How Far Away Can You Get From Everybody Else?

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psycholimabean - 2 saatler önce
My bedroom
colourful me
colourful me - 3 saatler önce
anyone in 2018??😁
insert username here
insert username here - 6 saatler önce
*_Introverts want to know your location_*
VioletFoxstar1 2 3
VioletFoxstar1 2 3 - 9 saatler önce
RealLifeLore:”And it seems like everywhere you look there are people”
Me:Except in your bed
Noah Lorenzo Vencio
Noah Lorenzo Vencio - 22 saatler önce
I see the Soviet flag, plays Soviet anthem loud
K. A.
K. A. - 23 saatler önce
Wait what is R'lyeh?
Agato gaming
Agato gaming - Gün önce
if mr beasts can travel half across the united states i can go 2,200 km
manifestgtr - Gün önce
The most terrifying’ve just turned around after reaching point Nemo and you feel your appendix burst...
PeterJuiceNator - Gün önce
I thought you were going to say my house
Not Telling
Not Telling - Gün önce
I'm a loner, but even I wouldn't want to be that far from humanity. Like when the closest humans near you would be the space shuttle if you were at Point Nemo? Hell nah. That's loneliness at its finest.
Kendrick Loyola
Kendrick Loyola - 2 gün önce
My first and favourite video from you
Mattie the Wolf
Mattie the Wolf - 2 gün önce
Tristan interesting my friends name is tristan
Mustafa Al-Hasnawi
Mustafa Al-Hasnawi - 2 gün önce
Yeah i want to be alone... Dont like my comment! Just leave me be!
Dorothy Strahl
Dorothy Strahl - 3 gün önce
What about burmuta 🔺?
Nicholas Ennos
Nicholas Ennos - 3 gün önce
Moon landings and International Space Station are fake
miguel miguel
miguel miguel - 3 gün önce
the earth is flat
漢恢復中華 - 3 gün önce
hard to imagine...
TheBestPortal - 3 gün önce
*Welcome to introvert island!*
Dat Stoplight
Dat Stoplight - 3 gün önce
lmao lonely ass person
Zavier Mayo
Zavier Mayo - 4 gün önce
Why do you need to use a boat why not a heli
mr815 - 4 gün önce
I would probably love it there.. I hate ppl 😂
Porrrnesian Parrrapio
Porrrnesian Parrrapio - 4 gün önce
Send Help.
JadenImagines - 4 gün önce
Im looking around my room theres no one but me
Scott Michael
Scott Michael - 4 gün önce
what’s r’lyah
Vamsi T
Vamsi T - 4 gün önce
What if the boat breaks down ?
bluestar musical
bluestar musical - 4 gün önce
I was gonna go to point Nemo! But I like humans
Momo Yaoyorozu
Momo Yaoyorozu - 4 gün önce
My crush rejected me imma go there
Dustin Whitelock
Dustin Whitelock - 4 gün önce
i kind of wanted to get a boat and cross the pacific from south asia to US. it only gets scarier. like no other human. or no internet. worse than no food lol
Ak Ak
Ak Ak - 4 gün önce
15 days more and your haters will achieve their goals.
rottingemptiness - 5 gün önce
I feel so lonely ….
melina aurusell
melina aurusell - 5 gün önce
My life is a joke
Victoria Ortiz
Victoria Ortiz - 5 gün önce
There's only pixels here in this screen. These aren't words. They're codes. They're codes for other people to read. That's a comment.
Luc O
Luc O - 5 gün önce
Sounds great. When can I start?
Dr Prost
Dr Prost - 6 gün önce
5:32 *thats probably where Nemo got lost*
jaxon trevithick
jaxon trevithick - 6 gün önce
Try Alaska. U can be as alone as u want here
Major Tom
Major Tom - 6 gün önce
I just hope when the time comes that all the waters will swallow soil, I no longer exist
Tristan Ginn
Tristan Ginn - 6 gün önce
Hey my name is Tristan
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat - 6 gün önce
GuNz - 6 gün önce
I think its a lie That people been that deep in the ocean
i like turtles
i like turtles - 6 gün önce
“You’d need a boat to get there”
Me: nah fam, I’ll swim the 50 miles
LinuxPilot N478TC
LinuxPilot N478TC - 6 gün önce
Grise Fiord: Pronounced Greece Fiord. And its beautiful. Was home for 15 years of my life.
A MA - 6 gün önce
It's most be the most peaceful piece of earth
nct's manager
nct's manager - 6 gün önce
5:36 amazing 🤠 it's literally next to my country
little rock
little rock - 6 gün önce
Indo kumpul sini oi
Mahajan Fitness
Mahajan Fitness - 7 gün önce
So pubg can be played there 😂😂😂
Mr. Flick
Mr. Flick - 7 gün önce
I can feel the movie "Life of Pi" in this!
Fathi Nor
Fathi Nor - 6 gün önce
omg😁😁me too
David Bivol
David Bivol - 7 gün önce
Crooked Level
Crooked Level - 7 gün önce
Please god Send me to point Nemo with a whole bunch of women...
SBN32 Tips&More
SBN32 Tips&More - 7 gün önce
You are wrong about tristan da cunha, since there is a aiport in saint helena.
Ethan Rodriguez
Ethan Rodriguez - 7 gün önce
Nope ur so. Wrong... My city is the loneliness place on earth seriously... No for real... This place is zombie land...
Enemy of jinns
Enemy of jinns - 7 gün önce
But I mean who’s going move to those places?
