MasterChef US Season 9 Episode 1 - May 30, 2018

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siddarth venkatakrishnan
siddarth venkatakrishnan - 20 saatler önce
17:02 whattttttt
Pranav 2072
Pranav 2072 - Gün önce
Bowen said his husband and his dad loves Gordon Ramsay 😂😂😂😂
Steven Bennett
Steven Bennett - 2 gün önce
I wish the film makers treated us as intelligent viewers as it would make it easier to watch. I can't watch this dumbed down version of Masterchef. Watch the UK version for intelligent broadcasting.
Samphors Ly
Samphors Ly - 4 gün önce
WhyIsMimoTaken - 4 gün önce
Mark did not deserve the apron
Diuto Asomugha
Diuto Asomugha - 6 gün önce
I love Joe so much 😂😂😂
cheese89 89
cheese89 89 - 7 gün önce
wheres fatty?
Alvin Lim
Alvin Lim - 11 gün önce
Bowen is a good gay chef.
maria paz
maria paz - 11 gün önce
First time watching masterchef while eating something i made...
Pd. Thanks to the person that uploads this
IQ’s channel Z
IQ’s channel Z - 11 gün önce
At 17:03 the Chinese guy said he had a husband
X - 12 gün önce
I love trash talk between the Chefs!
Libertarian Lemon
Libertarian Lemon - 13 gün önce
15:58 lmaoo gordon's face when joe started bragging
Nivaldo Go ahead winning.
Nivaldo Go ahead winning. - 14 gün önce
You eat just meat and chicken it has that change
MidwinterLady - 15 gün önce
"So you think you are above the class?" - "Yes" ....... Confidence or arrogance ?
Kirsten Koch
Kirsten Koch - 15 gün önce
Gordon's face whenever joe speaks. 🤔 😂
Ming - 16 gün önce
Imagine them doing the intro... Awkward a f
Saffyj2012 - 19 gün önce
Australia MC craps all over the USA, Australia does not put people down like they do on this show they mentor and foster positivity. These are home cooks not masterchef uggghhh
Hanxi Guo
Hanxi Guo - 19 gün önce
Mark: *Cries*
Mark 10 sec later: *waves apron around*
phuc khang duong
phuc khang duong - 13 gün önce
The Persian Prince - Fawzan
The Persian Prince - Fawzan - 20 gün önce
LGBT is disgusting
Rob Boss
Rob Boss - 23 gün önce
Gordon: ur is dish gud
Joe: omg is he gonna give him the apron
Gordon: *lol sike it’s not good enough*

Gordon you savage I—
Rob Boss
Rob Boss - 23 gün önce
That beyonce ponytail girl’s face throughout the whole thing made me cackle
SDAJ AD JAY - 23 gün önce
Deo Gratias
Deo Gratias - 27 gün önce
Drama 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Murloc Tinyfin
Murloc Tinyfin - 28 gün önce
Between choosing an actual chef or a businessman, I can't believe they chose the businessman! What's he gonna mentor? Trading stocks? Managing kitchen resources?
Renaud Vial
Renaud Vial - Aylar önce
That sucks so much comparing to French Top Chef😂😂
Joy Harmony
Joy Harmony - Aylar önce
I just love Bowen! He's so precious and I love his personality!!!
Fachry Akbar
Fachry Akbar - Aylar önce
O P boi
Boi 23
Boi 23 - Aylar önce
"I'm not gonna give you a masterchef apron"
Cynthia:Thank you Chef
Amanda Doimo
Amanda Doimo - Aylar önce
mano não acredito que o cara apresentou um bolovo!!!! YOLO huahuaha
Emily W
Emily W - Aylar önce
i feel like all the contestants will want to be in gordon's team lmao
Giang Võ
Giang Võ - Aylar önce
There are too much "acting" in this first episode.
Maria Nishani
Maria Nishani - Aylar önce
i hate the bald bitch so much goddamn get rid of him alreadyyyy
reapex24 iwnl
reapex24 iwnl - Aylar önce
Soo the judge's can eat free food
Udaya Lekha
Udaya Lekha - Aylar önce
Too much drama lol
ArcaMatt _XIII
ArcaMatt _XIII - Aylar önce
Fresh ricotta, fresh peas, all fresh!
