Joe Rogan | The Influence of El Chapo w/Ed Calderon

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Kll Liberal Politicians
Kll Liberal Politicians - 3 gün önce
These cartels are pathetic loser's, sad so many pathetic loser's envy these degenerates!
Kll Liberal Politicians
Kll Liberal Politicians - 3 gün önce
You don't like my comment F U
ad am
ad am - 9 gün önce
who is this guy & why we listening to him?
Axefang - 9 gün önce
NGL Ed knows his info pretty well
B0 H4ckingt0sh
B0 H4ckingt0sh - 10 gün önce
It’s obvious El Chappo was not the head of the cartel. The American government and the Mexican government made the media spin it like El Chappo was the head because the cartels was making fools out of both governments so they had to put together some type of propaganda to make it seem like they had control when in actuality they really do not.
Apxlucas - 17 gün önce
El chapo has a lot of history
Alin Y
Alin Y - 18 gün önce
El cock never stepped a foot in jail! The real boss
Harpal Drall
Harpal Drall - 19 gün önce
El Chapo is real King all world 🔪🔫 🦁💪 🔫🌷💘 🔪👈👈 👈
Azerty Qwerty
Azerty Qwerty - Aylar önce
How many poor dogs died because of the drug war😖
Junior Gonzales
Junior Gonzales - Aylar önce
El mayo nunca a pisado cárcel ... menos ahora el jefe siempre está en la Sierra para cualquier enfrentamiento el ya sabe sus rutas y como escaparse ... el chapo solo quería fama y l agarro por eso esta donde está ... el Mayo es hombre de negocio!
thraxx lukee
thraxx lukee - Aylar önce
free el chapo
Cristian Hernández
Cristian Hernández - Aylar önce
If you want to get the real story get ANABEL HERNANDEZ , this guy thinks cartels still selling drugs haha their business is way more diverse than Buffet's.
Peaceistheanswer27 - Aylar önce
What do partners always want? More money. Sacrifice money for power. If you're pulling in a billion a year, give your partners most of the profits. More than they expect. Instead of keeping 60% of a billion, only keep 30%. Give the rest to your partners. Keep their belly filled. You can live the same lifestyle whether you make $600 million a year or $300 million. Keep the mouths closed.
eastern2western - Aylar önce
I am shocked that Sean Penn is still alive.
Shmuel Yosef
Shmuel Yosef - Aylar önce
Any connection to Calderone in Miami vice ?
Emanuel Boludo49
Emanuel Boludo49 - 2 aylar önce
I’ve encountered cartel from CJNG (cartel Jalisco) and they were really chill. They are just trying to keep the people safe and do their own business
Emanuel Boludo49
Emanuel Boludo49 - Aylar önce
rae 420 yeah they took control of the municipality I was in because it borders Michoacan.
rae 420
rae 420 - Aylar önce
Bro it's probably because you are in their turf they don't need the violence in their hometown
Angel Nava
Angel Nava - 2 aylar önce
Narcos does not show what really really goes down in Columbia 😂
Jose Correa
Jose Correa - 2 aylar önce
Everyone talks about el mayo and el chapo but in reality Juan jose esparagoza runs everything
King David
King David - 2 aylar önce
Mexican brick weed is now being sent to the Caribbean and other places in South and I would assume Central America also. Its ironic that we in the Caribbean need to import illegal weed. Since America legalized cannabis in several states, the brick weed being sent here has increased in quality. It was brown and nasty for some time now but its green again and feels good. Taste better than the brown dirt weed obviously but it's still in brick form. Not as nice crystallized buds as seen from American and European legal dispensaries/shops. Guess that was the Cartels attempt to compete with America's excellent cannabis Lol. They just found another market for their weed. Mexican Cartels get the weed down to Venezuela and then from there it makes it way to Brazil and the Lower Antilles islands. Jamaica, Haiti, Dominica, Puerto Rico and those such islands on the Upper Antilles get theirs too. Cocaine is also sent, but I believe that's still from Columbia. Heroin and meth and those kinda drugs aren't as popular as weed here but we do have a crackhead problem like everywhere else. These drugs are everywhere. Not just USA. Remember people, Mexico isn't only sending drugs to America. The media is lying to you. If you travel outside the U.S. you'd realize the whole world have a drug problem and not just America.
D Makaveli!
D Makaveli! - 2 aylar önce
Pablo Escobar was on level not seen since he passed. He was 1 of 1! Not to take from el chapo who was 1 of many.
MJD 11
MJD 11 - 2 aylar önce
Tony ferguson type of guy to sell el chapo drugs
Manny Novelo
Manny Novelo - 2 aylar önce
Ed Calderon knows 2% of what’s going on. El viejon no está en nada!
Wild and Wonderful
Wild and Wonderful - 2 aylar önce
The income of the cartels is limited to US drug use. Income was reduced partially when marijuana was legalized in the US. Seems the only way to eliminate income is to eliminate demand.
