AVENGERS INFINITY WAR Funny Cast Interviews - Roasting Goats, Bloopers & Behind The Scenes Moments

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Flicks And The City
Flicks And The City - Yıl önce
Enjoy these awesome spoiler-free cast interviews for Avengers Infinity War!
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Carlos Duran
Carlos Duran - 2 aylar önce
Alexander Winn
Alexander Winn - 10 aylar önce
Probably Nebula like in the comics
Koustav Ghosh
Koustav Ghosh - 11 aylar önce
Who will kill Thanos???
this.is. aloh
this.is. aloh - Gün önce
I came here to watch iron man because I just cried after watching him die in the Endgame
Tara Boyle
Tara Boyle - 11 saatler önce
Mille - 11 gün önce
7:33 "Champagne purple" is another amazing invention from Anthony Mackie right there!
Mille - 11 gün önce
0:41 What did Downey film with Paul Rudd for Infinity War, when he is not even in it? Is this something for Endgame!?
tristan - Aylar önce
that rdj interview was just so relaxing
Zena Hanna
Zena Hanna - Aylar önce
Ugh this cast is so amazing best cast ever!!
Mack Herbert
Mack Herbert - Aylar önce
wait wait wait WAS PAUL RUDD SuPpOsEd TO BE IN IW
sakina fakhriah
sakina fakhriah - Aylar önce
"anytime that I did anyting with Rudd...." Oh Robert, honey, I know you're excited about Endgame, but Rudd isn't in Infinity War XD
Lauryn Smith
Lauryn Smith - Aylar önce
Tom: Bens’ a real diva
Benedict: HA, that’s what she said
Lora Larson
Lora Larson - Aylar önce
Coming back there are so many endgame spoilers in this 😂
awkward grl
awkward grl - Aylar önce
yall realise rdj said he worked his paul rudd? i guess thats an endgame spoiler?
Zaya Moone
Zaya Moone - 2 aylar önce
When I read the title of the video I thought that goat roasting was roasting and making fun of Loki
I was... very wrong
M-Ą .Ł. ღ
M-Ą .Ł. ღ - 2 aylar önce
"Loki is accessible, relatable, vulnerable, charming, better dressed, generally more stylish, witty, charismatic... and Thanos is more purple"
Thiago Couto
Thiago Couto - 2 aylar önce
Well we have one spoiler from Avengers Endgame we that Ironman and Ant-Man are going to have scenes together which makes me think that Cap and Tony actually are going to meet and reconcile because in the trailer we see Ant-Man trying to get buzzed in to the Avengers Headquarters and who's inside ? Cap, Widow, Banner and Thor . I have just blown my mind !
sassbrat - 2 aylar önce
Wonder if the Goat is the same one that is seen in the bloopers with Chadwick talking to Sebastian before he gets the arm and Chadwick stays in accent
Parker Nelson
Parker Nelson - 3 aylar önce
I love them all so much!!!
Dalia Sandy
Dalia Sandy - 3 aylar önce
In the caption when it said roasting a goat I thought they meant shading the greatest of all time🤣🤣🤣😂😉😂😂
abby gordon
abby gordon - 4 aylar önce
why is no one acknowledging rdj’s face @2:21 😂😂
JESSICAJFRS - 4 aylar önce
Dave complimenting Hemsworth over and over for being so attractive Is hilarious
Denise BearBear
Denise BearBear - 5 aylar önce
I LOVE toms answer in the end HAHAH
Benjamin Oosthoek
Benjamin Oosthoek - 5 aylar önce
RDJ is a great tony stark and above average in other roles, but as a person he is pathtetic PC...hollywood actors alike..using fame to massmanipulate people that are headfirst into twitter, fb and all that crap xD
Rightious and cultural appropriate. Disgusting x)
Ingrid Matos-Hoogliuter
Ingrid Matos-Hoogliuter - 5 aylar önce
The way Tom said “RANT” 😍😍😍
j1980boy1 - 5 aylar önce
Loki is the best villane because of Hiddleson... The man was playing Shakespeare while everyone else was playing basic movies... Major difference.
Nora Lip
Nora Lip - 6 aylar önce
that goat really made n impression on these ppl
Lin Trash
Lin Trash - 7 aylar önce
hello there
hello there - 8 aylar önce
Keep playing 1:38 over and over
The high pitched 'yeah' is just so funny 😂😂😂
kan kashung
kan kashung - 8 aylar önce
RDj good Actor Ever
Lili - 8 aylar önce
Benedict come and snatch my weave ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Renee Harvey
Renee Harvey - 8 aylar önce
I wanna know what the london project is when Tom and Benedict
Paquette Stephen Brett
Paquette Stephen Brett - 2 aylar önce
Spiderman far from home...if u still wondering
Portable Climatic
Portable Climatic - 8 aylar önce
only rdj gets the interview alone
miriam parsa
miriam parsa - 8 aylar önce
5:03 "It's not Tom Holland that's for sure."
