Hurricane Michael leaves destruction, thousands without power in its wake

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Connor Cline
Connor Cline - 5 gün önce
y’all people making jokes about this are heart less i live in panama city lost friends family houses and y’all want to make jokes about it like something’s funny any of y’all go through this and tell us how life is after. horrible people i swear
Grandmaster Righteous Divine
Livin4Him - Aylar önce
Cat 5 - we knew it before they changed it.
cristian crandall
cristian crandall - Aylar önce
4:30 cuteness overload
Shelby Sanchez
Shelby Sanchez - Aylar önce
I live in Alabama and this was a storm I will never forget!!!😢💔
Dottie Williams
Dottie Williams - 2 aylar önce
There's the #1 reason the Government all around the globe needs to STOP playing with Global warming & stop acting like it's not a big deal !!!! Stop HOARDING Tax payers $$$ & get on this & try to find some type of resolution B4 it's GOODBYE to humanity as we know it as if it's not bad enough . U can starve the poor can't home the homeless but build unessicary walls that don't even stop the migration of immigrents & waste billions on unneeded shit but continue to ignore the fact that global warming is going to destroy a lot of innocent lives !!!!!!! GOVERNMENT SPEND MORE TIME FOCUSING ON GLOBAL WARMING . THK U & STOP WIT THE BS LIES 45
고양이Pandoshi - 2 aylar önce
This is why I live in canada, in the middle of the map it's impossible for natural disasters other than small possible floods to happen
Corrynthia I AM
Corrynthia I AM - 2 aylar önce
I was a little girl when Andrew hit us in South Miami Dade County; the wind sounded like a freight train..And once that wind got under the roof IT WAS ALL OVER..It looked like a 3rd World Country outside.
skoluh - 3 aylar önce
Hurricanes, earthquakes, the end is near.
Twylyght779 - 3 aylar önce
The United States Weather Service upgraded this hurricane to a Category 5, just so everyone knows.
Carl Manuel
Carl Manuel - 3 aylar önce
I Been telling these idiots that!!!👍
Gabriel - 4 aylar önce
I never even knew that this hurricane existed da fuq
MR. MR. - 5 aylar önce
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Maryann Davey
Maryann Davey - 6 aylar önce
Insurance companies will eventually say there's no 💰💰💰💰
Yeet - 6 aylar önce
Damn. Trevor Got Michael Pissed...
Stevie Anderson
Stevie Anderson - 6 aylar önce
Yeah, we will be back to rebuild our house out of wood and tar shingles. I bet she paid a hefty price for all that wood, on the beach, where hurricanes hit.
mika owens
mika owens - 6 aylar önce
Man, Hurricane Felisha and Hurricane Juan were even crazy.

Who with me?
Logan Trudel
Logan Trudel - 6 aylar önce
12 years ladies and gents, 12 years
The Komodo Penguin
The Komodo Penguin - 7 aylar önce
4:52 she look like dora NO HATE
Elteay - 7 aylar önce
3:12 *Y E S*
Willie The Goat
Willie The Goat - 8 aylar önce
Hastily confused. A home can unfortunately be a cardboard box. The blue blog, was a house,,yes it may have been someone s home but the structure that was destroyed was a house,,,all this confusion over one word,,,, warm waterways the cause,,,,never heard if harp,,,,no. H. A. A. R. P. We will seemany many more,,,,,
Stajan Lickers
Stajan Lickers - 8 aylar önce
it could take 5 years to rebuild
CrakinEggz - 10 aylar önce
Great job on this piece, but that was Not our mayor. That was the mayor of Tallahassee.
t4705mb6 - 10 aylar önce
They had to get the "climate change" bullshit propaganda in there! (Their bosses make tons of money off that international bamboozle that was cooked up back in the '60s.)
Of course almost all of you swallow the preposterous scam hook, line and sinker ... as you ALWAYS do.
Well, what can we sane people expect from billions who belong to religious cults and actually 'believe' that they have invisible imaginary friends and enemies with super powers and that a giant pink rabbit sits at the controls on the cosmos!?!?
Earth is a huge nut house and the inmates have always had the keys.
Aubree Reeves
Aubree Reeves - 11 aylar önce
i went their for my vakashine
Gage Trawick
Gage Trawick - 11 aylar önce
I take for Granted having power I was out for 12 days
Kong - 11 aylar önce
Johnathan Fiske
Johnathan Fiske - 11 aylar önce
Mother nature just does what it wants. Not your fault humans.
Byron Outlaw
Byron Outlaw - 11 aylar önce
Angel Núnez
Angel Núnez - 11 aylar önce
black berry
black berry - 11 aylar önce dont control the climate..jesus said in the last days, earthquakes in divers places, dangerous times even in the water wld come...
Southernlady3776 - 11 aylar önce
Why didn’t you mention that the USA has lowered it green house emmisions. , if you want to know who to stop it’s China they and Asian countries are 95% of pollution
Jimmy Clipper
Jimmy Clipper - 11 aylar önce
Yes we've reduced Greenhouse Emissions a little too late and not enough. I'd suggest you refer to the Book of Isa for prophecy of the earth reeling to and fro like a drunkard. Why? Overworked and pillaged of her natural resources and the devasting effects of the Industrial Revolution of which Mjackson's Dangerous cover exposing the Illuminati confirmed took us back vs forward. The Apocryphal Books also predicted man's inventions reaking havoc upon the earth. The newest thing is Fracking which releases gases into the water system and several people have posted videos of lighting their tap water.
ALFredo Cuomo
ALFredo Cuomo - 11 aylar önce
Climate Change? I thought it was Global Warming. 😂 Stupid Liberal Lunatics.
bluebird5100 - 11 aylar önce
Everything within 5 miles of the coast should be made with concrete or cinder block filled with concrete.
