iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?

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Purified Luis
Purified Luis - 47 dakika önce
I can get the X 256gb silver for 650$ is it worth it?
Alpha - 2 gün önce
Should i buy iphone xs or x ?
slAvEboiEh - 2 gün önce
as an iphone x user fuck u bruh calling my shit low end you white priveledge bitch how in the fuc is 1000$ low end bruh psa i bought it outright from apple 256 which is the base xs cost but bruh low end you on that good shit
Shy X
Shy X - 2 gün önce
If you want the IPhone X comment this ❌
If you want the iPhone XS comment this ❌s
And if want the IPhone XS Max comment this ❌s max

I want this Xs but I have the 7 😭😭
Free Giveaway iPhone XS
Free Giveaway iPhone XS - 3 gün önce
Piper French
Piper French - 4 gün önce
Is iPhone Xs and iPhone Xplus desame? Please I wanna know
Hduebs Buebeus
Hduebs Buebeus - Gün önce
They are a bit different, but if you have an X, its not worth upgrading to the XS
Paryss Ja
Paryss Ja - 5 gün önce
What about a 6 to a 10s???
Clizzz - 6 gün önce
Does the iPhone Xs case work with the iPhone X?
AlexanderVan Nguyen
AlexanderVan Nguyen - 2 gün önce
Clizzz yes it would I have the iPhone X and I tried a iPhone XS Case on it and it fits perfectly with no problems since there the same size.
Unknown - 6 gün önce
I got iphone 8 plus, waiting for my Iphone XS max 256GB
Hduebs Buebeus
Hduebs Buebeus - Gün önce
I only have the samsung galaxy fold😔
Hduebs Buebeus
Hduebs Buebeus - Gün önce
You rich fuck, im jealous HAHAHA
Che33r's - 6 gün önce
Still rockin my iPhone 6s 😝😝
AJ Mezza
AJ Mezza - 7 gün önce
Still bullen with the 7
Ryuki - 7 gün önce
compared my ipX with my cousin’s ipXs. WHAT THE F*CK ARE THE DIFFERENCES
Chizo Paulinus
Chizo Paulinus - 8 gün önce
My iPhone 5s is still AWESOME🤪
Shinu Sehravania
Shinu Sehravania - 9 gün önce
after buy iPhoneX for the price they should give Airpods
Denis Sarić
Denis Sarić - 10 gün önce
I can get xs 64 gb for 750$ should I take it!?
Chris - 10 gün önce
Proudly typing from my XS
WhoAmI h4ck3er,*%
WhoAmI h4ck3er,*% - 11 gün önce
mate I have a bloody iPhone 7
I want the iPhone XS or X but not the XR
Leah Castro
Leah Castro - 11 gün önce
Hi im leah from.Philippines...any give away used iphones? 😇😇😇
Date Hill
Date Hill - 11 gün önce
Should I upgrade from an SE (that still works fine) to the X?
Date Hill
Date Hill - 7 gün önce
+Mementos I looked to both the Xr and the X in store yesterday, but I really see the difference between the screens, so I think Im gonna get the X. The Xs doesnt have enough improvement from the X if you ask me.
Mementos - 8 gün önce
Get the XR
Charlie Payne
Charlie Payne - 11 gün önce
I can’t wait to get the Xs max I’m getting it st the end of the month
kamata93 - 11 gün önce
So Huawei are saying they have the first 7nm chio, Apple is saying they have the first 7nm chip...... Hmmmm.... I will go with Huawei on this one. Can't really trust Apple's marketing.
Projector Studio
Projector Studio - 12 gün önce
I took my iPhone X 3 ft in Mexico in the water and it was fine
Atlbrave10 - 12 gün önce
I know this video is older but I have been holding out on upgrading my X but recently noticed my battery life has been degrading, I checked my battery health and it says the maximum capacity is 83% so my battery is literally dying..at this point I should consider upgrading to the XS, correct?
T. Garcia
T. Garcia - 10 gün önce
Nope, have Apple replace that bitch for a deal... Give them hell over it and they'll take care of you.
