Marvel Comics Co-Creator Stan Lee Dead at 95 | TMZ

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Rita Treloar
Rita Treloar - 8 gün önce
I really like stan lee he must piay by thor ragnarok and spider man homecoming
xXSpliiitsXx - 10 gün önce
“Earth just lost its best defender”
Dogquack - 11 gün önce
to be honest im quite glad, im sick of his intrusive cameos
Matthew Fresquez
Matthew Fresquez - 13 gün önce
Stanlee is not a freaking co creater he is the main creater
Jordan Reeves
Jordan Reeves - 14 gün önce
Stefan Kroscen
Stefan Kroscen - 15 gün önce
Jaime Jorquera
Jaime Jorquera - 16 gün önce
Thanks you for everthing Stan
rest in peace master
Harshad Randive
Harshad Randive - 20 gün önce
Rees in phiste
mets2128 - 21 gün önce
Farewell Stan the backbone of the silver age of comics. EXCELSIOR!
The Life Of Two stars 's
The Life Of Two stars 's - 22 gün önce
They should put a funeral with Stanley's picture on it and every Marvel movie as the Cario
Demar Jones
Demar Jones - 22 gün önce
safe journey STAN LEE safe journey back to the stars
XXDOJ - 23 gün önce
The creator of my favorite character is gone. :’(
1000 subscribers without a video
Stan lee... you will be missed, thanks for building up my childhood.
Dirce Benevides
Dirce Benevides - 26 gün önce
RIP in Heaven Mr. Stan Lee 🙏
MaXD Mega:v
MaXD Mega:v - 26 gün önce
Who,s Stan lee ?
Julius Pajamutan
Julius Pajamutan - 28 gün önce
Stan lee RIP
Justin I.
Justin I. - 28 gün önce
His death was as sad as the death of Stefan Karl Stefansson and a friend of mine, whomst I respect, and love.
R.I.P. Stan
wolf gaming 27
wolf gaming 27 - 28 gün önce
SUSHANT GAMER # LEGEND - 29 gün önce
Gonna miss u Stan Lee
Indian gamer
Indian gamer - 29 gün önce
That day I and my brother cried a lot whole day maybe he is dead but he is alive in our heart who gave us new world may God bless him and he be happy in heaven
merf - Aylar önce
:). death is good
Easy Force
Easy Force - Aylar önce
Well is mars ravelo still ilive?
Marzy Plays
Marzy Plays - Aylar önce
RIP 😭😭😭😭 my childhood is ruined you made the best marvel characters ever if it wasn’t for you Stan I would never have a childhood.
Succ 12345678
Succ 12345678 - Aylar önce
RIP Stan lee he was a good and creative man may his soul Rest In Peace
Martin Espinoza
Martin Espinoza - Aylar önce
Stan Lee😪
The One Who Made My Childhood Fun Thinking I Was A Hero Too 🤧
This Is Where Marvel End💔
Cybernetic Buster
Cybernetic Buster - Aylar önce
He died on Monday.This is why everyone hates Monday’s.
Rip Stan Lee
Ashley Copus
Ashley Copus - Aylar önce
bye Stan Lee u will be miss . u r a boss to me
Ahmir Watson
Ahmir Watson - Aylar önce
Man looked like he was bout to cry 😢
Anime nerd memer
Anime nerd memer - Aylar önce
Zack pw
Zack pw - Aylar önce
Stan lee is a good old man, Hes the Guy.. Who made me happy.. He made me happy Because of hes comics and hes created movies, Rest in peace Stan Lee.. We all love u, U made our childhood.. Thank you Stan
mango people
mango people - Aylar önce
Wonderful part of my childhood ( fantasy creater..- spider man ,xman , fantastic four..and many more..)
mango people
mango people - Aylar önce
king anson
king anson - Aylar önce
Stop saying Stan died😭 He forever lives in our hearts
matheus0gameplay Sousa
matheus0gameplay Sousa - Aylar önce
Ele sempre sera o melho herói do mundo da Marvel😢😭e quen deu dislaike pq eo stan lee vei quando fiquei sabendo disso a vei chorei ne melho heroi melho heroi 😢😭
Kieran Games
Kieran Games - Aylar önce
He build life rip buddy I’ll miss you
little mary
little mary - Aylar önce
R.I.P a real member of marvel
Venaliza Chua-Benco
Venaliza Chua-Benco - Aylar önce
Stan Lee is my favorite avenger because he's the firtst avenger and he done a good job
asian fire warrior
asian fire warrior - Aylar önce
Xxxtentacions death not everybody mourned, but this death is shared between every person that loved superheros in general.
R.i.p. the legend.
Logan Webb
Logan Webb - Aylar önce
The very first superhero
edward devine
edward devine - Aylar önce
Stan the man rip take my cape of to u
Kool Shaardul
Kool Shaardul - Aylar önce
Stan lee was a real super hero
Taco Man
Taco Man - Aylar önce
RIP Stan (DC is better)
Gaming Meme Guy
Gaming Meme Guy - Aylar önce
Stan never left he’s here on our hearts you really if you are a *true believer* like this comment
Scotty Club Adventure Learning
A legend, Stan's legacy will last forever. Rest in peace Stan Lee
Gxmbay - Aylar önce
They should make an origin about Stan Lee’s career
Fut Tog
Fut Tog - Aylar önce
Thank you for everything🙏🏻
Fungivibe inc.
Fungivibe inc. - Aylar önce
Damm.... I couldn't give less of a fuck though...
Jagpreet Singh
Jagpreet Singh - Aylar önce
He was the creator, get the title right out of respect
Please give the legend the respect he deserves, No Marvel without Stan.
Quach Minh
Quach Minh - Aylar önce
Thanos: Balanced