Wood frame will work also, but needs many more tie downs and let in bracing and also earthquake bracing like is used in California but takes good carpenters to do it right.
There needs to be a coastal building code written and enforced that every structure can withstand 160mph winds. All sheathing should be applied with wafer head or washer head screws.
Alexander the great ahmad altorky
That's your degrees you're Dead you're Bad hestore will you shatup now lawd and clean
The Universe
The Universe - 11 aylar önce
Weather is controlled. It's being manipulated. Search up the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and F.E.M.A. bought HAARP. Which is a facility where they have the technology to manipulate weather. HAARP isn't the only facility. There is plenty more around the world. Research my friends. I've learned all this information from whistleblowers. Which are people that use to work for the CIA but left because the agendas are fucking insane. Excuse my language. Lol. Search up Project Camelot on YouTube. Life is not what it seems but we all can stay strong and love one another ,oh yeah and the news are all owned by banks and corporations. Just look behind of a dollar bill and look at all the symbolism. Its says new world order.
Flat Plainstone
Flat Plainstone - 11 aylar önce
The weather will make the climate great again by destroying those that pollute the most. Ironic isn't it ?
SHARON I AM - 11 aylar önce
SHARON I AM - 11 aylar önce
The storm is to bring your faith in MESSIAH KING LORD AND GOD JESUS CHRIST! REPENT THE LORD IS AT HAND! The end is near! If you die in your sins you will go to hell after there you will be casted alive into the lake of fire to live and burn in torment for ever and ever!
Frkfil Taro
Frkfil Taro - 11 aylar önce
Sand Foundation
Sand Foundation - 11 aylar önce
Can't just leave out the climate b.s.
lexacost - 11 aylar önce
But climate change is a hoax...
Axel Dread
Axel Dread - 11 aylar önce
It’s not fake news as much as it is fear mongering. In the 70s scientists said the world would soon run out of its oil reserves. In the 80s, scientists said that global warming was like a pond that had one lily pad on it that doubled everyday and that we were very close to the last day before the entire pond is covered. If global warming is man made then we are all pretty much screwed anyway because the kind of change needed to put the brakes on our life styles will not happen in 12 years. If global warming is due to...continued in next post.
Axel Dread
Axel Dread - 11 aylar önce
If global warming is due to John Casey’s cooling sun theory then we’re are pretty much screwed there. If global warming is due by God or any other theory that is out of our control we’re screwed there. Basically, we’re all screwed according to those who look at the world as a glass that is half empty. I suggest rather than fixing the problem that is not possible to fix, we should become proactive and look for solutions to the projected foods crisis and droughts that are coming. Find ways to set aside our differences and work together through innovation and ingenuity which has been the basis of our break through science, technology, industry, medical, etc. Rather than getting caught up in fear mongering and spend 90% of our energy and resources to figure out whose fault it is. Let’s focus only 10% on the failure and 90% on the solution to resolve projected problems of the future.
SHARON I AM - 11 aylar önce
NOAH GRABOWICZ - 11 aylar önce
Imagine being homeless during this stuff
samarhafeez - 11 aylar önce
Eoin Ferris
Eoin Ferris - 11 aylar önce
Awe the jacks i just got one a month ago shes 14 weeks
Nasty Nate
Nasty Nate - 11 aylar önce
What a joke. They just can't report the news, they have to throw in global warming and all of that agenda has to offer. Maybe they should do some investigative reporting on HAARP and report about that heating up and messing with the weather patterns
JrG1992 - 11 aylar önce
But the president says that climate change and global warming is fake news.
Dottie Williams
Dottie Williams - 2 aylar önce
Fareal 👑
A G - 11 aylar önce
oh great the lady brought some chocolate, does she have by any chance some weeds for me too????
mankybrains - 11 aylar önce
Wait.. hurricane prone area... how about concrete homes from now on anyone? Anyone know what the ratio of homes built with concrete is over the years? Be interesting to see the data on wood homes vs concrete homes and the amount it's cost over the years to repair and pay out in terms of damages. Doing so would save a lot on resources every year especially on insurance, no?
flcogicboy - 5 aylar önce
mankybrains sounds neighbor down the road lost his concrete home as well
Saad Muhammad
Saad Muhammad - 11 aylar önce
Global warming is true. Also true that we not gonna do anything about it because there is too much politics and big money at stake so behold for extreme weather, droughts, starvation, migrations and near extinction in 3rd world countries
German Camacho
German Camacho - 11 aylar önce
Mother Nature paid back I am very sorry for any Democrat that had lost they home, but was coming to you REPUBLICANS for believe that global warming is a Chinese hoax , that is what
Your orange clown said
Being Honest
Being Honest - 11 aylar önce
Always tryna blame it on global warming
Brad Dibble
Brad Dibble - 11 aylar önce
Global warming will eat into the profits of the old republicans...therefore it is a Chinese hoax.
These people are truly pathetic.
yes4me - 11 aylar önce
ABC is trying to feel sorry for idiots who stay during the storm and somehow survive. You call people to let them know their love ones is doing well for TV rating? This is what E! does. You are supposed to be a news channel. WTF is this BS?
roger komula
roger komula - 11 aylar önce
A National Guard unit wastes two days clearing a usable footpath because a TV crew showed up. I want to puke.
roger komula
roger komula - 11 aylar önce
Fuck them. They voted for Trump.
Sunny Wakefield
Sunny Wakefield - 11 aylar önce
nazim fiaz
nazim fiaz - 11 aylar önce
This century is very dangerous situation any where in worldwide we have to pray together worship of God stay away from sins bigger sins may God protect from any Disaster inshallah. Whatever Religion we follow we have worship of Disaster Earthquake and tsunami may Allah talla Will protect from these disaster Huricane Earthquake Tornado.