Bohemian Rhapsody: The Movie - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)

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kawaii girl life :3 cute!!!
kawaii girl life :3 cute!!! - 4 saatler önce
I can't wait for the movie!!!
"So now what?"
Got me laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol
Pew .mp7
Pew .mp7 - 14 saatler önce
This is the first queen movie to I think tribute to Freddie Mercury
Lao Tzu
Lao Tzu - 14 saatler önce
Alison Kli
Alison Kli - 2 gün önce
Yes yes... quiero verla
Bender - 2 gün önce
No one like him.
Anna Jackson
Anna Jackson - 2 gün önce
If they do the behind the scenes of Its a Hard Life I’m gonna crack up laughing
Rennan Rose
Rennan Rose - 2 gün önce
We fans here from Brazil, we are very anxious for the release, Queen for me will be one of the greatest bands of all time. I love QUEEN
#BITCHIGO - 2 gün önce
p hun
p hun - 4 gün önce
Don't like it
Rachel Isreal
Rachel Isreal - 6 gün önce
Anyone else disappointed the movie is only rated pg-13 and not R?
thebestandsexiestmanalive Alvarez
Ive never heard of queen until i saw this trailer and i dont think ive ever became a fan of their music so fast their truly are gods!!!
p hun
p hun - 4 gün önce
They were, this don't come close, I'm insulted
thebestandsexiestmanalive Alvarez
+Caine Lee meant never listened to their music
Caine Lee
Caine Lee - 7 gün önce
Wow seriously? Y know you haven't heard of them all this time!
jose luis trejo
jose luis trejo - 9 gün önce
que bueno que saldra la peli de queen
p hun
p hun - 4 gün önce
Non Frederico
ReyGatuno 55
ReyGatuno 55 - 8 gün önce
+jose luis trejo correcto
jose luis trejo
jose luis trejo - 8 gün önce
si rey agusto que bueno que veremos la istoria de la reina de el rock
ReyGatuno 55
ReyGatuno 55 - 8 gün önce
Al fin ! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jordn - 9 gün önce
When is the movie coming out?
Caine Lee
Caine Lee - 7 gün önce
24th October for the UK and other countries 2nd November
Owl Loves
Owl Loves - 9 gün önce
Why is the teaser better than the actual trailer lOl
Austine Jhermaine Santos
Austine Jhermaine Santos - 10 gün önce
Justin .Y
Justin .Y - 11 gün önce
I Love The Way They Make Freddie Look Good 💓
lidia zaryuta
lidia zaryuta - 11 gün önce
Hi, s look like Mike Jugger
차차차 - 11 gün önce
Lynette Harris
Lynette Harris - 13 gün önce
I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Goat
Mr. Goat - 14 gün önce
Can’t wait!
juanpablo Suarez
juanpablo Suarez - 14 gün önce
Alguien en español
Charlotte Brugman
Charlotte Brugman - 14 gün önce
Do you think it will be as good as "Walk the Line"?
RJ 25
RJ 25 - 14 gün önce
0:10-0:15 when it gets too hard
NormallyNormalEnzo - 16 gün önce
King of worlds 7
King of worlds 7 - 17 gün önce
Dan avidan would have also been a good choice foe his actor
Phillip Strickland
Phillip Strickland - 17 gün önce
I love how they mixed his songs in with Another one bites the dust bass riff.
javier gonzalez
javier gonzalez - 19 gün önce
Shemushi Das
Shemushi Das - 19 gün önce
Totally clueless about how many times I've been watching this! This keeps playing in my head, like literally....
slick1ru2 - 23 gün önce
Looks excellent. Also, if you’re interested is movies like this there is an excellent one, German with English subs, called Falco. Amazon has it.
Sebastian Suarez
Sebastian Suarez - 25 gün önce
😭 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Stella Mantikou
Stella Mantikou - 25 gün önce
First things first, I adore Queen. Second, Rami Maleks face is imprinted in my brain ibn an Until Dawn way. Combination: Initially fail. This "Freddie" scares the cr@p out of me!
