Tennis fights

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Steve H
Steve H - 3 saatler önce
Clickbait. Not a single fight in this entire queer sport.
ev1jpotts - 4 gün önce
This was great.
Renji Chan
Renji Chan - 4 gün önce
*I don't get why the crowd feels the need to cheer the player when they smash their racquet or start a fight it's just so unnescary*
Darren Fred
Darren Fred - 6 gün önce
Vicious barbarians.... savages really.
Alexandre Santana
Alexandre Santana - 7 gün önce
Was troicki right at the end?
salaciousBastard - 7 gün önce
0:35 Turn the other cheek to protect the family jewels. Sacrificial hams.
CBS 70sfan
CBS 70sfan - 14 gün önce
Drama queens.
Elev3n - 15 gün önce
So was it out then or not?
E Ríos
E Ríos - 16 gün önce
Ethan Fleming
Ethan Fleming - 17 gün önce
lol last guy having a tantrum
Viniso - 19 gün önce
Lol at Nadal vs Soderling
Just Hustle
Just Hustle - 19 gün önce
The last player should go get a real job then maybe he could act like a little bitch.
Pete Lacher
Pete Lacher - 20 gün önce
Tennis is shit and so is everyone that watches it
Steven Truong
Steven Truong - 21 gün önce
you get hit by a ball, you lose the point.
Adam Callander
Adam Callander - 21 gün önce
Ricardo Elias Romero Ortiz
Ricardo Elias Romero Ortiz - 21 gün önce
Fuck man this shit tenis is for pussys what a boring game...
Larry McMillen
Larry McMillen - 21 gün önce
do you know what a fight is?
#1 Nets fan Nets609
#1 Nets fan Nets609 - 22 gün önce
7:00 where is this guy from? His English makes me angry for some reason
vuk ilic
vuk ilic - 4 gün önce
His english accent and grammar was alright. I don't know what you're talking about kid.
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott - 24 gün önce
Bad sportsman ship.....
Leandro Moura
Leandro Moura - 24 gün önce
Very violent i could barely watch it
Viego Alvarez
Viego Alvarez - 25 gün önce
Wow these are outright brawls.
MattSynyster - 26 gün önce
tennis is definitely a sport for fuckboys
Ancap Libertário
Ancap Libertário - 26 gün önce
Por que não pode acertar a bola ?
Todd Kidder
Todd Kidder - 28 gün önce
I have fish in an aquarium that fight better than that.
H. Chinaski
H. Chinaski - 28 gün önce
"U didnt see anything today" :DDDDD
Dustin Borglin
Dustin Borglin - 28 gün önce
Tennis arguments
Mile Guzina
Mile Guzina - 28 gün önce
troickom su bili oni dani u mesecu
Challi Balli
Challi Balli - 29 gün önce
When she said she is pregnant 4:53
PheenX - 29 gün önce
Verbal Fights*
These posh pussy boys would never actually fight
Col Friday
Col Friday - 29 gün önce
0:40 *ThAt WaS NAstYyyY* more like

*That was gaayyyy*
Col Friday
Col Friday - 29 gün önce
Tennis fights?? That sounds gay
OriginalKarasu - Aylar önce
man do i miss soderlin... that guy could've been another wawrinka or murray...
Aleix Garcia
Aleix Garcia - Aylar önce
1:54, eso no es Barcelona, es Madrid
Halis KILIC - Aylar önce
It's to brutal for watching this... Very hard fightings. I can't see blood
Alebo Boi
Alebo Boi - Aylar önce
This idiot missed the point of "fights"
Keser Jdkdkdkdkdkd
Keser Jdkdkdkdkdkd - Aylar önce
Is this a joke?
Chet Brinkley
Chet Brinkley - Aylar önce
Tati Dominguez
Tati Dominguez - Aylar önce
Why the heck why every time they hit the ball ( I know I know this is only a joke :v) they sound like they r having an orgasm
Pub Exploit
Pub Exploit - Aylar önce
till waiting for the "Tennis Fights"
Kelvin Malidom
Kelvin Malidom - Aylar önce
There were no fights
SmileWithMe - Aylar önce
I dont know about tennis, what happend in the last game? Xd
MrPotato_YT - Aylar önce
Alguien español? XD
MrPotato_YT - 29 gün önce
+independiente a va XD
independiente - 29 gün önce
independiente - 29 gün önce
Si obvio
wyprostowanyprecel - Aylar önce
3:18 that kangaroo
Next Level
Next Level - Aylar önce
tennis "fights"
Laura Sanchez
Laura Sanchez - Aylar önce
4:38 Wow amazing quality I can't even see the fucking ball
Laura Sanchez
Laura Sanchez - Aylar önce
Why are they moaning
Fabielso - Aylar önce
Troicki is crazy asf HAHAHHA
themis pol
themis pol - Aylar önce
So much violence.
