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Wolfie 7259
Wolfie 7259 - Gün önce
Okay, hear me out.... Ronnie Radke and Ariel Bloomer. Go listen to Hollow, and then Popular Monster, anybody else feel like that would be one godly collab song?
Only reason I'm here is because a vibe came back over me from 2014 when a friend showed me a song. That song was (fashionably late). It reminded my friend of me. I cheated on my girlfriend with multiple friend's. never slept with them tho. I even tried to put the move's on the friend that showed me this. Testosterone running wild will take a true player over and ruin his heart. True regret's tho. Specially remembering moment's like dancing on the football field during a rainy night. She broke up with me a year later after cheating. Because of awkwardness on August, ?. 2015. A bit before my birthday. Went back out with me on Nov, 3, 2015. broke up Nov, 7, 2015. Between us, and the friend's I messed around with thing's definitely weren't formal anymore. This mistress I was with had contacted me lately after 3 year's from telling me happy birthday, and a year, and a half before that in a relationship that started November, 18, 2013. I think that is right if that is a 1 year, and 10 month relationship. My memory is blurry. Probably because I suppressed my emotion's. I didn't know what to say to her. I was just like okay. that I dwelted over that for too long tho. I am 20, currently healthy, and not in a relationship. If you have heart, don't cheat, it will hit you hard. Now I am friend's with that same girl after breaking her heart 4, & 1/2 year's ago. She live's hundred's of mile's away from me tho. Too bad I can't just be like hey can I come over to your place outa nowhere.
Caleb Lino
Caleb Lino - Gün önce
i’ve always known Falling In Reverse just by name, this is the first time i hear these guys. this guy can sing...so soft, so strong...you have my like
tiempos nuevos
tiempos nuevos - Gün önce
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones - Gün önce
Am I the only one who feels the screams at the end were not necessary kinda killed the vibe of the song still good
Afireinside912 - Gün önce
I wish they would have kept the autotune off his voice. You can hear it quite a bit if you produce music. Probably not if you are an average listener. With that said, this is probably their best song ever produced.
Nation - Gün önce
It's so..sad compared to the original..I'm literally about to cry.....
Natalie Becerra
Natalie Becerra - Gün önce
this is my wedding and funeral song..sorry not sorry
Natalie Becerra
Natalie Becerra - Gün önce
ok but like...why did this make me cry...?
dianela salas
dianela salas - Gün önce
No se cual amar mas 😍😍😍😍 ambas me encantan 🖤♥️💗
Phoebe Jennings
Phoebe Jennings - Gün önce
this is beautiful
JakeCree - Gün önce
i like men... QUE RECUERDOOO LA PUTAA MADREEE SOLO TENIA 13 añitos y ahora 23
RPGrandPa - Gün önce
Just found out about Falling In Reverse - this is a masterpiece.
haley wagner
haley wagner - Gün önce
This feels about right for them 😍❤️
Summer Rose
Summer Rose - Gün önce
My boy here thought he was kylo ren, haha cute he grabbed his figurene of kylo and was rocking out with it ❤❤❤❤❤
Octavio Vallejo
Octavio Vallejo - Gün önce
Anyone else wondering where this was 10+ years ago? (Great Music vid tho didn't realize he was this talented)
dakota krueger
dakota krueger - Gün önce
I came back after a long time away, i remember the old version but I left that stage behind but this took me back
5-Star Podsplash
5-Star Podsplash - Gün önce
I loved the original but man this is an amazing reimagining of it. Chills.
baika dajel
baika dajel - Gün önce
He didn't even go full growl I like the fact that he soft scream.
rebekah sterling
rebekah sterling - Gün önce
Ugh his voice is amazing and I’m literally getting chills from this version
Hanady Gassan
Hanady Gassan - Gün önce
Somethings on the youtube deserve more than one damn like, fuck this can be seen and felt on many levels
Esther Pillay
Esther Pillay - Gün önce
Alexis Wuolle
Alexis Wuolle - Gün önce
My younger emo self is quaking rn! This is an amazing revamp of this song.
erick gustavo
erick gustavo - Gün önce
ILordJayI - Gün önce
The Original is sooo bad against this
Erin White
Erin White - Gün önce
Absolutely perfect😍🖤 Kinda like this one better than the original..
