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Flicks And The City
Flicks And The City - 6 aylar önce
**New MI6 DELETED SCENES video just uploaded! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOXrmnd4zYU
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 6 Connections & Ending Explained ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4ABU55dwPk
P.S. There isn't any audio in some of the footage to avoid giving away spoilers or other reasons.
Вадим Войналович
🤮🤮🤬💩💩👎👎🧠🧠💔💔💎🍔🍲🍲🍔🌯🥙эй ты дядя печькин.
rajeev kumar
rajeev kumar - 2 aylar önce
amazing job tom cruise
Jasper Störningar
Jasper Störningar - 5 aylar önce
How can someone who clearly knows what he's doing fuck up so badly? Yes, I'm talking about Jack Reacher, one of very few movies I rated 1/10 due to how disastrous it was
logitechmk350 - 5 aylar önce
Tom cruise really good on driving car n bike
Mr. Scriptie
Mr. Scriptie - 5 aylar önce
Please Give me a Sub.
Woosher Dooser
Woosher Dooser - Saatler önce
Tom Cruise is still Top Gun...
Mark - 21 saatler önce
What a man!!!
Rana HM Furqan
Rana HM Furqan - 21 saatler önce
why did they not use green sheet effect instead of jump from the plane?
kigabuma - 2 gün önce
No VFX or green screens ? No stuntmans? I can't believe that. Wow It's awsome.
jacque666 - 3 gün önce
GTA VI:Tom Cruise
Dimas Triantoro
Dimas Triantoro - 4 gün önce
Like a jackie chan.. No stuntman.. Proud of you tom :)
The Fit French
The Fit French - 4 gün önce
it was impossible...but they did it!
love guru
love guru - 4 gün önce
Respect to all cameramens.. who is also hidden stuntmen... Everybody apreciating to tom cruise ..nobody observing to cameramans
Fridgemusa - 5 gün önce
Holy shit he actually flew the chopper!!! What experimental serum are the Scientologists feeding this guy, because I want some?!
Eu sou Nigan
Eu sou Nigan - 5 gün önce
Who needs a stunt when you have TOM CRUISE?
Hida Ayu
Hida Ayu - 7 gün önce
omg the helicopter scene ws reaaaallll
jhon kremer
jhon kremer - 7 gün önce
La mejor película del 2018! Así de fácil!
jhon kremer
jhon kremer - 7 gün önce
Tom cruise! El mejor actor de todos los tiempos! Que chingon es! Saludos desde México.
jhon kremer
jhon kremer - 7 gün önce
Tom cruise the Best Action Man!
Eduseveneight - 8 gün önce
0:11 where is the boxer in this nine T scrambler?
Lindomar Sanches
Lindomar Sanches - 9 gün önce
O.mellhor ator.do.mundo.sem.duvida.o cara.e.fera
John Roll
John Roll - 11 gün önce
I would like to see Henry Cavill in more action movies
Nightmare J
Nightmare J - 11 gün önce
What a man!!!! No words to say.. actually he is really a super hero..
Abhinav Sahu
Abhinav Sahu - 11 gün önce
Someone give this an oscar
Abhinav Sahu
Abhinav Sahu - 11 gün önce
why u need green screen when u have TOM CRUISE
الاسلام - 12 gün önce
very good work😍🤴
ty nj
ty nj - 12 gün önce
That movie blew ass
نسرين طه
نسرين طه - 13 gün önce
عليم بالله توم كروز بجوز حوالي اكثر من ٥٠ فلم في رصيده التمثيلي
johann K
johann K - 13 gün önce
Tom cruise 007.. 😆😆
Daniel Filippus
Daniel Filippus - 13 gün önce
is this even allowed?
Виктор Евсеев
Виктор Евсеев - 13 gün önce
чё там была за хуета а
Виктор Евсеев
Виктор Евсеев - 13 gün önce
по русски можете написать а
Max Abraham James
Max Abraham James - 14 gün önce
Definitely the most inspirational video on YouTube.
