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Chia - Gün önce
Umm Lannan....two positives is positive
H2O_RAPTOR - 5 gün önce
But 2 negatives is a positive and none of them corrected him which means none of them knows which means they all need to go to school
pseudo - 5 gün önce
Still waiting on my Click bathwater
Pringles YT
Pringles YT - 7 gün önce
It smells like a red thing

-Marcus 2019
John king King john
John king King john - 7 gün önce
Fruity was just agreeing with everything Elliot says
MrFreakface - 9 gün önce
Lannan is so annoying
Myxing Jelly
Myxing Jelly - 12 gün önce
Lufu: I don't know what it is
Elliot: Its ______
Lufu almost everytime: OH YEAH IT IS ______
Quex !!!!!!!
Quex !!!!!!! - 13 gün önce
You guys should truth or dare
JakeBox Panters
JakeBox Panters - 13 gün önce
love your vids
DabbiDuck - 15 gün önce
Cray i think right now Australia smells like smoke
Reaction Beast
Reaction Beast - 15 gün önce
Bazz: *points at flowers*
Also Bazz: PINEAPPLE!!
Roclin Bates
Roclin Bates - 15 gün önce
Muse ok doesn’t wear shoes that’s why he doesn’t polish them
Ja Va
Ja Va - 16 gün önce
Muse ok pretty much won and for this Marcus is useless
Jared Fisher
Jared Fisher - 16 gün önce
Does anyone else just hate Elliot?
elite Playa
elite Playa - 17 gün önce
*click* bait
Aletta Mockè
Aletta Mockè - 17 gün önce
I don't want to be a fiend
Gil Hutcheson
Gil Hutcheson - 18 gün önce
Elliott really needs the win
alfabet plays
alfabet plays - 18 gün önce
im a fiend to Cray xD
TTV_Narwhalzz - 21 gün önce
Who’s Lauren???
Daunt_ Louiss
Daunt_ Louiss - 21 gün önce
And here is the non school glue!
Qmarii Williams
Qmarii Williams - 24 gün önce
Everytime she says o yae
John-Joseph Williams
John-Joseph Williams - 26 gün önce
No one:
Literally no one:
Marcus: that smells like a red thing
Mim Mim
Mim Mim - 27 gün önce
4:15 - HELP!
6:03 - COFFEE!
8:29 - sTOP!
9:54 - Pineapple
11:47 - Eucalyptu..
13:12 - Oh! GOD
13:46 - Second Point On The Board! 👏
15:46 - WASABI!
19:49 - Two positives and a negative
Oliver Eliasson
Oliver Eliasson - Aylar önce
I know my dps dps= Dick picks
Howard Nowes
Howard Nowes - Aylar önce
Lazarbeam was wearing Lachlan merch
Steel 701
Steel 701 - Aylar önce
Elliot stop yelling I’m sneaking in
Phantom_ASSASS1N - Aylar önce
Literally what Bazz and Lannan said
Goku Midoriya
Goku Midoriya - Aylar önce
OMG you guys included Kimchi!? I love Kimchi! I have now subscribed and Liked and have given you my full respect
I am asian
Goku Midoriya
Goku Midoriya - Aylar önce
Elliot: Coffee fuels me!
Red Bull: Why You Bully Meh?
Goku Midoriya
Goku Midoriya - Aylar önce
Elliot: There is nothing that can stop the nose of Elliot!
Also Elliot: What is this?
Midnightwillow 1528
Midnightwillow 1528 - Aylar önce
I aint no fiend blue cheese just tastes good with hot wings sometimes
Flynn Gourlay
Flynn Gourlay - Aylar önce
“It smells like quote”
-Me 2019
Enigma Arcana
Enigma Arcana - Aylar önce
TheDealy devil
TheDealy devil - Aylar önce
Least favourite click member is Muselk
Darshan Clark
Darshan Clark - Aylar önce
Wait but there cant be that much tuna in the ocean so it is really DOLFIN
Buzzafract - Aylar önce
Is it tuna or dolphin??
Fareeda Zanofer
Fareeda Zanofer - Aylar önce
The moment marcus said 'it smells like a red thing', i knew that the comments section is gonna turn that into a meme lmaoooo🤣
GG Clutch-yt
GG Clutch-yt - Aylar önce
Good job you have a dog nose Eliot you wanna cookie
Ally K
Ally K - Aylar önce
Haha fuck. Cray is actually a genius though.
Xbox Fortnite
Xbox Fortnite - Aylar önce
3:08 cray says he hates the smell when he smells his thumb, not the food. 🤣😂