Tracor Marr
Tracor Marr - 8 aylar önce
Caileigh Gillespie
Caileigh Gillespie - 8 aylar önce
can anyone else see her bra
Spider-girl - 8 aylar önce
Can RDJ plan my wedding?
Amaira Aaryan
Amaira Aaryan - 8 aylar önce
God father..... *Yes*
Stinky Pete
Stinky Pete - 9 aylar önce
I still haven't seen antman and the wasp or the incredibles 2 cuz I'm broke 😭
MrCloop The Third
MrCloop The Third - 3 gün önce
+T Starks Netflix isnt free. They said they were broke. The cost of a movie ticket is roughly the same as a months Netflix. If they can't afford the cinema, they can't afford Netflix. This isn't a hard conclusion to get to pal
T Starks
T Starks - Aylar önce
Watch them on netflix
Emily - 9 aylar önce
5:04 “it’s not Tom Holland, that’s for sure” HAHAHA
bee s
bee s - 9 aylar önce
i swear cheadle just referenced chris hemsworth dorito proportions
Bryan Torres
Bryan Torres - 9 aylar önce
Where Chris Evans at?
Titleboxer16 - 9 aylar önce
10:27 that hurt so much
Lady0fhearts07♥ - 10 aylar önce
10 years of Marvel is definitely a tribute to RDJ as much as it is to Stan Lee I mean the first Iron Man is his like make it back or lose it forever film after all he's been through and it feels like he really live a life in this time. Salute!
ShmokeyOfTheLeaf - 10 aylar önce
I respect Robert on what he said ha , even though he knows vegetarian is the way to go at least he admits that
Ash500 Girl
Ash500 Girl - 10 aylar önce
Interviewer - What would be in the gag reel?
RDJ - Omg. Well, anytime Pratt’s around.
Schnibble Schnubble
Schnibble Schnubble - 10 aylar önce
If RDJ and Johnny Depp were in a movie together, it would be the greatest movie of all time. In my opinion 😃
Celina Binkley
Celina Binkley - 10 aylar önce
Wait, Robert said any time he was with Rudd, does that mean Ant Man was supposed to be in Infinity war??
Cathrine d
Cathrine d - 11 aylar önce
Tom acted like Prince Charming on set and it was very funny
scarletfluerr - 11 aylar önce
Why is Zoe's bra showing? Chris's balls aren't showing? Women scream for equality and allow this exploitation.
Raven Movie Reviewer
Raven Movie Reviewer - 11 aylar önce
Tuberculosis(TB) has to happen. Tom x Benedict. so great together.
Nurmalita Titania
Nurmalita Titania - 11 aylar önce
"that's bizarre to look for the connection between a witch and a robot" congratulation on marrying a microwave oven, vodoo doll
Mara Fields
Mara Fields - 11 aylar önce
he looked like lord farquaad
Josh Lengel
Josh Lengel - 11 aylar önce
is it just me or does Gamora look awfully a lot like Kirk Hammet?
Codez_Man - 11 aylar önce
RDJ said he did scenes with Paul Rudd. Assuming he might be talking about Avengers 4 since they filmed both at the same time.
lilithempire1975 - 11 aylar önce
"So as the godfather-" "Yeah."
Big Hoss
Big Hoss - 11 aylar önce
Tom Holland and Cumberbatch make a nice couple.
Ice Bird
Ice Bird - 11 aylar önce
“The Rosetta Stone” 😂😂💀
naycruzz - 11 aylar önce
I thought Tom’s hair was nice in the film.. not over the top at all
WildHuskerYT - 11 aylar önce
Purple geologist want rock
Colton G
Colton G - 11 aylar önce
The MVPs of Infinity War: Thanos, Thor, Iron Man, Scarlett Witch, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and Gamora
The underutilized characters of Infinity War: Captain America, Nebula, Black Panther and Hulk
The worst character in Infinity War: Star-Lord (we all know why)
Hopefully we'll see Cap, Hulk and Nebula get more time in Avengers 4.
Adrienne H.
Adrienne H. - 11 aylar önce
“And thanos is more purple” that’s just killed me lol
Andrea Morales
Andrea Morales - 11 aylar önce
I enjoyed the movie but I didn’t it where Thanos snaps his fingers
Toby Rands
Toby Rands - 11 aylar önce
How come Josh never gets any interviews?
TI Pilot
TI Pilot - 11 aylar önce
MINI SPOILER ALERT : he just said anything I did with Rudd. but ant man wasn't in this movie. that means the avengers will join up with ant man and iron man and ant man will have a scene together.
Elsa Emuu
Elsa Emuu - 11 aylar önce
"And as The Godfather"
Omg he actually responds to "The Godfather" now
Jolie Brown
Jolie Brown - 11 aylar önce
"anytime i did anything with rudd" HE WASN'T EVEN IN IT ROBERT YOU FUCKINGJG
Jolie Brown
Jolie Brown - 11 aylar önce
Romane Ferrara why is he talking about it now tho damn
Romane Ferrara
Romane Ferrara - 11 aylar önce
Jolie Brown I think he is talking about Avengers 4 😊
Alice Souza
Alice Souza - 11 aylar önce
the goat
josie o
josie o - 11 aylar önce
I don't know who decided to put the Brits together in the interviews but they're bloody brilliant
Bobaganush26 - 11 aylar önce
12:47 Do stuff, and change the weather? She is talking about Storm from the X-Men. Wrong movie lady.
