Why Americans suck at soccer (well, the men)

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Vox - 25 gün önce
If you picture a soccer ball looking like this ⚽, you're not alone. But back in the early days of television they looked very, very different. Watch: http://bit.ly/2tf3RP5
pj295 - 4 gün önce
Vox check Atlanta United FC
ulfbro - 4 gün önce
You realize that you have more than 300M residents and you play it at almost every college? In comparison, Croatia has 4M residents and will play the world cup final on sunday.... yes, you suck!
ulfbro - 4 gün önce
not really dude, you gotta consider how many people live in your country... www.medalspercapita.com/
l3lackart - 4 gün önce
Football pls 🤷‍♀️
Grassy Tiger
Grassy Tiger - Saatler önce
We're too busy kicking ass at all the other sports
BlackWaterPirate - Saatler önce
I can't watch when they keep calling it soccer.
X Nick Cui
X Nick Cui - 2 saatler önce
CCC - 2 saatler önce
Nice title, but the women suck too, but the difference is, they suck all over the world, so the American team looks great in comparison to other women's teams, but terrible when compared to men, so neither title is fair. FC Dallas under-15 boys squad beat the U.S. Women's National Team, and the US men's team virtually always make it to the world cup, and the level of competition there is very very high.
DuckinArmor - 2 saatler önce
Well, the men, trying to push the agenda?
Edward Nygma
Edward Nygma - 3 saatler önce
reason number one is we can’t get the name right
LiFE 707
LiFE 707 - 3 saatler önce
You suck so much cause you still don’t know what the sport is called you still call it soccer ...
Aaron Nieves
Aaron Nieves - 4 saatler önce
The first problem is calling it "Soccer"
Koen K
Koen K - 4 saatler önce
I thought it was because it would force americans to compete on a global scale, which is not like their 'world series', with only americans attending.
Matthew Watson
Matthew Watson - 5 saatler önce
But at least the USA has a strong women's soccer team
Ed36 - 6 saatler önce
7:15 i bet he still misses
Switch - 6 saatler önce
Wonder what the score would be. USA Females VS USA Males
jacen cade
jacen cade - 7 saatler önce
Similar to the Yankees monolopy in baseball the good players play premium and the MLS is like the euroleauge for the NFL. We just have a harder time buying world class talent.
Sanap Adsense
Sanap Adsense - 8 saatler önce
USA v France 2018
just before world cup
==> 1-1
USA is good at soccer
Wilhelm Henderson
Wilhelm Henderson - 9 saatler önce
Who scored this and why dont you take away his LSD?
Humayra Begum
Humayra Begum - 9 saatler önce
The word soccer explains itself
MrMEGSWONETWOTHREE - 9 saatler önce
Of course its culture. Our best athletes have little interest in the game.
Malik - 9 saatler önce
I blame a huge part of the system. We have soccer clubs but their expensive! Thousands of dollars each year just to pay for a club where you can get scouted ( if it’s a good team and you go far only ) some clubs are in different flights 1 being the best and 3 the lowest but sometimes these clubs are in areas where people live far from. They don’t have money to drive and pay monthly. It reduces lots of talent. It sucks! I used to play for academy but I live far from the academy and was taking a toll on my parents. They put me in a club where I live. The teams here are expensive. I quit 3 later because of money issues. We have no good development system like France . Here in the U.S. it’s pay to play. Many families can’t pay for their child teams or camps. Just look at some of these great players most of the greats come from being poor.
[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] - 10 saatler önce
They suck because they call it soccer
Jimmy Duvauchelle
Jimmy Duvauchelle - 10 saatler önce
Hey, why americans suck at soccer???? whit all the africans YOU HAVE??? WHY TELL ME WHY ! DUMBASS HAHAHAHA FRANCE WON THE WORLDCUP thanks Trump'addicts
Hamster Bunny
Hamster Bunny - 10 saatler önce
The true is, American soccer is treated as a side project for those focus mainly on promoting the sport for a profit. Just look at our soccer governing body. They were more focus on winning a bid to co-host the FIFA World Cup than fixing US Soccer after we didn't qualify for this year's FIFA World Cup. Hell, there was even an outcry for change and the people in charge countered their criticisms by saying they know what's best. What's even more sad is how some fans changed their mind on wanting change only because we have a group of promising young players despite most of them not getting enough playing time. There's nobody who loves the game growing the game. USSF members and MLS are all about the short cuts and getting more out of doing less while thriving off the ignorance of those following them. They hype themselves and fans believe the hype. Thus why nothing changed and all the problem we had is still around. People seem to forget it was also soccer politics spearheaded by MLS that caused us a qualification. The level of entitlement and arrogance that league and it's players had was out of this world. MLS have a inferiority complex against European leagues and the common soccer system. That league act as a bullied step child to other FIFA league members and get the sympathy from it's fans when they get rightfully criticized. That highlight the American exceptionalism and nationalism issue. The thinking that everything is OK if you say it's the American way of doing things and think your way of doing things is better than the world's despite evidence showing otherwise.
