Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car!!

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Kani K.
Kani K. - 52 dakika önce
what if the area 51 raid leads everyone to jeffree chillin in his car, full alien gear, like 'HI, how are yA'
emily - 53 dakika önce
this genuinely makes me happy though
MAA - 53 dakika önce
He’s buying million dollar cars while I’m over here paying tuition and having an empty bank account, life is weird.
Rose O.
Rose O. - 53 dakika önce
Daaaaaaaang she an alien dream 👽💚 love ittt!! Aston Martin's are absolute beasts
Casey wasey
Casey wasey - 53 dakika önce
God someone get me a bucket
Logaboss Boi
Logaboss Boi - 53 dakika önce
Fuck this gay ass nigga
LPS Aesthetics
LPS Aesthetics - 54 dakika önce
"It looks like an alien!"
*area 51 has entered the chat*
Sebas Plaisir
Sebas Plaisir - 54 dakika önce
How many cars does he have?
Rowena Kite
Rowena Kite - 54 dakika önce
3:38 you think that’s insane?! In Australia where I live, diesel can cost up of 145.9 per litre (or around 552.2 per gallon)
Jessica Moneypenny
Jessica Moneypenny - 55 dakika önce
Trendmood has me watching this video at 0.25x looking for spoilers. 👀 🔎
Pandahz - 55 dakika önce
Tf you mean dream car?! You have 6 dream cars in that dam garage
ItzJesus_ 101
ItzJesus_ 101 - 55 dakika önce
Gonna be subscribing to people who subscribe to me :)
Ameli Santos
Ameli Santos - 55 dakika önce
Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mr.Fluffy84 - 56 dakika önce
Kansas City Mo gas is $2.50
Ali Qasim
Ali Qasim - 56 dakika önce
I will be Gay because I don't Girlfriend for 15 years.
Lilly Ghoul
Lilly Ghoul - 56 dakika önce
House looks like one of the end game houses in GTA with the cars lol
Erica Burtin
Erica Burtin - 57 dakika önce
OMG I live in Cleveland Ohio and our gas is 2.99 and I'm saying it's expensive
Atto Smith
Atto Smith - 57 dakika önce
Is he a guy or girl?
The opkillar Bonstom
The opkillar Bonstom - 58 dakika önce
Is he gay?
Michelle Walthour
Michelle Walthour - 58 dakika önce
You are stupid and gay you are stupid and gay
TheEnchanted0ne - 58 dakika önce
Wait are you a boy or girl??
Christopher Cuellar
Christopher Cuellar - 58 dakika önce
Shoutout to my grandpa since that’s the only way he hears
Dukestergamer1 - 58 dakika önce
Omg let me have ur cock
Marcus Fletes
Marcus Fletes - 59 dakika önce
Drive your lambo
Maria B
Maria B - 59 dakika önce
The guy with the pink hair is not into jefree 🤔
Maria B
Maria B - 59 dakika önce
I guess that's the bf?
Tiger T
Tiger T - 59 dakika önce
Bunch of gay men. This shit is so gay
blue berry
blue berry - 59 dakika önce
How is this on trending
Stephen Rea
Stephen Rea - 59 dakika önce
fucking gay people always ruining everything.
URC - 59 dakika önce
A mummy ran out of the louvre and snatched 100 pieces from it. Sold it in black market. And created a YouTube channel.

Im ready for hate comments
Tokki_ Pie
Tokki_ Pie - Saatler önce
Who else feels like they are being watched while they shower
Miranda Solano
Miranda Solano - Saatler önce
I don’t like wigs but Jeffree star rocks every single one he wears. Am I right?
Callie Baughn
Callie Baughn - Saatler önce
It’s kinda crazy seeing the gas is more expensive than diesel. But I am from the south, and diesels are used a lot more here than in Calabasas I’m sure.
Elie Elie
Elie Elie - Saatler önce
Why is this popular
Richard Rolison
Richard Rolison - Saatler önce
Sodomites will burn in hell
Ryan Lovie
Ryan Lovie - Saatler önce
Even with make up u look like the jeeper creeper
ZaZah JhimBadah
ZaZah JhimBadah - Saatler önce
* 4 mc doubles with mac sauce should fill me up*
The Mango
The Mango - Saatler önce
Nathan was lowkey mad when jeffree told him he sold his bentely
Natalia S
Natalia S - Saatler önce
An Aston Martin Vantage has been my dream car since I was like 15, this video just made my longing for this car more great & made me wanna achieve my dreams 10x harder.
Also Jeffree looks especially gorgeous in this video
kevin francis jr
kevin francis jr - Saatler önce
Area 51 is definitely going to attack that car😭🤣
Kung Jin
Kung Jin - Saatler önce
James Byard
James Byard - Saatler önce
Is that a plastic straw
beached crab
beached crab - Saatler önce
Thank you Jeffree for drinking cactus dry. My life is complete.
Dr Pain
Dr Pain - Saatler önce
Ew wtf
Brian Figueroa
Brian Figueroa - Saatler önce
Gay af LMFAO
Love _. Ace Family
Love _. Ace Family - Saatler önce
This is 1 on trending 😂😂
McKenna Clayton
McKenna Clayton - Saatler önce
Cosmo and Wanda round 2!!! 💚💗💚💗💚💗
Jamie Huff
Jamie Huff - Saatler önce
The look on Nate's face when he really got to feel her movie. You see his eye in the rearview mirror, wide eyed and like a kid in Disneyland.
Zakaaa Ina Ahmed
Zakaaa Ina Ahmed - Saatler önce
Ooooooh, i just can't watch thiz again,,,,,,,,, am sooooooo jealous bro
Father Beer
Father Beer - Saatler önce
I might act gay too for that car.