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Flicks And The City
Flicks And The City - 4 aylar önce
**New MI6 DELETED SCENES video just uploaded! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOXrmnd4zYU
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 6 Connections & Ending Explained ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4ABU55dwPk
P.S. There isn't any audio in some of the footage to avoid giving away spoilers or other reasons.
Jasper Störningar
Jasper Störningar - 2 aylar önce
How can someone who clearly knows what he's doing fuck up so badly? Yes, I'm talking about Jack Reacher, one of very few movies I rated 1/10 due to how disastrous it was
logitechmk350 - 3 aylar önce
Tom cruise really good on driving car n bike
Mr. Scriptie
Mr. Scriptie - 3 aylar önce
Please Give me a Sub.
Slave2PaperWithInkOn - 3 aylar önce
OVER 1000 tax-PAY£R funded Military Bases around THE world !! E$pecially surrounding China and Ru$$ia !! mmm ?
Nassrul Hakeem
Nassrul Hakeem - 3 aylar önce
Austrian Truther sexes Korean and then
deepwaterwork - 2 saatler önce
Tom Cruise the best! Respect from Kazakhstan
Austin Full
Austin Full - 23 saatler önce
They have caneraman jumping off a plane and a behind the scenes camera man jumping off too.
Austin Full
Austin Full - 23 saatler önce
World's most expensive ankle and mustache.
fara juarez
fara juarez - Gün önce
La verdad que maravillo, 20% actuado, el resto es realidad y no ficción. Bravo!!
Ranjithcn Ranju
Ranjithcn Ranju - Gün önce
What can we say
He really deserve Oscar
Mustafa Hasan
Mustafa Hasan - Gün önce
is this irl :D
Stoffi80 - Gün önce
Best actor and stuntman in the world
Moro Quattro
Moro Quattro - 2 gün önce
His spirit rocks!
Ivan_aka Fan
Ivan_aka Fan - 3 gün önce
Том Круз крутой мужик!
Eduardo - 3 gün önce
My jaws are on the floor...in thought that scene of the helicopter chase was CGI
Jonnathan Nascimento
Jonnathan Nascimento - 4 gün önce
Com os bilhoes q ele tem na conta, nao me espanto ele saber pilotar helicoptero. Eu com o dinheiro q ele tem tbm saberia e teria uns 2
ibraash hashmi
ibraash hashmi - 4 gün önce
it's a helicopter alright!
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 4 gün önce
That stunt double looks a lot like Tom cruise
Pcdrom - 5 gün önce
Just finished the movie.
I'm so fricking happy that action movies with mostly real stunts are still existing in those "everything on a green plates" times.
Emerald Christensen
Emerald Christensen - 5 gün önce
No one asked him to do that, Tom is kinda of adrenaline junkie and a bit obsessed however its good for the audience bad for the company because the unnecessary risk. Visually and technologically we cannot tell the differences if its really stunt or CGI on big screen due to modern tech that's why MI6 kept marketing that every stunts were real and done by Tom before movie released. The same goes to that zero G scene form the Mummy reboot , its basically a marketing tool, can it be done without the stunts of course it can, how much it would affect the movie overall and how much the diff b/w CGI and real stunts I believe not so much , nevertheless the dedication and professionalism Tom put into his work are excellent.
TheFikri136 - 5 gün önce
I bet he will still do stunts by himself even if he is 100 years old.
SALAH MJ - 5 gün önce
Is there something this man cant do??
Zhar Borneo
Zhar Borneo - 5 gün önce
Rebbeca Ferguson 😍😍😍
priya tumu
priya tumu - 6 gün önce
i think tom cruise just a misunderstood person,i love this guy
marc eliow
marc eliow - 7 gün önce
Sikandar Ali Khan
Sikandar Ali Khan - 7 gün önce
Love u a lot Tom Cruise From Pakistan
Patty Bi
Patty Bi - 12 gün önce
Cameraman's such a badass too
Mijan Bokth
Mijan Bokth - 14 gün önce
Balls. Elephant size balls.
wolverineiscool - 14 gün önce
I seriously think Tom Cruise is the coolest guy on the planet right now...it's not just about being rich, a LOT of people are rich but the type of movies he gets to do, the locations....the unique stunts he gets to do...like he's really living the dream
николай ващилин
Том Круз - супермэн!
mohaimen khan
mohaimen khan - 17 gün önce
Tom Cruise is the best, I started watching him since was a kid and from that moment on been a diehard fan of his.