Clayton Collins
Clayton Collins - 12 saatler önce
Question: Why does america sucks at futbol?
Answer: Football.
Thomas Of Torquemada MCDXX
Thomas Of Torquemada MCDXX - 7 saatler önce
**America 1507*
debajoperfil - 12 saatler önce
Americans win so many world cups... you speak for Usa, not for Americans
Kyo Shiroma
Kyo Shiroma - 12 saatler önce
the First Reason is because you call it: "soccer".
That shows you don't know nothing about it. hahahhhhahaha
ByroMusic - 12 saatler önce
I didn't see the video but I have the answer : you call it wrong, it's not soccer, it's FOOTBALL !
Oscar Blanco
Oscar Blanco - 13 saatler önce
Good news! The US will qualify in 2026 lol
漢子 - 13 saatler önce
It is very complicated game. Small country like Croatia , with 4 million ppl can advance into the finals of the World Cup. Iceland with most of the player amateur can pit their own against Argentina. China spend billions of dollars on football and 1400million ppl can’t even qualify for the WC.
Peter Magaddino
Peter Magaddino - 13 saatler önce
Leave it to vox
rohan yadav
rohan yadav - 14 saatler önce
Because it's football dummy .
brandon robinson
brandon robinson - 15 saatler önce
Well in America, soccer is something kids play when they are too young for American football. Its basically a babies sport here.
jahmezis45 - 15 saatler önce
Americans suck at soccer because African Americans prefer basketball and football. Imagine if we really played soccer like we do basketball and football. We would win every year
Kylo Ren?
Kylo Ren? - 15 saatler önce
I'm not saying that the Americans are good, I'm just saying that Canada has only qualified for 1 world cup in history. Just saying.
Noctalli - 16 saatler önce
Butthurt Americans in the comments are the best part of this video.
R B - 17 saatler önce
How to get better at the sport: call it football.
MegaJiiRo - 17 saatler önce
Americans suck in football since they dont even call the sport with its proper name.
Jay Smith
Jay Smith - 18 saatler önce
Soccer!! Ffs!!!! its FOOTBALL!!!!!!!
maxence bellot
maxence bellot - 23 saatler önce
Calling football soccer doesn’t really help
ToneyCrimson - 23 saatler önce
You guys suck so bad at football you made a whole new game with the same name so you could win.
Lego kid100
Lego kid100 - Gün önce
I think it does have to do with culture. Men in America are encouraged to play football, basketball, baseball, and even hockey. More than then soccer. The argument about Women invalid because they are encouraged to play soccer and not made fun of for it.
Andrew Areva
Andrew Areva - Gün önce
https://youtu.be/9PNqVilJESg?t=186 Fing MCGILL I knew it was their fault!
Anti Anti
Anti Anti - Gün önce
great content but, man, the titles of your vids.
holy crap that's what's happening with PH volleyball leagues
1gigatitan - Gün önce
The title is sexist
Thako - Gün önce
Wait the USA have a mens team i did not know i thought it was just the womens team
M R - Gün önce
Miss on tournament in 24 years and everyone drops a load in their pants.
David Archer
David Archer - Gün önce
Women suck at soccer too.
Stephen Luna
Stephen Luna - Gün önce
Three reasons why we can’t compete:
(1) We have a pay-to-play* structure while other top countries have reserves and youth leagues that take young players (8-13) from anywhere based entirely on talent. The families don’t have to pay (much) because those youth teams are fully supported (staff, jerseys, trainers, education, etc.,) by their professional club. But by the time we notice talent in the States (usually in high school) it’s too late, the kid is years behind his international counterpart.
(2) Although we are a large nation, we still have too much competition and money being consumed by countless other sports. The Lebron James, Tom Bradys, Derek Jeters (athletic phenoms) of the US are playing other sports.
(3) Soccer is not respected by our culture and therefore it’s not our kids first natural desire to play. Who wants to get picked on and always need to defend the sport you love?
*pay-to-play : if you have the time/money to travel and be coached by private clubs you will play, even if you don’t have the talent.
