Coast Guard Dude Surfs a Narco-Sub Packed With Cocaine

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VICE News - Aylar önce
The video ends with a presumed trafficker emerging from the narco-sub, putting his hands up in surrender. Five alleged smugglers were seized aboard the vessel, and were handed over for prosecution by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.
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Nate Guevarra
Nate Guevarra - 12 gün önce
Alleged? THE VIDEO LITERALLY SHOWS THEM FLEEING US AUTHORITY BECAUSE THEY HAD COCAINE. Vice defending drug addicts, smugglers and possibly lords. Why? Is it because they are Hispanic? If they were white would you still say "alleged?" I'm a Filipino by the way.
John Spencer
John Spencer - 22 gün önce
@ipissed you are dumb. This is real. If you ask questions instead of looking like an idiot, people out here can answer them. This was literally in the news. And those fake marine uniforms are actually REAL coast guard uniforms. They are used by certain detachments only. And yes, international waters. If you think the uscg only hangs out off the coast of the us, just shows how little you and a great deal of other people know about the uscg.
John Spencer
John Spencer - 22 gün önce
@laser325 look up spss, or self propelled semi submersible. They do not submerge any more than that. Do some research before you go looking dumb
John Spencer
John Spencer - 22 gün önce
@Jane Doe nobody is looking to you to do jobs like this, think you are good
John Spencer
John Spencer - 22 gün önce
@THE TRACKCAR it's a semi sub, that's as submerged as they get.
Charles Clapper
Charles Clapper - Gün önce
Sovereign citizens be like: “were traveling in our vessels”
Hunter Burton
Hunter Burton - 3 gün önce
pisfa13 - 4 gün önce
my subtitles say “I don’t do work out”😂😂
Tyler Townes
Tyler Townes - 4 gün önce
No Fxs given
Jeff C
Jeff C - 4 gün önce
"Alto tu barco", his spanish sucks, and it's not a boat, it's a submarine.
teodorogerald - 6 gün önce
Coast Guard: *HOTEL TRIVAGO!!!*
freen - 6 gün önce
Lol i made a joke about this being my order that's being intercepted. After getting a bunch of likes it seems that it was deleted haha
Edin743 - 6 gün önce
I don't do workouts!
I don't do workouts!
I don't do workouts!
I don't do workouts!
I don't do workouts!
I don't do workouts!
Boroco Barner
Boroco Barner - 8 gün önce
Jerry - 9 gün önce
knock knock

newmicrobot - 9 gün önce
Mark Arellano
Mark Arellano - 10 gün önce
The most Badass Coast Guard moment I've ever seen 😎
Fernando Villaman
Fernando Villaman - 10 gün önce
Why is he yelling in Spanish? XD that's hell of an assumption
James Woods
James Woods - 12 gün önce
The war on drugs works, lol.
free wifi
free wifi - 14 gün önce
A submarine that can't fully submerge isn't a fucking submarine
I take L now !!!
I take L now !!! - 14 gün önce
No I am the Chewbacca
vembe4 - 14 gün önce
"Hi we've been trying to reach you about your subs extended warranty"
That Kid who does epic things
What a lad
Cocaino rap musique Meyer
Cocaino rap musique Meyer - 16 gün önce
It s à fake vidéo
Erick Guerra
Erick Guerra - 16 gün önce
Arto su barco!!! Lmfao
Andy Ray
Andy Ray - 18 gün önce
The one day Bob forgets to pack the bullhorn...
Get out.
Get out. - 20 gün önce
coast guard? more like bloody delta force.
Figgy - 21 gün önce
The Spanish 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂
Bob Semple ツ
Bob Semple ツ - 21 gün önce
Psychodelix - 21 gün önce
Extremely proud of our country USA and of the coast guard that protects it. Keep defending us from the enemies our nation.
Ish - 21 gün önce
Since JP Morgan couldn't get it in on a ship, they had to call in the submarine...