TECH 'n ROBO WORKS - 12 gün önce
Hey will you give me a phone maybe X or X's?
Moritz Funk
Moritz Funk - 12 gün önce
I wonder what iPhone XS users do with all that time they save on the faster Face ID
Abdu Uchiha
Abdu Uchiha - 4 gün önce
ist so. xD
TheSeti12345 - 13 gün önce
People here acting as if the S model hasn't always looked the same as the phone it's based on
ABO TOYAB - 14 gün önce
hello bro can you give me one iphone xs please if you internal please tell me
Carsten Molewijk
Carsten Molewijk - 14 gün önce
All apple bullshit talks! i still have the iPhone se and i can make a Phone call with it! fuck the rest of all crappy features!
Fadel Muhammad
Fadel Muhammad - 15 gün önce
Literally, i changed my wallpaper on my X onto planet thing just like XS. :/
Caleb Gibbs
Caleb Gibbs - 16 gün önce
i got the 10 when it first came out
Caleb Gibbs
Caleb Gibbs - 16 gün önce
i am going to wait for the 11 to come out before i upgrade my 10
Ademir Batista
Ademir Batista - 16 gün önce
The Huawei P30 and Mate X 5G Folding Phone are way better than the X and Xs. The Huawei Mate X is 5 years ahead of apple
Boris G
Boris G - 16 gün önce
Will use my iPhone 6s until iOS 14 (because it will probably get it) and then I will consider the x and Xs if the price has dropped enough
E_Lewis 7
E_Lewis 7 - 17 gün önce
Im watching on an Lgk20
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Ariel Regan
Ariel Regan - 17 gün önce
RawDeal 7414
RawDeal 7414 - 18 gün önce
tribal music
tribal music - 18 gün önce
you suck you hate android
Tech Boy
Tech Boy - 18 gün önce
I regret buying iPhone x it's very horrible. I am going to buy iPhone xs by exchange
Jasvan Varma
Jasvan Varma - 19 gün önce
Nice phone
LeviePaints - 20 gün önce
Upgrading my iPhone X to iPhone Xs Max☺️
Blackk_Buushin - 20 gün önce
My dad said that price is 3/4ths of our rent 😶😶😶😶
Tamara - 14 gün önce
It's double mine
Watch Me
Watch Me - 21 gün önce
Hi do u think when iPhone 11 is out iPhone xi max will drop price down to £700 ? I want to get it maybe this year if it does.
Fanciella xo
Fanciella xo - 21 gün önce
iPhone SE gang
Joel Pietarinen
Joel Pietarinen - 21 gün önce
should i get an iphone xs ($1200), x ($950) or xr ($850)
Adnan Bee123
Adnan Bee123 - 21 gün önce
My dream is at your hands😍😍😍
Beloved Slimes
Beloved Slimes - 21 gün önce
I have a iPhone 7 Plus in rose gold the battery life is horrible I want a coral iPhone xrt
Wayne C
Wayne C - 22 gün önce
I’ve said it multiple times, android phones need more power in order to handle the terrible optimisation of android itself, iOS hardware and software work in harmony, hence why you only need half the amount and get literally same results, fuck the people talking “oh my phone boots up 2 seconds faster” get a grip..
Nick Botha
Nick Botha - 23 gün önce
Still have my iPhone 6 😂👍🏻
Blafhead Gaming
Blafhead Gaming - 19 gün önce
Nick Botha me too man LMAOO
Zinah Alahamr
Zinah Alahamr - 23 gün önce
Just get the x , were not gonna take frikin professional pictures😂😂
kyle gaming YT
kyle gaming YT - 24 gün önce
Can you give me
Tom Richter
Tom Richter - 25 gün önce
What the heck did you glue them together?
