Can This Chef Make SPAM Fancy? • Tasty

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Keelan Popa
Keelan Popa - 7 saatler önce
Dat haole dont know whut she talkin bout
Inshi Gamer
Inshi Gamer - 13 saatler önce
Adam’s reaction for not doing a dance was priceless 😂👌
ItsAlex128 - 14 saatler önce
9:09 when my crush spots me
Luminous YT
Luminous YT - Gün önce
Wow you made me hungry for ham Rie
J Benito
J Benito - Gün önce
Yo Alix got bars wtf my g
Sheeba Rani
Sheeba Rani - Gün önce
Make it fancy 😁☝🏻
stranger millie
stranger millie - Gün önce
Adam is like the weird quiet kid in class and rie is like the friendly nice kid dtype in class
Zoltarz •
Zoltarz • - 2 gün önce
I dont have spam in my country :?. spam is like chicken or?
Sine. m
Sine. m - 2 gün önce
Can we talk about alexis spittin bars about spam
pizza dash
pizza dash - 2 gün önce
8:14 best rap ever 🤣🤣seriously I love Alix she's even born on my bday 20th april
Takara Hayashi
Takara Hayashi - 3 gün önce
there's a ton of fancy dishes made from spam, just look to hawaii for them
Kenny H
Kenny H - 3 gün önce
Very good, now I'm hungry!
Lilas Duveteux
Lilas Duveteux - 3 gün önce
For me spam is mostly yummy camping food. Not the most delicious, but it is very rafreshing and filling to eat after some hard paddling. I also enjoy eating kasha with canned pork cooked over a campfire. It is very yummy. But yeah, Rie made it fancy.
Hossam Sib
Hossam Sib - 3 gün önce
I love rie
Yam Belliones
Yam Belliones - 4 gün önce
Hahahaha the one wearing the eyeglasses.. He is so grumpy😂😂😂
Jude Bautista
Jude Bautista - 5 gün önce
I don't eat Spam. Super hate it. But with this I think I can make this an exemption. ❤️
Schlomothebest - 5 gün önce
Can she learn English?
Chelsi D.
Chelsi D. - 5 gün önce
You guys don't like spam, here in the Philipines when you eat spam you are rich.
Tex - 6 gün önce
It seems like every video with adam actually talking he's kinda a jerk and it also seems like Adam and Andrew have so sence of humor or any emotions
/Takashiro Hana多伽白 華
Is spam the same as beef cornets?
Rachmat Mulia
Rachmat Mulia - 8 gün önce
1:27 damn it how could u do that to lovely rie
Kavitha Chakravarti
Kavitha Chakravarti - 9 gün önce
Can rie ever make a food withOUT alcohol
IIAndyII - 9 gün önce
The face of dread
gizzard2025 - 10 gün önce
Does adam have any personality ? Lmao
sakura 4869
sakura 4869 - 10 gün önce
Adam is a walking talking dead body
Robert Williamson
Robert Williamson - 11 gün önce
lol she wouldnt even try it. i hear ya girl.
Sarah Núñez
Sarah Núñez - 11 gün önce
1:27 made me laugh so hard, I love Rie, I swear she's the best
iiDelicateElfii - 11 gün önce
producer: so. what about *wine*?
Rie: **yes**
jbear 101
jbear 101 - 13 gün önce
I only like spam in the Hawaiian masubi rolls. But this looks like it would taste good
Mocchaq - 13 gün önce
She should bring the try guys over here😂😂 (especially eugene)
nagatouchiha - 14 gün önce
Well, Arancini is Streetfood in Sicily...
Pehl the Gehl
Pehl the Gehl - 14 gün önce
Rie is so adorable. Will give you a tip to make the SPAM easier to get out of the can. Put a small hole at the bottom and just blow into it. Voila!
bobzi ference
bobzi ference - 15 gün önce
Lucía - 16 gün önce
So are we just not going to talk about Alix's cute little rap thing at the end? I love her!
Adrian Ungurianu
Adrian Ungurianu - 16 gün önce
Look at minute 5:30 "Thank you for stopping bye" looks like Rie was saying it with Italian accent
Heidi Lam
Heidi Lam - 17 gün önce
hi im rie in a tasty producer
this could never get old
Oreoro - 17 gün önce one is gonna talk about Alix's song?
Amber Starr
Amber Starr - 17 gün önce
Rie is a treasure and needs to be protected AT ALL COSTS.
_Gacha Mary_
_Gacha Mary_ - 18 gün önce
Maria Lol
Maria Lol - 19 gün önce
9:06 saw ries hair arm pit