The Big, the BOLD, the Beautiful (Re-Upload)

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Ac!D - 10 saatler önce
[parkour lives matter]
ShaneTweezy - Gün önce
Imagine her doing the "I'm cute until I reveal my forehead" challenge
ShaneTweezy - Gün önce
Soft core parkour
Sergio zambrano
Sergio zambrano - 2 gün önce
whos re-watching this during quarantine
meaty cabbage
meaty cabbage - 4 gün önce
I remember liking Matthosszone 8 years ago and even sharing his channel on facebook back when I was an 13 year old simp before simps were even a thing.
After typing that I just realized that my childhood hobbies may explain a lot about the way I am right now. Holy shit.
okay hello
okay hello - 4 gün önce
Am I the only one who thinks hila always seems kinda bored
yourviewer animation
yourviewer animation - 4 gün önce
maltawhat - 5 gün önce
I'd love to know what makes you feel like you're in a position to talk shit about other people when you clearly go out of your way to be a complete pos to people and say things to absolutely humiliate them.
Does it make you feel good to be a complete pos of a human or are you just too wigged out to realize what you're doing?
Whats a lot f'ing worse than people watching this guy are people watching your toxic ass. At least he is trying to be creative and make a point where as you are just being a pos and trying to humiliate him but again i guess you're too wigged out to see that as well.
It's really hard to believe anybody would watch you other than to bare witness to somebody shamelessly being a steaming turd of a person which I'll give you, you're amazing at that.
Karma's a bitch buddy and nobody's gonna feel bad for you when that shit bites you in the ass
Joe Allen Weight Loss
Joe Allen Weight Loss - 6 gün önce
I love how she looks at Ethan
Correct - 6 gün önce
this is bullying
max - 7 gün önce
Yeet Man
Yeet Man - 7 gün önce
Simps be like
Flakes - 7 gün önce
To this day he never answered his last video.
Eduardo Nanin
Eduardo Nanin - 7 gün önce
I hope the lawyer subscribed
MrN00bly - 8 gün önce
He barely said anything bad lol
MusicMitchy - 8 gün önce
I still can't believe they got sued over this video.. buddy wrecked his whole thing he had going over doing it to.. just crazy.
Gabrielle - 8 gün önce
Mr. Klein, is it true you called my client quote, “a dang goobus?”
O. R
O. R - 8 gün önce
I wonder if any of the lawyers laughed while watching
Lucas Mroczynski
Lucas Mroczynski - 8 gün önce
this Matt Hoss guy looks like Braco's brother
Annoyed Green Giant
Annoyed Green Giant - 9 gün önce
This is the most important video on the channel and possibly YouTube history
Will Davis
Will Davis - 9 gün önce
He made her have a parkorgasm.
Will Davis
Will Davis - 9 gün önce
He pissed all in her butt, shit all over her tits and then stuck a loaf of Italian bread in her oven.
Canadian Whatever
Canadian Whatever - 9 gün önce
"And that is a compliment."
QuizzinCast Joe
QuizzinCast Joe - 9 gün önce
I actually do parkour and i can safely tell you that girl is 1000x better than him
Pepe the frog
Pepe the frog - 9 gün önce
200k video
SSstormwalker1 - 10 gün önce
fuck matt hoss!
Aethryx - 11 gün önce
That acting tho
Maxwell Raskin
Maxwell Raskin - 11 gün önce
Cameron O.
Cameron O. - 12 gün önce
Ethan, I doubt you'll respond to this, but I just wanted to ask, if you could do this all over again, knowing what this case would mean for fair use, would you?
FoxKondor channel
FoxKondor channel - 12 gün önce
That girl's delivery of that first line: "WHATAREYOUSOMESORTOFCREEP"

So robotic
Franz Pattison
Franz Pattison - 12 gün önce
that guy has such leather skin. age isn't kind to him
Jens Klem
Jens Klem - 12 gün önce
I love looking at this in 2020 jula has really come out of her shell
captainsweatshirt - 12 gün önce
lmao i like that ethans only three examples of weird sex is sticking a carrot up her ass, shitting in her mouth, and putting a carrot up her ass
Chuzzlepuff - 13 gün önce
Mr. Bean on some wild shit
Hannah Calzone
Hannah Calzone - 13 gün önce
Imagine getting sued for shitting on some dude making a chad fantasy
R. Lagerqvist
R. Lagerqvist - 13 gün önce
As of May 2020 Matt Hoss Zone still has 164K subs.
Smurlof Herr Allan Duane Burke
The first video starts like a porno
State College CONELRAD
State College CONELRAD - 15 gün önce
Deepweb black guy Peppers R.I.P Isa
Fuck this nigga trying to end my nigga Ethan
H3H3 Fan
H3H3 Fan - 15 gün önce
ethan laugh replay button 4:01
Carmen LeBlanc
Carmen LeBlanc - 15 gün önce
Like I’m feeling uncomfortable and I’m cringing just watching these clips 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ I would be extremely embarrassed if I were that dude
Meme Machine
Meme Machine - 16 gün önce

