Dodgers celebrate winning NL pennant, manager Dave Roberts says, “This is our year” | FOX MLB

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FOX Sports
FOX Sports - Aylar önce
What are your thoughts on Corey Seager being awarded the MVP?
Darrell Jackson
Darrell Jackson - 24 gün önce
Well deserved
Ethan Plays
Ethan Plays - Aylar önce
Add on, also amazing steals
Ethan Plays
Ethan Plays - Aylar önce
Cool. But honestly thought betts deserves it more for the amazing catches
Davidian Bros Productions
Mookie Betts came through in the clutch, hitting and catches so..
Isabella Ramos
Isabella Ramos - Aylar önce
Heck it not amazing or fire ok the dodgers have four point ok and the TB have two points and the dodgers is winning the game!!
WineDine69 - 18 gün önce
As soon as Dave Roberts said, “This is our year!” I knew without a single doubt in my mind that the Dodgers were going to win it all.
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez - 19 gün önce
Roberts is the worst manager we have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZENIGMATV - Aylar önce
We better have a huge Lakers/Dodgers parade.
Chad Lee
Chad Lee - Aylar önce
Pixeldragon 07
Pixeldragon 07 - Aylar önce
Still an asterisc, Lets see 2021!.
Felix Gonzalez
Felix Gonzalez - Aylar önce
my question is why did they have to give that person the mvp if monkie betts He was the one who deserved it that mvp. Why ???
Lol Lol
Lol Lol - Aylar önce
Let’s take this championship home tmr !!
Todd Schneck
Todd Schneck - Aylar önce
Talk to the Rays about that!
Angel - Aylar önce
We did
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - Aylar önce
🤧 crying tears of joy!!! Coach Dave Roberts deserves a World Series win!!! LETS GO DODGERS👏🏼👏🏼💙💙💙🤍🤍🤍💙💙💙..Julio Urias 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
tbz 1527
tbz 1527 - Aylar önce
so they just gonna act like the giants didnt come back from 2-0 against the reds and the from 3-1 against the cardinals in 2012?!??
tbz 1527
tbz 1527 - Aylar önce
what did they even come back from 2-0 from? im so confused
Rodger Murphy
Rodger Murphy - Aylar önce
This is next year...three more to go...go Dodgers
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - Aylar önce
Now the Dodgers have to win it or else their fans would be hearing a lot of that Dave Roberts quote as a meme lol
mantoserve - Aylar önce
it's not even a half of real season... not real...
Erick mate Olivares
Erick mate Olivares - Aylar önce
I love Dodgers let go dodgers💙💙💙💙💙
General Grievous
General Grievous - Aylar önce
Let’s go rays
Ben Jr
Ben Jr - Aylar önce
When will the Dodgers commentators call a game? Tired of hearing John Smolts and his bias comments. Understandable since he played with the Braves...but it would be nice for the Rays & Dodger commentators to switch off every game for the home team.
Zach Champagne
Zach Champagne - Aylar önce
L.A's. Taking over, LAKER's Won Championship, L.A Dodgers Won The pennant, Ram's in position To Go to Supper BowL. If All Stars Line Up. LAKER's, DODGERS, and RAM's COULD All WiN A Championship. 3 champs 3 different Sport Team's, it Might Happen, WOW. EPiC. Pac Will Be Happy. "LET ME SHOW YOU HOW WE DO iT ON THiS West SiDE, CAUSE YOU AND I KNOW iT's THE BEST SiDE."
David Yen Jr
David Yen Jr - Aylar önce
Go Dodgers.
Ruben T
Ruben T - Aylar önce
The Rays' biggest weakness: they allowed the Astros to force a game 7, even after taking a 3-0 series lead
The Dodgers' biggest weakness: Playoff Kershaw
It's tough to separate these two teams.
Adan PLAYER - Aylar önce
There is one thing I got to say let's go DODGERS !!!
Isaic Garcia
Isaic Garcia - Aylar önce
Just to get swept by Tampa 🤣
Chris - Aylar önce
Best Runner up team besides the Bills & Braves of the 90's.