Atmosphere Jr
Atmosphere Jr - Aylar önce
Zelda fans be like hahaha
Hari Shankar
Hari Shankar - Aylar önce
And I am eating undercooked French fries
Xuø - Aylar önce
That bald guy is kinda scary. But damn 41:26 that's funny.
Mei Hsu
Mei Hsu - Aylar önce
Joe is only reason i dont watch masterchef
Xuø - Aylar önce
17:03 Did he just say "HUSBAND"?
Haha [GG]
Haha [GG] - 18 gün önce
Xuø the gay
Commando.G. H
Commando.G. H - Aylar önce
The Chinese guy is gay
Commando.G. H
Commando.G. H - Aylar önce
ItsMats - Aylar önce
Commando.G. H do u have a problem with that?
Jigme Lhamo
Jigme Lhamo - Aylar önce
This is my first time watching a MC episode and I cannot believe I've missed out on this level of extra
Gamer SoShi104
Gamer SoShi104 - Aylar önce
Ive only been through season 4-6, and i skipped to 9

What season was graham replaced by aaron? Just this season?
tyler martin
tyler martin - Aylar önce
26:13 Ish the look when Joe walked over was amazing
Micah Bradburn-Hay
Micah Bradburn-Hay - Aylar önce
37:20 oof harsh
Wissam Al-Ghoul
Wissam Al-Ghoul - Aylar önce
The crying was a little over the top. Needs to stop acting like a bitch
veniel breatana
veniel breatana - Aylar önce
8:33 Gordon Enjoying that burn on Joe.
Nathalie Mangsat
Nathalie Mangsat - Aylar önce
*the voice has left the group chat
yeet - Aylar önce
Why the fuck is it so dramatic tho?
Ethan Yang
Ethan Yang - Aylar önce
Why is Joe such an asshole?
Shantelle Ellis
Shantelle Ellis - Aylar önce
Gordon Ramsey💖❤️ all the way his temper 🔥lol I understand am Jamaican what u mean💯like if u agree
RandomWeeb - Aylar önce
I feel bad for the other judges , everybody choses Gordon.
sawadee - Aylar önce
So staged and fake I could die. But it makes good tv
animal lover
animal lover - 2 aylar önce
Girl: ArE THoSe PeOplE?
Me: No ThEY're FuCIkng sEALs! WhAt ElSe YOu DiPShiT!?
Wynn Faith
Wynn Faith - 2 aylar önce
AND HIS NAME IS Joe Sinah *troes plate of food in bin* _ Joe
pauly G
pauly G - 2 aylar önce
Warning the first 5 minutes of editing will drive you Crazy Like a real cheff
Monkey - 2 aylar önce
Where is the next episode?
lolololol jjajajajajaj
lolololol jjajajajajaj - 2 aylar önce
bowen is GAY
ErnesTea - 2 aylar önce
Where do you DL this ? can you give me the link? I'd love to watch this at home with my fam. pls?
Jin raps like Jay jee
Jin raps like Jay jee - 2 aylar önce
17:30 girl you got something related to hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism:( check yourself:(
Kristine Miranda
Kristine Miranda - 2 aylar önce
I like how joe believes in each and every contestant
Hyperzzz - 2 aylar önce
they are making it so dramatic
blurry face
blurry face - 2 aylar önce
Me in the beginning: "GO CHINESE DUDE"
Me after he talked about his 'husband': Wait the chinese dude is gay? Ew, No.
QwZx SK - 2 aylar önce
siska jeanete
siska jeanete - 2 aylar önce
Joe just pick mark for the “drama”, knowing that this kind of person will stay longer in US masterchef
Amal Arandas
Amal Arandas - 2 aylar önce
Ahhhhhhhh Joe is here
NoBullshit - 2 aylar önce
the edition on the voices is just dreadful, terrible as fuck , its just horrible to listen to, so automatizated and robotic, fuck me
Kenan Dityo
Kenan Dityo - 2 aylar önce
Is that Chinese guy from first audition after get apron from Gordon said "My HUSBAND, my father my family love Gordon Ramsay?" "HUSBAND"?!?!?!
