Lady Of The Dunes - Q+A

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paul veitch
paul veitch - 22 saatler önce
If you're running out of old timey Hollywood crime documentations, why not try the case of Sharon Tate? Margot Robbie even played her character in one of Leonardo's movies
Q Min
Q Min - Gün önce
Im glad that creepy doll is not there with Shane
Raj - 2 gün önce
Bro why does Shane always do that scary stuff at the start??
Misty W
Misty W - 3 gün önce
Can I just say that I love Shane's kitchen walls. They're kinda fun and whimsical, like him...
Megan Sutherland
Megan Sutherland - 6 gün önce
What is going on with Shane in the beginning of this episode? Def. demon! ;)
horohorosrin - 7 gün önce
The inner machinations of Shane's mind are an enigma
Dark Diamond
Dark Diamond - 9 gün önce
I aspire to have their friendship with someone one day
Lillian 9017
Lillian 9017 - 10 gün önce
I can relate to Shane's fear of dogs. A dos did bite my face when I was 3 in our apartment complex
katherine collins
katherine collins - 12 gün önce
Love these follow up vlogs, Shane and Ryan are more than awesome
Giovanna - 13 gün önce
"For various things" lol you just know they cant say it's for watcher
Holly Blue
Holly Blue - 14 gün önce
hearing shane's thoughts on dogs and cats...after the traumatizing 'loose skin over bones' tweet....
Pretty Chantique
Pretty Chantique - 23 gün önce
This case was like half a century ago
Jay A.
Jay A. - 24 gün önce
yet another episode in the thrilling saga of ryan not knowing screen left from screen right
Jesseca Trainham
Jesseca Trainham - 24 gün önce
Shane holds that Avocado like Hamlet pondering Yorick's skull. #WhatIfIDied
Rwby Smidt
Rwby Smidt - 24 gün önce
Alexandra Saiko
Alexandra Saiko - 26 gün önce
Shane's so done 0:50
Zoe Grabowski
Zoe Grabowski - Aylar önce
My aunt’s dog bit my cousin’s face, if it’s a big dog and your a small enough child that is a legitimate concern
strawhatcrewgirl - Aylar önce
Ryan really impressing me with his level of professional...ism by making it look like he's looking at Shane while Shane speaks. Bravo.
cai - Aylar önce
they really said they're not friends then turned and said they've been facetiming all week
Milton Bates
Milton Bates - Aylar önce
Can you do an episode on serial killer Mary Ann Cotton?
Winzie - Aylar önce
That woman who escaped from prison killed this woman and stole her identity. The fingers are preserved for when she needs to do anything finger print related...... NAAAAAAAHHHH

But what if it really is a case of stolen identity.... would explain why no one was reported missing and they would choose a victim who didn't have much relatives ....
Pokemonz - Aylar önce
what makes me more convinced of the jaws theory is the fact that you would expect the family of the extra to think "oh no that was my grandma" or simply the extra to notice and come out with " oooh that was me in the 70's." The victims identity is almost as non existant as the extra.
Chris James
Chris James - Aylar önce
DNA was not used as evidence in a criminal case until 1987...... there is no way the killer would have thought of removing the hands because of DNA. Fingerprints, yes, DNA definitely not.
Dan The Trashcan
Dan The Trashcan - Aylar önce
4:50 ok but like wasn't the head mostly decapitated or whatever??
strandedstarfish - Aylar önce
Shane = I am sam?
Slave to The grinde
Slave to The grinde - Aylar önce
Do you guys know Al Gore....he created the internet....haha
Violamae - Aylar önce
It’s sad, but I’ve seen a lot of “house” dogs running loose for days. Especially in small towns like mine (which is quite similar to Cape Cod and just some hours south), they can run around untethered for weeks without anyone picking them up—they’re scavengers; they’ll eat cat food left out, they can get into chicken coops, garbage bins, etc. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say the dog might have belonged to the woman, even if there’s no (public) evidence clearly showing so.
EricMichaelCross - Aylar önce
No one in 1974 was worried about DNA evidence. If hands were intentionally removed, it was obviously to obscure investigation into fingerprints, tattoos, scars, etc.
Wanda Suárez
Wanda Suárez - Aylar önce
Give us those raw 4 hours recording omg
Andrea Coristine
Andrea Coristine - Aylar önce
"Why would they take the hands but not the teeth?" Me with terminal jojo brainrot: yoshikage kira is that u 👀👀
Badger Pa
Badger Pa - Aylar önce
If you need another case look at this one. Her hands where removed and her head smashed badly. She was thrown in a ditch on a small township road. The person drove from the highway to almost the end of the town road dumped her then turned around and went back the way they came, the road led back to the highway if they went another half mile or so. Her clothes were bespoke and she was possibly from a western state. Sad case no ID since 1984. You guys can get this one solved and Shane can learn to love the hell hounds in his mind.
Emily Kelly
Emily Kelly - Aylar önce
Shane’s face at the beginning LOL
Jenna Lakes
Jenna Lakes - Aylar önce
I was today’s years old when I realized what they mean by BUN... 🤦🏻‍♀️
Poochie Collins
Poochie Collins - Aylar önce
"My friend can't find their ant!"

