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Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury - Gün önce
Such a good filmmmmm
zorvic08 - 2 gün önce
i dont regret watching this
Ella Rose
Ella Rose - 3 gün önce
Roger has so much screen time in this trailer and I love it
Skyler Brann
Skyler Brann - 3 gün önce
This movie is so awesome
Elle Rose
Elle Rose - 3 gün önce
1 year 💘🥺
estebon 246
estebon 246 - 3 gün önce
Like si hablas español😂
Klorp Klorp
Klorp Klorp - 3 gün önce
It’s been a year. But we are still here.
Lina González
Lina González - 3 gün önce
Happy one year anniversary to this trailer 🎉💕
Rene Salas
Rene Salas - 3 gün önce
One Year. :')❤
evaluna De León
evaluna De León - 4 gün önce
Hace un año!...💏
Murielle Burr
Murielle Burr - 4 gün önce
Tbt, a year ago it all started with this magnificent trailer. Love Queen and the BoRhap boys forever
shishira sri
shishira sri - 4 gün önce
This teaser was released this same day last year...I watched the teaser so many times not just that day but throughout the year.Back then I knew a little about Freddie Mercury and the band Queen and had already listened to the song We will rock which was and is one of favorites...then this teaser happened and it changed the music lover I am...Freddie Mercury's music is like a soulmate to every music everyone.
I love you Freddie...your music makes me the happiest person I am now and will ever be,it heals me and breaks me free from all the things that put me down.❤Freddie...❤Queen.
I am so happy and glad they made this movie #BohemianRhapsody that I got to know about these wonderful people and artists.
lexi - 4 gün önce
it’s been a whole year omg. i’m still obsessed with the movie.. specifically the cast lmao. I LOVE JOE MAZZELLO WITH ALL MY HEART
Em Worthington
Em Worthington - 4 gün önce
It’s been a year since I first saw this trailer and realised how badly I needed to see that film wow
Sheerlak - 5 gün önce
Still watching 2019 May 14
Geek Studios
Geek Studios - 5 gün önce
One of the greatest remixes this will be my probably be my favorite trailer of all time
UnkillableNoob Playz
UnkillableNoob Playz - 6 gün önce
0:25 and 0:35
Bohemian mexico videos
Bohemian mexico videos - 10 gün önce
Ya van 20 veses q veo la pelicula😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🎵🎵🎶🎸
XeOnD - 10 gün önce
The drop tho.
Martìn Bechara
Martìn Bechara - 12 gün önce
wow man,in 9 days this teaser will be 1 year old

Vinny Simms
Vinny Simms - 16 gün önce
why couldn't the movie be as good as the trailer?
ッTITAN - 18 gün önce
Melhor filme
ADOLFO CROSARA - 19 gün önce
JM Lav
JM Lav - 23 gün önce
Honestly I disagree, his story is not as extraordianiry then their music!
Freddy Fazbear's Gaming Y Más
I think some of you guys don't know this. But at the begginning of this trailer. Marc Martel is doing the "aaayyy ooo"
Andi De Guzman
Andi De Guzman - 26 gün önce
everyone else: soooo, what song do you want to feature?
them: YES
DB 007
DB 007 - 29 gün önce
This version of the trailer is my absolute favorite. They began with the “ayo” and I love the sound of the songs mashed together
tomasnunes - 29 gün önce
It wasnt freddie singing Ay-Oh
Alejandra Gonzalez Vital
Alejandra Gonzalez Vital - Aylar önce
I admit I had heard the name of the band before, but I had no idea that songs that I listened very, very often and that I know nowadays (we are champions, we will rock you, under pressure and somebody to love) were theirs .
After listening to Bohemian Rhapsody several times in editions of the voice, I was anxious to hear the original and recently I found out that there was a movie and everything, I was curious, I wanted to see the trailer to see how and without lying, I bristled the skin and it moved me, more when listening to him the songs that I already knew and did not know at the same time; I saw it and the truth is very good, emotional and I think it is one of the best biomovie, EVEN I WOULD DARE TO SAY THAT THE BEST OF THE MOVIE, I am glad that the circunstances have brought me here.