That KANEKI Guy - 26 gün önce
This must be a work of an enemy STAND
TheFanBoy - 26 gün önce
Freddie Mercury can Rock In Peace now ... :'-] He can be proud of himself and his group that is Queen.
truekeltonmu - 28 gün önce
0:16 take my money
Michael Helmkamp
Michael Helmkamp - 28 gün önce
I really want to see a music biopic movie about The Beatles.
Ashlyn Wolff
Ashlyn Wolff - 28 gün önce
Krystyna Lipinska Jacewicz
Krystyna Lipinska Jacewicz - 28 gün önce
Amazing♥️♥️♥️♥️thank you Fredyy💋
intacy - 29 gün önce
So close yet so far away
Biozid AL Mahmud
Biozid AL Mahmud - 29 gün önce
we will rock you♥
Lorraine -wants to die-
Lorraine -wants to die- - 29 gün önce
I hope we get to see at least 10 minutes of Roger being adorable
Wildan - Aylar önce
Those bulging eyes immediately brake my suspension of disbelief.
badmiyagi .s
badmiyagi .s - Aylar önce
Freddie Mercury was out of his mind flipping genius. A baritone who could hold his voice throughout the range of alto, baritone, soprano and tenor and never flinch. Immaculate rendition he hit it flawlessly.
Pure g e n I u s! Queen was a perfect fit for his range and resonance. Absolutely exceptional!
Elisabeth Hernández
Elisabeth Hernández - Aylar önce
Yeaaah! Freddie forever!
Youngstown - Aylar önce
So Why The Fuck Didn't They Do This When Freddie Was Still Alive,,,,
jorge gomez
jorge gomez - Aylar önce
I know that Rami Malek will make a good job, but Sacha Baron Cohen looks more like Freddie Mercury.
Pedre De Rojas Alba
Pedre De Rojas Alba - Aylar önce
Oscar to the best soundtrack
spyro desu
spyro desu - Aylar önce
Jhon Smith
Jhon Smith - Aylar önce
Human Thing
Human Thing - Aylar önce
So I'm 12, I really like 20th century music, but I don't spend much time knowing the singers, so can someone tell me the singers names?
Jynx _
Jynx _ - Aylar önce
Eh who cares 2.2k dislikes isn’t enough to beat 172k likes
cottoneye steve
cottoneye steve - Aylar önce
the second the another one bites the dust first beat came in my immediate reaction was to move my head, its just so good
Monica Anne
Monica Anne - Aylar önce
im so damn excited for this movie its unreal. im a hUge fan of queen
хлебушек с маслом
This actor come to Until Dawn 0:19
daily memes
daily memes - Aylar önce
freddy mecury😢😢😢😢😢
Keisy Sibaja
Keisy Sibaja - Aylar önce
Can't wait
cornfed mule
cornfed mule - Aylar önce
Fuck aids
Anycast Device
Anycast Device - Aylar önce
really want to watch this movie his the king of "ROCK"
NIÑO CEREAL - Aylar önce
sanawua xd
carlos castillo
carlos castillo - Aylar önce
de opera secsecshon
M.a K.S.12
M.a K.S.12 - Aylar önce
0:50 It's not the part when the operatic section comes in, but it's the part before the Outro with those: "Ohh Ohh Nothing really matters"
Freddie would turn in his Grave.
me la
me la - Aylar önce
I see Oscar here !
carlos castillo
carlos castillo - Aylar önce
Laid in heaven
Laid in heaven - Aylar önce
There better be at least one bloody jojo reference
lukethejoker - Aylar önce
Want was that at the begin?
Edit: I meant what
MutatedQuazenta - Aylar önce
Im watching this when its out.
Samuel Cunningham
Samuel Cunningham - Aylar önce
Ahh the operatic section yeah
Mys Katt
Mys Katt - Aylar önce
I love Raimi for this role, I can't wait!!!🤩🤩🤩
Violeta Orozco
Violeta Orozco - Aylar önce
Daaammmm 1 month more. I cant wait to watch it.
wyclef O'hara
wyclef O'hara - Aylar önce
I am so freaking excited about this
водка - Aylar önce
Don’t murder me for this, but I can’t stand Queen. They are talented, but I hate their music
Louie T
Louie T - Aylar önce
All the dislikes are from the rappers with word “lil” in it
Subash Chaudhary
Subash Chaudhary - Aylar önce
I really hope they don't mess this up 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕
Sara Burini
Sara Burini - Aylar önce
non ci posso crederee!!
