Interval Act: Branko & Sara Tavares / Dino D'Santiago / Mayra Andrade - Eurovision 2018

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Carlos Dongo
Carlos Dongo - 6 gün önce
🇨🇻🇨🇻Cabo Verde🇨🇻🇨🇻 em peso 🙌🏾
Hanka Lu
Hanka Lu - Aylar önce
It show lots of audience of eurovision are open to music on higher level not and i think could be more ambitous songs on contest
947r14 PATRIA
947r14 PATRIA - 2 aylar önce
Maria Martin
Maria Martin - 4 aylar önce
Para mim foi o pior da noite ,tudo muito lento ,não se enquadrava na eurovison
Maria Rodrigues
Maria Rodrigues - 3 aylar önce
Pois foi onde houve mais qualidade num festival onde uma galinha cacarejante levou a taça
Ricardo Cunha
Ricardo Cunha - 4 aylar önce
powerbcm - 4 aylar önce
Tua mae
Reneta Hristova
Reneta Hristova - 6 aylar önce
MvegaM1 - 6 aylar önce
Portugal giving European a music lesson!
Hugo Baptista
Hugo Baptista - 8 aylar önce
Música espetacular e que reflecte bem a multiculturalidade de Portugal. Orgulho maior :)
mario silva
mario silva - 9 aylar önce
Milana Povar
Milana Povar - 9 aylar önce
This song was amazing... But 2017 was better)
Adina T
Adina T - 9 aylar önce
What's the first song called?❤
Katarzyna Surdej
Katarzyna Surdej - 9 aylar önce
Ter peito e espaço - Sara Tavares ❤
Виталий Шибанов
Veeery good song
Maria Rodrigues
Maria Rodrigues - 9 aylar önce
are there 3 different songs
Maria Rodrigues
Maria Rodrigues - 9 aylar önce
in fact there are several songs
Cassandra Mcbride
Cassandra Mcbride - 10 aylar önce
This is something i really want to see us sending in 2019. Something african... to add more musically diversity. this act was beautiful and classy
fab 1
fab 1 - 10 aylar önce
c'est cette prestation qui aurait dû gagner l'Eurovision ! magique !!
Random Person
Random Person - 11 aylar önce
Usually Interval acts are better than the whole contest.
Ju Delgado
Ju Delgado - 11 aylar önce
Tantos talentos juntos até me dá arrepios.
Ogy esc
Ogy esc - 11 aylar önce
So magical!😍
Didi Shimmies
Didi Shimmies - 11 aylar önce
Yeeey nice to see that afro-portugueses music & flow are ruling the show!
Ван Винь Нгуен
Ван Винь Нгуен - 11 aylar önce
I know nothing about Portugal and this really makes me want to go there 🙈
Hush Hush
Hush Hush - 3 aylar önce
you are missing out an amazing country
Cláudia Costa
Cláudia Costa - 7 aylar önce
Ван Винь Нгуен You will be always more than welcome!
Laura Morales
Laura Morales - 11 aylar önce
Who is the rapper? I really liked his style.
Laura Morales
Laura Morales - 11 aylar önce
Paula Caldeira Thank you!!
Paula Caldeira
Paula Caldeira - 11 aylar önce
perlyax - 11 aylar önce
Thank you for discovering me this huge artist!!!!
to ramos
to ramos - 11 aylar önce
Orgulho de ser português!
APOLLON - 11 aylar önce
Eleni is a QUEEN. I made cover for FUEGO. Welcome to my channel. Thank you so much!!!
CathyCath RC
CathyCath RC - 11 aylar önce
Tão Bom 😍
...a ouvir vezes e vezes seguidas sem nunca cansar❤
pereirapinheiro - 11 aylar önce
Se o festival fosse algo assim seria de valor.
Guilherme Calheiros
Guilherme Calheiros - 11 aylar önce
Loved as well this version of Sara Tavares with Plutonio... Just perfect the balance
Carla Alvarez
Carla Alvarez - 11 aylar önce
Cooler and better than the song contest!!!
Miguel Lupi
Miguel Lupi - 11 aylar önce
Pensei que não ia gostar mas... Muito bom. Agora espero que tenham o sucesso comercial também.
Pedro Duarte
Pedro Duarte - 11 aylar önce
Leave the politically correct part.
I could not be prouder of my country in the Eurovision!
Maria Martin
Maria Martin - Yıl önce
Foi a pior parte da eurovison musica chata.
joao saraiva
joao saraiva - 10 aylar önce
Maria Martin * Chata como você ?
Han - 11 aylar önce
Estás em todo o lado, Cátia. Ganha uma vida! lel
Alexandra Barbosa
Alexandra Barbosa - Yıl önce
Maria Martin Podes sempre ouvir o novo hit dessa grande artista chamada Maria Leal.