I share my experience because it has left a very good taste in my mouth, I congratulate those who have followed and still continue to bands like this one, with a lot of talent and music with values.
The fans must have been very excited😊
I'm very interested in continuing to listen to more music by queen
Polina Ilieva
Polina Ilieva - Aylar önce
goosebumps every time
Daniel Lorris
Daniel Lorris - Aylar önce
And Oscar goes to..
Rise - Aylar önce
2019 anyone?
Luis Maestro
Luis Maestro - Aylar önce ahí está la película completa la descargan de torrent
íris is bi
íris is bi - Aylar önce
Queen 💜
íris is bi
íris is bi - Aylar önce
Queria assistir :''')
This is Real
LunatiK - Aylar önce
Whoever put the “another one bites the dust” riff right after the eh ohs is a genius.
2 D
2 D - Aylar önce
*make a movie like this but about kurt cobain*
carolina botero
carolina botero - Aylar önce
Kevin's 085
Kevin's 085 - Aylar önce
Francesco Vitiello
Francesco Vitiello - Aylar önce
now the film about Michael Jackson
nutty :u
nutty :u - Aylar önce
El mejor trailer
David gamerr
David gamerr - Aylar önce
eo contra el ayuwoki
Elliot Holdsworth
Elliot Holdsworth - Aylar önce
This trailer was edited way better than the entire movie
varg7878 - Aylar önce
So happy he won best actor for this role
Jay Malley
Jay Malley - Aylar önce
Hard to believe that ah oh was Marc Martel
Cams !
Cams ! - Aylar önce
10 meses. 10 pinches meses y sigo sin superar esTO.
Aaron’s Articulate Opinions.mp4
Wow. The trailer was edited better than the movie.No, the trailer was better than the movie.
60s 70s
60s 70s - Aylar önce
This is still way better than rocketman
Paulina Lara
Paulina Lara - Aylar önce
Me encanta queen y no e visto la película 😧
John Gonzalez-Palafox
John Gonzalez-Palafox - Aylar önce
"What queen song should we use for the trailer?"
Humby - Aylar önce
Isn't that Marc Martel voice?
All About floss
All About floss - Aylar önce
+Humby Yeah,and If you watched movie thre is a birthday scene....There Freddie sings "Lazing on a sunday afternoon" That is Marc's voice too
Humby - Aylar önce
That isn't "ay oh!" of Freddie, that's marc.
All About floss
All About floss - Aylar önce
Some of them is Marc's voice...It looks soo similar to Freddie's
昌部 - Aylar önce
Ceren Yoldaş
Ceren Yoldaş - Aylar önce
Nuk Z
Nuk Z - Aylar önce
Marc Martel did great job on "ay oh" scene tho
Iris Nikolić
Iris Nikolić - Aylar önce
Best movie ever
No Name
No Name - Aylar önce
0:31 song name?
Blue Skull
Blue Skull - Aylar önce
+No Name no problem
No Name
No Name - Aylar önce
+Blue Skull thank you so much
Blue Skull
Blue Skull - Aylar önce
Another one bits the dust
katie axon
katie axon - Aylar önce
the trailer was so badass and amazing as the movie was lmfao
Rebecca Teece
Rebecca Teece - Aylar önce
Very good well done Freddie mercury is looking down 🤗👍
psysoka doki
psysoka doki - Aylar önce
Marc martel in just the Trailer
Rogerina Taylor Is my spirit animal
Is this on the sound track? If it is then I’m buying every single one they got
ItS a MeTaPhOr
ItS a MeTaPhOr - Aylar önce
Remember watching this trailer for the first time and thinking it’s a fanfic
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - Aylar önce
I really wish that Rami Malek would be my daddy...
I can be a gud boy
SMEGIK 315 - Aylar önce
Love the mixed songs
Alexandre Benard
Alexandre Benard - Aylar önce
From 0:00 to 0:16
Mark Martel voice.
