we're pregnant

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Cillian Clarke
Cillian Clarke - 2 saatler önce
The kid is gonna watch this one day...
Jeremy Lee Acunin
Jeremy Lee Acunin - Gün önce
ethan is a simp, and no sir, i am not complaining. i wish i have a girl too
Gabriel Century
Gabriel Century - Gün önce
I imagine theadore's reaction when grows up and watches this
Josh The Pleb
Josh The Pleb - Gün önce
One day that kid will see this video
redrose 101
redrose 101 - Gün önce
It looks like a pokemon
ok 237
ok 237 - Gün önce
Seven - 2 gün önce
I’m so proud of ethans hairline
Joseph Olin
Joseph Olin - 2 gün önce
Damn I didn't know Ethan could carry a child.
oLocoz TR
oLocoz TR - 3 gün önce
Funny part is “ *we* are pregnant”
Riley 123
Riley 123 - 3 gün önce
Ethan is so proud of his carrier but who is the dad
hobby gamer
hobby gamer - 8 gün önce
mystery 17
mystery 17 - 9 gün önce
Saved for future reference
Karon Haines
Karon Haines - 10 gün önce
Can we see the baby.
I don't get the joke please tell me
What do you mean "we" Is ethan pregnant too?
Laniakea -000-
Laniakea -000- - 21 gün önce
"You just go to the hospital and they give you a baby". That's what I'm going to tell my kids when they ask about the birds and the bees.
Saxon Elyaman
Saxon Elyaman - 22 gün önce
Start calling hila your baby momma
Leo Taranov
Leo Taranov - 23 gün önce
When is Ethan going to give birth? Hese been pregnant for years
Tyler Minix
Tyler Minix - 25 gün önce
Hila's eyes are so lovely. She's a beautiful lady. It's obvious, I know, but I needed to leave a comment about it.
R0- TR
R0- TR - 27 gün önce
Congratulations! Who’s the father?
dede jesus girl
dede jesus girl - 27 gün önce
that the cutest baby ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew Houston
Matthew Houston - 27 gün önce
My mom is watching...hehehehe🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Matthew Houston
Matthew Houston - 27 gün önce
So youre both pregnant?
Fhebi B.
Fhebi B. - Aylar önce
i ate edibles an hour ago and now im crying at someones elses previous pregnancy
DUKE ML - Aylar önce
5:30 I want my girl to look at me like how Hila is looking at Ethan 💜💜💜💜
Where is she from
Ella Jones
Ella Jones - Aylar önce
I love these two so much... why the hell does this have 8,000 dislikes? What is there to dislike?
Get Rocked
Get Rocked - Aylar önce
So you're fully acknowledging that it's a life in her? I guess it's just not a life if you don't want it
LÖFL The Golf Club
LÖFL The Golf Club - Aylar önce
senpai Nudes
senpai Nudes - Aylar önce
Who’s the mother
Herbie Hazard
Herbie Hazard - Aylar önce
Ethan is a snapping turtle
Jacob Vennemann
Jacob Vennemann - Aylar önce
Why has anyone disliked this video
_Oblivious_ - Aylar önce
Their relationship seems one sided based on how highly ethan thinks of hila, whereas hila says little to nothing about ethan
Magdalena Krauze
Magdalena Krauze - Aylar önce
I hope I'll find someone who will love me as much as Ethan loves Hila
Ap3xjeeby - Aylar önce
Lynn 44
Lynn 44 - Aylar önce
Wow I want someone to be so obsessed and interested in me as Ethan is with Hila😂
Jackeline Santana
Jackeline Santana - Aylar önce
If they break up then I don’t know what love is.
Luis Malta
Luis Malta - Aylar önce
Nebulan Eclipse
Nebulan Eclipse - Aylar önce
"we're" pregnant
O K - Aylar önce
I think Ethan has a crush on Hila
morschlein dingelskirchen
morschlein dingelskirchen - 22 gün önce
lol no, shes his sister.
Nate T
Nate T - Aylar önce
I watched this while eating jellybeans and felt very uncomfortable
Elise Brodeur-Jacobs
Elise Brodeur-Jacobs - Aylar önce
Y'all are fucking amazing
Anu R
Anu R - Aylar önce
1:59 “A gummy teddy bear” Wow, that foreshadowing!
camila mesli
camila mesli - Aylar önce
Me reads title ,
Also me ; who??