Sandra C
Sandra C - Yıl önce
I LOVE IT!! I was at Altice arena during the 2 rehearsals of the Final and in the Final... it was AMAZING.
Well done, Portugal!! Obrigada!
Paulo Marques
Paulo Marques - Yıl önce
Uma maravilha! Todos nós Portugueses e Africanos devemos estar orgulhosos de sermos quem somos e como somos ! Um beijo para todos!
Rui Casas Novas
Rui Casas Novas - Yıl önce
The audiience wasn't prepared to hear so much quality music. This was eurovision .... now we have to really hear the music? I understand some of the deslikes. If you are used to eat garbage, you can't taste good food.
Marcia Aleixo
Marcia Aleixo - Yıl önce
Melhor parte sem dúvida 😍GRANDEEE Sara Tavares e Plutonio ❤
Max Suliga
Max Suliga - Yıl önce
Can you get those songs from anywhere? Or have a youtube video of each individual song? They are great!
Couto Nelson
Couto Nelson - Yıl önce
Lindo, sobretudo a parte do Dino
TheTr2010 - Yıl önce
Besides the beautiful music and artists the best thing in this interval act was not to have a single word in english. I love when countries are proud of their language and culture.
Sorry 🇸🇪 and thank you Portugal for showing us a little of nova Lisboa and portuguese language.
Mar Sol
Mar Sol - 8 aylar önce
Nem mais 🙌🙌🙌
CMatomic - Yıl önce
More than 265 million speak Portuguese .
Visco - Yıl önce
Qual é a ideia? 🌴
Łukasz Artur Stępień
There are no words to describe this masterpiece ... Thank you, Portugal
Stjerne Juletid
Stjerne Juletid - Yıl önce
Magnifique, juste magnifique. Pourquoi la musique a-t-elle un si grand pouvoir?
John Treescare
John Treescare - 11 aylar önce
Stjerne Juletid Parce qu'elle est vraie.
Anisa Bejko
Anisa Bejko - Yıl önce
can somebody reply the link where i can find the video of Nova Lisboa on Youtube?
p.s: Great songs by great singers, this was the cherry on top of the cake :)
Anna Belly
Anna Belly - Yıl önce
I loved the show BUT too much red lights and fire during the performances ... It was overdose !! That burned my eyes 😵
Miguel Lupi
Miguel Lupi - Yıl önce
Anna Belly maybe because of the african rythms?
Sté Phanie
Sté Phanie - Yıl önce
All my favourite cape verdean singers united
Ana Oliveira
Ana Oliveira - Yıl önce
Arctic Monkey
Arctic Monkey - Yıl önce
Because modern quality and contemporary music doesn't necessarily has to be upbeat music..
This mellow slow songs are some of the most avant-garde genres we have in the world today.
loved it!
Kenny Verkerk
Kenny Verkerk - Yıl önce
for me the best interval act stays: 1994, 2013, 2016
Mathilde Escusetoi
Mathilde Escusetoi - Yıl önce
Le Cap-Vert était représenté en force, quelle fierté !
srotich - Yıl önce
where can i find full version of "Nova Lisboa" from Dino D'Santiago?
Elsa Pereira
Elsa Pereira - Yıl önce
On spotify
Nico' - Heat fan
Nico' - Heat fan - Yıl önce
Plutonio is lit ❤
thespb01 - Yıl önce
They're all very talented, but this was so dull.
bunny citizens
bunny citizens - Yıl önce
Yann Chuisnard
Yann Chuisnard - 10 aylar önce
Lusophone countries: 🇵🇹🇹🇱🇲🇿🇲🇴🇨🇻🇧🇷...
Aquiles Cyprus
Aquiles Cyprus - Yıl önce
Rose LaReine faltava Timor
pogodziej - Yıl önce
Sara Tavares was soooo great in 1994. I'm glad she's got it going and is still around. :)
pogodziej - Yıl önce
And deservingly so! :D
Elsa Pereira
Elsa Pereira - Yıl önce
She's a very respected artist (not only in Portugal... she was on Live on Jools Holland, a few years ago, for example).
Rafael Ventura
Rafael Ventura - Yıl önce
I was there, I cannot describe the overwhelming sensation it was feeling the reverberation of Sara Tavares voice, and the powerful African rhythm of Mayra's performance. On headphones, or small speakers, it just sounds so plain flat it doesn't make justice to how gorgeous this performance actually was.
Minja Prelezovic
Minja Prelezovic - Yıl önce
Where can I find "Nova Lisboa"? Trying to find it everywhere, no success.