Oktri Mulatsiwi
Oktri Mulatsiwi - 2 aylar önce
I think he is a gay 🙄
Damla Bahri
Damla Bahri - 2 aylar önce
Mark is so damn attractive. Someone give me his IG @ please😂
Damla Bahri
Damla Bahri - 2 aylar önce
27:18 Wow that scene was amazing!!!!
Srujan Gowda
Srujan Gowda - 2 aylar önce
8:20 nobody can season like Gordon ramsay
Azwihangwisi Magoda
Azwihangwisi Magoda - 2 aylar önce
Bowen is absolutely adorable
Joakim Bergh
Joakim Bergh - 2 aylar önce
she could tie that hair to a tree and swing from it
Mia Singson
Mia Singson - 2 aylar önce
Joe is so damn hot.! ❤️
HeatSeakingMouse - 2 aylar önce
Hate little asian gays
Bogdan Sredić
Bogdan Sredić - 2 aylar önce
Damn homie why is this so intense
Erwin - 2 aylar önce
attention seeking gays
ahmad fauzan
ahmad fauzan - 2 aylar önce
Damn Bowen really can cook, wait, did he said a HUSBAND? WTF
Sarah Makkink
Sarah Makkink - 2 aylar önce
Lol gay people exist Ahmad
Radka Emilova
Radka Emilova - 2 aylar önce
NOOB KEEPERS666 - 2 aylar önce
Gordan should do hell's kitchen vs master chef
Felicity Rose
Felicity Rose - 2 aylar önce
Felicity Rose
Felicity Rose - 2 aylar önce
Jannie is beautiful
Soumia - 2 aylar önce
why does everything has to SJW !!!!!!!! i just want to watch GR say fuck
quantM - 2 aylar önce
This apron is going to... *dramatic music intensifies* *short break intensifies* ...Owen
Jenny Li
Jenny Li - 2 aylar önce
gordon T^T
universenikki - 2 aylar önce
Thanks David!
dforscher - 2 aylar önce
for a moment I thought Samantha was Meryl Streep posed as a young girl
Fazri Abi Prakasa
Fazri Abi Prakasa - 2 aylar önce
17:03 wtf im shocked
qadri rulzdood
qadri rulzdood - 2 aylar önce
Congratulations Shanika, on winning MasterChef season 9
Dimas Fitra
Dimas Fitra - 2 aylar önce
24:29 Whenever I watch Master Chef in the midnight
Pizza Forever
Pizza Forever - 2 aylar önce
A female version of Gordon? Dear God imagine him mad and on a period.
Dalton Wanner
Dalton Wanner - 2 aylar önce
I must admit, these are some very powerful characters. Dunno if I could ever have the drive to compete and battle like them
bryanna malfoy
bryanna malfoy - 2 aylar önce
Okay so my question is why did the first group only get 30 min and their dishes had to have beef but the second pair got 45 min to cook whatever they wanted?
Roronoa D. Zoro
Roronoa D. Zoro - 2 aylar önce
12:20 isnt that the same thing monti from season 3 cooked?
Popcorn Potato
Popcorn Potato - 2 aylar önce
11:51 RAW talent
Official Anime
Official Anime - 2 aylar önce
16:20 that’s the face of a kid who just got books for Christmas 😂😂. He looks so salty.
Chanhyun Kim
Chanhyun Kim - 2 aylar önce
I didn't know that the chinese guy was a gay 😅
phuc khang duong
phuc khang duong - 13 gün önce
How did u know :0
Captain Storm
Captain Storm - 2 aylar önce
I hope the last kid who got an apron loses, he’s so arrogant and that shits annoying other people didn’t win but oh didn’t see them crying like little bitches idk I’m just annoyed lmao
AtlanticSpamHammer - 2 aylar önce
"I'm a sponge. I'm gonna soak up every ounce of wisdom that you bestow upon me."
Stop kissing ass lmao
TinyTony Mofo
TinyTony Mofo - 2 aylar önce
Cry baby lmao