Why Americans suck at soccer (well, the men)

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Vox - 2 aylar önce
If you picture a soccer ball looking like this ⚽, you're not alone. But back in the early days of television they looked very, very different. Watch: http://bit.ly/2tf3RP5
Universal Technology
Universal Technology - 27 gün önce
It's called football
Elizabeth Warzecha
Elizabeth Warzecha - Aylar önce
Vox k B.B.
Imortal122 - Aylar önce
WHat is a soccer?
sikid4000 - Aylar önce
Vox Women suck compared to men at every sport.
Jiggly Boo
Jiggly Boo - Aylar önce
White American males suck at everything
MikaelS. - 2 saatler önce
It is called football. You know, the type of game where you actually use your feets to play the game!
Jose Oscar Portillo Flores
Jose Oscar Portillo Flores - 9 saatler önce
It's called Football or why FIFA it's FIFA!!???
Vixor - 10 saatler önce
Try purposely hitting the crossbar (crossbar challenge) it's way harder than trying to score a normal goal
Abdallah Maaitah
Abdallah Maaitah - 17 saatler önce
Ghkjdf Hbjhffh
Ghkjdf Hbjhffh - Gün önce
All people here complaininh about calling it soccer but what thry don't know is that soccer mean association football hahahahahahah
Sustainable - Gün önce
Apple pie isn't even American...
theoriginator 99
theoriginator 99 - Gün önce
its a curse from the football gods for calling it soccer
norwegcat - Gün önce
It's simple, Americans (the men) put all their energy, focus and talent into sports that nobody else in the world gives 2 shits about ...ie "American Football" or Baseball.
Ryk - Gün önce
Messi is american lol
Unders - Gün önce
If you're reading this in 2018 and you care that America calls it soccer actually kill yourself
R. F.H.
R. F.H. - 2 gün önce
They called it soccer and put their kids in AYSO.What did they think was gonna happen 😂
Stutter - 2 gün önce
why are all of the comments about americans calling the sport soccer instead of football it's really not that big of a deal
Cherry'z Rants
Cherry'z Rants - 3 gün önce
You guys know that the US is the only country in the world that calls football soccer. Like what the hell
nevercamelate - 3 gün önce
im disliking it just because you kept on calling it soccer and not football
Edgegm 2017
Edgegm 2017 - 3 gün önce
I'm worse.
Samantha Reagan
Samantha Reagan - 4 gün önce
Tell me why ya'll want a video made by Americans about American ability not to use the American term for the sport?
Jianna Tena
Jianna Tena - 4 gün önce
The god
Jianna Tena
Jianna Tena - 4 gün önce
They stole zlatan
Jianna Tena
Jianna Tena - 4 gün önce
And the mls has a lot of paste
Jianna Tena
Jianna Tena - 4 gün önce
My cousin signed for a big club for 200k
locus - 4 gün önce
its called football
Luke Drinking from Alien Titty
Soccer is boring. I'd rather watch 22 grown men smash into eachother and get concussions than 90 minutes of almost goals until penalty shots
Tombull360 - 4 gün önce
Im sorry you made your self sound like an MLS fan, which is what they would think football is, like calling away games road trips.
Luke Drinking from Alien Titty
Tombull360 r/wooosh
Tombull360 - 4 gün önce
you can tell you've nether watched football
Feno 3000
Feno 3000 - 5 gün önce
It takes talent, fitness and willpower to play. Not armor and brunt force.
it also is played mostly uninterrupted and not fought inch by inch, with a zillion breaks and delays for re-positioning, which may lead to a goal being harder to achieve than a "touchdown", but makes for a MUCH more dynamic game you have to focus on to follow and understand.
TF D - 6 gün önce
Soccer drives me crazy. You watch them all run around showing lots of athleticism and strategy. Then half the time it either ends in a tie or with all the strategy, and for that matter the game itself, taken out of it as the teams take free kicks. It almost feels like after all that play they might as well have just stayed at home and flipped a coin to decide the winner. It doesn't always work out that way of course. Sometimes a team actually wins by being better that day at soccer. But the ties and the rest happen far to often.