Barry Mckockiner
Barry Mckockiner - 14 gün önce
Does all his own stunts, rides the bikes, drives the cars and flys the choppers, how many other actors make movies this realistic?
jUst vLogs
jUst vLogs - 14 gün önce
Helicopter scene starts from 7:13
Hit like for #tom cruise fans
Liz Vg
Liz Vg - 14 gün önce
Woow Behind the cameras of the fallout movie is amazing. Thanks for sharing.
unique mahin
unique mahin - 15 gün önce
CGI my arse
tsogt zagdsuren
tsogt zagdsuren - 15 gün önce
Less green screens = Great action movie.. Gratz Tom!
Chris Sunday
Chris Sunday - 16 gün önce
I love the way he treats everyone with utmost respect...I am his number one fan from Kenya...Such a great person...
leus - 17 gün önce
So, summing up - he broke his ankle jumping between two buildings, he dangled from a helicopter, he actually HALO jumped plus he also *piloted* a damn helicopter?
This guy earned every last dollar he got for this movie.
arthur kitchen
arthur kitchen - 19 gün önce
Def a badass!
Kodak Black
Kodak Black - 20 gün önce
J'aime trop Tom Cruise 👍💪💪💪
Ivan Mo
Ivan Mo - 20 gün önce
Нну такое, на четверочку пойдёт
Vladislav Gavrilovski
Vladislav Gavrilovski - 22 gün önce
watching this felt better than the actually movie
Simo Dena
Simo Dena - 22 gün önce
Mr. Thinker
Mr. Thinker - 22 gün önce
I think most of the stunt doubles people dislike....... Tom Cruise is basically steal their job...😂😅
Cristina Pessoa
Cristina Pessoa - 22 gün önce
TETRA CORPORATlON - 23 gün önce
Just respect! Nothing else.👍👍
Thomas Zhang
Thomas Zhang - 23 gün önce
If they did part of the heli- act in the studio, why can't they do all of it? This "oh i do my own stunts" is kinda stupid in my opinion. I wouldn't risk my life in a scenario like this.
Mysteerimies - 24 gün önce
This is true acting!
Lucas Michael Luzzi
Lucas Michael Luzzi - 24 gün önce
14:58 it must have been really hard to get this scene right
Brandon Barker
Brandon Barker - 24 gün önce
Tom should really be co-director on this, lmao.
rhymeandreasoning - 25 gün önce
I am not much of a Cruise fan, but he is a badass for sure.
WhiterunThane - 26 gün önce
26:00 Now imagine being the guy behind the "behind the scenes".
Atnaxid Ilujarap
Atnaxid Ilujarap - 26 gün önce
I also like his mountain climbing scene in 2nd part
arte chacra
arte chacra - 26 gün önce
Riky Mckay
Riky Mckay - 27 gün önce
This shit deserves an Oscar..this skills are part of beeing an actor..academy u really sucks
Mohit Chauhan
Mohit Chauhan - 27 gün önce
3:48 ......When you don't get Chicken Wings on set for 10 days😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
peter shaw
peter shaw - 27 gün önce
All i can say is ... TOM FUCKING CRUISE IS REALLY 'GOD'... no question about it.. no one in their right mind would learn how to fly one of these and do stunts in it.. only CRUISE. He is the hardest working actor in the industry. Total respect for him.
Yusha Lu
Yusha Lu - 28 gün önce
This guy is America's Jachie Chan !
Rixx - 28 gün önce
very reasonable he is very expensive actors
Haneen Haneen
Haneen Haneen - Aylar önce
Love you Tom
Jay Philip Williams
Jay Philip Williams - Aylar önce
Tom Cruise seems so genuine and is always very interested in everyone else and always gives others credit, even for sometimes small contributions.
zzodr - Aylar önce
Loving the matt black paint job on the H125
Narendra nath Chatterjee
Narendra nath Chatterjee - Aylar önce
If DC casts him as superman... He'd actually be like " i am gonna fly" :p.. Mad respect..
Roach Gaming
Roach Gaming - Aylar önce
What about Tom Cruise become Villain in Avengers? Seems awesome
GoldenChicken - Aylar önce
Tom Cruise is my No. 1 hero.