Marley Robinson
Marley Robinson - Gün önce
This is not falling in reverse
Janay Moore
Janay Moore - Gün önce
If you’re a huge fan of this song and a piano nerd like me 3:34 is the best part like omg wtf
Also nvm 4:57 I wasn’t expected that it made me so fucking happy
kayla Bryson
kayla Bryson - Gün önce
That ending
xXUnderTowerXx - Gün önce
Wow! What a surprise!
GrNx 31
GrNx 31 - Gün önce
This is just a pure masterpiece !
Discovered Ronnie with this song, can't stop listening !
He's amazing !
bri_ is2
bri_ is2 - Gün önce
I never knew i need this in my life
Isabella Archer
Isabella Archer - Gün önce
Imagine seeing this song live. Ronnie is such a phenomenal artist. This song carries so many different emotions that get tied together so perfectly both theatrically and lyrically. Falling in Reverse will continue to amaze me. This song is a truly beautiful masterpiece.
UnicornVomit96 - Gün önce
So so glad this was in my suggested!!!
Mackenzie Roberts
Mackenzie Roberts - Gün önce
A lot of their songs are almost 6 minutes long. Taking after the legends, I suppose. Working their way up. ^_^
sentei - Gün önce
I don't listen to this anymore, but I remember when I was emo I loved falling in reverse, I went to see him live with ptv, and it was amazing I thought it was like a dream, Falling in reverse was one of my favorite bands, I never thought i would listen to this now in these days.
I'm proud of him! ❤️
George Rose
George Rose - Gün önce
Oi all you noobs listen to escape the fates first album with ronnie radke, post hardcore vibes
Doritogamez - Gün önce
I don't know which version I like better they're both amazing
Vanilla Horizon
Vanilla Horizon - Gün önce
I did not expect THIS. Now I believe I might have a renewed obsession.
Zack B3
Zack B3 - Gün önce
I Like (Y)
Lucky Mwinzani
Lucky Mwinzani - Gün önce
wow is that Ronnie?
Max James
Max James - Gün önce
This song is literally holding my up.😥💯🙏🏻😥thank you Ronnie for this beautiful remix.
Аделина Давлеткильдина
So beautiful, Ronnie is genius 😍
xVicissitudesx - Gün önce
All they did was inject it with a few shots of norepinephrine.... Know what I mean? Like, adrenaline's counterpart.
Samantha Sanchez
Samantha Sanchez - Gün önce
Sooo good
Constanza Arancibia
Constanza Arancibia - Gün önce
me encanto la cancion😍😍😍😍
Stoney Flood
Stoney Flood - Gün önce
Danika Wilde
Danika Wilde - Gün önce
- miscellaneous things -
This is so fucking cool
Emmilee Bee
Emmilee Bee - Gün önce
I'm calling th police
NNeptune •
NNeptune • - Gün önce
Chills. Especially if you know the original too
Katharina Schaal
Katharina Schaal - Gün önce
2:55 😍
Goth Kid
Goth Kid - Gün önce
Anyone else getting Ozzy Osbourne "Dreamer" vibes from this.
This is amazing though.
Kayã Chraim
Kayã Chraim - Gün önce
so beautiful
Sviat 05
Sviat 05 - Gün önce
This is 10 ways better than original sound
Sviat 05
Sviat 05 - Gün önce
His emotions... He is like Chester Bennington.
Not so much vocalists can show right emotions while they are singing. He is so talented man.
Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT
Anyone else think that Ronnie looks like Kylo Ren in this
dvart1980 - Gün önce
Красивая песня. проникновенная
Maja Aurora
Maja Aurora - Gün önce
finally obsessed💜🔥
Anxiety heartbreak
Anxiety heartbreak - Gün önce
I'm crying