Brian Dang
Brian Dang - 21 gün önce
Well sheeet, now my dealer is gonna be dry....How am I gonna have fun at Burning Man? 🤦‍♂️
Elijah Hernandez
Elijah Hernandez - 22 gün önce
It be funny if there just started going down into the water
Ryan Putland
Ryan Putland - 22 gün önce
Total respect for what these awesome Coast Guards risk their lives each and every day doing. As awesome as this is to witness, I wish that these guys didn't have to risk their lives in the first place, to stop the greedy scum of the earth cartels and dealers who prey on the weak and vulnerable members of society. The shit these degenerates traffic around the world accounts for so much death and suffering that every link in the chain from cartel boss to street dealer are all accountable and responsible for that death and suffering. Those who risk their lives over and over again to stop this poison making it's way around the globe are heroes and deserve so much more respect, and pay/benefits, than they receive.
myooyoke - 22 gün önce
yooo i played this mission in Call Of Duty
Krusty chikenwings
Krusty chikenwings - 22 gün önce
Everybodys gone surrffiinnn, surrfiin usa
Erik Mc
Erik Mc - 23 gün önce
Have you merica'd today
Erik Mc
Erik Mc - 23 gün önce
So thats why my coke is so expensive
Bane 21
Bane 21 - 23 gün önce
El Chapo works with US gov. He probably got to big so they took the competition down. Also good scape goat
Gia Pacella
Gia Pacella - 23 gün önce
Gia Pacella
Gia Pacella - 23 gün önce
These men are so bad ass 🇺🇸
tony rodriguez
tony rodriguez - 24 gün önce
Alta too bark oh
Killroy62175 - 24 gün önce
I’ve got your burger!! I’ve got your burger!!
Duff Vader
Duff Vader - 24 gün önce
This is the trailer for GTA VI.
First Name
First Name - 24 gün önce
Opened that door with no self protection. Really strange. If I was opening that, I would have a gun loaded already aimed down there
ladynottingham89 - 24 gün önce
When Pablo Escobar wanted to use subs to bring coke they said he was crazy...well look at them now.🤣
PassTheChicken - 25 gün önce
Imagine opening it like wtf who is on the fucking roof lmao
Maurice Yoshikawa
Maurice Yoshikawa - 25 gün önce
Wow this guy jumped on a moving submarine with all his gear on. Not sure did he have on his PFD?
Don Tundra
Don Tundra - 25 gün önce
This dudes Spanish got me fucked up LOL!!
Cj Jj
Cj Jj - 25 gün önce
SUBscribe everyone!
Frank Mannarino
Frank Mannarino - 25 gün önce
If you're trying to sneak drugs why would you be on the surface?
Alexander Ashton
Alexander Ashton - 25 gün önce
How am I gonna get fucking high now! 🤷🏼‍♂️
Brian Mattingly
Brian Mattingly - 25 gün önce
Just shoot holes in the damn thing let it sink. No since In risking a young mans life for someone delivering death to our children.
Truth fears no scrutiny 123
Truth fears no scrutiny 123 - 25 gün önce
"Stop the boat, Now" is what the coast guard keeps repeating. Badass!
George Washington
George Washington - 25 gün önce
Ai tu si puego? Neymar?
PepperSpice - 26 gün önce
My mom hitting me with the chancla
Yaveh Suarez
Yaveh Suarez - 26 gün önce
Submarine not under the water .
jesus oct.
jesus oct. - 26 gün önce
He really needs to work on his spanish
Ron B. B
Ron B. B - 26 gün önce
"Alto Tu Barco".....-Translation: stop your boat...its not a boat it's a submarine...LOL
Mystery Playa
Mystery Playa - 26 gün önce
It’s just a semi sub it can’t go complete under water there is air vents on the top that’s why the sub was moving just slightly above water.
James Flint
James Flint - 26 gün önce
1% or less stopped. Great job, and only 3 million dollars cost to taxpayers!