(Resources: I made it on an MLS youth reserve team when I was 11 but my family didn’t have the money to keep traveling and playing. Not saying I would have been pro, but if we borrowed Europe’s model, who knows what would have happened?)
Jeffrey M
Jeffrey M - Gün önce
Football (soccer) is growing in popularity at a crazy pace. In the early 1990s there wasn't even a single pro soccer league, now there are pro soccer teams averaging 50k (Atlanta U FC) and 40k (Seattle Sounders) in attendance. I didn't understand or like soccer growing up but it's now the main sport I follow. Among the youngest Americans soccer is equal in popularity with American football and basketball. It will take time but those changes will result in better World Cup teams.
Iskender Altan-Bonnet
Iskender Altan-Bonnet - Gün önce
Man those first world cups only had like 12 teams
Pascal Torvic
Pascal Torvic - Gün önce
Who cares?
Steve Howe
Steve Howe - Gün önce
What a useless, pointless video. No mention of pay to play. No mention of the lack of academy teams up until recently. No mention of other sports being more lucrative (financially and academically) etc. Typical useless Vox lol.
Hyde - Gün önce
Was in the US last two weeks, I saw soccer everywhere there, even in the middle of freaking Missisippi some people asked about the world cup, was quite surprised! The games were even in bars everywhere... Yes it's only every 4 years, but I'm sure there's hope for US Soccer.
Sean Gotts
Sean Gotts - Gün önce
erm dafuck is soccer?
Mallyoo - Gün önce
Laurent DelaHouseMusic
Laurent DelaHouseMusic - Gün önce
It's a question of culture. That's all
Americans suck in soccer, rugby, handball... Not France for example...
But France suck in US football, hockey, baseball, basket... Not Americans !
Martin hill
Martin hill - Gün önce
TurtlerAlert - Gün önce
If only the men are bad, mls all stars vs the best female team
Dark Nassius
Dark Nassius - Gün önce
Dark Nassius
Dark Nassius - Gün önce
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Dark Nassius
Dark Nassius - Gün önce
you think but french people do that and your going to liberates us
Dark Nassius
Dark Nassius - Gün önce
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Dark Nassius
Dark Nassius - Gün önce
Cold-as-ice-007 Zero
Cold-as-ice-007 Zero - Gün önce
if i hear one more ''as american as applepie" mention imma do a school shooting... , theres literly nothing american about applepie.. like zilch zero, apple pie was invented in england,netherlands,germany with all their own variances to it to the ones we know today, even all the ingredients for the applepie arent even american...
Ro Maniac
Ro Maniac - Gün önce
No culture in America.
HK TV - Gün önce
its quite simple. in every other country, soccer is the number 1 sport. in the US all the great athletes play american football, basketball, track swimming, hockey and even baseball. all these sports come before soccer in the US
My Name
My Name - Gün önce
Uggghhh... just say "Football"
Chi Huang
Chi Huang - Gün önce
Too much attention is given to baseball and football.....obviously neglected soccer....
Xurşîdov Mesko
Xurşîdov Mesko - Gün önce
Just face your Americans sucks at Football,Lol
Seize the Memes of Production
The music is killing me
Ryan Levisky
Ryan Levisky - Gün önce
And now on Vox: your required American and men hate.
JK Music
JK Music - Gün önce
This is awfully filmed. Stop trying to be artsy and actually show me useful information.
Kentucky_Wildcats_18 - Gün önce
We also have football and we're the best in the world at basketball, we don't need soccer
Harshdeep Singh
Harshdeep Singh - Gün önce
I think if USA stop thinking about the cash and focus on just football, I think they can make the one of the best team in 10 years. But again its USA, so dollar comes first
LunaTwi01 - Gün önce
Or because amount of capitalism and greed in America that soccer has the least potential for commercials when games are played with two 45 minutes of pure action non stop without interruptions and clock keeps moving. Unlike NFL going to commercial between every play.
C —
C — - Gün önce
I don't know that Americans would get on with Football at this point. With 2 long halves and play that can go on uninterrupted as well as a system to encourage that, it's the exact opposite of American sports: Quartered play (for more adverts), disjointed play like in baseball with the huge gaps between balls being hit (for more adverts) and all the starting and stopping in American football, where play only happens in 20 second bursts (for more adverts). Also the skill in the players and control of the sport is completely removed from the US. America doesn't do sharing so kind of uninvites itself to this world event. America can be deeply inward looking, glory hunting when it comes to sport. I think because of this, Americans would not like to watch a game against, and loose badly to, countries they have never heard of who are infinitely better than them. The final thing I think that really puts Americans off Football is, they can't simply throw money at it to be the best. Yes there's loads of cash in football and yea, the rich teams are better for better funding, but the US team has demonstrated that just having cash isn't good enough.
