Jake Paul Ruins Los Angeles

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soviet doge
soviet doge - Saatler önce
guys ethan isnt ok he had a tear in his cringe suit on his elbow omg we need to stage an intervention to recover from all the cringe
MaxaM - 20 saatler önce
And now he's at it again during the riot
salim miladi
salim miladi - Gün önce
they knew what to wear
Dominic Morgan
Dominic Morgan - Gün önce
Ahhh foreshadowing the year 2020
Zoroaste - Gün önce
He doesn't have to learn common decency. He's rich and famous.
He's better than you. Stop being a hater.
Totally want my kids to be just like him.
Seriously tho. Who cares about his neighbors. Millions of kids are emulating him. That's a serious problem.
Whatever generation that is.. they're fucked. Parents need to parent better.
Tracker909 - 2 gün önce
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes - 2 gün önce
Sree Dev
Sree Dev - 2 gün önce
they handled jake like corona
Ghetto Entrepreneur
Ghetto Entrepreneur - 3 gün önce
Jake Paul ruins Arizona Mall 🙏🔥
Aserix Sr
Aserix Sr - 3 gün önce
predicted corona precautions three years ago
jakeysoccer voltage #3
jakeysoccer voltage #3 - 4 gün önce
That thumbnail didn't age well...
Aaron Leo
Aaron Leo - 5 gün önce
If Jake Paul is allowed to go anywhere near a gun society has failed.
Hind Shine
Hind Shine - 7 gün önce
Theodore begging to go to the team 10 house in 10 years
Lëë Sin Only
Lëë Sin Only - 7 gün önce
3:45 ''if their kids are watching jake paul, they've already failed as parents'' that moment when u laugh and 2 sec after start thinking bout it, this aint so bad analogy hahaha
JUSTIN - 8 gün önce
I wanna dislike the video just because Jake Paul is in it.
Kenzo Batt
Kenzo Batt - 8 gün önce
The Team 10 house is not a circus, a circus isn’t just made of clowns
Max anders
Max anders - 8 gün önce
guess u were ready for covid
Whole Lotta DROUT
Whole Lotta DROUT - 9 gün önce
Watch him get swatted and he acts as if he didn’t dox himself
Toaster - 9 gün önce
Never forget the time Ethan Seig Heiled to Jake Paul
Daniel - 9 gün önce
No one:
2020: 0:10
Eventor YT
Eventor YT - 9 gün önce
Ethan predicted the quarantine
No Signal
No Signal - 10 gün önce
Im choking hahaha
Rosa Mackenzie Zeigler
Rosa Mackenzie Zeigler - 10 gün önce
It's been 3 years and I still don't know who is jake and who is Logan...
BJCdog - 11 gün önce
Little did they know those hazmat suits would be useful
Chakin Fingerz
Chakin Fingerz - 11 gün önce
All right "the what are those" shit was funny. He got the news reporter. But it's not even funny like normal funny. Its funny like, jesus Christ you said that?
Yoda - 11 gün önce
Why were u Nazi saluting
Anwar Ubermensch
Anwar Ubermensch - 12 gün önce
i feel really sorry for smart people in Murika . looks like the only way to success in that part of the world is to be a walking zombie . the amount of success these brainless fucks get is just amazing .and there is an entire generation of them in the making .whats even worst is that the cowboy nation is so determent to introduce this sickening culture to the entire globe ,calling any country out there that doesn't promote such a sick culture uncivilized .
Emiliano Guerra Lopez
Emiliano Guerra Lopez - 13 gün önce
Dam fellow spanish speakers are too close to cancer
SMILEPANTS - 14 gün önce
All my best friends are metalheads
Sógor Dávid
Sógor Dávid - 14 gün önce
Jewish people putting up their hands like that is pretty intresting
I know you are reading my username
When I saw them enter with the yellow suits, I thought they were making a joke about quarantine.
Then I saw the upload date.
Frog Plop
Frog Plop - 17 gün önce
"shot him down with torpedoes"
Adam naoura
Adam naoura - 18 gün önce
yo they predicted the coronavirus
Alohagirl 54
Alohagirl 54 - 20 gün önce
In Hawaii we too reject the Paul coming here
Ramzan Irfan
Ramzan Irfan - 21 gün önce
This guy knew Corona Virus was going to be a thing.
Trivial Freedom
Trivial Freedom - 22 gün önce
Old cocaine Jake, what a champ
Ethan Peal
Ethan Peal - 23 gün önce
Those cringe suits come in good use these days
Hazelnut - 23 gün önce
Ethan Peal was about to comment that lmao
ARI ERU ! - 23 gün önce
Asa Makowski
Asa Makowski - 25 gün önce
Their outfits don’t seem out of place anymore. Seem quite normal now lol
Leo Hood
Leo Hood - 25 gün önce
1:15 is that the mucus brothers?