James Barr
James Barr - 7 gün önce
Saint Helena has an airport
Lazersharkmasta - 7 gün önce
Oh that’s where my family lives because i was abandoned at four at an orphanage. He said he’d be back by now. I hope he sees this. Please dad. It’s been 10 years. Help me
Lencin zerzan
Lencin zerzan - 7 gün önce
Long story short My social life
Adam Roughton
Adam Roughton - 7 gün önce
At Helena now has an airport
TheUrban Rich
TheUrban Rich - 8 gün önce
Watching all of my recommendations
Ramboghini Balboni
Ramboghini Balboni - 8 gün önce
If we were to be pedantic, the International Space Station has how many men? We could conclude that without further evidence, the guys on the ISS are the only living beings in the entire Universe outside of the Earth. How isolated are they tho? 250 miles above Antarctica one minute, 20 mintutes later they are 247 miles above Beijing. I would say if something went wrong, the people on the ISS are the most remote people "on Earth". (feel free to contradict that)
Tinsil James
Tinsil James - 8 gün önce
False my birthday party is the right answer
Lucifer Light
Lucifer Light - 8 gün önce
I want to move to the most lonely place on the planet and build a huge wall around my house fortified with weapons .
facite non victimarum
facite non victimarum - 6 gün önce
Who would bring you everything you need to survive, UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS, TNT, Parcelforce? And would you shoot them? "No man is an island, entire of itself" -- John Donne
Matthew MEL
Matthew MEL - 8 gün önce
Rename the title to “How far can you get away from everyone else WHILE STAYING ON EARTH?”
Avery Films
Avery Films - 8 gün önce
Dana B
Dana B - 8 gün önce
death is the only true freedom.
Jordan C
Jordan C - 8 gün önce
Basically, if you want to masterbate with no chance of anyone walking in on you, Point Nemo is where it's at✊✊💦 😩
Yung Benny Records
Yung Benny Records - 8 gün önce
Point Nemo 😁😂 My name is Nemo!!
Nix - 8 gün önce
in conclusion; very far
Filip Lord
Filip Lord - 8 gün önce
Damn it took them 15 days to find nemo.
wale olabowale
wale olabowale - 8 gün önce
When are cruse ships going for a voyage of a lifetime
who is
who is - 8 gün önce
And suddenly u teleport to that island alone,
Rabiya Noor
Rabiya Noor - 8 gün önce
The loneliest place on earth is where my comments in YouTube go to.
peacemaker - 9 gün önce
its funny to think that the first explorer MAGELLAN died in the hands of LAPU LAPU
#TheLethalKid YT
#TheLethalKid YT - 9 gün önce
People on those Islands are just 200+ of them while our school is 800+ people or students
Edward Holohan
Edward Holohan - 9 gün önce
Lonliest place on earth is your twat.
Steve Bano
Steve Bano - 9 gün önce
*..I'll let you know as soon as they tell everyone Where Admiral Byrd Went to on his Expidition...?*
hirandom human
hirandom human - 9 gün önce
Loneliest place in the world.... I can answer that. *meh room*
Jan Res
Jan Res - 9 gün önce
Zahoor - 9 gün önce

F3A4LESS - 9 gün önce
Welcome to rustified EU Main
Midori Hashimoto
Midori Hashimoto - 9 gün önce
But there would be no internet
Nadia Andini
Nadia Andini - 9 gün önce
This gives me anxiety
Tristan Stenevik
Tristan Stenevik - 9 gün önce
My name is tristan
Shot kiev
Shot kiev - 10 gün önce
Alright mom im packing my bags!
1968lr - 10 gün önce
I'm off
Wiley - 10 gün önce
HybridHD - 10 gün önce
So now people are gonna be there. Well just great i thought I could be alone forever
AmmarGaming Studios and Media
Anyone notice at the thumbnail Antarctica is green? Seems legit
JayJay_ Plays
JayJay_ Plays - 10 gün önce
I want to make more friends after watching this
JayJay_ Plays
JayJay_ Plays - 10 gün önce
Am I the only one that got scared from that 3:38
Daniel Fitzgerald
Daniel Fitzgerald - 10 gün önce
Anyone else think it’s funny that 11 mil people have watched this?😂
Ikmel A.A.A.
Ikmel A.A.A. - 10 gün önce
Better not be too picky when dating in those places.
Maria Santiago
Maria Santiago - 10 gün önce
Imagine how many criminals and celebrities escape to these remote islands! 😜
jun cincojr.
jun cincojr. - 9 gün önce
very creative and imaginative mind. don't give away my hideout please.
Mann Përrson
Mann Përrson - 10 gün önce
My bed
PattyWPGaming - 10 gün önce
with the tech we use in war ! i disagree ,if we used those innervation s for rescue, expensive as it may be,
times may be totally different ?
Aiden - 10 gün önce
Good thing YouTube reccomend this to me
Nora Galvan
Nora Galvan - 10 gün önce
Serial killers it cold blooded killers should be sent to any of these places
Tristan - 10 gün önce
I'm glad to know an island has the same name as me, and it's one of the most lonely which hits really close to home for me 😔
mason Taylor
mason Taylor - 10 gün önce
at 0:02 that picture is a picture of the flat earth, does RLL secretly think the Earth is flat?
Thicc Shober5
Thicc Shober5 - 10 gün önce
sometimes i wonder... is there other planet lived by living human like us in the other universe?
Game Byte
Game Byte - 10 gün önce
yeah you haven't seen my school's store room yet.
patrick - 10 gün önce
searching for that one spot to build your minecraft house be like
Kupi Kaonga
Kupi Kaonga - 11 gün önce
Bold of you to assume that I'd find being stuck on an empty island miles away from any human interaction and living my life in complete and total loneliness terrifying.