Thinking X
Thinking X - Gün önce
It’s a rich, white sport in America, let’s not beat around the bush
Mamiya Phan
Mamiya Phan - Gün önce
Answer: NFL
Princess Asare
Princess Asare - Gün önce
America is good at soccer (in my opinion) but not good enough to win a World Cup. I think (agree to Jermiah Russel) that America does have way to many sports to be good at. We have so many American events that just doesn't include other countries. For example, the Super Bowl. That is only an American thing. If America is gonna win at something that includes that world , that will probably not happen because (again) we have too many sports to worry about. (And again I am not stealing Jermiah's comment, I am just agreeing to it.)
Nigel Marvin
Nigel Marvin - Gün önce
I’m American and I call it American Football and Football Soccer
Michael Stock
Michael Stock - Gün önce
Look at the rest of the worlds top leagues. What main structural piece are we missing? Promotion and Relegation. We lack integrity and in short, that system would bring incredible benefits to our game of Soccer.
Sheikh Suleiman
Sheikh Suleiman - Gün önce
Because they call it soccer
Srikanth Tupurani
Srikanth Tupurani - Gün önce
because they are not interested in this game.
spidey sense 2.0
spidey sense 2.0 - Gün önce
It's not that we suck it's just that we look bad against those other country's
Andromediens - Gün önce
Because they cannot corrupt it, so they cannot buy the wins, period.
Paul Tyson
Paul Tyson - Gün önce
To start with you still use the word "Soccer", much like I call NFL "Grid Iron". I'll change if you will? :)
Jay - Gün önce
Because US has moved onto Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball. Soccer is literally the 5th sport in the U.S. so it is nowhere on their radar.
Xeno Verse
Xeno Verse - 2 gün önce
I dont think america suck at football (soccer for u american). They qualified to world cup (2010, etc) and have best player in their team
Atharva Bhide
Atharva Bhide - 2 gün önce
Annika - 2 gün önce
The colloquial term 'soccer' comes from an abbreviated and clipped form of 'association football' (aSOCiation, SOCcer, see?) It was a common practice in England at the time to add 'er' to things in informal language. (Even called Rugby 'rugger' though that clearly didn't catch on the way 'soccer' did. Other examples of this are 'brekker' and 'bonkers')
The term became popular in America, and England sort of dropped it, so now America gets the heat for it lol
Annika - 2 gün önce
There was a whole deal about the rules of football back in England-- In some places they played with their hands, other's thought you shouldn't be allowed to. Eventually official rules were set up and each version went their separate ways. Association football, and Rugby football.
Lucid Luc
Lucid Luc - 2 gün önce
because not enough poor americans play soccer...
Lukas Cotting
Lukas Cotting - 2 gün önce
If you guys want to know why, it’s because you guys are calling it soccer instead of football
Jacobo Rodriguez
Jacobo Rodriguez - 2 gün önce
Everyone is getting it all wrong... Soccer (football) is a popular sport in the USA, and what it lacks is development which is what the video points out.
mikee8585 - 2 gün önce
Canada sucks at soccer too
mikee8585 - 2 gün önce
It's futbol not football! Blehh who cares
Rasyid Muhammad
Rasyid Muhammad - 2 gün önce
Another reason that USA miss the world Cup. The don't have young player played in Euro league.
Even Brazilian and Argentinaian player that played national league is not picked up to play for third country.
Growing soccer in Europe is different then growing in own country.
Adam Baum
Adam Baum - 2 gün önce
Soccer is pure garbage, FACT!
MaxSquadGoals 1
MaxSquadGoals 1 - 2 gün önce
How can you say the men suck at soccer when the women’s team got beat by a U15 academy team?
PeterDaGreat - 2 gün önce
U heard about Romania
Dru Zii
Dru Zii - 2 gün önce
They suck because it's called football 😂
Sans the Rocker
Sans the Rocker - 2 gün önce
Who playes soccer when there is american foot ball know as rabi ball super ball and most western are not good in soccer even India
Foxtrot Oscar
Foxtrot Oscar - 2 gün önce
Because our daughters play it.
Xecutionner2K - 2 gün önce
The reason: 1776: English settlers who then became americans didn't want to depend on british culture anymore, they wanted to separate themselves as much as they could.
Daniel Lim
Daniel Lim - 2 gün önce
Because you can't win by shooting long range missiles, you gotta actually do ground battle.