Allison Putman
Allison Putman - Aylar önce
Idk what this is but that blender he won looks cool
Pamela Pamela
Pamela Pamela - Aylar önce
A covid shortened season, no one cares.
jamal woods
jamal woods - Aylar önce
Jon Nimmer
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DJ Kaiser
DJ Kaiser - Aylar önce
Now the Dodgers have to win it or else their fans would be hearing a lot of that Dave Roberts quote as a meme lol
Miguel D
Miguel D - Aylar önce
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Hale Fleischer
Hale Fleischer - Aylar önce
Watch them lose 😂🤣
DOPE LISTS - Aylar önce
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이주원 - Aylar önce
too bad for RYU....
rocco69 rocks
rocco69 rocks - Aylar önce
When L.A was down by 3 games everybody wanted Roberts he is the
Alexandra Meza
Alexandra Meza - Aylar önce
tom waits
Sirxup - Aylar önce
If you're going to put the mask on under your nose then just take it off.
Love People
Love People - Aylar önce
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Chknball18 - Aylar önce
I'm sure Dave Roberts went with his gut and defied analytics when he decided to leave Urias in. Great coaching!
Raghu Ram
Raghu Ram - Aylar önce
1:59 I stopped my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Semper Fish
Semper Fish - Aylar önce
masked cucks with no balls
Travis Stoudt
Travis Stoudt - Aylar önce
Dodgers will win no doubt
Think Lascivious
Think Lascivious - Aylar önce
So, when the socially distanced fans exit the stadium, they're going to be all bunched up and crowded. Lol.
Super Rhino Bros
Super Rhino Bros - Aylar önce
Let’s go dodgers
Vic Pivetta
Vic Pivetta - Aylar önce
Biden Crime Family 💰💻
Joseph Fortuna
Joseph Fortuna - Aylar önce
60 game season. Zero attendance. Asterisks. This is not a season
plusminus - Aylar önce
Hey to all my friends and who ever
see’s this pray for us in 2099 😥✌️
Fsurules - Aylar önce
Nah this is the Tampa bay's year..... RaysUp
Fsurules - Aylar önce
@Aariz Khan 😲😂
Aariz Khan
Aariz Khan - Aylar önce
@Fsurules i hacked your mom's account
Fsurules - Aylar önce
@Aariz Khan i hacked your private dodgers only party 👌
Aariz Khan
Aariz Khan - Aylar önce
@Fsurules why are you here
Fsurules - Aylar önce
@Aariz Khan RaysUp
Dan - Aylar önce
That’s what Cowboys fans say every year but you know...
SoundWave 6
SoundWave 6 - Aylar önce
Congratulations Corey Seager💙
The Dude
The Dude - Aylar önce
save that for until you've won it all
if you can
Chris Diamand
Chris Diamand - Aylar önce
The Rays will win the World Series!
Chris Diamand
Chris Diamand - Aylar önce
Go Rays!
Aariz Khan
Aariz Khan - Aylar önce
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BBBMamba - Aylar önce
Roberts: "My hat's off to every single one of you guys" as he keeps his hat on. LOL
Go Dodgers!
cesarventura98 - Aylar önce
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kim Chi
Kim Chi - Aylar önce
Dodgers faced 2 teams that cheated and almost won now they get a fair shot.
StairwayToEvan92 - Aylar önce
Any time they get a lead in ATL...
Be Blessed True
Be Blessed True - Aylar önce
💖💝💝💝If you are reading this comment: BE BLESSED!!! x1,000,000!!! 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💝💝💝💝💝
Pineapple&Ginseng - Aylar önce
Congratulations to the Dodgers! As a Rays fan, mad respect to you guys for taking all the negative things from the past few years with grace, even though you guys deserve to be upset. You guys have a stellar organization and roster, and I can't wait to see the best from both our teams in the Fall Classic! Congrats to Seager also on the MVP!
Aariz Khan
Aariz Khan - Aylar önce
thank you rays fan and congrats to the rays for winning the ALCS
CookingSingle - Aylar önce
I hope Dodgers win it this year. They deserve it.
Alberto Macias
Alberto Macias - Aylar önce
Baseball is dead let this sport due.
Aariz Khan
Aariz Khan - Aylar önce
shut up
Jurgen Reeves
Jurgen Reeves - Aylar önce
Hope they don't get cheat on like the Astros did them, Astros are a disgrace by doing them wrong.
Just Chillin
Just Chillin - Aylar önce
Graterol, Julio and Walker are what's happening for now on...... and maybe May....