Fresh Frags
Fresh Frags - 11 aylar önce
Black Superman died in infinity war
Megan Ja
Megan Ja - 11 aylar önce
2:51 Bless him
Waylon MM
Waylon MM - 11 aylar önce
We start with the amazing RDJ, go through other beloved actors, and end with Tom dragging Thanos lmao
TheRoadKam - 11 aylar önce
"And Thanos is more purple" OMG Tom!
ShimmerShine323 - 11 aylar önce
I went and saw this movie yesterday and almost emotionally died. GO SEE THE MOVIE! It's amazing
Samantha Coty
Samantha Coty - 11 aylar önce
Tom Holland is like the hottest actor I've ever seen.
tsuki kirisaki
tsuki kirisaki - 11 aylar önce
“Thanos is more purple” I CANT AHAHHAHAHAHHAH🤣🤣🤣
AlphaNamjoon_GoddessLalisa - 11 aylar önce
Kekkee Tom and Ben are hilarious!
AlphaNamjoon_GoddessLalisa - 11 aylar önce
Wtf!!! Hahahaha RDJ and the goat story. Lol "if I got off-ed..." Lol
godhatesquinn - 11 aylar önce
I love RDJ sm
Suge Stamped
Suge Stamped - 11 aylar önce
Mbaku is gonna get the rosetta stone! I died!
anthonymax63 - 11 aylar önce
Roasted goat sounds really good right about now.
F77 RAPTOR - 11 aylar önce
Robert FTW!!!
WRMTW - 11 aylar önce
chris Pratt and Hemsworth are my favorite actors
Ahmed El-Kulak
Ahmed El-Kulak - 11 aylar önce
Mackie was right about the internet being broken hahahha
Desolate Rose
Desolate Rose - 11 aylar önce
Since I've seen Infinity War, it makes me sad hearing Zoe talk about her character. I'll miss her.
ArnoldsK - Yıl önce
Tom and Benedict are so cool together.
ArnoldsK - Yıl önce
Those glasses though!!!
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz - Yıl önce
there should be more than 2 to 3 minutes of gag reels
Darth Phoenix
Darth Phoenix - Yıl önce
Iron man and ant man avengers 4 confirmed scenes together
Clare - Yıl önce
I just choked on my soda when Benedict responded "She says" to Tom Holland. Jesus.
Guardian of the Entertainment
love the way pratt concluded with the emojis
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez - Yıl önce
Who's ready for captain marvel???
Jack Meehan
Jack Meehan - Yıl önce
anyone else notice how he said whenever he did something with Rudd? that means a decent amount of Ant Man in A4
ClassicAdden - 11 aylar önce
Fuck thats vague haha
jimmy white
jimmy white - Yıl önce
Who's the big black guy in between falcon and bucky?
jimmy white
jimmy white - 11 aylar önce
Ah cool, thank you. I havn't seen black panther yet, I'll have to watch it before infinity war!
Desolate Rose
Desolate Rose - 11 aylar önce
That's Winston Duke. He plays M'Baku from Black Panther.
Purple Squirrel
Purple Squirrel - Yıl önce
The way Robert was talking about killing and eating the poor little goat at the beginning then it switches over to Benedict’s sweet little face...coz like...Benedict is vegan. He’s just so kind and beautiful and perfect! Idk how he does it😩😩
isle yetti
isle yetti - Yıl önce
I like his hair in the movie
cd zz
cd zz - Yıl önce
"Thanos is more purple" XD
Kayla Ray
Kayla Ray - Yıl önce
RDJ= The G.O.A.T
Thor in IW: the real MVP
Gamer Pro
Gamer Pro - Aylar önce
Boo u
Nathan Strickland
Nathan Strickland - 8 aylar önce
Thor shoulda ripped StormBreaker outta his chest and THEN cut his GOD. DAMN. HEAD. OFF!!!! Suuuuuure they wouldn’t have had as great a cliff hanger, but what if Thor took the gauntlet and changed everything?! He totally coulda made Rocket his lieutenant and they coulda had him make Groot the “Secretary of All Plant life” blah blah god this movie was AMAZING!
Lois Ezi
Lois Ezi - 9 aylar önce
nah he went for heart instead of the head
Kayla Ray
Kayla Ray - 9 aylar önce
JayTheAsian atleast he got close enough
JayTheAsian - 9 aylar önce
Bs, Thor didn’t even go for the head
Amie Siyavong
Amie Siyavong - Yıl önce
Roasting a goat 😂😂😂
Selma Banane
Selma Banane - Yıl önce
"and Thanos is more purple "hahahahaha
Selma Banane
Selma Banane - Yıl önce
Blood0cean - Yıl önce
0:43 ??? guess they shot both already