President Trump Delivers Remarks From The Rose Garden | TIME

Joy Wooden
Joy Wooden - 13 gün önce
Great Job President I believe you spoke from the heart and you care deeply for our Country. THANK YOU!! for standing up for what is right. We love you!!!!
oldtimedrumcorps - 28 gün önce
Listen very closely he includes "your second amendment rights" You can dismiss it, but to me its a call to arms . Veiled but left up to the individual to interpret . Nothing is said without purpose or meaning. Take the speech in context . He will provide the chaos to prevent his leaving office and if not directly involved will welcome it .
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - Aylar önce
Why did he mention our 2nd amendment rights. He's calling in his base
Christine Thomas
Christine Thomas - Aylar önce
If you think this is a threat to you. Then you are part of the problem. Normal people find this comforting. Thank you President Trump for bringing LAW AND ORDER back to our country. #WWG1WGA
Another Citizen
Another Citizen - Aylar önce
How is being a bellicose bunker boy helping my family?
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - Aylar önce
ask ourselves why this person has been hiding his tax information from the American public? I know why, he's a phony !
Unstoppable F=ma
Unstoppable F=ma - Aylar önce
The address starts at time 20:20. The flash bangs can be heard at ~26:36...
Bojourner Southern
Bojourner Southern - Aylar önce
Everyone remember: the comments section of every social media outlet has been taken over by operatives trying to create division. They will say things appearing to be on both the left and the right. They will repeat outlandish rhetoric for both sides, to get the other side riled up. Remember, that is the ploy.
V3rb - Aylar önce
While that is true there are also just a lot of genuine extremists
Kristall Nacht
Kristall Nacht - Aylar önce
Finally a president with some balls!!!!!
Jessie Joy
Jessie Joy - Aylar önce
Is this a joke? Lol it’s 28 minutes but 8 minutes long
nuyentantan phantantN VLog
house music
Bryce Douglas
Bryce Douglas - Aylar önce
Amerikkka is burning.
Kevin Deaton
Kevin Deaton - Aylar önce
vegasyo11 - Aylar önce
Greatest president ever!
vegasyo11 - Aylar önce
Prittstift - Aylar önce
Antifa is protected by police...
Sebine Parker
Sebine Parker - Aylar önce
He DID die in vain. We the people have become an angry mob. George Floyd
Breonna Taylor
Ahmaud Arbery
Eric Garner
Ezell Ford
Tanisha Anderson
Walter Scott
Bette Jones
Philando Castile
This INCOMPLETE list is the names of innocent people of colour killed by the terrorists in uniform we call the police.
Say their names
F**k the police.
Dismantle the establishment.
F**k Trump.
Sebine Parker
Sebine Parker - Aylar önce
Jerome Jerome
Jerome Jerome - Aylar önce
Simplistic at best
Robert D. Rdb
Robert D. Rdb - Aylar önce
The explosions in the background are the sounds of the peaceful protestors getting moved out of the way so he can walk to the church for his photo op.
Terry Wells
Terry Wells - Aylar önce
what an absolute idiot! let him go of script and see what a joke this chump is. how about some tax returns and some school transcripts you self proclaimed genius ! we have to ask ourselves why this person has been hiding his tax information from the American public? I know why, he's a phony !
Nicole P
Nicole P - Aylar önce
Why tf did they all stand lmao
quartzimaging - Aylar önce
The goon squad's nearby explosions to intimidate protesters are audible starting around 26:20.
calvin cosplay
calvin cosplay - Aylar önce
23:51 "to stop the violance..."
me: with more violance?
V3rb - Aylar önce
@Bojourner Southern *unless those aren't your results. Like they aren't for most black people who still live in fear of the cops who have now shown themselves on social media to be the most hateful and unreasonable people on the planet.
Bojourner Southern
Bojourner Southern - Aylar önce
Also, the violence in my area stopped that night. Gangs were breaking into houses all over a neighborhood all at once, shooting guns, stealing cars. It all stopped after Trump gave this speech. You can't argue with results, unless you are on the left.
Jerry L
Jerry L - Aylar önce
What do you expect? Can't stop rioters with a water gun
Bullhorn Twin
Bullhorn Twin - Aylar önce
Lol when he talk bout freedom.
LRAD enthusiast
LRAD enthusiast - Aylar önce
I never knew tangerines could speak! Let alone rape multiple children, and undermine the voice of the entity which truly governs this nation. The people....
Eric Rosander
Eric Rosander - Aylar önce
Listen closely as 30 seconds into his speech you can hear flash/bang grenades. Right now tear gas pellets are being shot from shot guns.
Cam 2 Fuego
Cam 2 Fuego - Aylar önce
I guess this is what Trump meant by make America great again. Smh
N Allen
N Allen - Aylar önce
Cam 2 Fuego look up Branden Tatum on TRvideos. He’s the man.
