27 gün önce
LeBron uses designer drugs from his on staff biochemist. He deserves 60% of those career points. He is a juiced up roid goon on HGH and PEDs. No respect. Also stop giving this goon phantom fouls.
puni sher
puni sher - 27 gün önce
Fullfil the greatness labron...... Mama thier goes that man
champ is here
champ is here - 27 gün önce
and lakers won't even make the playoffs!
Sean Cochrane
Sean Cochrane - 27 gün önce
Kentuckyfan7 - 27 gün önce
Dude traveled on every play beself one. This refs be playing like they dont know that he be traveling alot
No wonder it so hard to stop him cuz his ass be traveling so damn much
Austin Kill
Austin Kill - 27 gün önce
D rose got 50
Mr. basketball
Mr. basketball - 27 gün önce
I really don't get people saying the west is weak now all of a sudden. The kawhi move definitely made the east stronger but other than that who else could you really see beating bron In a 4 out of 7 series. And the spurs are definitely still legit.
Marc Aims
Marc Aims - 27 gün önce
Jeff Ross
Jeff Ross - 27 gün önce
Howard Chow
Howard Chow - 27 gün önce
Legoated is now a new word.
David Vice Bangura
David Vice Bangura - 27 gün önce
I guess he getting tired with disrespectful comments
rudeone4life - 27 gün önce
Got to say the Lakers are looking good so far...
Velha Guarda Tricolor
Velha Guarda Tricolor - 27 gün önce
3:36 it would have been DOPE if Lebron went for a underhand free throw just like Wilt.
monae williams
monae williams - 27 gün önce
Make them haters shut up King James
monae williams
monae williams - 27 gün önce
Lebron with them threes doe💦
monae williams
monae williams - 27 gün önce
The king and the lakers was on fire last night
monae williams
monae williams - 27 gün önce
Legoat james
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - 27 gün önce
Let LeBron score 50 pts next time. Just shows his teammates aren't involved and will end up relying on him TOO MUCH. One-man shows don't win championships. I know.
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - 27 gün önce
All I'm seeing is the 2017-2018 Cavs season on repeat. LeBron gets all the praise but won't D up. Gets tired "carrying" them. His teammates will get all the blame if they lose.
JTOnline - 27 gün önce
LeBron James will pass Michael Jordan to go 4th on the all-time scoring list, on 1/15/2019 vs Chicago Bulls registering a triple double...and if the stars align for an even more special night, he will have 10+ assists....and in his post game interview, he will say "You know growing up, he was my favourite player, so I am extremely humbled by this accomplishment. I have dedicated my life to this game, the game that I love...and to move past Michael for 4th all-time, being a pass first guy, it's truly a special moment." You heard it here first!
Hector Rayray
Hector Rayray - 27 gün önce
Kapital Murda
Kapital Murda - 27 gün önce
Dam LA fans y'all still wish LeBron didn't play for y'all?
Linda McKinney
Linda McKinney - 27 gün önce
He's too damn good.
Linda McKinney
Linda McKinney - 27 gün önce
Hey Mom
Hey Mom - 27 gün önce
Come on skiiup
Jack Felipe
Jack Felipe - 27 gün önce
My whole week will be good cuz you LeBron
joebeezy115 - 27 gün önce
Lonzo who? Bron soaked up all that attention.
E-musick Vance
E-musick Vance - 27 gün önce
LePoints, LeAssists, LeRebounds, LeGM, LeCoach, LeClutch, LeFlop, LeChoke, LeCavs, LeHeat, LeLakers, LeBum, LEGOAT, LeESPN, LeMichael Jordames, LeWilt, LeKobe Bryames, LeRings, LeFinals, LeHairline, LeNBA, LeShannon, LeSkiuup, LeHollywood, LeMovies, LeEverything!!!!!!!!
E-musick Vance
E-musick Vance - 27 gün önce
thedeafgenius - 27 gün önce
LOL EVERYONE was bitching about his defensive skills.......Now STFU.
Ivanka2024 for POTUS
Ivanka2024 for POTUS - 27 gün önce
Win kept Luke as coach also beat a quality team
Trippy gameing
Trippy gameing - 27 gün önce
The west is weak
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 27 gün önce
I want LeBron to be amazing. Because once Playoffs hit, they will get eliminated for relying on ONE GUY. Teammates become statues and scapegoats. That's the LeBron-system. Predictable.
Rashard Stallworth
Rashard Stallworth - 27 gün önce
Why aren't the commentators praising LeBron for helping Luke Walton not be fired?
Rashard Stallworth
Rashard Stallworth - 27 gün önce
It looks like LeBron is trying to help keep Luke Walton working
Rashard Stallworth
Rashard Stallworth - 27 gün önce
It looks like LeBrons trying to save Luke Walton's job
Adam Jefferson
Adam Jefferson - 27 gün önce
Yall crazy the blazers fo real shoulda had fitty!