Sorin Vasile Bogdan
Sorin Vasile Bogdan - Aylar önce
Wow, footage from 2004 looks like those old ww2 clips in quality
Karlik M
Karlik M - Aylar önce
This video was hilarious but I wouldn’t even class these as arguments the title should be ‘tennis players occasionally shouting’
88' MikeTyson
88' MikeTyson - Aylar önce
Do we have a Serena collection?
lingling zhang
lingling zhang - Aylar önce
Fight for money of course. If there's no money for winner. They won't care at all
Young Money Entertainment
Sony Ericsson where are you now?
Bruno Rafael
Bruno Rafael - Aylar önce
Extremely violent.......
8KILLSTEP - Aylar önce
Song intro?
k TE
k TE - Aylar önce
NAdal es el más sucio
Age of Doom
Age of Doom - Aylar önce
Tennis 🎾 fahahahahaha
Mixa Djordjevic
Mixa Djordjevic - Aylar önce
wtf novace zasto se nerviras
DrMcLovin6669 - Aylar önce
These fights are vicious. Those Europeans sure are scary. Almost as tough as soccer players
DWK DWK - Aylar önce
these are fights? maybe bob probert should of played tennis
Danny Park
Danny Park - Aylar önce
Haha funny and fighting game. Like uncivilazation game.
Jerry Park
Jerry Park - Aylar önce
these fights are nasty... rather watch ice hockey fights.
LIVERNIL753 - Aylar önce
LOL Troicki is the funniest :-D
Kirby - Aylar önce
Tennis fights and hockey fights are not much alike.
Something Orother
Something Orother - Aylar önce
4:56 lol this kids just filling his trousers with feces at this moment
SweetSpot909 - Aylar önce
Why is Nadel like is most of these clips?
Chen Yuxin
Chen Yuxin - Aylar önce
He is fucking idiot
Exequiel Bassman
Exequiel Bassman - Aylar önce
1:40 un italiano hablando español parece argentino jajaj
FredoLechon - Aylar önce
wow that guy almost died
John Wigmore
John Wigmore - Aylar önce
When ref calls for security...
Oh you know how to call that
Rosie6857 - Aylar önce
I normally watch football, where any player who spoke to a referee like that would be sent off and probably serve a lengthy suspension. But in tennis....... Why are so many tennis players complete arseholes? Why do the spectators put up with it, the disruption and delay?
Yasser Khadoura
Yasser Khadoura - Aylar önce
Vinolas sucks
Merciful Zeus!
Merciful Zeus! - Aylar önce
6:40 The umpire isn't "calling security", he's making the standard announcement about taking your personal belongings with you if leaving your seat, "in the interest of security."
井上尚弥 - Aylar önce
ナダルとジョコビッチのやつ軟式ならアタック止めって言われるぞ笑 気合いでとれよって
Jacob Pearson
Jacob Pearson - Aylar önce
Well well we’ll, I thought baseball managers screaming and jumping around umpires in their uniform(which why the fuck do they wear the uniform? Like they’re still young and hip) was awkward... tennis fights beat it 🤨😬
Bernardo Galvão
Bernardo Galvão - Aylar önce
Are we just ignoring the cangaroo at 3:19 ?
Daniella - Aylar önce
eric blair
eric blair - Aylar önce
This puts the game in an even more pansy light. A bunch of spoiled children having hissy fits. Embarrassing.
MangoHombre - Aylar önce
Interesting video. I wonder how the men handle these situations.
ginger - Aylar önce
These _tennis fights_ were so *vicious & graphic* , I had to go over to cornhub to get it off my mind!
ginger - Aylar önce
Even fruitcakes have more manly fights than these tennis players ...
G Vol
G Vol - Aylar önce
Tennis is so fucking boring that even fights cant catch my attention
triscurtis - Aylar önce
Tennis players are divas. They're going to destroy the sport the way diving is destroying soccer. Irony is players are the reason player challenges won't be successful: because umpires won't encourage players to do it more than they already do. This shit needs to be stamped out of the sport.
sagar adhikari
sagar adhikari - Aylar önce
when video of 2004 of looks as if its of 80s I feel I am getting older :(
Dingo - Aylar önce
I clicked on this video...then realized I still hate tennis
elitni panter
elitni panter - Aylar önce
Al se troicki rasprde8
calam - Aylar önce
What fights?
Leif Andersen
Leif Andersen - Aylar önce
Hitting a tennis ball at another man's buttock is a "fight"?
[OCB] - Aylar önce
pietro scelfo
pietro scelfo - Aylar önce
RonnyDonny13 - Aylar önce
That Troicki one was obviously on the line
ogrebattle22763 - Aylar önce
Troicki is a goddamn psycho....
blinkerito 182
blinkerito 182 - Aylar önce
Jejeje blink in the intro :3
emanuel ehagaraz
emanuel ehagaraz - Aylar önce
damn that was intense!
twahlbrink0911 - Aylar önce
fights? What fights? How about tennis triggerings. Ridiculous.
Nicholas D.
Nicholas D. - Aylar önce
I love how at 3:15, the kangaroo appears to hop on his head.
Giancarlo Cordon
Giancarlo Cordon - Aylar önce
YouTube shouldnt allow these types of videos to be uploaded... DEFINITELY too much violence!
Automatic Slim
Automatic Slim - Aylar önce
saba murachashvili
saba murachashvili - Aylar önce
Referee Pidarast!