Helena Mauricio
Helena Mauricio - 17 gün önce
Dino s'antiago ,nova Lisboa TRvideos
Ana Oliveira
Ana Oliveira - Yıl önce
Minja Prelezovic i've beem looking too, obcessed !! think there is no videoclip yet
TheTr2010 - Yıl önce
Minja Prelezovic for now only on Spotify
Basilio Proença
Basilio Proença - Yıl önce
Estes sim, deviam ter sido os concorrentes do festival, teriam feito melhor figura, fenomenal, especialmente o Dino D'Santiago... qual é a ideia, esse som e essa entrada tem qualquer coisa de especial e mágico, Nova Lisboa..
Joana Duarte
Joana Duarte - Yıl önce
Esta parte da eurovisão foi arrepiante, momento lindo. Boa vibe!
Mario Gjorgjiev
Mario Gjorgjiev - Yıl önce
The question is why portugal doesn’t send this kind of music to eurovision..
Ricardo Mendes
Ricardo Mendes - 2 aylar önce
U have this year :) Afro influences of Conan Osiris song to Telaviv :)
Yann Chuisnard
Yann Chuisnard - 10 aylar önce
O jardim was on the same way than the interval act.
João Bento
João Bento - 11 aylar önce
for you to come to our country. ESC is crap!
Ana Oliveira
Ana Oliveira - Yıl önce
Mario Gjorgjiev because this poeple dont need xD
Luís Teixeira
Luís Teixeira - Yıl önce
good question :)
M. G.
M. G. - Yıl önce
That is what Eurovision iS about music friends memories love
M. G.
M. G. - Yıl önce
I love this
Markle Sparkle
Markle Sparkle - Yıl önce
The best part of this year's Eurovision hands down
mishinha - Yıl önce
During the show I couldn't afully apreciate this medley but listening with the headphones to all the sounds, it's mesmerizing! Love it
Kevin Sonnenberg
Kevin Sonnenberg - Yıl önce
Love it!!!I just love the slow beat... This is music!!!😊
Carl XXX
Carl XXX - Yıl önce
Ni e skit...snart smäller de...HAHAHAAAA111
Neise Tavares
Neise Tavares - Yıl önce
Simplesmente adorooo
𝙏𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙮 𝘿𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙎𝙝𝙖𝙣
hmmmm shame to see Mayra in such a synthetic ersatz place ..... a true talent like hers should never be in a place like this; this globalist shrine of mediocrity ..... seems a waste but hey gives her visibility
Bernardo Pratta
Bernardo Pratta - Yıl önce
Se Australia pode estar na Eurovisão, pode Cabo Verde então também!
adricted - Yıl önce
Bernardo Pratta Duvido que Cabo Verde tenha os milhões que são precisos para se ser membro da EBU e poder participar.
Jota J
Jota J - Yıl önce
Levem isto a eurovisao 2019!!!!!!
José Manuel Rocha
José Manuel Rocha - Yıl önce
I`m so proud of my country.
We show that the Portuguese language can be sung in several rhythms, in different tones and interpreted by people from the 4 corners of the World.
More than 500 years ago, we gave voices to the unknown planet as we also heard the ballads and hymns of the peoples that we did meet much before all the others.
Today, we show it not as a trophy but as a symbol of a musical richness that is verily delirious, timeless, and coming from the soul.
Greetings from Portugal.
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez - Yıl önce
Zoë Jansen
Zoë Jansen - Yıl önce
Found it!!
These were the real Eurovision songs to me!! 🇮🇱🎆💯😍💓
circunbalacion - Yıl önce
Finally its out they would have had a lot more views if it would have been uploaded the same day the other vids have been uploaded.
Cyprian Radomski Official
Amazing!!! 😍😍😍
srotich - Yıl önce
this was the best part of Eurovision
Marnix B
Marnix B - 11 aylar önce
Totally agree, big up Portugal!
Maria Matskevich
Maria Matskevich - Yıl önce
srotich fully agree
Luis Viveiros Apartamentos
This is the amazing Lisbon multicultural where everyone is living with respect, peace, love, and music. Fantastic show! Congratulations RTP!
André Martins
André Martins - Yıl önce
Vergonha de ser de portugal dps desta musica!
Miguel Piassab
Miguel Piassab - 6 aylar önce
Metes nojo
Francisco Cruz
Francisco Cruz - Yıl önce
Nojo por infelizmente haver portugueses como tu . Idiota.
Carla Gomes
Carla Gomes - Yıl önce
Grande muito grande!!
tiago4812 - Yıl önce
Plutonio não faz isso 🔥🔥
João Carlos Nogueira
João Carlos Nogueira - Yıl önce
"Nova Lisboa" available in Spotify. Great projection for Branko - he deserves even more international recognition!
Bruno Lopez
Bruno Lopez - Yıl önce
This was the worst moment of the show.
Márcio Lavoura
Márcio Lavoura - Yıl önce
This was the best part of the show.
