Tennis Fights

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Joaquin Gonzalo
Joaquin Gonzalo - Saatler önce
Troicki such a poor loser
Mind-Cure Corner
Mind-Cure Corner - 7 saatler önce
3:19 A Kangaroo
Alex Koch
Alex Koch - 20 saatler önce
Why is this a video
MC Pavelić
MC Pavelić - Gün önce
5:26 You are so bad *MRŠ* It means Get a fuck out or Fuck off IDK ACTUALLY ITS HARD TO EXPLAIN 😂😂😂
Jonat han
Jonat han - 4 gün önce
Where is the fight?!
Ufonut - 4 gün önce
troicki Typical Serbian agressive /violent dickheads. no wonder they were responsible for one of the worst genecides in history.
TurboSupra91 - 5 gün önce
Congratulations! You've reached the end of You Tube. Refreshments are on the table, and don't forget your parting gift on the way out!
Sherlock Has Solved Another Mystery
TurboSupra91 Wtf do you even mean
Rafinha Latvezzi
Rafinha Latvezzi - 5 gün önce
How can you possibly get in a fight in tennis.....
It’s like getting in a fight with your reflection in a mirror
Jay Becker
Jay Becker - 6 gün önce
That Nadal vs. Fogini Part at 1:47 is in Hamburg NOT Barcelona.
Yura Uro
Yura Uro - 7 gün önce
Spoiled brats sport
Big Lebowski
Big Lebowski - 7 gün önce
Good misleading title, dropped a dislike ;)
Александр Макаров
Более жестокого видео я не видел
Ruairi J
Ruairi J - 8 gün önce
« Fight »
iFuriiOG - 8 gün önce
1:15 Novak like "i'm gonna smash his head off with the racket". Then remembers how strong Nadal physically is... "Well, better not messing with that huge left arm".
Now for real, I think Nadal didn't mean to hit Novak, Novak's reaction was bad as Nadal was apologizing from the net meanwhile.
Ryan Campos
Ryan Campos - 8 gün önce
Tennis rants and disagreements
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough - 8 gün önce
What is 5:10
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough - 8 gün önce
Ppl really fight in this sport
A55K1KKR - 9 gün önce
Markus Aurelius
Markus Aurelius - 9 gün önce
Soviet tennis with no respect. I dont like it.
Ian Forrester
Ian Forrester - 9 gün önce
I’m surprised Stepanak wasn’t in all of them - he was such a troll.
Gravado - 9 gün önce
hot trash
Pawlly - 9 gün önce
Could someone explain how you could tell if the ball was out just by looking at the tennis ball?
Pawlly - 9 gün önce
@KARL SEQUEIRA oh okay thanks for the response.
KARL SEQUEIRA - 9 gün önce
Pawlly if it was in, the ball should have some chalk on it since it’s a grass court. He was trying to say the ball has no chalk on it so it had to be out
Steven chill
Steven chill - 10 gün önce
Badass tho
WiredDragon7429 - 10 gün önce
I feel bad for the umpire. That was too much
AmitMalx - 10 gün önce
4:52 Much more entertaining at 0.5 speed
Professional Asshole
Professional Asshole - 11 gün önce
Troicki is like textbook guy who'd beat up wife if stressed or drunk.
Professional Asshole
Professional Asshole - 11 gün önce
I can understand why the first clip he hit Stepanek. That guy was a dick always using drop shots lmao EVeryone he played with got pissed cause he likes to spam those drop shots lmao
no name
no name - 12 gün önce
Nice to see John travolta on the court on that first clip
shihlin1 - 12 gün önce
And they say tennis is a gentleman's sport. HA !
shihlin1 - 12 gün önce
Coincidence Nadal appears here more than once? Maybe not. Esp vs. Djokovic, no tennis point is worth drilling a shot at someone‘s head. Bad gamesmanship !
Lorenzo P.G.
Lorenzo P.G. - 12 gün önce
VL123 - 12 gün önce
You see the look of fear in that ball boy's eyes? LOL @4:56 Triocki is one of the biggest whinniest bitch ass cheats in the game. He was probably mad he couldn't cheat to win.