Grry Mxwll
Grry Mxwll - Aylar önce
26:30 so Henry jumped before Tom?
HKim0072 - Aylar önce
A green screen must have done something bad to Tom Cruise in his past life. The dude seems to hate them.
syahla zap
syahla zap - Aylar önce
Beneran terjun dong dari pesawat👏
i like this video, well is hard to make this movie
Fatima Mortet
Fatima Mortet - Aylar önce
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - Aylar önce
I could watch another hour of this.
Danial Amzar
Danial Amzar - Aylar önce
Love Tom Cruise, every things is made by original act, No blue or green screen.
roger edwards
roger edwards - Aylar önce
he just focuses on what he loves doing most, making movies and giving the movie lover every pennies worth. dedication to the craft...Tom Cruise
Dark Clouds
Dark Clouds - Aylar önce
Tom Cruise est vraiment un acteur totalement a part des autres, je suis sa carrière depuis ses débuts et il me laisse toujours sans voix à chaque films. Merci Mr Cruise de nous offrir/partager ces bons moments avec vous. Il est le Jean-Paul Belmondo américain. ;)
Rafaiell - Aylar önce
Queria os bastidores da cena da luta no banheiro.
Dody Hidayat
Dody Hidayat - Aylar önce
Keren bgt dah sumpah.. hebat yak bisa semua si tom :v
Alp Inceiplik
Alp Inceiplik - Aylar önce
Give this man an Oscar. Period.
mehdi lamaafar
mehdi lamaafar - Aylar önce
26:43 woow
robuchoa - Aylar önce
Veyvovv Sapkota
Veyvovv Sapkota - Aylar önce
This makes OCTANE to pump up!
RonaLs gibs
RonaLs gibs - Aylar önce
Coba bikin di Jakarta 😂🤣
Christian Cervantes
Christian Cervantes - Aylar önce
Aditya Atik
Aditya Atik - Aylar önce
tom curize is amazing actor
Rukshan Rukshan
Rukshan Rukshan - Aylar önce
Tom Cruise is a superb superb super Hero
Rukshan Rukshan
Rukshan Rukshan - Aylar önce
My Man
EPIC GACHATUBER Kat! - Aylar önce
Which ones better, james bond or mission impossible?

Me I'll go mission impossible, always, because look at that helicopter! And in his interview one time he said he can stay in water for 6 minutes! Without breathing! Talent right there
Angel of Death
Angel of Death - Aylar önce
What a short guy Mr. Tom Cruise
HerZeLeiD - Aylar önce
Wow. I respect an actor like Christian Bale for going out of his way to look like the characters he plays physically, but damn what TC does is on another level.
Julio Molina
Julio Molina - Aylar önce
META 19991
META 19991 - Aylar önce
Tom cruise is the living legend!!!
Erol Demirkoparan
Erol Demirkoparan - Aylar önce
i actually thought acting so easy! WTF? I can never be an actor!
Daniel Wallace
Daniel Wallace - Aylar önce
Henry Cavill's moustache was the hero of the movie!
Sudhakar B
Sudhakar B - Aylar önce
What a man Tom cruise 😍
Kuro Wanna
Kuro Wanna - Aylar önce
Imagining Tom Cruise as the Dark Knight Return.
Bill Joyce
Bill Joyce - Aylar önce
Check out NZ looking beautiful in those helicopter scenes.
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia - Aylar önce
No one can replace Tom's role of being Ethan Hunt. What an inspiration 🙏🏻
Aishah Esmadee
Aishah Esmadee - Aylar önce
It is sad that some people still don't believe that he is doing his own stunt and called him a liar
marco figueroa
marco figueroa - Aylar önce
BEST actor never seen
Ita Júnior
Ita Júnior - Aylar önce
Tom you are amazing! OMG!
алексей ладейщиков
уважуха однозначно!!!
MURISDRONE - Aylar önce
wonderfull actor tom cruise,, i think is the best accion man in the world... good work in this film very profesional ...
นายอัศวิน ธรรมโชติ
That good perfect guy i will love and like him of us.