In my opinion.
devil slayer
devil slayer - 6 gün önce
Just watch that's going to change America going to go to the world cup soon
Right is Right
Right is Right - 6 gün önce
Well the men?
Women awful at 99% of sports
Tombull360 - 4 gün önce
but in this case the american mens team is worse than the Americans womens team.
Hawk Who Knows All
Hawk Who Knows All - 6 gün önce
Arick Quinton
Arick Quinton - 6 gün önce
All around the world the contries that dominate in soccer have soccer as the most popular game. In America our best athelets aren't playing soccer by a long shot. Thats why our men suck vs. the world. Our women dominate in soccer because soccer is one of the more popular sports for young females to play while for young males it takes a back seat to Football, Basketball, Baseball. It's not complicated to understand this.
For you idiots claiming American Men are not top athletes. I'd challenge your country to put an American Football team together and come play an intense game vs. an NFL All Star Team. You wouldn't be able to beat them in 200 years. Dumbasses...
MDAC1012 - 7 gün önce
Because historically the USA's best athletes play other sports. If Steven Gerrard was born in America he would have been a 3B for the Yankees or a QB for the Giants.
brutus301 - 7 gün önce
In the U.S. there are three major professional sports. Football, Basketball, and baseball. The majority of kids grow up idolizing stars from these three. It's no surprise there's a lack of interest and development in soccer/football. No offense to my european friends, but imagine a startup American style football league in the UK. Even after 20 years it would still be comical to watch. It's not in your blood. Just like soccer isn't in ours.
Argenis Jimenez
Argenis Jimenez - 8 gün önce
Could you call it as it is supposed to be?
Random Guy
Random Guy - 8 gün önce
You misspelled something on the title. It is spelled "football".
Valdoy2866™ - 8 gün önce
American sucks so bad at football that they create a new sport and called it football where they are the only one to participate so they can be good at football.
Ian Peats
Ian Peats - 9 gün önce
Soccers trash
xtlm - 9 gün önce
USA's top athletes go to other sports. That's the reason.
Random Modnar
Random Modnar - 9 gün önce
All these unoriginal "hur dur its football not soccer thats why you lose" like goddman youre not funny or making a good point
Travis Hotter
Travis Hotter - 9 gün önce
The men's us soccer team would slaughter the female team. Enough said
Captain Halo
Captain Halo - 9 gün önce
It’s football not soccer
JustFun - 10 gün önce
The titel is false. Football, not soccer.
Dabaki Lovers
Dabaki Lovers - 10 gün önce
They should have titled this why American men suck at soccer in american, the women are fantastic
JakeDV - 11 gün önce
Vox is liberal and they just pretty much said women are better than men oof
Randdom - 11 gün önce

America has a soccer team?
Satyarth Shankar
Satyarth Shankar - 11 gün önce
I only clicked on this video to comment here that it is football and not soccer.
рома бабаян
рома бабаян - 12 gün önce
it's pretty obvious: if american women are so great, you should send them to play in male league, problem solved, usa is the world champion

Atut Tamrakar
Atut Tamrakar - 12 gün önce
First of all, stop calling it "soccer". Americans have no respect for this sport and that is why America is considered as a grave yard by football fans for players who are getting old or almost at the end of their carrer.
Joey Paglia
Joey Paglia - 13 gün önce
Funny thing is the men would kill the woman. I do admit compared to other teams woman have more success
علي علي
علي علي - 13 gün önce
hmm.i think iraqi national team better than american
Tombull360 - 4 gün önce
cmoney - 13 gün önce
While the women's team may be the best in the world, they were beat by an under 15 boy's team. Hence, the title of the video is a bit misleading given that the men's team would beat the women's team.
Ikλri - 14 gün önce
"Americans" No Usa and "Soccer" Not football, no even a question tho
why ?
why ? - 15 gün önce
I watch women's futbol and it's depressing
Gonson Jebibeba
Gonson Jebibeba - 15 gün önce
Soccer comes from the term AsSOCiation Football, developed in England. thank you npr
Aiden Rae
Aiden Rae - 16 gün önce
There's a dilution of talent, everyone who's really good at playing soccer (fast, good feet, etc) are probably playing basketball, baseball, or things like that. There's too many sports and soccer is too low on the list to attract the best athletes.