Mystery Playa
Mystery Playa - 26 gün önce
Hey moron the coast guard pays taxes too.
Hisyam Auditore
Hisyam Auditore - 26 gün önce
Philip Abundo
Philip Abundo - 26 gün önce
Why didn’t it submerge
Mystery Playa
Mystery Playa - 26 gün önce
It’s a semi sub it has air vents on the top so it can’t go completely under.
Jasonm Gavitt
Jasonm Gavitt - 26 gün önce
Whatever or whoever is looking down at us is shaking their head.
Mr Magelacuttie
Mr Magelacuttie - 26 gün önce
Smugglers don’t have guns?????? That’s weird!
Mystery Playa
Mystery Playa - 26 gün önce
Guns for what shooting at the coast guard is not really a smart move when they jump on your cheap semi sub going through the middle of ocean and pound on the door demanding you get out yeah I’m guess is they wouldn’t even get a shot off before a blink of the eye there dead
Xeo The Masked
Xeo The Masked - 26 gün önce
Goes to captions and it says "I dont do workout" lmfao
VanBikeSkiandFish Boilermaker
Coast guard won the battle, but drugs has won the war.
Chris Rambarran
Chris Rambarran - 26 gün önce
What do they do with these confiscated subs......can you get one for recreational use it's kinda cool. Minus the drugs if course.
Kentucky Bear Arms
Kentucky Bear Arms - 26 gün önce
You mean coast guard beats man in head after surfing submarine
DEENOL STNH - 26 gün önce
Imagine using a fuckin submarine and still getting a man jumping of a rubber boat
a ticc fork with 1000 subscribers
Drug trafficker: Try to smuggle drug
Cost guard officer:Scream angrily while pointing finger
Dakota Sky-Gaskin
Dakota Sky-Gaskin - 26 gün önce
These guys have submarines now..
Fatdabs perez
Fatdabs perez - 26 gün önce
Call of duty shit
Loveduhmusic - 26 gün önce
Are the captions right on this video?😂
Its Me
Its Me - 26 gün önce
Umm...the hatch is shut sir...they can't hear you.
sheets0f metal
sheets0f metal - 26 gün önce
"I'm sorry your honor, I was trying to start a small orphanage in Colombia with the help of 40kilos of cocaine"- Richard Pryor :'D
Chuck Anya
Chuck Anya - 27 gün önce
That's dangerous,what if the inhabitants of the sub ,opened the deck door shooting.
Reality Check
Reality Check - 27 gün önce
I’m pretty sure I blew up all the subs in Wildlands
The Real Ando
The Real Ando - 27 gün önce
Just feeding America’s appetite for cocaine...
Steven Evidente
Steven Evidente - 27 gün önce
Didnt see a life vest, but I presume that the size of his balls will keep him afloat.
Carrie Cheaung
Carrie Cheaung - 27 gün önce
Those rascist that sub was carrying economic prosperity to those poor narco gangs and to the poor black guy on probation and now crack head jerome is gonna go crazy with out his meds
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo - 27 gün önce
Use this clip for coast guard recruitment!
VanBikeSkiandFish Boilermaker
Coast guard doesnt really recruit. It is the hardest branch of the military to get in. They deploy in the US and dont go to war.
D L - 27 gün önce
Damn that dude got some balls 1 jumping on a slippery submarine in full gear and no life vest (if he slipped he’s going to the bottom) 2 when that hatch popes open he didn’t know what was waiting to meet him in surprised it wasn’t the barrel of a gun
carlos martinez
carlos martinez - 27 gün önce
Mean while tons upon tons made their way through on another route. This was simply a decoy 😂 As long as there is a demand there will be a profit. 🤷🏻‍♂️
VanBikeSkiandFish Boilermaker
We should legalize and regulate drugs.
President NotSure
President NotSure - 26 gün önce
We should start shooting people from south of the border who smuggle drugs?
TT CC - 27 gün önce
**opens caption**