Just Chillin
Just Chillin - Aylar önce
Julio and Brusdar Graterol!!!
KiloTK - Aylar önce
To the 1 person who's reading this: You're very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during this kinda quarantine💕 💫
frankie - Aylar önce
Mommy Garcia
Mommy Garcia - Aylar önce
Corey Seager ! You deserved the MVP Trophy !! Now bring back the World Series back to LA !! 4 More Wins !!! Go Dodgers !!!!!
Ted Rowland
Ted Rowland - Aylar önce
No fans in the stands even with no pandemic buhahahahahaha. All 100 screaming fans.
SqurtieMan - Aylar önce
Casual reminder that this is probably the dark timeline. If there is a god, the Rays will be champions.
STILL - Aylar önce
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos✌️Non-Duality
Drew - Aylar önce
Okay whats the catch here? What does Dave Roberts have up in his sleeve to disappoint the Dodgers yet again, and keep his job, again...
A J - Aylar önce
I a braves fan like this if u are to
golfdude2007 - Aylar önce
golfdude2007 - Aylar önce
golfdude2007 - Aylar önce
this group of young players kept playing hard and want to win a Title (w/o cheating) the right deserving it with hard , fair play.
Tholman Brooks
Tholman Brooks - Aylar önce
I miss mookie with the redsoxs
FordMan Dave
FordMan Dave - Aylar önce
Why bring social injustice into it? Sick and tired of these guys not just playing the game. Leave the politics at home
Leo Morales
Leo Morales - Aylar önce
initiatorhater0688 - Aylar önce
dodger fans better hope that dave roberts didn't jinx it by saying that
TPTGopher - Aylar önce
Must say it was fun seeing Roberts learn from his mistakes against the Nationals and not make them against the Crybravies 🤣
itsadambaby - Aylar önce
As long as trash cans aren't involved, I think the Dodgers have a great chance! GO BLUE!
Ethan Plays
Ethan Plays - Aylar önce
Horchata Tacos
Horchata Tacos - Aylar önce
Arriba Urías, pride of Sinaloa
David Mejia
David Mejia - Aylar önce
Tampa camping
Maurizio Spagna
Maurizio Spagna - Aylar önce
The Dodgers finally deserve the victory and conquest of the world series ... for the love of the game and for the desire they have put in all these long years of waiting. In honor of this wonderful sport and of world and American MLB.
YO CHRIS - Aylar önce
We are in the World Series
MICHAEL A - Aylar önce
Cowherd is seething because Friedman has hat backwards lmao
javier book shadows contributor du
381th comment
golfdude2007 - Aylar önce
Segar and Bellinger and Taylor are the Future for LA.....and the Future is NOW
아기래 옹리젤
아기래 옹리젤 - Aylar önce
🎉 "Congråtülatïon$🍾
🎇 \._/ ï \_ ./ LA DODGERS📰
GoodLuck to everyone and more powers to all Loyal members... O&N
d( ̄  ̄) ㅋㅋㅋ
isaac busarelo isaac
isaac busarelo isaac - Aylar önce
Yessssssirrrrrr dodgers winnn
Ana delgado
Ana delgado - Aylar önce
Jacob Saadatmand
Jacob Saadatmand - Aylar önce
They acting like they won the world series.
Liz Christine
Liz Christine - Aylar önce
The best team by far!
Liz Christine
Liz Christine - Aylar önce
YES !!!!! 4 MORE WINS!!! LA DODGERS FOR LIFE!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
E RI - Aylar önce
They need to Kobe Bryant this trophy
Ana delgado
Ana delgado - Aylar önce
TheBatugan77 - Aylar önce
Edward Allen
Edward Allen - Aylar önce
The fake crowd noise was so loud I could hardly hear the announcers.
Gamingismy Thing
Gamingismy Thing - Aylar önce
Everyone says it’s their year
Hoochie Snoozey
Hoochie Snoozey - Aylar önce
People applauding the dodgers but why? Literally the best team on payroll on NL by far this entire past 10-12 years yet ZERO rings LOL. Joke of a franchise to be honest
TheBatugan77 - Aylar önce
I'm not a Dodgers fan. But you're a loser. Loo-HOO-hoo-HOO-hoo-HOO-ser!