24 HOURS WITH A NEWBORN BABY! | Ellie and Jared Routine

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Megan Sonnenberg
Megan Sonnenberg - Aylar önce
Have you done a snoo review yet?
Barb P
Barb P - Aylar önce
Simone Lopes
Simone Lopes - 4 aylar önce
hi i'm a big sis 3 boys
Farzana Javeed
Farzana Javeed - 5 aylar önce
How did your belly disappear??? An update on that pls
SimplyMilly - 6 aylar önce
I had to pause at 6.00 I thought she smoked
Paige DeRogatis
Paige DeRogatis - 6 aylar önce
You have such a beautiful family!
Dae - 6 aylar önce
oh my god i‘m too young to want a baby already 😩😍
Ruby Calabrese
Ruby Calabrese - 6 aylar önce
I love this channel so much
Adalis Reyes
Adalis Reyes - 6 aylar önce
He,s so cute God bless him and the rest of ur kids🙏😍👶👨👨
laurel jade
laurel jade - 6 aylar önce
love ur earring ellie.
shelby trotter
shelby trotter - 6 aylar önce
what kind of crib thing is that? where can i get one?
TelluricManx 23
TelluricManx 23 - 6 aylar önce
I have that same exact rock and play lol
TelluricManx 23
TelluricManx 23 - 6 aylar önce
Just a tip after about 4 months the motor goes out but you guys have so many other things that he love to sleep in
amanda rodriguez
amanda rodriguez - 6 aylar önce
Just curious do you eat a lot of diary? That could be the cause of the smelly explosive poop. He may have a dairy allergy. Anyways God bless he is a cutie pie!!
Kynlee Powe
Kynlee Powe - 6 aylar önce
Can you show how you give Tommy a bath
Linnay Westra
Linnay Westra - 6 aylar önce
I swear watching y'all makes my days smoother and happier and better doesn't matter if night morning afternoon I always love watching y'all it's so nice seeing such a well kept happy family God bless yall
Itz Milimoo
Itz Milimoo - 6 aylar önce
What's the babies name. Just realised its Tommy
jess rauschenberg
jess rauschenberg - 6 aylar önce
This video has me sooooo excited to (hopefully) have my own family one day! also the small acts of kindness from Jared make my heart melt too😍 such an adorable little family 💕
Makenna Robinson
Makenna Robinson - 6 aylar önce
Congrats on your new baby 👶
Kellie Dowell
Kellie Dowell - 7 aylar önce
Did Calvin not sleep bc he had reflux or something or do you know why he didn’t sleep well? When did he start sleeping better?
Ulyana S
Ulyana S - 7 aylar önce
hahahah i think you’re gonna live the rest of your life with a new born baby
MotherhoodWithACrunch - 7 aylar önce
So jealous he’s sleeping that well already. My son is 10 months and still wakes up every three hours 😭😭😭
Realtin Mclaughlin
Realtin Mclaughlin - 7 aylar önce
W what is his name
Sarah Holliday
Sarah Holliday - 7 aylar önce
OH. MY. LORD. IS THAT THEIR BABY?! 😭😭 I haven’t watched Ellie and Jared for so long! Please reply someone I’m in tears!
Alissa Carver
Alissa Carver - 7 aylar önce
I am sooo glad I am not the only one who has a pile of diapers by the bed in the morning!!😂makes me feel better😁
Aly M
Aly M - 7 aylar önce
Juanita Mundo
Juanita Mundo - 7 aylar önce
No one mention that cool ass crib! whatever it's called.
Angie Hepp
Angie Hepp - 7 aylar önce
To the 532 people who disliked this video... WHAT is wrong with you?!? You do realize that you're only here because YOUR parents did all this for you, right?
Nasir Kosa
Nasir Kosa - 7 aylar önce
Woah. Jared’s hair is darker.
rosepetallady 1
rosepetallady 1 - 7 aylar önce
He looks so bothered by people. Lol He looks like he Is saying "just put me back in the belly please. I don't have time for this." Lmbo
Josh Cornell
Josh Cornell - 7 aylar önce
*Aw cute*
Tony lee
Tony lee - 7 aylar önce
Anyone knows where to buy the baby-bed like the one in the video?
sojournes - 7 aylar önce
Jared has a troupe of mini-mes!