Oh.... *bell of wrong channel*
Xeno Morph
Xeno Morph - 16 gün önce
All i can think about is how a judge had to review this video
Agnie M
Agnie M - 16 gün önce
he sued you over how weird his own content was lmao
how does this work
how does this work - 18 gün önce
Lame ass parkour
Thorkazil The Cursed
Thorkazil The Cursed - 19 gün önce
I don’t chase girls (captions: But will chase Ethan to the fucking grave)
Brandon Webb
Brandon Webb - 19 gün önce
Is this a clip from Threat Level Midnight?
InterVines - 21 gün önce
Man, I really gotta start leaving subtitles on
Adam Olmedo
Adam Olmedo - 22 gün önce
Who talks to women like that
Adam Olmedo
Adam Olmedo - 22 gün önce
Hes gay wants people to think he straight gay all day
MyCat IsChubby
MyCat IsChubby - 25 gün önce
He looks like Mr. Bean 🤷‍♀️
its your boy Edu the king of fun
He has decent up jumps thats the only good parkour he can do
Kristi B
Kristi B - 26 gün önce
OMGGG THIS is the video?? THIS GUY sued you?? i've seen it all
Hydro - 27 gün önce
Have you ever pondered how Ethan pulled a hot wife?
Hydro - 27 gün önce
Jk Ethan you are a stallion
Nicholas Eisele
Nicholas Eisele - 27 gün önce
@12:28 do you think the judge pondered this equation?
Mauricio Valdez
Mauricio Valdez - 28 gün önce
Where ever he is I hope he's suffering mentally. Fuck you Matt Hoss.
Jay K
Jay K - 28 gün önce
He really sued over this... What a fucking loser 😂
jay 2100
jay 2100 - 28 gün önce
Go to matts most recent video, im pretty sure hes been making fake accounts and posting positive comments. Some of them are too cringe to be real.
Alexander Poe
Alexander Poe - 28 gün önce
the way Hila always looks at Ethan all endearing.. so cute
PassMeThe OxPlease
PassMeThe OxPlease - 29 gün önce
My dick sees 10 millions views on a wednesday
PassMeThe OxPlease
PassMeThe OxPlease - 29 gün önce
It doesn't :/
Dania Beck
Dania Beck - Aylar önce
It’s so funny to think they got sued over THIS video, out of all of them ... they make fun of other people soooo much worse, this was literally JUST silliness
Jeremy Payne
Jeremy Payne - Aylar önce
During this sketch it seems like he's trying to do a Todd Barry impression, and of course failing horribly.
Laniakea -000-
Laniakea -000- - Aylar önce
I just realized Ethan shaved his arms for this video.
Rocker2002 - Aylar önce
I thought the cover of this vid was Ethans shaved face. 😂😂😂
Robyn Georgiou
Robyn Georgiou - Aylar önce
I think Hila is secretly just as bad as Ethan She's a bit shy, you can tell she just wants to have mad moments like Ethan but holds it in 😂
IAmKrazyKyle - Aylar önce
Fuck that dude for what he put my dudes through. He could have embraced the meme and been accepted and grew his following. Instead we all see him as a complete douche.
Ethan Petricone
Ethan Petricone - Aylar önce
Woooaahhh hoodie with no sleeves
John Lazaro
John Lazaro - Aylar önce
mom can we get David Hasselhoff no we have David Hasselhoff at home David Hasselhoff at home
Izzy - Aylar önce
I like to come back and watch this video on the odd occasion, Just so I know H3 is still getting ad revenue off this.
Red Panda
Red Panda - Aylar önce
It's crazy to me that the video where you guys give the OP legit props for his work sprinkled in there is the one you get sued over, maximum butthurt hissy fit engage.
TheMightyKinkle - Aylar önce
He looks like Mr Bean
jamie - Aylar önce
Its Matt's twin it's real u dont read the Lore
Fleshbird - Aylar önce
I literally can’t ever seem to finish this over how much Matt Hoss’s video makes me cringe. Can’t believe he sued Ethan and Hila over THIS.
Auntie B
Auntie B - Aylar önce
HIS VIDEOS SO CRINGEYYYYYY AHHHH I am so glad his channel is practically dead. Literally on BoldGuy’s video about the court case he states he’s going to “sift through comments” he DELETED all the comments & turned off the likes & dislikes; probably cus everyone saw how much of a pussboi he is
Emil Georgiev
Emil Georgiev - Aylar önce
Dude, the girl has bigger arms than he does. I guess his into masculine women.
Alex T
Alex T - Aylar önce
Is that the video you got sued over?
Dillon Augustine
Dillon Augustine - Aylar önce
It would have been pretty cool if Matt embraced the meme and did a collab with h3h3. His channel would still be alive today. But instead he went the dark route.
Chuck Aule
Chuck Aule - Aylar önce
They literally praised this guy just as much as they goofed on him. Why would he take someone to court over this.. if everyone didn't think that guy was a douche they definatly do now smh.
HowardK - Aylar önce
This video is just about as old to us as the original matt hoss video is old to Ethan and Hila
IcWhy - Aylar önce
You are a fat fucking piece of shit
paddy - 9 gün önce
Captian Harlock
Captian Harlock - 27 gün önce