Me: "what? ... Oh."
Malene Jenssen
Malene Jenssen - Aylar önce
The dentist did it
farrah marson
farrah marson - Aylar önce
ryan make your bed !
Just An Observer of BS
Just An Observer of BS - Aylar önce
...waiting for Shane to pour the wine...right next to him. C'mon man!
Cecilia Barras
Cecilia Barras - Aylar önce
Shane: I’ve missed seeing... people. Ryan: Well I’ve missed you Shane. Me: 🥺
Vicious DIY
Vicious DIY - Aylar önce
Yo Ryan, what's that T-shirt you're wearing? Looks cool
Sourav Kumar
Sourav Kumar - Aylar önce
Go Amityville to investigate
Tati L.
Tati L. - Aylar önce
"the BUN community".
Love it.
Lillianna Asuncion
Lillianna Asuncion - Aylar önce
Do people forget that Spielberg made movies like the poltergeist? 😂
dani gibson
dani gibson - Aylar önce
What’s sad is the hot days is over
ToeBones - Aylar önce
13:56 speaking as someone who's spent a lot of time in provincetown, it used to be kind of normal for there to be dogs that didn't really belong to anyone. Some did actually belong to people but were allowed to just wander around during the day. Theres a cute little picture book about such dogs by Susan Baker.
kat kurth
kat kurth - Aylar önce
when shane doesn’t like dogs bc he literally would see the Grim (aka sirius black) from harry potter in his dreams
epcellolover - Aylar önce
I wanted to say that the head was also mostly decapitated. I think maybe the murderer was interrupted or spooked before taking the head of the victim.
I wish the investigators checked New York dental records as well since it was “New York style”.
Thirzah Bragg
Thirzah Bragg - Aylar önce
If you're after more Old Hollywood mysteries, PLEASE look at the death of actor David Bacon. It's... peculiar
Andrew Carroll11087
Andrew Carroll11087 - Aylar önce
Who gathers the info on the cases, is it Ryan?#postmortem
Brad - Aylar önce
Ryan, MAKE YOUR BED if you're gonna use it as a background in a YouTube video! Really unprofessional!
Jon S
Jon S - Aylar önce
"I feel like it's just gonna be a stick with a big old head on it."
Well, that'd look a lot like Shane, then.
Zul Lo
Zul Lo - Aylar önce
i like how most of us think a hellhound appeared in shanes dream
Badger Pa
Badger Pa - Aylar önce
He is a vampire so it makes sense.
emily turton
emily turton - Aylar önce
Ngl I thought u were in the same room at the start
s.M. c
s.M. c - Aylar önce
What Shane said at 11:00 after the person's question instantly reminded me of 1 of Stephen King's books called Cujo.
PogiRaph - Aylar önce
What if the murderer of the victim was her family members? I mean they cut off her hands to probably avoid identification to her and the family and it could also be reasonable to why no one ever identified her.
coral no5
coral no5 - Aylar önce
I thought Shane was scared of avocados
tyrell - Aylar önce
3:29 I love how Ryan is looking directly at the book like they are together in real life!
lila. - Aylar önce
maybe she was running from someone and accidentally ran through the set? because there was no record of her being there and she looked very frightened in the screen capture, so it is a possibility someone else in the shot, or just out of shot was involved or actually the murderer.
Krisztina Széll
Krisztina Széll - Aylar önce
ok but what did Shane do to Sirius Black to deserve those dreams
Alicia Quintero
Alicia Quintero - Aylar önce
Thank you for keeping me sane :3
Marlene Georgette
Marlene Georgette - Aylar önce
“I look like a little goldfish”
-Ryan 2020
Poochie Collins
Poochie Collins - Aylar önce
Sandra Fourneau
Sandra Fourneau - Aylar önce
Eden Wening
Eden Wening - Aylar önce
The killer is her dentist 😮
L A - Aylar önce
Ryan looking at his side to imitate like Shane is by his side is funny but ill give it to hin for committment 😂
Bu Radley
Bu Radley - Aylar önce
no DNA testing at the time remember
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil - Aylar önce
The hands could have been trophies
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil - Aylar önce
She wasnt from there, and someone who didnt know her well killed her
Phoenix H
Phoenix H - Aylar önce
This just in: Ryan's bedroom is in his living room
Pol Dog
Pol Dog - Aylar önce
Shane is the closest to a human owl
Kcuf elgoog
Kcuf elgoog - Aylar önce
No one knew about DNA in 1974 so that scratching theory doesnt add up
Badger Pa
Badger Pa - Aylar önce
Sicko took them as trophy.
Ryan Dawson
Ryan Dawson - Aylar önce
DNA wasn't even a thing back when this took place, the idea that someone would consider genetic material under fingernails, let alone cut off the hands to hide is absolutely ludicrous. To hide fingerprints, yes fine.
Lilith Eleanor
Lilith Eleanor - Aylar önce
Ryan, in the beginning: completely normal
Shane: 👁👄👁
Natalie Cope
Natalie Cope - Aylar önce
Upload the other 3:45 hours!!!
AnarchoFeminist - Aylar önce
DNA wasn't used in criminal cases until 1984. Just FYI guys.
Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur - Aylar önce
Oh the pants! 😂😂😂
catrina soldevila
catrina soldevila - Aylar önce
I met Stephen Spielbergs daughter in a park once. We both had pugs and they wanted to sniff eachother. She was super sweet. I didn't realize who she was until I looked to me left and saw a man sitting on a horse 5 feet away staring at us all smiling. I was like, "wtf, what a creeper." It wasn't til we were walking our separate ways that I realized who the horse man was and I told my boyfriend who we'd just met. I love that story.
May - Aylar önce
There's two true story Australian movies about a dog travelling the world alone sooo
brian - Aylar önce
maybe the killer took the hands just cuz they like hands? hmm
Adam Whosoever
Adam Whosoever - Aylar önce
Ryan is not intelligent
Hannah - Aylar önce
*clears throat in Professor Trelawney*
Shane, dear boy, I see in you a terrible fate, you have
-thematic pause-
Hannah - Aylar önce
"We aren't friends"
"Hello Shane, nice to see you in my bedroom"