mintico snout
mintico snout - 26 gün önce
So apple admit that their flagship phone depreciates $300 in a year? From $999 to $680 lol. Talking about poor value
Muhammad Rahman
Muhammad Rahman - 5 gün önce
mintico snout Compare that to whatever phone you like and check how much it depreciates in a year... yuppp iPhones are known for retaining their value best when it comes to phones
jm delacruz
jm delacruz - 27 gün önce
Iphone 2g gang where you at
arfcomcobra - 27 gün önce
I bought a second X, probably the best phone I have ever had
arfcomcobra - 15 gün önce
First Name Last Name my mom is not afraid of your tiny penis
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 15 gün önce
arfcomcobra just like your mom
Rayaan Fur
Rayaan Fur - 27 gün önce
Why did you upgrade then
Wei Chen
Wei Chen - 27 gün önce
i just bought a brand new stationary gaming pc, although its not the most high end its still cheaper than the iphone xs........
StreamerBT W
StreamerBT W - 27 gün önce
You have a ten and you STILL want to upgrade? Wow
datboij03ee _
datboij03ee _ - 27 gün önce
Where my iPhone X people at???
NEstle 323
NEstle 323 - 28 gün önce
This guy have some good points but iPhone lover over do it lol
Thomas Thomsen
Thomas Thomsen - 28 gün önce
Apple say, they support 64bit iPhone at least 6 years
sara jones
sara jones - 28 gün önce
iphone 4s crew checking in with extreme lag
Trexabyte - 28 gün önce
HaHa:D 350€ zahlen sich wieder aus...:D Ich habe noch kein schlechteres Argument gehört
danny c
danny c - 28 gün önce
Lol Apple dropped the x but at least it’s cheaper now
mgvortex66 - 29 gün önce
My iPhone 6 (regular) is on its last legs for me and i need to upgrade should i jump straight to XS or is X good enough?
Man ai
Man ai - 27 gün önce
mgvortex66 same dilemma over here m8
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Nocx SOSHI - Aylar önce
I want to upgrade from android to xs max for the first time I can afford it but I'm not sure it's worth 1100$ plus thats a lot of moneyyy
ITsAllAboutTaylxrr_ - Aylar önce
I haven’t upgraded since the iPhone 7 Plus came out getting tired of trying to stay on top of the game when iPhones release every year 😒
Pelumi Olowolayemo
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Chubbycookiecake - Aylar önce
Lol I have xs
Gtamaster Gaming
Gtamaster Gaming - Aylar önce
I’ve got the 6+ I’m definitely upgrading
Got a Samsung ad in this video
Raphael A.
Raphael A. - Aylar önce
damn y r u so fineeee
Sister Emily
Sister Emily - Aylar önce
just watched this now but still have my iPhone 5....
GAP Drager
GAP Drager - Aylar önce
Apple’s iphone is great. But i think apple should focus now on its iphones battery capacity. No matter how great the speed, the camera, the screen and the design if the battery still has low capacity. It would still dissapoint most people. How can you enjoy a very powerful device if a power source is not that powerful.
Ahmed Afreed
Ahmed Afreed - Aylar önce
Feel jealous ..can i get one.😦
Obaid Alawadhi
Obaid Alawadhi - Aylar önce
Upgrading from IPhone 8 to iPhone XS Max next week
Cristaldo 9
Cristaldo 9 - Aylar önce
Obaid Alawadhi who cares?
Ilko Dragolov
Ilko Dragolov - Aylar önce
Upgrading my 6s , but wonder does it worth it spending 500$ more for Xs or just go for the X???
Rokas - Aylar önce
if you get a deal, go with X. it is great.
insight of samantha
insight of samantha - Aylar önce
I just upgraded from an iPhone 6 Plus to XS Max and its a blessing
Xg Abrar
Xg Abrar - Aylar önce
Receive an Iphone X
brotista - Aylar önce
Well I don’t even have a phone why I am watching iPhone X 🙂
Stephen Gallagher
Stephen Gallagher - Aylar önce
Who else watching on the Xs?
one dolla snake
one dolla snake - Aylar önce
Stephen Gallagher Max
Joey Lynn
Joey Lynn - Aylar önce
Went from the 7+ to the XS Max. Worth it.