N Allen
N Allen - Aylar önce
Cam 2 Fuego Her and I have to hear so many negative comments from white and black people. But to be honest, most of the hate comes from black people towards us. Again I’m a Republican because Democrats have always been on the wrong side of history. Don’t forget it’s Democrats that are the party of the confederate flag and it’s Democrats the start of the Civil War and it’s Democrats that started slavery in America and its Republicans that ended it. That’s why am a Republican. Republicans believe everybody should be treated equally, all Democrats do is constantly play the race card break us all up into subgroups and tear the country apart
N Allen
N Allen - Aylar önce
Cam 2 Fuego do you have any idea how much shit my wife and I have to put up with because we are two different “races” ??
N Allen
N Allen - Aylar önce
Cam 2 Fuego and why would you assume I’m pre-judging black men? I’m just talking about what you said I mean no reference to the other 13 million black Americans. Why does somebody always think just because you say something about them that is referring to an entire race of people? Are people that narcissistic that they think they represent an entire race of human beings
N Allen
N Allen - Aylar önce
Cam 2 Fuego When you tell somebody to say it to my face we all know that as a threat of violence and an intimidation tactic
SMK - Aylar önce
Hey don the grey hair is coming in nicely
L M - Aylar önce
I think he needs more Hydroxichloroquine 🥶
Henree Henry
Henree Henry - Aylar önce
No need to say more.
john applegate
john applegate - Aylar önce
My president..The greatest Preseident!! snowflake run!!!!
angela thomas
angela thomas - Aylar önce
How could anyone support this man. It China and Russia in the United States.
angela thomas
angela thomas - Aylar önce
Did he think that he would be held a hero?
angela thomas
angela thomas - Aylar önce
This man fired on his own people.
Aikaterini Antoniadi
Aikaterini Antoniadi - Aylar önce
Fucking piece of shit
Tell the truth for once.
Be honest for once.
Jessica Julian
Jessica Julian - Aylar önce
Such an idiot, fix the system. Everything is sooo corrupt
Suq Madiq
Suq Madiq - Aylar önce
Thats so vauge. What do you propose be done about it
Waldorf Puppet Masters Montague,Cox
oh my fucking god
Son Of King Jesus
Son Of King Jesus - Aylar önce
@Simonelsvw Johnson  - Ross Perot, Donald Trump & a few of the non racist elite were intent upon countering the actions of the racist deep state.
Son Of King Jesus
Son Of King Jesus - Aylar önce
@Simonelsvw Johnson  - Only azz backwards people who don't read or think would choose Biden over Trump.
Jaison Samuel
Jaison Samuel - Aylar önce
Go President. Make sense. every form of terror should be treated very strictly. rightly said "domestic terror".
Trendy Timmy
Trendy Timmy - Aylar önce
“One law” lol
GrayEagle48 - Aylar önce
🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 Jeremiah 51:46 ...violence in the land, ruler against ruler. (KJV)
This police involved killing & the Eric Garner police involved killing in New York city both have democrat mayors & the states have democrat governors. And yet the black people in these markets vote democrat 98%. Black PPL are voting against their own self interests,
Go figure. The guy was pleading for his life, officer just ignored him. So cruel.
1 Timothy 4:2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
Seems apropos to me. This goes for the MSM too
Pharmakia of Revelation 18:23 Related.
President Trump supporters are not uneducated.
bob dinkem
bob dinkem - Aylar önce
Is trump a fuckin, robot ?
5 Tips with Lindsey
5 Tips with Lindsey - Aylar önce
Antifa and other extreme groups are exploiting the black American community. They are using this situation to make it look like our black American community is destroying their own neighborhoods. It’s not true. Most protests are peaceful. Real protestors of all races are coming together. We all want justice. Cops of all races are coming together praying, kneeling, walking WITH the peaceful protestors. If you think burning cities, stealing things, and hurting others is okay- you are part of the problem. That will never make anything better. It is okay to be angry. It’s okay to protest. It is not okay to hurt others. It is not okay to destroy our neighborhoods. “Not all white people are racist. Not all minorities are criminals. Not all cops are bad. Ignorance comes in all colors”. I hope we all find peace together soon- and finally see who the real enemies are
Kayla Gillman
Kayla Gillman - Aylar önce
elzeta cartel
elzeta cartel - Aylar önce
kelly haney
kelly haney - Aylar önce
Its sick what these paid thugs are doing! Insurance wont cover the damadge! For years! These people are selfish
Blancita - Aylar önce
kelly haney It’s sick when those paid THUGS in blue uniforms 👮‍♀️ MURDER innocent Black people in the streets of AmeriKKKa‼️
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown - Aylar önce
riffle queen
riffle queen - Aylar önce
Reminds me of the SNAKE in the Garden of Eden!
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - Aylar önce
Anyone know who that is at 28:01? For research purposes ofc
King Lil Tey
King Lil Tey - Aylar önce
I hope Babylon (USA) dies. Then we can restore the order of the most high and put all the heathen in chains just like we were.
agnol Wilson
agnol Wilson - Aylar önce
We love America🇺🇸, We ❤ Trump
pauline drewery
pauline drewery - Aylar önce
Did you see the orbs flying around him?He is well protected!.
