Go Behind The Scenes on MAMMA MIA! 2 Here We Go Again

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Flicks And The City
Flicks And The City - 3 aylar önce
Enjoy these behind-the-scenes peeks & bloopers on the set of Mamma Mia 2!
Watch more Mamma Mia 2 videos here ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi8DA5V4mmmeDmBh9C5rB2Xmhaj-op6vZ
Rerexxl 3999
Rerexxl 3999 - 21 gün önce
I Love Theo Movie is so good
Anne-Marie Van keulen
Anne-Marie Van keulen - 2 aylar önce
Flicks And The City hoi
Lucine Roesli
Lucine Roesli - 2 aylar önce
Flicks And The City yes cool
Poppiann Flower
Poppiann Flower - 2 aylar önce
Make a numder 3 mama mia
rosa ferraro
rosa ferraro - 2 aylar önce
Niamh Johnson
Niamh Johnson - 3 gün önce
I love mama Mia
fun crafter
fun crafter - 4 gün önce
Share she was in bless
Dani G.
Dani G. - 5 gün önce
Colin Firth _is_ the Dancing Queen
H I It's T A M I N A
H I It's T A M I N A - 7 gün önce
This makes me so emotional 😭
emily sanders
emily sanders - 10 gün önce
i would’ve loved to be in this set! 😭🤩
Cin M
Cin M - 11 gün önce
What a great movie, even better than the 1st!!!! The ENTIRE CAST WAS AWESOME!!!!
Josephine Pena
Josephine Pena - 11 gün önce
Therese Mulcahy
Therese Mulcahy - 12 gün önce
I loved this movie so much
Divas Live
Divas Live - 13 gün önce
Where is this lovely place? It's so beautiful, romantic, relaxing, fresh and peaceful.
Keala Kaylee
Keala Kaylee - 16 gün önce
So lovvveeeee this movie. My mama and i our fave movie
brenda mcmahon
brenda mcmahon - 16 gün önce
Sam Mendez
Sam Mendez - 16 gün önce
I miss 2008 ugh
Caio Cezar Vasconcellos
Caio Cezar Vasconcellos - 16 gün önce
Chorei tanto com esse filme. Meu Deus, q emoção!
Carolanne Titmus
Carolanne Titmus - 17 gün önce
Wonderful it is a shame that with a cast of such animated and joyful people, Cher is as stiff
as a Board.
Samantha Booth
Samantha Booth - 18 gün önce
oh lily james, you make me go crazy
Andreea Popescu
Andreea Popescu - 25 gün önce
The contrast between Colin Firth's shyness and his spontaneity is funny
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose - 26 gün önce
Rosey is amazing
Nik K
Nik K - 26 gün önce
Such a beautiful place! where they shoot the movie California or Florida? Very beautiful
dek Bali
dek Bali - 28 gün önce
Young bill so hot
Jan Rigby
Jan Rigby - Aylar önce
Fernando is my favorite song!!
soph thesushi
soph thesushi - Aylar önce
I’m obsessed with mamma Mia #sorrynotsorry 🤷‍♀️😂♥️
Line Merit Ruud
Line Merit Ruud - Aylar önce
I love this movie❤️
Jaqueline Vieira
Jaqueline Vieira - Aylar önce
Eu simplesmente amei o filme, assisti no cinema com umas amigas e nos divertimos muito. Lily está ótima.
stella brooke
stella brooke - Aylar önce
I have 5 things to say

This movie is the best
Ketchup 0607
Ketchup 0607 - Aylar önce
Omg I absolutely love Colin Firth in all his films. He has a different character in each one but same suit 😂😂
Hanna Ström
Hanna Ström - Aylar önce
Ma si può alzare ancora il volume
Jan YouTube
Jan YouTube - Aylar önce
Love you for ever
Manu Conte
Manu Conte - Aylar önce
she's truly the prettiest
Livi Collins-Castagna
Livi Collins-Castagna - Aylar önce
Just to say you ignored something in mamma Mia 1 Donna says her mother is dead but in mamma Mia 2 she is alive
Elysse Leebody
Elysse Leebody - Aylar önce
Can I auditon for sophie/amandas child in mamma mia 3 and hiw do u do it
Maddie B
Maddie B - Aylar önce
How did you find the perfect picture spot for this movie 🎥 it is my dream vacation.