Kady Shaw
Kady Shaw - 7 aylar önce
My cousin is called tj too but his full name is Thierry john❤️
Rip VanWinkle
Rip VanWinkle - 7 aylar önce
OMG Somebody throw that thing down a mineshaft !
Bianca - 7 aylar önce
Ellie what is that lipstick? It's amazing 💓
Mike - 7 aylar önce
i only clicked on this cuz i thought here tit was gonna show when breastfeeding. i was sadly mislead
Everett - 7 aylar önce
What a nice homely baby!
Tammy Vo
Tammy Vo - 7 aylar önce
the Corpuz famILY
the Corpuz famILY - 7 aylar önce
All of you are just so beautiful looking! 😍 Love this family! ❤️
Corisa Hills
Corisa Hills - 7 aylar önce
What swaddle are you using??
casskim - 7 aylar önce
Oh! Loved the video!
Flowerchild Moonbeam
Flowerchild Moonbeam - 7 aylar önce
Dirty diapers on the floor...
Breakfast Burrito
Breakfast Burrito - 7 aylar önce
thats one ugly potato
Illusive[Brick] - 7 aylar önce
Do you wanna know the funny part?
Family Fizz had their baby near the same time as you!
MoSteel2 - 7 aylar önce
YouTube is a cess pool thanks for adding to it.
Ari K.
Ari K. - 7 aylar önce
The mom is loud af around a sleeping baby.
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Don’t read my name
Aaron Slifka
Aaron Slifka - 7 aylar önce
Kick the baby
Simplifying Smiths
Simplifying Smiths - 7 aylar önce
Trending whattttt!!!!! 🤗
Amber D
Amber D - 7 aylar önce
i usually never comment on videos, but am i missing something here? his name is Tommy, but why does his onsie say Cody?
Jillian Paige
Jillian Paige - 7 aylar önce
You're #47 on trending!!!!!!!♥️♥️♥️
Emily H
Emily H - 7 aylar önce
Wow this is TRENDING!!
soul sista
soul sista - 7 aylar önce
girl those wee hrs in the morning feedings are brutal, i just had my son on june 19 and my lil boo boo has no mercy on me and dad😰😰😰 and omg my night stand looks likes yours wit all the diapers
leeloo2ify - 7 aylar önce
Its lovely having siblings of the same sex, they have a lovely bond, look at how those little boys play together, its very sweet!
Sebastian Acuna
Sebastian Acuna - 7 aylar önce
Tia Roach
Tia Roach - 7 aylar önce
OMG #44 on trending!!!!
Karon S.
Karon S. - 7 aylar önce
Congrats on the new baby. I am expect my first Grandson in the Morning( 7-16-18). We will have a TJ too. Ellie you are looking good girl just giving birth .A good looking son too. Many Blessing for the Family
From:Jacksonville ,Al.
MaryKate Scholzen
MaryKate Scholzen - 7 aylar önce
It’s trending!!!!
mcguirevp 05
mcguirevp 05 - 7 aylar önce
Women Never Have
Women Never Have - 7 aylar önce
He looks like Calvin
Jay Vert
Jay Vert - 7 aylar önce
T Hobbs
T Hobbs - 7 aylar önce
Why is this trending? Having a newborn baby is unique??
Isaac Gonzalez
Isaac Gonzalez - 7 aylar önce
24 hour challenge with your baby and next day u abandon him
Lisah Ramos
Lisah Ramos - 7 aylar önce
Knights and Days
Knights and Days - 7 aylar önce
You both are doing GREAT. The newborn stage is the absolute hardest in my opinion. You want to sleep, but you want to spend as much time as you can with your baby. Enjoy, because time is a theif. 💕 and Jared you are a great father, not many men, step up to the plate, and realize “hey, this baby is my responsibility too”. And Ellie you are a great mama, those boys are your world. I’m so glad, that you both allow us, to watch your family grow. Blessings to you both.