Kyra Santana
Kyra Santana - Aylar önce
What are you trying to tell me exactly?
Elmer Pacheco
Elmer Pacheco - Aylar önce
Rukanika Rukanika
Rukanika Rukanika - Aylar önce
All the protesters are asking is understanding (equally) that can fix all of this MILLITARY AREN'T NEEDED
Priya Ramesh
Priya Ramesh - Aylar önce
My mind screams to bring Obama back
agnol Wilson
agnol Wilson - Aylar önce
Ab nhi ho skta h
Jason Pham
Jason Pham - Aylar önce
Trump 2020 🇺🇸
That was a beautiful speech. Law and Order now!
Larry Chappell
Larry Chappell - Aylar önce
Anytime you hear civilized words coming from Trump's mouth, you can be assured he didn't compose it. The real Trump is the childish babble on his Twitter feed. This man doesn't have the dignity to compose any soul stirring speeches.
Vishnu Madhavan
Vishnu Madhavan - Aylar önce
A broken clock is right twice a day.
A JJ - Aylar önce
Video starts at 20:38
Katie Bruss
Katie Bruss - Aylar önce
“I’m gonna do president boy things cuz I’m a good lil president”
Tony Cole
Tony Cole - Aylar önce
@Katie Bruss its , NZ and before that SA , just to give you a clue
Katie Bruss
Katie Bruss - Aylar önce
Tony Cole ok then have a good day at ig
Tony Cole
Tony Cole - Aylar önce
@Katie Bruss anglaise hey, Ha ha , your a fast one, sharp fangs and all
Katie Bruss
Katie Bruss - Aylar önce
Tony Cole could you maby use english please maby
Tony Cole
Tony Cole - Aylar önce
Katie, time to bruss up, Maby take up reality, better than being asleep
Ashton Harrison
Ashton Harrison - Aylar önce
Send the tanks on em
Michael Clark
Michael Clark - Aylar önce
"I swore an oath to uphold the laws of this country" but only if it suits my agenda and my reelection all other laws are subject to deals and quid pro quo.
The VCK - Aylar önce
What a coward
Bryan Serafin
Bryan Serafin - Aylar önce
They couldn’t edit it down to the actual speech?
Sebine Parker
Sebine Parker - Aylar önce
I feel like its good to know how the pos in chief dawdles when it comes to addressing the people
Michael DeSilvio
Michael DeSilvio - Aylar önce
Trump represents a return to some semblance of sanity after eight long years of the wretched bathhousebarrysodomitesoetoro.
observant Too
observant Too - Aylar önce
You KNOW you Sin Against The Cosmos .. You KNOW you Sin Against Purity Of LIFE .. You KNOW you Sin Against The ALL ..
This Is NOT your PLACE .. You Without LIFE .. A PALE BROKEN Imitation Of LIFE .. You KNOW This Is TRUE .. You ARE a LIE
Diane Rick
Diane Rick - Aylar önce
Biden is taking 2 amendment a way he said changes it I like as is on 2 amendment as is
Diane Rick
Diane Rick - Aylar önce
Biden you won,t beat trump you are lieing people you to not care about own people in your state at all
S. Kimchhay
S. Kimchhay - Aylar önce
See you in November
HangCwe11 - Aylar önce
Big Orange Turd takes his fucking joy time before he finally comes out and addresses the press - ~20:00 is when he shows his pasty ass face.
Meanwhile the country is LITERALLY burning.
uncertainty principle
uncertainty principle - Aylar önce
Step1 towards is next
Dallas Raatz
Dallas Raatz - Aylar önce
This guy hates freedom!
E LaVD - Aylar önce
The only thing he truly loves is hearing the sound of his own voice. If he cared about violence/looting that badly which is happening across America & the well being of American citizens safety. Ready & willing to dispatch National guardsmen, Military officials & obtaining more police presence and vehemently expressing swift force. Making it seem like Mayors & Governors are ill equipped to maintaining law & order. Why not take just as much energy to stop the mass killings of Black """AMERICANS""" being harrassed, thrown in jail daily for nonsense & once again being killed across our nation by police. But no mention about taking any recourse about that. This is why, we are having the reactions of people of all nationalities out and about. No one wants looting & chaos. But big brother needs to get involved stay connected and uphold justice, prosecution for law enforcement using excessive force & murder. Also take action towards systemic racism, we are not slaves. Living in Jim Crow era the Civil rights movement those days are behind us. NO MORE!!!!! Stop treating us Black people in America & across the world for that matter like we are your enemy and walking targets.
David Jackson
David Jackson - Aylar önce
Sooo nowww it’s domestic terror.....ok
Magicks - Aylar önce
what a goddamn buffoon
voodoo_chipotle - Aylar önce
Hey Time, stop giving this dictator a platform. #arresttrump
Joe Marougi
Joe Marougi - Aylar önce
Anybody know what time this speech was made?
Breyten beets
Breyten beets - Aylar önce
Go Trump
DigitalMediaDen - Aylar önce
What You're Here For 20:25