Joana Ruby
Joana Ruby - Aylar önce
Another movie so others can make some money....lame!
Sunny Vaidya
Sunny Vaidya - Aylar önce
Man I love it 😍😍😍😢😢
Nour Gharbi
Nour Gharbi - Aylar önce
A deer under the desk
A deer under the desk - Aylar önce
라니자 - Aylar önce
20 years would be enough to be history. Hell Yeah! The legend QUEEN!!
Texting Stories
Texting Stories - Aylar önce
Jugando con Hugo XD
Jugando con Hugo XD - Aylar önce
Esto será lo más épico
Nathan Bushee
Nathan Bushee - Aylar önce
1:13 Freddie said think 6 mins is forever.
Toasteze - Aylar önce
The 2.2k people who disliked has no soul
Assassin'sCreedplayer 6024
So excited for November 2nd
Taku - Aylar önce
Oh yea
xcxm -.-
xcxm -.- - Aylar önce
Crazy how they actually look alike
Atlas - Aylar önce
Will Crawford
Will Crawford - Aylar önce
I'm excited but super skeptical too
WHIT3 Gamer
WHIT3 Gamer - Aylar önce
nice tribute to Freddie Mercury end to members is Really Nice Tribute
bill six
bill six - Aylar önce
fatwalletboy2 - Aylar önce
That AOBTD bass.........
René Eduardo Morales Díaz
I love mercury music
Elaisa Grace
Elaisa Grace - Aylar önce
fuck! elliot alderson ... and mr. robot the fuckin' dead father. ya just kan't make this shit up ... but then again, this is presicely what WE are doing. Gotta hand it to OUR mind ... fuck yeah, fuck yeah. ... everybody have fun tahnight ... everybody wang chung tonight ... weeeeeeeeeeeeee, we're gonna party, like it's your birthday (we'll let the old guys clean up the mess they made.~ hee hee hee ~ then we're gonna show how to do it freakin' right! Starting with ONE PERSON'S NAME ON THE FLAG SO THERE AINT NEVER NO MORE BULLSHIT GAME OF THRONES !!! we have some much more fun and games in mind ... what are yours? {{{ pssssst: be KIND! never MIND no one else's bi'niss for them ... etc. etc. you know the drill ... yeah!!! I Rami Martin! It's Peter a little bit growed up ... but always just a boy, just and ordinary boy, who was looking ... at the SKY!!! xxxo, i do not know. I'll guess I'll be ... Darlene or Angela ... or both? {{{{ psssst: WHO is White Rose? psssst, whotf is Q? dum, de, dum, dum ....
because _snickers
because _snickers - Aylar önce
Spoiler alert song gets made and later

Freddie dies
because _snickers
because _snickers - Aylar önce
I'm going with my mum and sister to this movie
Reignny Joseph
Reignny Joseph - Aylar önce
This is A MUST SEE. I never knew Freddie Mercury but I know from the bottom of my HEART. HE SPOKE A TRUE MEMORABLE Prescence TO THE WORLD....RIP LEGEND
Gatoalex carrera
Gatoalex carrera - Aylar önce
Inténtalo con ópera;-) queen un pedacito de cielo
Hannah Pfingsten
Hannah Pfingsten - Aylar önce
They need to make a full length version of this REMIX. The killer queen part was like AHHHHH YESS
Oren Lavi
Oren Lavi - Aylar önce
1:22 is that a jojo's reference?!
la wawa :v v:
la wawa :v v: - Aylar önce
*:0 OMG*
Taygen Lockyer
Taygen Lockyer - Aylar önce
Yaaaaaaaaasss I'm sooo excited ❤️
Ab De Villers
Ab De Villers - Aylar önce
Really exited for the movie of year
Apache Beard
Apache Beard - Aylar önce
If you look closely, you can see David Bowie -duwang-