Cj Green
Cj Green - Aylar önce
Should’ve gotten a Galaxy S10 I have an iPhone and it’s basically the same thing every year
Shamindra Hewavithana
Shamindra Hewavithana - Aylar önce
I have a 5c and I want an iPhone cuz iMessage so can u recommend me a good one?
Comedy Squad
Comedy Squad - Aylar önce
Honestly who cares about these minor "changes"
Renat LeonGardus
Renat LeonGardus - Aylar önce
Soon is coming iPhone 11!!!
one dolla snake
one dolla snake - Aylar önce
Renat LeonGardus iPhone 11 looking ugly
Dude it's Kendall
Dude it's Kendall - Aylar önce
Getting my first phone and getting an iPhone X lol
Canadian Cuck Fighter
Canadian Cuck Fighter - Aylar önce
The XS is on sale at Best Buy for $199 down on a 2 year plan, think I’ll wait until it’s $0 and sell my 7 which I can get about $400 right now.
Canadian Cuck Fighter
Canadian Cuck Fighter - Aylar önce
Quavaughn’s aggregate I’m obviously from 🇨🇦 so the sale is at Best Buy here in Canada, I’m assuming you are from America?
Quavaughn’s aggregate
Quavaughn’s aggregate - Aylar önce
Canadian Cuck Fighter I haven’t seen that sale
Brooklynn Copenhaver
Brooklynn Copenhaver - Aylar önce
is anyone here after they got rid of the iPhone 10?
Quavaughn’s aggregate
Quavaughn’s aggregate - Aylar önce
Brooklynn Copenhaver lol 😂 I’m here trying to get a ten and you people are getting rid of it
Bellacorra1 - Aylar önce
9:38 thats where he really answers the question
All i can say is your welcomee
Quavaughn’s aggregate
Quavaughn’s aggregate - Aylar önce
Bellacorra1 the iPhone X is sold refurbished on apple
Bellacorra1 - Aylar önce
+Quavaughn’s aggregate Nope. Just color. Maybe a little bit faster? Little bigger? Thats it. Sadly apple doesnt sell the iphone x anymore :(.
Quavaughn’s aggregate
Quavaughn’s aggregate - Aylar önce
Bellacorra1 so do you think there’s a difference?
Jalen Newell
Jalen Newell - Aylar önce
I don't know why people hate on the new phone's they are so good and clean looking and leave a like if you have iPhone 7 and comment if you have iPhone xr or above
Quavaughn’s aggregate
Quavaughn’s aggregate - Aylar önce
Jalen Newell most of the people who hate only watch these videos without experience
sakkeer huzain
sakkeer huzain - Aylar önce
Super happy with 7plus😍
heaven - Aylar önce
Am I the only one that likes the notch? I don’t mind it and I kinda think it’s nice.
KingMia’s - Aylar önce
His intelligence is wats most attractive ❤️🥰😍😍
Bellacorra1 - Aylar önce
+KingMia’s hahaa yea
KingMia’s - Aylar önce
Bellacorra1 but yess that voice is sexy , so is he uhh
KingMia’s - Aylar önce
Bellacorra1 awee lol you’re funny 😆
Bellacorra1 - Aylar önce
Lol na he stupid. Its the way he speaks 😍😍😍😍
Fzuper - Aylar önce
am i the only one there?
~iPhone 5s
Debbie Hane
Debbie Hane - Aylar önce
Fzuper you have the one I wish I had kept! Best phone until the Xs!
Ethan Torres
Ethan Torres - Aylar önce
Still keeping my iPhone 7
Se6 Sama
Se6 Sama - Aylar önce
i was liking both X & Xs
until i saw the Galaxy 10 ad 😂
AURE2272 XBOX - Aylar önce
Anyone really want the phone but their parents wont buy it for them
Alfie Rumbolt
Alfie Rumbolt - Aylar önce
I’ve got an iPhone 7 and I’m upgrading soon probably an iPhone X