Seb P
Seb P - Aylar önce
need to go to croatia, they recorded the movie in croatia.
pamela becic
pamela becic - Aylar önce
Movie has been filmed on the island of Vis, in Croatia...I go to Vis on holiday every year...it is one of the most beautiful places in the world and I love it...people is genuine and kind...go to Vis
sunny sim
sunny sim - Aylar önce
Saw it the other day. I'd have been happy being a tree in this, just to be part of it.
Great to see Benny and Bjorn appear, as they did in the first one.
Isabella x
Isabella x - Aylar önce
This is motivating me to work on a film set
Maria Irene C. Silva
Maria Irene C. Silva - Aylar önce
Adorei este filme que fui ver com as minhas amigas,Deline e Joy.
Obrigada pela publicação.
Amelie B
Amelie B - Aylar önce
Does anybody know, when the movie was produced? I mean like 2017 or even also in 2016?
Leila Jeh
Leila Jeh - Aylar önce
Tina Olsen
Tina Olsen - Aylar önce
This is the best movie I have ever seen in my life. Well done. :-)
Dirk Kröffges
Dirk Kröffges - Aylar önce
Why looks Cher as Lady Gaga?
Ana Shi
Ana Shi - Aylar önce
"May the rest of our lives, Be ther best of your lives!"
K. Håkan Lundmark
K. Håkan Lundmark - Aylar önce
And a swedish vintage Hagström bass guitar in the background - stylish!
Samantha Barclay
Samantha Barclay - Aylar önce
This is so cool I love mama Mia it is my favourite movie
Kirsten Lucy
Kirsten Lucy - Aylar önce
looking at lily i know im not straight
Phoenix Joe
Phoenix Joe - Aylar önce
Lily is a simple beauty and she is so talented
River Liz
River Liz - Aylar önce
My love my life gets me every time
Steven Lebbing
Steven Lebbing - Aylar önce
Was that Benny from Abba on the Piano.
It’s Enisse
It’s Enisse - Aylar önce
I just wanna find out who the father is.
It’s Enisse
It’s Enisse - Aylar önce
0:38 she sounded like Shakira for a few seconds 😂
Lucas Andrade
Lucas Andrade - Aylar önce
This movie is perfect.
Hiroikku - Aylar önce
I am damn well jealous of Matt Smith...
Leni Sandberg
Leni Sandberg - Aylar önce
Saw this a few days ago and i literally fell in love with lily james
Lil Martin
Lil Martin - Aylar önce
I love mama Mia
Ann' Vlogging Channel
Ann' Vlogging Channel - Aylar önce
Is my favourite movie I see all the songs of 1 and 2 and I think I have stuck and I live in Greece and I want to see them but I can't and here they have made a Greek theatre with Greek actors and singers and it was good but sometimes was awful I love MAMA MIA
alyssa - Aylar önce
Were they singing live in the movie?
Katri Kosonen
Katri Kosonen - Aylar önce
The song Fernando gives me always chills! Cher´s voice is just made for this song with Andy. Just perfect. "Repeat,repeat,repeat..."
angelica ortega
angelica ortega - Aylar önce
Astrid Euwe Wyss
Astrid Euwe Wyss - Aylar önce
Saw it twice in the last week and I'm really not sure whether I'm more in love with the movie or with Jeremy Irvine!
Riley Pichie
Riley Pichie - Aylar önce
Can Lily James plz knock me out w those hips thanks
sam H
sam H - Aylar önce
Mamma Mia 3
The DNA Test
But if there was a mamma Mia 3, you should see young Sophie growing up and then Sophie's son or daughter growing up.
Just an idea.