Ryan Ordakowski
Ryan Ordakowski - 16 gün önce
Americans only care about well, the men
Momo Jjang
Momo Jjang - 16 gün önce
Because its called football
New World Rońin
New World Rońin - 16 gün önce
As a relatively new fan of the beautiful game (2006), who was once a diehard American football fan since a kid.. I can honestly say that international football has won me over due to its fluidity and less pauses for commercial breaks. The NFL has lost me for the most part and in big part because it's reputation for brain damage and ignorance towards police brutality in America. More Americans are falling in love with the beautiful game every day and it's only getting better. (Phoenix Rising Supporter)
FrigusAvis - 16 gün önce
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
JuzTroublez - 16 gün önce
can people unsub this propaganda spreading piece of this channel?
Erik Rodriguez
Erik Rodriguez - 17 gün önce
Soccer is a pansy sport. Period. It's for teen boys and females of all ages. That's why we sucj
PJ P - 17 gün önce
*B A S K E T B A L L*

EDIT: also because you call it soccer
ChristoGlee boi
ChristoGlee boi - 19 gün önce
Bro the only reason the men are paid more is because they have sponsorships like. Vox I used to be a fan but now your just an All Hillary Anti trump channel like stop
Asim Malik
Asim Malik - 19 gün önce
Don't worry about America sucks or not! WE need to concentrate on Canada MNT!
Gupta General Stores
Gupta General Stores - 19 gün önce
Your title has a gibberish word.
_ Nobiliis _
_ Nobiliis _ - 19 gün önce
We will never even come close to being a world class team when are top athletes go to the other sports. Wasted talent.
Your Neighbor Amos
Your Neighbor Amos - 19 gün önce
Honestly, if we devoted ourselves to soccer instead of football/basketball, we'd be the best in the world. I played football and lacrosse growing up. Soccer wasn't really popular.
Ridz 39
Ridz 39 - 20 gün önce
Americans aren’t good at the game because the game is too technical for them, and they don’t appreciate the game. In addition the MLS sucks, as there’s no promotion and relegation battles so it’s too comfortable to play in.
Tyler Peterson
Tyler Peterson - 20 gün önce
Americans simply don't care about the sport. The best male athletes in America are playing other sports. Most Americans couldn't even tell you whose on the American team or when they play.
Alia Ris
Alia Ris - 21 gün önce
And even though the women are champs champs champs and gazillion times better, U.S still pay them less.
Just quit already and go play your own ball.
Tombull360 - 4 gün önce
if the womens football games got higher views and TV deals and big sponsors like the mens fair enough they should but the reality is they don't.... well that's the case in British football
Alia Ris
Alia Ris - 20 gün önce
+sean ranklin jr they have record as the most watched soccer game (on both gender), they have given dozen millions profit to the federations.
sean ranklin jr
sean ranklin jr - 20 gün önce
That's because nobody watches women's football tho
Unseakeble King
Unseakeble King - 21 gün önce
Lol Panama is better
Yung - 21 gün önce
Coz you call it soccer..Its called FOOTBALL wiz is the most beautiful game ..american suck booooooo
R023 - 21 gün önce
50% It's Football not soccer!
We get it but, seeing this is an American channel, football = American football, soccer = football
nicholas baum
nicholas baum - 22 gün önce
It doesn't matter what you call the sport, what matters is the development, the fan base, the youth, popularity, and other sports.
Alex Landherr
Alex Landherr - 22 gün önce
Proper name is football, because the rest of the world uses their *feet*.
hjemis - 23 gün önce
It will never change until they call football, football and not soccer...