Toot Judy
Toot Judy - Aylar önce
Freddie's fever! 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Kelly McCormack
Kelly McCormack - 2 aylar önce
Mrs Briones
Mrs Briones - 2 aylar önce
I can’t stop repeating this! My kids love it!
Anthony Valdez
Anthony Valdez - 2 aylar önce
the beginning of the trailer of Freddie eeeooo is not him. It’s Marc
Yberc Dictda04
Yberc Dictda04 - 2 aylar önce
Anthony Valdez
Anthony Valdez - 2 aylar önce
Yberc Dictda04 EEEEHHHHHHH. No one can do it better like Freddie
Yberc Dictda04
Yberc Dictda04 - 2 aylar önce
Yep I can tell, even Marc can do the Ayyyy ohhhhh that's impressive
Andrei 0456
Andrei 0456 - 2 aylar önce
0:00 why it’s so awesome
Tamaguki Microwave
Tamaguki Microwave - 2 aylar önce
Let’s go Marc
Cyril TM
Cyril TM - 2 aylar önce
Leslie Fillyaw
Leslie Fillyaw - 2 aylar önce
I found the real Freddie Mercury!!
ItzChelly - 2 aylar önce
Mornin ladies. Let’s get these clogs
Backstreet_ Boiii
Backstreet_ Boiii - 2 aylar önce
Backstreet_ Boiii
Backstreet_ Boiii - 2 aylar önce
*"Ayye Oh!"*
Chloe Michelle
Chloe Michelle - 2 aylar önce
I want to buy this song of remix greatness😌
jenn stark
jenn stark - 2 aylar önce
Why do I still watch this?
I right
Full Games
Full Games - 2 aylar önce
Jder miren ese remix :v
60s 70s
60s 70s - 2 aylar önce
Rami blown my mind away , totally...
Edgarrr -_-
Edgarrr -_- - 2 aylar önce
Who's here after Rami Malek won the Oscar for best actor?
Alyssa Brijlal
Alyssa Brijlal - 2 aylar önce
Gives me goosebumps everytiiimmee
Unbridled Tuna
Unbridled Tuna - 2 aylar önce
Who is here after the Óscars?
Nate Stern
Nate Stern - 2 aylar önce
I love the beginning of this trailer
Romer Castillo
Romer Castillo - 2 aylar önce
Ayuwoki: Heee Heeee
jazzyluvswaka - 2 aylar önce
I’m just loving the combining of the songs 😍😍😍😍
UndeadHaiena - 2 aylar önce
"It goes on forever 6 bloody minutes!"
UndeadHaiena - 2 aylar önce
+Cris Cabrera They'll never play that on the radio!
Cris Cabrera
Cris Cabrera - 2 aylar önce
UndeadHaiena I pity your wife if you think 6 minutes is forever
Betito - kun
Betito - kun - 2 aylar önce
Chuck Alexander
Chuck Alexander - 2 aylar önce
The most inviting teaser trailer. Wow this movie is awesome!
Jaiden Ryan Padilla
Jaiden Ryan Padilla - 2 aylar önce
Do you guys here Marc Martels voice in 0:01
Henry Icke
Henry Icke - 2 aylar önce
Kumar Paswan AriJitu
Kumar Paswan AriJitu - 2 aylar önce
XXXFelps - 2 aylar önce
Queen is better than Beatles
gabyy556 - 2 aylar önce
For me also.
fried chicken
fried chicken - 2 aylar önce
that first part was marc and thatsbrlly cool
Daɪry Juɪce
Daɪry Juɪce - 2 aylar önce
Anybody watching again after the movie
Juan Escobar
Juan Escobar - 2 aylar önce
Jazzmery Illidari
Jazzmery Illidari - 2 aylar önce
Fashion Frida
Fashion Frida - 2 aylar önce
*Name a better teaser trailer...........ill wait*
THE GUARDIAN - 2 aylar önce
Kratos The Ghost Of War
Kratos The Ghost Of War - 2 aylar önce
Marc martel with eeeeeeeEEEEEEEEooooooo is so satisfying