Israel Villagrana
Israel Villagrana - 12 gün önce
Jajajaja hasta las peleas de los tenistas son gays
peter9style - 13 gün önce
Seems like the loosers complain a lot
Cerebro LDN
Cerebro LDN - 13 gün önce
5:00 😂😂
Ra HoWa
Ra HoWa - 13 gün önce
Troicki is a total dick
Eliseo Blunck
Eliseo Blunck - 13 gün önce
The fight between Fognini and Nadal took place in Hamburg not in Barcelona
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson - 13 gün önce
Just show a John McEnroe montage
Plenty of gold there
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson - 13 gün önce
One big fight
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson - 13 gün önce
Oh snap!
impaX_Gaming - 13 gün önce
6:20 sounds like vaas
soldierali786 - 14 gün önce
What annoys me in sports is when players get angry or make a mistake they get punished but umpires and referees never do.
Alberto P.
Alberto P. - 14 gün önce
why he didn't request challenge hawkeye?
Filip - 13 gün önce
no hawkeye system on that court
Рейл Галиев
Рейл Галиев - 14 gün önce
About tennis as divine play. It's a pleasure to watch the game. 🔍 🔎
Gurjot Singh
Gurjot Singh - 15 gün önce
New balls
Bryant G
Bryant G - 16 gün önce
How did the dude at 4:52 not get penalized?!?!?! Serena woulda got tossed and fined if she hit a ball into the crowd
Sean Baird
Sean Baird - 14 gün önce
Bryant G he got a court violation
TRU MAN - 16 gün önce
Hes right though. One bad call can cost a game and ruin a guy's year. It has a rippling effect.
Chris_Flaco - 16 gün önce
Troicki looks absolutely retarded with those glasses
Sean Of The Dead
Sean Of The Dead - 17 gün önce
I was expecting fools to be hopping over the net and having a slug fest. Instead I find clickbait
Nirwan Jaya
Nirwan Jaya - 18 gün önce
Correct title should be "Tennis Conversation"
_Alan _
_Alan _ - 18 gün önce
Que grande chela, buenos tiempos con Coria, el gato Gaudio tmb me hacia cagar de la risa.
hewitt en Argentina te comiste los mocos, cagón.
Domingo Melegaro
Domingo Melegaro - 18 gün önce
Noah Carvalho
Noah Carvalho - 19 gün önce
Troicki is so funny!!!
AndrOX Gaming
AndrOX Gaming - 19 gün önce
Troiki retrasado
Giulio Scherzy
Giulio Scherzy - 20 gün önce
Nemanja Cuk
Nemanja Cuk - 20 gün önce
Nadal roid raging
Usual Feed
Usual Feed - 20 gün önce
Hewitt is a true douchebag
Khalifa Fahad
Khalifa Fahad - 21 gün önce
Hahahaha I fall in love with Troicki
Edward Soda Jerk Miranda
Edward Soda Jerk Miranda - 21 gün önce
Tennis has lost its EDGE !
It needs a player you can HATE ! 😈
And a player you can LOVE ❤️ ! 😇
And once in a while they both play each other on the court
A good rivalry can GO a LONG WAY for a SPORT !!
It puts ASSES in the SEATS and gets people interested in the SPORT
All that EQUALS = $$$$$$$🤑🤑🤑
Not a hard FORMULA !!!
Sized Up
Sized Up - 22 gün önce
This is probably the most pussy sport I’ve ever seen
Miroljub Petrovic
Miroljub Petrovic - 22 gün önce
Crazy Serb Troicki 😂
norimaspace - 25 gün önce
hhahahah is Troicki crazy????
bigearedmouse17 - 25 gün önce
Tennis players getting angry is like being attacked by a Butterfly lol.
MrDailyDestiny - 25 gün önce
why does troicki sound like gru from despicable me
evalid eSports
evalid eSports - 26 gün önce
1:48 was hamburg not Barcelona
Mark 2909
Mark 2909 - 27 gün önce
Tennis, pillow, pudding, blanket. What do tgese things have in common?