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield - 27 gün önce
Who saw Colin cowherd sitting courtside lol
Reuben Roberts
Reuben Roberts - 27 gün önce
Lebron's is a very underrated scorer he scores in a way ive never seen he shoots the three mid range post score dunks flashy dunks deep three's reverse lay ups fade away pull up jumpers poster's he's a top 5 scorer PERIOD
Wilt now since he never shot three's pull up jumpers or a jump shot period and since he got passed by the King
Robert Castillo
Robert Castillo - 27 gün önce
I wish Bron was chasing a record every game
Nik Pasamba
Nik Pasamba - 27 gün önce
Unpredictability makes this team a joy to watch.
Teathlach Riak
Teathlach Riak - 27 gün önce
Lol Lebron is so uncoordinated other than that great game for King James congrats
Tiito Motivs
Tiito Motivs - 27 gün önce
Last night there was sunshine to the darkness that as lakers fans had lived through the last couple years. We saw amazing plays energy in the building that in all honesty we haven't seen since Kobes 60 point game. We beat one of the top teams in the west. Theres a new time in LA. I wasn't a leBron believer but he might take us to the promise land with another superstar
Orange Douglas
Orange Douglas - 27 gün önce
The bless one
Cmack34 mill
Cmack34 mill - 27 gün önce
Lebum James is the most overrated crybaby in NBA history and his stupid ass fans remind me of Trump supporters, no matter how many times he fail they will always find ways to say he is the best even though he suck ass in the NBA finals. LMFBO
Jonard Villaruel
Jonard Villaruel - 27 gün önce
Travel after the spin? I might be wrong though.
K Ali
K Ali - 27 gün önce
Lebron left east, and the eastern conference is stronger then the west. Wait till he gets another 1-2 good pieces, skip bayless fans gonna call the west weak
T - 27 gün önce
The sheer work ethic it would take to get there marvels me
Fontay Montana
Fontay Montana - 27 gün önce
So nobody saw him carry the ball at 3:08? Lebron & Kyrie Skywalker are the only ones that get away with traveling & carrying the ball.🤦🏽‍♂️
D K - 27 gün önce
Bruh infinite 3's
Z Rjr
Z Rjr - 27 gün önce
He will passed Michael Jordan in 4th place this 2018-19 regular season because 68 games remaining if he average 13pts/ game assuming . It’s only 867 pts away to passed Michael Jordan .
Wolf Paws
Wolf Paws - 27 gün önce
And people thought that this man would be scared to play in the western conference.
GB - 27 gün önce
Keep saying that LeBron doesn't COMPLETELY change the fortune of his teams for the better. Over .500 since 2016??? Respect King James
red red
red red - 27 gün önce
He'll take there sorry a___ to the finals that what he do but want get no credit west discourage players not encourage them so sad
Its Chatham
Its Chatham - 27 gün önce
King Kev
King Kev - 27 gün önce
Its was funny when all the Lakers fans was like "SHOOT IT" when Lebron pass it to someone at the end of the game for his triple double.
Mann Lonzo, Hart, and Brandon had a chance.
Qintz - 27 gün önce
Fuck ain’t Jordan next?
Enrique Arroyo
Enrique Arroyo - 27 gün önce
Congratulations King James!
Rashawn Eternal Diaminn
Rashawn Eternal Diaminn - 27 gün önce
lit jit
lit jit - 27 gün önce
Everybody quiet , but let’s say they woulda lost niggas woulda bashed him 💯🤫
Supreme gaming
Supreme gaming - 27 gün önce
Haters we will be back this ain't over. This is just one game he actually did good tonight 😂😂
Ciara Dean
Ciara Dean - 27 gün önce
He definitely stat padded but ok. He was so OBVIOUSLY going for that triple double tho🤣 He should have been taken out the game around 6 minutes because it was over at that point. He could have gotten hurt (which he did twice), but we know Luke Walton doesn't run that team lmaooo
Henry Catamisan
Henry Catamisan - 27 gün önce
Lebron mvp 2018 ,,2019 nba season,,gooo lakers
Luis - 27 gün önce
😂 at JaVale rocking the baby at 3:33!
Maseko Romeo
Maseko Romeo - 27 gün önce
Lakers have something to say this year WCF.
Kareem33 W
Kareem33 W - 27 gün önce
Get ready Jordan he’s coming for u
I am Negan
I am Negan - 27 gün önce
Lebron playing in this weak ass West , no way he have it so easy In the bEAST, 😏🤭😤😂
Thamor - 27 gün önce
2:36 you can even hear the slap on LeBron and no foul of course. =)
Latest Sierra Leone Music
Latest Sierra Leone Music - 27 gün önce
hes immortal
Goat-James - 27 gün önce
Lol@any team other than GS who think they can beat Lebron in the playoffs. And at this rate GS is not unstoppable if the team is falling apart.
Pmpbreeze Ogah
Pmpbreeze Ogah - 27 gün önce
We I guess Lebron got the play defense wake up call.