Zhong Zhuonan
Zhong Zhuonan - 23 gün önce
Same story to China LoL
Mark Peters
Mark Peters - 24 gün önce
women win because other countries dont care about womens soccer. (i think someone mentioned this but i wanted to make it obvious, because it is)
sean ranklin jr
sean ranklin jr - 20 gün önce
Yeah no one watches or cares about women's football in England
Richard Onyeise
Richard Onyeise - 24 gün önce
Facts footballers are normally healthier than other sports players and 100 out of 101 American football players have brain damage or are prone to it check out ronaldo and see how well built he is and he can jump as high as an average basketball player and better than any athlete from the Us
Jude Moore
Jude Moore - 24 gün önce
Because real men play real football in the best god damn country to ever exist.
sean ranklin jr
sean ranklin jr - 20 gün önce
Nikola Prolić
Nikola Prolić - 24 gün önce
Repeat after me: Foot. Ball.
B Link
B Link - 24 gün önce
I've managed both boys and girls in the US. This is the difference I see, which helps to explain the results gap: many American boys are highlights-obsessed self-centered blockheads, while girls demonstrate an immense ability to cooperate, listen, believe in The Team first, show for training on time, are are consistently ready to work hard for themselves and each other.
Natearl13 - 21 gün önce
B Link Feminazi alert.
Aquarius1011 - 24 gün önce
Oh well, it's much like here in South Africa.
Giovanni Rivera
Giovanni Rivera - 24 gün önce
You forgot to talk about MLS and promote it. Take a big L VOX
Hero - 24 gün önce
Because USA plays soccer and the rest of the world plays FOOTBALL.
Natearl13 - 21 gün önce
Hero Australia calls it soccer too.
LightDarkEquivalent 714
LightDarkEquivalent 714 - 24 gün önce
_Why Americans suck at soccer (well, the men)_
let's fix that
_Why Americans suck at soccer_
maybe even...
_Why Americans suck_
PerrinLogainKadanFan - 25 gün önce
This American l❤ves f⚽️⚽️sball!
AoKee - 25 gün önce
well birds fly, fish swim, american men suck at soccer its just the way it is lol
ZenXis - 26 gün önce
Why does America suck at Cricket? No one here plays it. Just like how most people from the UK probably aren't great at American Football.
Deplorable D
Deplorable D - 26 gün önce
FIFA is a globalist and highly corrupt organisation. Why or how the Brits gave up their natural ownership of the game they invented to a bunch of rent boy bureaucrats from the continent is a travesty.
tigerburn81 - 26 gün önce
Oh, Boy! I hope the comments section is full of losers from insignificant, little piss-ant countries where the only response is that the US uses the term "soccer" instead of "football" and they get to feel so witty!
Iuri Fernandes
Iuri Fernandes - 26 gün önce
vocês deveriam jogar a libertadores, aprenderiam o verdadeiro futebol raiz
inas alrubaye
inas alrubaye - 26 gün önce
Is Football not soccer
KingUfa206 - 27 gün önce
America sucks at Soccer is the same reason the rest of the world suck at Football and Basketball. We don't care for Soccer same as the world don't care for American football or basketball. If the world put a football or basketball team together the American team would still win.
Fihram Luthfan
Fihram Luthfan - 27 gün önce
Football not grabball
Pierre Plessis
Pierre Plessis - 27 gün önce
US worst soccer nation
Pierre Plessis
Pierre Plessis - 20 gün önce
i talk about the greatest countries
sean ranklin jr
sean ranklin jr - 20 gün önce
Haha not the worst, some small teams have postmen and dentists in their teams
Phillip Dutcher
Phillip Dutcher - 27 gün önce
Universal Technology
Universal Technology - 27 gün önce
Americans suck at football because the most of the nation he a negative attitude towards it.
Also women's football sucks everywhere
Kartoffel Kamera
Kartoffel Kamera - 28 gün önce
ITS FOOTBALL stupid muricans
Natearl13 - 21 gün önce
Kartoffel Kamera Soccer was the original name & therefore correct.
JM S - 28 gün önce
Because American men play manly sports and leave soccer to the girls
TyizhawnForKing - 28 gün önce
Its Soccer Where You Kick The Ball
Football Where You Throw It Get It Right
Frddy - 28 gün önce
The men are definitely better than the woman they just have harder competition