Helder Costa
Helder Costa - Yıl önce
I'm so fuckin proud of this, what a great tribute to Cabo Verde and the black portuguese culture.
Lia Lucas Rodrigues
Lia Lucas Rodrigues - Yıl önce
Amo, amo, amo... Não consigo parar de ouvir... Orgulhosa destes artistas e de Portugal ❤💚
Obi One
Obi One - Yıl önce
L'Eurovision ne doit pas appartenir seulement aux fans des musiques troll ou production suédoise/Américaine, la diversité musical et la diversité culturelle devrait avoir plus de place a l'Eurovision.
Ce qui trouve ça "boring" alors que c'est qu'un petit moment de vrai représentation culturel et musicale, alors que des millions de gens comme moi ont arrêter de suivre l'Eurovision justement a cause de ce qu'était devenu (principalement des musiques commercial avec aucun rapport aux pays représenter (pas même la langue et pas même le chanteur parfois)
Nico' - Heat fan
Nico' - Heat fan - Yıl önce
Obi One T'as tout dit
Elsa Pereira
Elsa Pereira - Yıl önce
Good vibe
doumi foufou
doumi foufou - Yıl önce
dino fantastico
Alex Badm
Alex Badm - Yıl önce
Yas, I really appreciate the way that Portuguese did. They presented their music, native culture, not the mainstream pop “love love peace peace” trash. And it’s beautiful, so relaxing and calm 👌🏻
Diego Da Rocha
Diego Da Rocha - 10 aylar önce
😂"Love love Peace peace trash"👌🏼
Pedro Campos
Pedro Campos - Yıl önce
Toni Kovacs is not the opinion of the EBU. In their opinion this was the best of all time. sooooo
Spuckeblase - Yıl önce
Toni Kovacs only boring for people with limited minds 🤷‍♀️
Mar Sol
Mar Sol - Yıl önce
Toni Kovacs tell someone who cares...
Ana Letras
Ana Letras - Yıl önce
Portugal has a big and importante african comunity, mainly from Cabo Verde, Angola. Guiné - Bissau and Moçambique.
Dany Fajardo
Dany Fajardo - Yıl önce
Damn... Mayra Andrade looks like Demi Lovato
Gonçalo Silva
Gonçalo Silva - Yıl önce
Why the video ends?
all dobra
all dobra - Yıl önce
Единственное выступление, ради которого стоило смотреть Евровидение
Leonsius Honggo
Leonsius Honggo - Yıl önce
i wished that more entries are like this
marisolina66 66
marisolina66 66 - Yıl önce
Viva filomena!!!! Simpatiquisima, las demás un poco posturitas, la verdad
Joker uz
Joker uz - Yıl önce
Daniela Cordeiro
Daniela Cordeiro - Yıl önce
❤️ Do melhor...
Ricardo Loureiro
Ricardo Loureiro - Yıl önce
Faltou kuduro para todo mundo dançar!!
Tânia Pato
Tânia Pato - Yıl önce
O melhor de tudo!!!
Christian Allen Lagos
Christian Allen Lagos - Yıl önce
It's nice to hear something that culturally reflects Portugal.
Zoë Jansen
Zoë Jansen - Yıl önce
Christian Allen Lagos EXACTLY!!
Ana Beatriz Fernandes
Ana Beatriz Fernandes - Yıl önce
O Branko veio dar voz a uma nova geração da música portuguesa! Obrigada Branko, Sara, Dino e Mayra, por espelharem aquilo que é Portugal e a música cantada em português! Isto é para calar os velhos do Restelo que dizem que o bom é o que se fazia antigamente! Obrigada por levarem a minha língua além-mares!
Jorge Filipe
Jorge Filipe - Yıl önce
O Branko que participe no Festival da Canção em 2019 por favor!!!
Sergio Gallardo
Sergio Gallardo - Yıl önce
The hymn song "EUROVISION 2018" of this year. Which was? Please add it to the channel !!!
nadirhajjour - Yıl önce
Is this the same Sara Tavares who sang Chamar a musica in the 90s??? I think it was 1994.
Sté Phanie
Sté Phanie - Yıl önce
And she still sings :) (just has a new album <3)
Sofia Caldeira
Sofia Caldeira - Yıl önce
Yes! And at 1.34 min the guy plays with that and sings "e na voz de Sara Tavares *chamar a musica* e regressar ". Literal translation would be "...and in the voice of Sara Tavares *calling the music* and coming back" . :)
nadirhajjour - Yıl önce
ah cool!!! she still sounds amazing!! love from the Netherlands! :)
Mónica Ceríaco
Mónica Ceríaco - Yıl önce
nadirhajjour yes, she is.
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez - Yıl önce
Esto tiene mas calor que el fuego de la foureira. De aquí ...hasta el infierno (o Roma)