Alex Pellegrinelli
Alex Pellegrinelli - Aylar önce
Congratulations Man
Alyse Stewart
Alyse Stewart - Aylar önce
a gummy TEDDY bear
Jackson Glassey
Jackson Glassey - Aylar önce
Imagine Ethan and hila going at it😂😂
Epic 7000
Epic 7000 - Aylar önce
do they have a kid yet
Charl0tte Norman
Charl0tte Norman - Aylar önce
That pregnancy glow. I love hila
Benjamin Marston
Benjamin Marston - Aylar önce
Ethan: Shes pregnant
Rach C
Rach C - Aylar önce
I thought hila was gay
MELOX - Aylar önce
Ted Darby
Ted Darby - Aylar önce
The babys gonna watch this when he's like 10 and be like wtf
erin currie
erin currie - Aylar önce
Ted Darby lmao
Zoe Michele
Zoe Michele - Aylar önce
Damn get you an Ethan ladies and gentlemen 😭
Ismir Wenzel
Ismir Wenzel - Aylar önce
Ethan's month eleven
MaiWorld - Aylar önce
“This tiny little gummy bear has a heart beat” LOL
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - Aylar önce
Imagine saying your dad is h3h3. bruh.
Vickie Houde
Vickie Houde - Aylar önce
I have to say, like on all your videos that i watch, you are so cute with hila. She is the best to show your soft side!
TD 4YD - Aylar önce
Whose the father?
TD 4YD - Aylar önce
Krynek eww
Krynek - Aylar önce
Rackal - Aylar önce
I can't believe this was over a year ago
Wendy dayz
Wendy dayz - Aylar önce
She reminds me so much of Cher, even her voice and the way she speaks
yanigga steve
yanigga steve - Aylar önce
Sooo wholesome
Brooke Renee
Brooke Renee - Aylar önce
My husband better feel this way when he breaths life into me lol
Sam The Onion Man
Sam The Onion Man - Aylar önce
They had sex whaaaaaaaa
Heather Sonnier
Heather Sonnier - Aylar önce
Oh my heart can’t handle this💗💗How sweet
Jeffrey Reyes
Jeffrey Reyes - Aylar önce
i want that cotton candy hoodie tho
Landon Rhoads
Landon Rhoads - Aylar önce
Find that sex tape
Landon Rhoads
Landon Rhoads - Aylar önce
John Doe
John Doe - Aylar önce
Ugh, no, gross.
James Hatfield
James Hatfield - Aylar önce
This is the most wholesome video ever :) so happy for you guys
tatertotter808 - Aylar önce
Hila is so beautiful my god 😩❤️
Fruit Punch! Films
Fruit Punch! Films - Aylar önce
"This tiny little gummy bear, has a heartbeat" 💓 the way he said it is so cuteee💕
Sean Connery Pimp Shlap
Sean Connery Pimp Shlap - Aylar önce
4:50 LOL
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson - Aylar önce
All of the comments are memes or “LmAo eThAn GoT lAiD”
Cain Wolf
Cain Wolf - Aylar önce
soupfornotmuch - Aylar önce
watching this in march 2020 to try to feel something
Connor Leghy
Connor Leghy - Aylar önce
dude u talk about money and when u didt have any and i am in that same place right now. i love ur videos and want to support u but i cant buy teddy fesh lower the FUCKING prices.
pixie rin
pixie rin - Aylar önce
Wow looking back on this Hila had an amazing pregnant bod she barely looked pregnant
varxik - Aylar önce
wait are both of them pregnant
Sequoiah Dreams
Sequoiah Dreams - Aylar önce
ethan is a bit old; sperm count goes down everyday past 18ish i think...also ethan looks like he suffers from low testosterone (just fyi for why he's wondering why it took 2 years to knock up his lady)
Mister Radiak
Mister Radiak - Aylar önce
And it came from my te.. Ballzz
NitroBattleToader - Aylar önce
So who's the lucky man??
Infinimetrical - Aylar önce
Great couple. Your kiddo is going to grow up with great minds and spirits to nourish him to be as equally a great human being.