Thanos's not happy
SeanSnake Gaming
SeanSnake Gaming - Aylar önce
I didnt know he was just a co- creator...
RJaalexx - Aylar önce
Stan was the man! A legend for all time. He will be greatly missed.
Awesome Animations
Awesome Animations - Aylar önce
Stan lee created heroes, but he is a real hero!
Shib4toons - Aylar önce
Press F to pay respects
bigbangnone - Aylar önce
Thanks Stan for helping millions of kids to read !!!
Brian Mitchell
Brian Mitchell - Aylar önce
What a fantastic human being!
GuelphRacing - Aylar önce
Hey random person scrolling down the comments..
Have a pleasant evening :)
Frank - Aylar önce
Even Jesus is impressed by his own creation!!! Stan lee....
Dora Duncan
Dora Duncan - Aylar önce
R.i.p stan.😫😫😫😫😪😪😪😪😥😥😥😥😣😣😣😣
Dora Duncan
Dora Duncan - Aylar önce
He was a good man. A cradif man. RIP stanlee.
Wait_itz _MADINA
Wait_itz _MADINA - Aylar önce
Rest In Peace
Eric Jaramillo
Eric Jaramillo - Aylar önce
Stan Lee wow much to say about that man he was definitely part of my childhood he will be missed with love from New Mexico it has been a pleasure working for you Stan Lee rest in peace. 👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸
nba jimmie
nba jimmie - Aylar önce
R. I. P lee but my child hood with spiderman I'm playing the game right now and I just seen this in my recommended list wls that means we love Stan r. I. P lee
Blue Seth
Blue Seth - Aylar önce
He probably made a mansion
Crispy vlogs
Crispy vlogs - Aylar önce
"Not all super heros wear capes"
-Stan Lee..
Anvar Bodiyat
Anvar Bodiyat - Aylar önce
Rip the legend Stan Lee
AjLaurence viernes
AjLaurence viernes - Aylar önce
AjLaurence viernes
AjLaurence viernes - Aylar önce
KGL8 Gamer
KGL8 Gamer - Aylar önce
Stan Lee was in the marvel LEGO superhero games 😭😭😭😭 R.I.P
J Freeman
J Freeman - Aylar önce
Noooooooooo 😥😥😥😪😫😢😭
ii_SkullAce - Aylar önce
Stan Lee stay on to my heart💖

Bonus: This is for you

*We Trust The God*
Omar Hamdy
Omar Hamdy - Aylar önce
The one who made me happy the one who made me feel like a child R.I.P Stan Lee
a. banks.
a. banks. - Aylar önce
I wonder did he live to see and spend the settlement money?
MrShowbizguy - Aylar önce
It's about time, i had him in the death pool
Jacory Wallace
Jacory Wallace - Aylar önce
Ms Marvel 2019 in theaters. Marvel forever!
Carlos Alberto Garcia Vasquez
my respects for man thanks😢😢
david rivas
david rivas - Aylar önce
I bet he’s in hell
D.G.S - Aylar önce
david rivas He wasn’t a bad person?
The H Vessel
The H Vessel - Aylar önce
Rest In Peace to Stan The Man!!!! ❤️
Lewis - Aylar önce
Wish I’d got to meet him though.
politically incorrect
politically incorrect - Aylar önce
keeping my 1st edition of spider man and the edition with sonja 1st appearence forever!
Trippie Vikk
Trippie Vikk - Aylar önce
Well he had to die some day
Edward Deitman
Edward Deitman - Aylar önce
ive waited all my life for these movies, To reading all those comics, to the cartoons. R.I.P Stan Lee
Kenneth Biffle
Kenneth Biffle - Aylar önce
mannnnn now he wnt be in any of the movies I was always looking for his part in all of his movies bummer, at least he lived to 95 , damn I hope I live that long!!!
TMM CROSS the BOSS - Aylar önce
1 like =1 prayer
Matipa Tapela
Matipa Tapela - Aylar önce
The man built my life into a adventurous life thanks and R.I.P.!!!!!!!!
Ty Willox
Ty Willox - Aylar önce
Rip Stan lee, Atleast he had a nice long life, genious
Laborer in the field
Laborer in the field - Aylar önce
Did he go to Heaven or Hell? "If you love the world and the things thereof you are an enemy of God" "for that which is highly esteemed among man is abomination in the sight of God"
EthanSFM - Aylar önce
Wait stan lee was the co creator? I thought we was the creator lf marvel
Frog of the apple
Frog of the apple - Aylar önce
He is in a better place now
Andrew Tremous
Andrew Tremous - Aylar önce
We all enjoyed laughing at his scenes in marvel movies. r.i.p stanely❤😭
Herman Herrmann
Herman Herrmann - Aylar önce
That's really breaking news
starbolt maniac420amXX
starbolt maniac420amXX - Aylar önce
Someone should make a YouTube video of Stan Lee's every movie cameo appearance
Griffin - Aylar önce
Rest easy legend.
Kristian:LLJ - Aylar önce
Rest easy Stan, you made my childhood.
marlo alcontin
marlo alcontin - Aylar önce
idoit that marvel i hit marvel !
STARSHIP' Shel - Aylar önce
They should always digitally give him a cameo
SuperGames Gaming and More!
The only death that matters...
Hiriweteri Huta-Martin
Hiriweteri Huta-Martin - Aylar önce
Thank you for being here😊💕✨
Shane Gremory
Shane Gremory - Aylar önce
The original avenger
Shane Gremory
Shane Gremory - Aylar önce
95 is a good age

But a person like him it's just too less
Zendrickacgaming - Aylar önce
a legend will be forever a legend I LOVE YOU STAN LEE!!!!
BLACKNIGHT#1724 BLACK - Aylar önce
Rest in peace because I love Avengers Assemble but your the real world heroes