Billy Grainger
Billy Grainger - 29 gün önce
6:00 Ethan looks like Taika Waititi
Angel Ortega
Angel Ortega - 29 gün önce
He ain’t ruining anything he ruined it for himself
Macho - Aylar önce
Eventually, LA will be called "Jake Paul City"
Keaheanu Igarta
Keaheanu Igarta - Aylar önce
He predicted the coronavirus
Owl - Aylar önce
Ethan your hair cut and the beard is very dope keep it up proud of you!
American Citizen
American Citizen - Aylar önce
Jake Paul looks like a first class douche bag.
Maby_ Baby
Maby_ Baby - Aylar önce
I use to enjoy livening in Ohio
IM FluxeShadow
IM FluxeShadow - Aylar önce
*2020* got any suits left to give out?
corbeq - Aylar önce
He's only famous because he was born into a rich family
African Warlord
African Warlord - Aylar önce
Why does hila look pissed off with the glasses on?
void byte
void byte - Aylar önce
That last part made me laugh so much i was literally gonna die
And i want the mayor when he visits my grave to say:WHAT ARE THOOOOOSSEEEEEEE
d mart
d mart - Aylar önce
9:08 and 9:33
thank me later
Hayden Goof
Hayden Goof - Aylar önce
Why at 5:46 he turns into a different person
Jvrlucena Films
Jvrlucena Films - Aylar önce
If I ever heard my kid say "dad can you buy me a Jake Paul hoodie?" I'd kill my kid then kill myself because I'd know I failed as a parent
sela hanna
sela hanna - Aylar önce
Ethan predicted the Corona virus
King - Aylar önce
0:04 Ethan and Hila predicted coronavirus
Ignacio Garcia
Ignacio Garcia - Aylar önce
“Hila make sure ur covered head to toe”
Hila with a ripped suit: “im ready”
FijianBabeRuth 39
FijianBabeRuth 39 - Aylar önce
Who else watching this during quarantine, but those hazmat suit predictions 🥶
Old Account
Old Account - Aylar önce
It is telling I can hit 10 sec skip every 1-2 seconds and understand everything every vid has to say. I think you quit trying 2/3 years ago.
R J - Aylar önce
I would make Jack Paul's life an absolute nightmare if he lived on my street. He would regret being such a little dip$h^+.
PALACE ChinQ - Aylar önce
Fernando Herrera
Fernando Herrera - Aylar önce
u can't shoot an airplane down with torpedoes. lol torpedoes only work in water
Charles Ramirez Martinez
Charles Ramirez Martinez - Aylar önce
damn they where ready for covid-19 since 2017
andre vita
andre vita - Aylar önce
The mayor shoots down a plane with torpedoes
WhyNotZachyy - Aylar önce
7:26 made me spit my coffee
how cute lol
Rap man
Rap man - Aylar önce
You just opened up a great big can of whoop ass
PALACE ChinQ - Aylar önce
Roscoe Draws no
Large Brain
Large Brain - Aylar önce
Are you the real rap man?!?!
Henrique Sankievicz
Henrique Sankievicz - Aylar önce
The way she looks at him... She fell in love with his sense of humor, that´s beautiful
Tonko Putarek
Tonko Putarek - Aylar önce
9:37 after that story Hila had to put the cringe mask
SEAM ALI - Aylar önce
They predicted the CORONA Virus !!!
Gaxzii - Aylar önce
Damn they been ready for quarantine
Harrison Cohen
Harrison Cohen - Aylar önce
Hila is the best part of h3h3 no cap
Patrick W. Dunne
Patrick W. Dunne - Aylar önce
"They can do all the dabbing they want in Ohio."
onxiaftw - Aylar önce
Hilas death stare 0:43
Ruler World
Ruler World - Aylar önce
I wish i got just one minute to be with jake paul. I hate people that sucker punch but id sucker punch him right in the nose and hope his septum pierces his brain.
Grant Cook
Grant Cook - Aylar önce
can u get the mayor of la on ur podcast
Shelby Leilich
Shelby Leilich - Aylar önce
I kind see u were planning for the future
fifty years
fifty years - Aylar önce
A neighbor might shoot him, has he thought of that?
The Loop Show
The Loop Show - Aylar önce
Ethan, you look like Eric Andre or Robert Downey Jr in that Cringemat suit😂
Mkay Game Reviews
Mkay Game Reviews - Aylar önce
I agree we need to get them out of LA but don’t send him to Ohio it’s a nice place, send him to Miami I feel like he’ll blend in with the rest of his species
Lumerii - Aylar önce
Jake has shitty taste. Those shoes are bangin, reporter dude.
420BudNuggets - Aylar önce
Y’all mad 😂