ミ설봄 `
ミ설봄 ` - Aylar önce
PicsArt _Artist
PicsArt _Artist - Aylar önce
Lily James is so pretty! They hired the right person to play Donna
Nora Sprooten
Nora Sprooten - Aylar önce
My crush on Lily James is getting out of hand
live games
live games - Aylar önce
i have see the movie
Dimoand Girl
Dimoand Girl - Aylar önce
i saw this on sunday the 19th and i fell deeply in love....R.I.P donna😭
Insta - thaisbritoofficial
Amazing movie😍😍😍
Fabiana - Aylar önce
i watched the movie twice and i came here for more
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris - Aylar önce
i want to meat sher shee is a good singer
Marmelad Animals
Marmelad Animals - Aylar önce
Omfg Björn was there😮I looooove this moovie
Marmelad Animals
Marmelad Animals - Aylar önce
Cher😍 am i in heaven??😍
Makeupbyliaalyssa - Aylar önce
this is awesome
Louis Barningham
Louis Barningham - Aylar önce
Best movie!!!
Zach de Lima
Zach de Lima - Aylar önce
Cher ❤️
Pusheen The cat
Pusheen The cat - Aylar önce
Amanda has always been my favourite and she still is she has such a beautiful voice
Teresa Osorio
Teresa Osorio - Aylar önce
Fantástico Lindoooooooo amei 😘
Kea Michelle
Kea Michelle - Aylar önce
We walked out of the cinema.... it was nothing like the first movie... just a desperate, badly acted re-hash. Horrible.
Vilma Sonnewend
Vilma Sonnewend - Aylar önce
Professional fantastic💃💕💕
Maria Pia
Maria Pia - Aylar önce
Ugh, Josh Dylan
MacKenzie MacPherson
MacKenzie MacPherson - Aylar önce
I don’t know her name but the girl that plays young Donna is THE MOST STUNNING PERSON I have seen ever
Brian Avila
Brian Avila - Aylar önce
lily james
kiah jones
kiah jones - Aylar önce
If I was an actress I would absolutely love to be in Mamma mia because you get to go to Greece I'm mean how is that work It looks so fun as well especially with them actors 👌❤💙
*Lettuce the penguin* *Yay*
hi bye it was shot in Croatia this time
kiah jones
kiah jones - Aylar önce
3:16 dead 😂
kiah jones
kiah jones - Aylar önce
1:57 so cuteee mother and daughter moments right there ❤
Φωτεινή Ζυγούρη
Abbey Beamsley
Abbey Beamsley - Aylar önce
Just watched the movie just then! Amazing!!
rachel mulveen
rachel mulveen - Aylar önce
Excellent flim
A C - Aylar önce
Mamma Mia just instantly makes you so happy! Couldn't not be happy :)
A C - Aylar önce
Mamma Miaaaa💕!!
лена шулаева
лена шулаева - Aylar önce
фильм супер и песни классные!!!!!!!
Lucy Lux
Lucy Lux - 2 aylar önce
Am I the only one who thinks that the movie felt cheap and made in a rush? There was no depth to it, no logical sequence and random events like a grandma on a plane etc. all stuffed into one movie? And then why, why kill Donna? The younger actors didn't look anything like the older actors apart from Christine Baranski. Plus I don't think Lily James could ever pull it off playing a young Meryl Streep. No way, seriously. She doesn't look like her and sadly doesn't act even 10% as good as Meryl... Money money money... Always funny.
Brian Avila
Brian Avila - Aylar önce
she wasnt playing young Meryl Streep, she was playing young Donna. When they made the first one they didn't think on making a sequel, I guess that's why it feels rushed.
Hanna Mitchell
Hanna Mitchell - 2 aylar önce
Zoe Bugaboo
Zoe Bugaboo - 2 aylar önce
I was scared Donna would die in the second movie… and I was more scared when I seen 😓
Lilah Doherty
Lilah Doherty - 2 aylar önce
Like this comment if you cried when she was baptizing her baby I know I did.
Lily Berriman
Lily Berriman - 2 aylar önce
does anyone know where I can find a full video of lilys song with Bill?
밤손님 - 2 aylar önce
Life as Maisie Flo
Life as Maisie Flo - 2 aylar önce
I just watched it it is sooooo good
K Yu
K Yu - 2 aylar önce
Amelia Al-Jumaili
Amelia Al-Jumaili - 2 aylar önce
I love the movie I have seen it 6 times
Brynn Lynn
Brynn Lynn - 2 aylar önce
I did notice at least one error young Tina puts her right Knee out while Young Donna& Rosie used their LEFT Knee for the song Mamma Mia performance at the Cantina / The Bar! I wonder if they planned it or was it an accident that just happened?!