Pro Capn'
Pro Capn' - 25 gün önce
All amazing
Federer is the GOAT
Federer is the GOAT - 28 gün önce
I hate crowds SO FUCKING MUCH when they boo the players when they go for the man. It is a perfectly legitimate and fair shot. It’s like getting boos because you hit a drop shot or lob, no reason for it.
ERiC - 29 gün önce
Bunch of Nancys.
Chad Gilmore
Chad Gilmore - Aylar önce
That’s not a fight it’s a tantrum 😭Waaaaaaa
D - Aylar önce
it that guy spit and it hit me, he would have my racket down his throat.
royothebuzz - Aylar önce
Wow! when these tennis guys fight you better look out. They glare at each other and if they're really angry they break a racket or shout at someone. I can't watch it.
Mario cr
Mario cr - Aylar önce
Tennis is for soft people
Disciple808 - Aylar önce
Came for fights, stayed for tennis.
Peanut Peeden
Peanut Peeden - Aylar önce
Dwight Keller-Williams
Dwight Keller-Williams - Aylar önce
troicki is such a baby.
poposisa - Aylar önce
6:10 that guy did make a mistake. it was white.
kodynga neetack
kodynga neetack - Aylar önce
4:50 Line-man is calling the serve ”fault”. Did ref not hear that? I think it’s a big misunderstanding because at the end ref says he didn’t see it..?
FootBog - Goals & highlights
At 4:56 the linesman showing a hand sign that says my view was closed, I'm not sure and umpire should decide
Nitro Gang
Nitro Gang - Aylar önce
2:40 when you ask your parents to buy some chips and they come back with broccoli.
D3LET' - Aylar önce
soy fan de nadal :D
TheMrOtts - Aylar önce
This is adorable
Eugenio Fernandez
Eugenio Fernandez - Aylar önce
wow...great fighters hahahahahaha
Evan Simpson
Evan Simpson - Aylar önce
Hmm so this is what they call a fight in tennis? Lol
Jay Eff Ess
Jay Eff Ess - Aylar önce
Man, I nearly peed my pants watching these brawls
Enes asdfgh
Enes asdfgh - Aylar önce
crazy troicki hahahaha😂
Essa Rios
Essa Rios - Aylar önce
the only sport which you can insult and trash talk an official and be like privileged.
Suraj Opinion is Never Better
troicki made a fool of himself
Craig Jarrett
Craig Jarrett - Aylar önce
Tennis Strongly Worded Letters
Riky Bologna
Riky Bologna - Aylar önce
1:42 *No me rompe los juevos* 😂
Yair Levi
Yair Levi - Aylar önce
I didn't quite understand.. Why did Troicki want the referee to see the ball? What happened? On 5:00
roger5173 - Aylar önce
these guys better be careful if it comes to blows one of them could hit the other with their purse
You Remembeeer
You Remembeeer - Aylar önce
Chris Wolfinger
Chris Wolfinger - Aylar önce
apparently people on you tube who make tennis videos dont know what fighting is
bob Zombie
bob Zombie - Aylar önce
This is as close to fighting tennis will get 😂
Óscar Valdés Brito
Óscar Valdés Brito - Aylar önce
Pussys fucking waste of my time
njenney - Aylar önce
Announcer: “That was naaasty.”
Joaquin Vacca
Joaquin Vacca - Aylar önce
En ninguno de estos especiales de peleas aparece Federer. El rey, señor y caballero del tenis mundial
Maximo Alvarez Fourcade -M.A.F Tennis Channel-
Fijate en Tennis Fights 4
Gullio Swenson
Gullio Swenson - Aylar önce
Ron Morgan
Ron Morgan - Aylar önce
so Nadal/Djok is responsible for the implementation of the shot clock?
The Lazy Twins Music
The Lazy Twins Music - Aylar önce
I didnt know that Jesse from breaking bad played tennis and complained about everything.
Pedro Danderfer
Pedro Danderfer - Aylar önce
te falto chango vs feiman negro, revisalo para la proxima
Non lo so Rick
Non lo so Rick - Aylar önce
5:53 grande Max Allegri
Andrés Escalada
Andrés Escalada - Aylar önce
Unos maricas todos jajaja