Zach Za
Zach Za - 3 aylar önce
Not gonna lie, whatever Mexico and it’s “criminals” are doing they are still not harming or interfering in other countries matters unlike the American government....🙄
rico man
rico man - 3 aylar önce
Dale Green Bear
Dale Green Bear - 3 aylar önce
I've heard Sean Penn is in trouble. They are just waiting and waiting for him to let his guard down then they are going to pounce> stealth mode> decapitation> guy will be gone in the blink of an eye 😉
Brian Jones
Brian Jones - 3 aylar önce
Thing is, the life of El Chapo and other kingpins is not a fun or glamorous one. Sure, they have power and more money they know what to do with but so what?! Every day they live paranoid of their friends and co workers and then you have their enemies which includes the American dea and Mexican army.. It's not like they can just run out the door and go where they want etc etc ... fuck living like that
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera - 3 aylar önce
El chapo Guzman 💰💰💰
Knight - 3 aylar önce
well now he see's 4 walls and eats 3 square meals a day. I hope it was worth it to him.....
rudy2fat - 3 aylar önce
Pablo in the height of his power was a pretty powerful dude. He had all of Colombia scared of him, which included the Cali Cartel
We’re about to argue ain’t we
“Even your dog” what if I own a pet laser shark with saw blade fins? Are the cartel going to kill a pet laser shark with saw blade fins?i don’t think so
Hole in Dans Sock
Hole in Dans Sock - 4 aylar önce
Listen, fuck El Chapo and FUCK the cartel, ohhhhhh Im so scared they run the Mexican government, ohhhhh no Im so scared. Start a War with American than, we will nuke those peasants.
John Doe
John Doe - 4 aylar önce
Chapo vs "was shot dead minutes earlier"
Christopher Stone
Christopher Stone - 4 aylar önce
Squashing the cartels isn't the problem. Its keeping a government in place that doesn't keep selling out and putting in a well disciplined army and police force that won't have a solid majority be bought out. Only the Mexican people can really bring change to their country.
Alisha Smith
Alisha Smith - 4 aylar önce
Fuck the cartels
rEvolución MGTOW México
rEvolución MGTOW México - 4 aylar önce
USA has 2 major drug cartels, the DEA (domestic) and the CIA (international).
KingJustice98 - 3 aylar önce
DEA operates internationally as well. There are DEA agents all over the globe, they have power to make arrests, the CIA has less arrest power abroad (in most cases none). Both are Federally controlled.
protoman1214 - 4 aylar önce
Sean Penn is an ass. Guy pretends to be an altruistic philanthropist but does more harm than good.
layne stayley
layne stayley - 4 aylar önce
Free el chapo
Roger Furlong
Roger Furlong - 4 aylar önce
I didn't know El Chapo played Army of 2
Emilio Carver
Emilio Carver - 4 aylar önce
I find it funny that a lot of the people that consume the drugs are the ones who are saying that we should send all Mexicans back.
Dewey Watts
Dewey Watts - 4 aylar önce
4:14 Exhale with pleasure and a shiver (no camera of course)
Robin Lundqvist
Robin Lundqvist - 4 aylar önce
it’s crazy how much my dad looked like el chapo...
Paul Sabian
Paul Sabian - 4 aylar önce
Chapo has many secret houses with lots of escape routes🤭🤭.
Too bad that every single worker who ever worked on those sites got executed after completion.
What? Haha silly u dont u think that it would be safe for them just to let them go .
No , no one should know those secrets otherwise it is no longer a secret.
asap xdnvsty
asap xdnvsty - 4 aylar önce
asap xdnvsty
asap xdnvsty - 4 aylar önce
I hope the beers his daughters releasing his the states so I can buy hella of em 💯😼
asap xdnvsty
asap xdnvsty - 3 aylar önce
luke france his daughter presented a beer after him sometime ago.
luke france
luke france - 3 aylar önce
asap xdnvsty what?
Mickey Tofan
Mickey Tofan - 4 aylar önce
Ed knows something , he’s like a good journalist 👍 it’s a big difference when you’re inside and you actually see people boiled alive 😉
Robert Villalpando
Robert Villalpando - 4 aylar önce
Oversight on houses .. Leaders that might grow a brain overnight..
Robert Villalpando
Robert Villalpando - 4 aylar önce
Fired by plantinum velocity ..
pepito213 - 4 aylar önce
I’d suggest Rogan invite Anabel Hernández to the show. She knows about how the cartels works in conjunction with the Mexican government and the DEA. She’s on the run, she’s in the US in hiding; they wanna kill her in Mexico for uncovering this corruption. Her book just came out “el traidor” everything she’s been saying in the past has turn out to be true, to the point that the new mexican administration under López Obrador is investigating the previous presidents. It’ll get crazy. Obrador needs to be careful.
crazeeejoe - 4 aylar önce
Sounds like el Chappo is just doing what governments do. Build roads and kill people.
FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin
El Jimmy
El Jimmy - 4 aylar önce
El azul is the real king pin 😤
Soul - 4 aylar önce
It takes an army to beat an army
kayce willy Barbosa
kayce willy Barbosa - 4 aylar önce
The truth is everything went to sh*t in Mexico when someone thought it was a good idea to remove Miguel Angel Felix Gellardo from power, they cut off the head which was a reasonable head considering today's standards and 50 insane, vicious heads came out and took his place, its so bad down there that if you google "Mexican drug war" it's updated every week, with the continuous violence
G5349 - 4 aylar önce
".... I think there's a lot of people who did not realize how crazy the life of Pablo Escobar was ..." Sure Joe, no Colombians or Venezuelans knew what was really going on. I did't watch the show narcos, because guess what, I had already seen everything in the news and that's what was really crazy, everything was out in the open.
manasvi patel
manasvi patel - 5 aylar önce
El Chapo ...
MrDasilva8383 - 5 aylar önce
Pablo escobar was the real goat 😬👍🏽🙌🏽🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Frank Martinez
Frank Martinez - 5 aylar önce
There is one chaps in mexico with guns. They United States has millions of chops which they all have guns. Guns industry market...
e r
e r - 5 aylar önce
Joe " wow" Rogan
acidbath32 - 5 aylar önce
el chopo la coca nostra
iONLY - 5 aylar önce
At Pablo's height he was making 76million a day.. El Chapo never saw that much $$$
Israel Molina
Israel Molina - 5 aylar önce
How do know??
GMOB916 916
GMOB916 916 - 5 aylar önce
fuck that rat Sean Penn
Eddie Suarez
Eddie Suarez - 5 aylar önce
At the end of the day
Nobody wins
They act like homies
But they all end up dead
ElValvinosky - 5 aylar önce
Big pharma is the real killer here
Highway Man
Highway Man - 5 aylar önce
Chapo did that interview a favor for Katie Castillo
Toad Gnome
Toad Gnome - 5 aylar önce
Sean Penn is not one of our biggest movie stars.
Mountain Mamma
Mountain Mamma - 5 aylar önce
I'd bang aoc. Fer realzzio
Alex H
Alex H - 5 aylar önce
“Come paw dre “ “Guad daw law ja rawh “ why does he sound so white washed
ᎠᎬᎬᎾNᎬᏒ 973ɨɴc
Sorry but the hairline it's serious lol js
Silas Chew
Silas Chew - 5 aylar önce
The Italian mob is Catholic the Cartels are Catholic, there’s a pattern when u look into it.
Ricardo Ahr
Ricardo Ahr - 2 aylar önce
@Silas Chew On this episode of "Things That Never Happened"...
Ricardo Ahr
Ricardo Ahr - 2 aylar önce
The Cartels are Occultists. They killed Cardinals before.
Silas Chew
Silas Chew - 2 aylar önce
I am a Native American who lives on the reservation and it operates the same way Mexico does I lived and witnessed a Catholic Church built and when it was built along came political corruption and organized crime the Rez was never the same after the Catholic, free masons, and drugs poured onto the Rez
Silas Chew
Silas Chew - 2 aylar önce
The whole aspect is extortion and social engineering if u study the history of it all Christ was symbolism for the sun witch keeps us all alive. The confessions are used for extortion, heaven is to manipulate your way of thinking. Life is pretty simple the people are what make the world a shitty place.
KingJustice98 - 3 aylar önce
Protestants still rule the real world, in business, politics, military, consumption and all other trades. If Mexico was Protestant, cartels would never have existed in my opinion.
kkush Flores
kkush Flores - 5 aylar önce
U need to stop o terviewing this clown asz nigga he doesnt know shyt hes a nodody his batch ass fled mexico cause the cartel were gonna kill his stupid ass
luke france
luke france - 3 aylar önce
kkush Flores says the one that spells shit as shyt. Not just on accident but on purpose.
noel huerta
noel huerta - 5 aylar önce
Ed Calderon is fake
Victor Conrad
Victor Conrad - 5 aylar önce
those guys who made tunnels were trained by german engineers.
Victor Conrad
Victor Conrad - 5 aylar önce
the billionaire wasnt gold really it barely shot bullets and actually almost got him killed once in a shootout with a rival
elcharko al100
elcharko al100 - 5 aylar önce
Emma Coronel on JRE
Moose0311 - 5 aylar önce
Sean Penn is always looking for a story like he’s Ernest Hemingway. Emerge when he went to Iraq right before the U.S. invaded?!
Max Maybir
Max Maybir - 5 aylar önce
Joe: does El-Chapo use Alpha brain? i wonder if he likes Elk meat,,, hmm I bet he'd like DMT he should try it ... haha
White Mike
White Mike - 5 aylar önce
Hows is this guy alive
White Mike
White Mike - 5 aylar önce
Why ed caldamamon comments disabled .. hahhahh i know why
Mr.Right 07
Mr.Right 07 - 5 aylar önce
El Shorty
Joseph Gaona
Joseph Gaona - 6 aylar önce
Lol this guy dont know shit