Hernan Lezcanp
Hernan Lezcanp - 18 gün önce
Genius Tom Cruise
Space Emo Cosplay
Space Emo Cosplay - 18 gün önce
16:44 is one of the best things to witness in person, I was on set of the film for a good amount of the shooting, especially when Tom was learning to fly the chopper, may have been cold as hell those days, but it was worth it
Logic Works
Logic Works - 19 gün önce
That’s cool
An Na
An Na - 21 gün önce
The best actor in the whole wide world! Such a legend..he'll always be my favorite..my first signature was annatom which i just changed when i got married..super favorite actor since childhood,but i hope he won't do those dangerous stunts again. Godbless him.
romantic love
romantic love - 23 gün önce
you re the best
dariyadan - 24 gün önce
Tom fucking Cruise
Mirza Khalid
Mirza Khalid - 26 gün önce
Tom Cruise is a legend and one of the best actor living to this day for old and new generation and that was simply Wow and Awesome for doing dangerous stunts like that...By the way Greetings to Tom Cruise from Bangladesh...You have got fans all around the world Mr. Cruise :)
老孙 - 26 gün önce
Kaszynka Miła
Kaszynka Miła - 27 gün önce
did roll in real traffic in paris and london?
S K - 28 gün önce
How to fly or learn Heli is not the issue, but when u fly Heli and do acting that is something crazy, professional and unbelievable.
zedda piras
zedda piras - 29 gün önce
io lo adoro! W TOM!
Vinnie D
Vinnie D - 29 gün önce
The guy is a fuckin legend
Weeraphat 911
Weeraphat 911 - Aylar önce
โห เพิ่งเคยดู สุดยอดจริงๆครับพี่ทอม
Terrlock - Aylar önce
I think for the next mission impossible have Jackie Chan be the bad guy. Imagine these two in the film together.
white g
white g - Aylar önce
Damn this shit real
M MNM - Aylar önce
I'm happy to say that in my life time Mr Cruise is a movie star personified period. The man has everything you want and more in a movie star bloodyhell. I don't see anyone else doing what he's doing impressive.
Saurav Kumar
Saurav Kumar - Aylar önce
I am big fan of Tom Cruise
IL LATO OSCURO - Aylar önce
Tom cruise has balls
Moksha - Aylar önce
To think it's CGI - think again ! Hats off Mr Cruise ! I wish to be a part of MI7 :)
RaWen092 - Aylar önce
Это лучший фильм за последние годы! Том Круз просто крутой Мужик! Всем любителям КИНО обязательно к просмотру!
Waldo Rocha
Waldo Rocha - Aylar önce
Tom.... you are the real Superman... amazing.
Hamno Dilshad
Hamno Dilshad - Aylar önce
they shooting with 8K rez and 48FPS
and we watch the movie in 1080p 24FPS xD
pan teng
pan teng - Aylar önce
a international version of Jackie chen
Core Wavefunction
Core Wavefunction - Aylar önce
Tom Cruise knows how to ride a horse, sky dive, fly a harrier/MIG jet, fly helicopters, drive Formula 1 cars, rock climb (the literal kind on a mountain), and, and...it's easier to ask what hasn't Cruise done.
EurekaFILMS - Aylar önce
hey.. i live 30 minutes of those locations... thats New Zealand
sarath s
sarath s - Aylar önce
8.20 have fun..
Tom- always 😎
A - Aylar önce
I'm speechless.
Anggi S. Ugart
Anggi S. Ugart - Aylar önce
Good perfomance for Henry Cavill. But i never forget Superman heheheh
Anggi S. Ugart
Anggi S. Ugart - Aylar önce
Wow, he is really Ethan Hunt!. Amazing. No stunt. Salam dari Indonesia
Sarah Meyer
Sarah Meyer - Aylar önce
No GI Joe's ?
Sanap Adsense
Sanap Adsense - Aylar önce
A true legend like french actor Jean paul Belmondo in his time.
human partizan
human partizan - Aylar önce
Futurist Man
Futurist Man - Aylar önce
Turkler her yerde🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Library Mikano
Library Mikano - Aylar önce
the mission impossible hs nise
COCONUTHEAD - Aylar önce
A truly great actor ladies and gentlemen
cx k
cx k - Aylar önce
That's crazy. Mad respect to cast and crew for pulling off these stunts. Definitely makes me appreciate the film and craft much more.