Ting Zhang
Ting Zhang - 7 aylar önce
You two seems to be getting boys only. 😂😂 In Asian countries, that means you have a good gene. Do y'all want girls? I get that another baby might not happen because you two went through a lot getting a third baby, and TJ was that lucky one.
NickyL - 7 aylar önce
Ting Zhang If everyone has boys who do those boys have babies with? It makes absolutely no sense to favour boys over girls. The idiot men who favour sons expect someone else’s family to produce a breeding machine for their grandchildren but don’t want one themselves.
Max4Million - 7 aylar önce
It feels like just yesterday my little brother was that little. Dayum time passes by fast
Max4Million - 7 aylar önce
Ima go get a vasectomy
16bitFishing - 7 aylar önce
Did you pee on it yet?
everything.emma - 7 aylar önce
isn’t that cody shark dee dee onsie just PRECIOUS! too cute!
Illiana Reyes
Illiana Reyes - 7 aylar önce
My baby was super good as a new born all she did was sleep and eat she slept so much
posie666 - 7 aylar önce
I can feel myself going gray already
Alicia Rife
Alicia Rife - 7 aylar önce
Tommy is such a cutie and a cute name
Kayla Peters
Kayla Peters - 7 aylar önce
What saddle sleepsack is that in his bed???
BatmanPwnage - 7 aylar önce
I wish my son only ate from one boob. He drinks from both.... He ate close to 200 ml once he was out of the hospital (10 days after birth). He was born 7lbs11. 2 month checkup 16 lbs. Hes 3 months now and I think hes 20 lbs or more. Ayudameee
Melody Suo
Melody Suo - 7 aylar önce
I really loved this!!
Come to Butthead -
Come to Butthead - - 7 aylar önce
Who cares?
TROPHYSEEKER123 - 7 aylar önce
That baby has the fanciest crib ment to make him sleep off the entire day.
TROPHYSEEKER123 - 7 aylar önce
The little boys are so confused how hes eating and sleeping.
Lindsey Ramirez
Lindsey Ramirez - 7 aylar önce
Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾🎈
Savanna Jensen
Savanna Jensen - 7 aylar önce
I just realized his onsie says Cody shark dee dee I am dyinggg haha!!
Jinger Holyoak
Jinger Holyoak - 7 aylar önce
He is such a sweetheart! 💕 I was dying over his “Cody Shark Dee Dee” onesie. 😂
Domivator G. Rex
Domivator G. Rex - 7 aylar önce
My bro was born on the 12th
babyyy.laiah bunts
babyyy.laiah bunts - 7 aylar önce
I love babies! When I'm older I'm going to hope for a baby girl
Katie Watson
Katie Watson - 7 aylar önce
Baby fever!!!!! What a precious baby!
FKHD Gaming
FKHD Gaming - 7 aylar önce
Jared might be on the DL 🤣.
Latasha Boatner
Latasha Boatner - 7 aylar önce
Bunny Love13
Bunny Love13 - 7 aylar önce
He's onsie Cody shark dee dee lol
Tori Michelle
Tori Michelle - 7 aylar önce
The Cody shark dee dee onesie, I’m in love❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vipers #31
Vipers #31 - 7 aylar önce
This is on Trending yay
Courtney's Cockpit
Courtney's Cockpit - 7 aylar önce
Who else still wants Mason? Tommy is just too different. Jackson, Calvin, Mason flows.
Jackson, Calvin, Tommy?????
LifeWithJussara - 7 aylar önce
OMG OMG!! Babys everywhere!! Baby fever!! lol
He is getting cutter by the day!! Such a beautiful family!!
Defy Convention
Defy Convention - 7 aylar önce
Nails on a chalkboard
Turquoise Lover
Turquoise Lover - 7 aylar önce
It’s trending!!!
Kalia Lewis
Kalia Lewis - 7 aylar önce
I love Ellie and Jared 💜
Sarah Bruggeman
Sarah Bruggeman - 7 aylar önce
What bassinet is that?
Brenda Hernandez
Brenda Hernandez - 7 aylar önce
That newborn is such a hideous creature
Julia DIY / Easy DIY crafts - How to make
what a sweetheart )
Taylor Hornsby
Taylor Hornsby - 7 aylar önce
Bring back long hair ellie!!❤️❤️