Ricy Rock
Ricy Rock - Aylar önce
Tom Cruise great actor 🤘😘😘
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma - Aylar önce
Damnit Ethan you don't have time for this.
Trim Prism
Trim Prism - Aylar önce
You can say whatever you want about Tom, but the way he does his own stunts just blows my mind like nothing else. Some of this stuff is really dangerous.
Gisella Tandudjaya
Gisella Tandudjaya - Aylar önce
Tom cruise is an incredible stuntman!
Black Water87
Black Water87 - Aylar önce
Tom has a twin brother used only for stunt devil.
Sofyan Hadi
Sofyan Hadi - Aylar önce
Tom Cruise is not only an actor, he's so full dedication in his job! AMAZING ONE!
Victor Delgado
Victor Delgado - Aylar önce
Fricking T Cruise doing EVERYTHING... Still amazing, every single time
sajan sunar
sajan sunar - Aylar önce
Tom is best
santosh kumar
santosh kumar - Aylar önce
I wish next MISSION IMPOSSIBLE part 7 must be taken in mouth HUASHAN in CHINA world deadliest.challending...mountain...check it out...
건빵 - Aylar önce
eonitwat - Aylar önce
Man, i would watch an entire movie of them making a MI movie
hallcaan zuparow
hallcaan zuparow - Aylar önce
sen mükemmel bir oyuncusun dublörsüz adam
Orangutan Sevgisi
Orangutan Sevgisi - Aylar önce
And look at the other CGI movies
wahyuadjie Prihatmanto
wahyuadjie Prihatmanto - Aylar önce
awesome works
The Aviationist Khizr
The Aviationist Khizr - Aylar önce
mission impossible is movie impossible now!
Piguretto Pigone
Piguretto Pigone - Aylar önce
Lạy chúa Tom Cruise, đỉnh quá :((((((((
TaufanAKharisma - Aylar önce
wow unbelievable he don't use stunt on jump fron helicopter action, looks like all real, it's crazy, superb Tom Cruise !!!
Grigoras Alexandru
Grigoras Alexandru - Aylar önce
The only way tom would need a stunt is do to his boring scenes.
Swedish Comedian
Swedish Comedian - Aylar önce
i could watch 25 procent of the film so long is the video
super sell
super sell - Aylar önce
I can't believe this,!!!!!!!!!!!
TesGon - Aylar önce
Tom Cruise is the person who does need "Death note" to give you a heart attack!!!
Bruno Tito
Bruno Tito - Aylar önce
Tom tu est le MEILLEUR ACTEUR au MONDE que j'ai jamais vu tes un Grand Grand ACTEUR 👉👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏TOM CRUISE 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.
Tanuj Singh
Tanuj Singh - Aylar önce
Even in behind the scenes shooting, stunts looks so realistic and thrilling.
Hats off to Tom Cruise for such a deducation and perfection.
ざわさん - Aylar önce
Just-Wondering Around
Just-Wondering Around - Aylar önce
Did Henry SkyDrive too?
Username Unknown
Username Unknown - Aylar önce
It's refreshing to see this after watching superhero movies that are 90% CGI and green screens
Mansfield Avery
Mansfield Avery - Aylar önce
amazing tom
Shiva Unique
Shiva Unique - Aylar önce
tomcruise living legend the real stunt man a fine actor and a great human being what not.. you are awesome..
Ari Prabancono
Ari Prabancono - Aylar önce
26:50 Earth is Flat..
Superman - Aylar önce
Yeah. Real bloopers.
traseeh - Aylar önce
Tom Cruise, the common cure for the green screen!
Doron Dsilva
Doron Dsilva - Aylar önce
He never wears a helmet when he is on the bike. No seatbelt while driving
ricardo ferreira lopes
ricardo ferreira lopes - Aylar önce
parabéns pelo perfeito filme,legal bom de boa massa,.
pomodorek78 - Aylar önce
Henry Cavil could play the role of the man of steel... But Tom Cruise is the man with balls of steel in real life
Nob ody
Nob ody - Aylar önce
he is a great actor and he respects his job. i respected him more than ever.
Philippe Germain
Philippe Germain - Aylar önce
Real great actor!I hope that he will make a movie with Emilia Clarke one day!