my favorite tv shows 📺 (according to a film major)

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Neza N
Neza N - 11 saatler önce
I highly recommend marathoning "bestdressed", every character in it is wholesome. My personal favorite is "Editting ashley". All in all, you can feel the effort and heart the writer put into it, pushing through her mental struggles to make her audience feel a warm sense of companionship which is sorely needed in this cursed corona times.
I just discovered you less than a week ago and im so glad i did. May your life be blessed with more serotonin good ma'am
Mary - 12 saatler önce
bil pacheco
bil pacheco - 14 saatler önce
Ok im gonna learn english with her videos
Amanda De Silva
Amanda De Silva - 15 saatler önce
*cough* tarentino 😂😂😂
Madeline Choi
Madeline Choi - 16 saatler önce
You should do a jewelry collection video!
Paruhangma Limbu
Paruhangma Limbu - 16 saatler önce
can anyone tell me at which days ashley posts.......i been waiting and waiting like CRAZYYYYY
Leonie Moore
Leonie Moore - 17 saatler önce
When do we get an apartment tour ? 🥺
Maca Jveschuk
Maca Jveschuk - 18 saatler önce
ASHLEY: Just letting you know that I REALLY fucking APPRECIATE you 💛 your makeup was FLAWLESS in this vid. And you really feel like a vitual friend/relatable person to me ❤️ thank you
Mr Strawman
Mr Strawman - 20 saatler önce
I would literally die for PWB.
no thanks
no thanks - 20 saatler önce
There are SEX WORKERS who enjoy being SEX WORKERS and 'prostitute' is a slur.
Ilya LeBon
Ilya LeBon - 20 saatler önce
your makeup is INCREDIBLE in this
Jaqueline Delgado
Jaqueline Delgado - 21 saatler önce
I personally have an unhealthy obsession with how I met your mother. I don’t feel like it is the most cinematically compelling show but I think it is a very feel- good show, at least in my opinion. They have so many running jokes throughout the show and I feel like it’s very interesting to look at this main character who is portrayed as this hopeless romantic with his group of friends but when you take a deeper look at each of them they all have their issues and questionable choices. I personally found this show to be very funny and so many episodes brought me to hand over mouth tears. The last season wasn’t the best choice of delivery but still recommend to give this show a try. :)
Sophie Ligaya dela Cruz
Sophie Ligaya dela Cruz - 22 saatler önce
this queen has ultimate taste!! BoJack? John Mulaney? Amen!
Wine Story
Wine Story - 22 saatler önce
Your recommendation brightens my weekends and my belly.
hannah ryan
hannah ryan - 23 saatler önce
if you like bojack watch tuca and bertie! lisa hanawalt is amazing
Verónica R
Verónica R - Gün önce
I love Big Little Lies!
Peach nossie
Peach nossie - Gün önce
Ashley probably won’t see this but I hope you know your an amazing person! Your content might not be everyone’s style and that’s absolutely fine but I hope you know your fans adore u
FluffyReed - Gün önce
Have you seen Halt and Catch Fire? One of my favorite tv shows of all time, it's deeply underrated but perfect from A to Z
Jaee Ponde
Jaee Ponde - Gün önce
I just finished bojack horseman, almost every night I still play mr. blue in my head
Ellie Wat-Han
Ellie Wat-Han - Gün önce
While I was watching this, all the thumbnails recommended to this vid was you and one LaurDIY video 😳
Ellie Wat-Han
Ellie Wat-Han - Gün önce
Wow thx for the recommendations, p.s where did you get your earrings ❤️
tizianalessia - Gün önce
Wow you nailed it girl!
Ragya Kansakar
Ragya Kansakar - Gün önce
You are fucking gorgeous
Ragya Kansakar
Ragya Kansakar - Gün önce
Anyone else want a girl talk video ?
AASHLEY ? Hehe I love those videos
I live for those
Love the big sister talk
rania aissaoui
rania aissaoui - Gün önce
I'm obsessed with your earnings omg where did you find them?
Elsa Wi
Elsa Wi - Gün önce
Take a shot everytime Ashley says "20/30-something"
E O'Brien
E O'Brien - Gün önce
Fleabag sounds a lot like the show ''Afterlife''
diana dulhac
diana dulhac - Gün önce
*DARK DARK DARK DARK * It s a Netflix german thriller mystery series that is focused around time travel: the characters are flawed and beautifully built, the interactions are always keeping you at the edge of your seat, wanting to know that extra bit of information(and j may or may have not watched the entirety of season 2 in one night) truly recommend this ✨✨✨
Leviosa Lily
Leviosa Lily - Gün önce
my stand up netflix special recommendation is JAMES ACASTER what a funny weird lil man
jack shellington
jack shellington - Gün önce
someone who can give the list of time when she start reviewing movie would be a nice :)
Emily Martin
Emily Martin - Gün önce
Can you make a video on the most overrated shows in your opinion? Would love to hear ur opinions!
Valdy Febres
Valdy Febres - Gün önce
Ashley with such a prominent platform as yours and your well spoken and well informed you are easily able to contribute to the black community’s constant fight for anti-racism and justice to be served. What America is going through is unbelievable and the fact that this profound issue is considered controversial and somewhat offensive to the upper class and privileged is absolutely repulsive. I know you have already been marching and supporting but would it kill you to vocalize one to one with your most informative social media platform that being YouTube? I could think of no reason as to why YouTube is staying silent on such an imperative issue, it baffles me. The community needs to hear a conversation. Not one posted photo on Instagram tagging all types of hashtags. We need voices. Ones we can hear, value, respect and support. And one of those includes yours. Don’t be fearful to speak out on things that teeter on your opinions and beliefs, no matter the discussion it causes because racism shouldn’t even have to be a discussion let alone exists! This shouldn’t have to be as hard. Me asking you to make a video shouldn’t even happen, it should’ve already been done. People are doing the bare minimum and we are sick of letting it pass! Make a video!
chocolatelover - Gün önce
fell in love with you over this quarantine
Delaney Washington
Delaney Washington - Gün önce
Ok nothing to do with this video, but Ashley, if you haven't heard Dying in LA by Panic! at the Disco you need to! I feel like given how you describe your experience in LA it might really hit home. It definitely did for me. I hope you're really happy in NYC ❤
Alice Rose
Alice Rose - Gün önce
girl!! you MUST watch The OA!! Any OA fans here?
Emma - Gün önce
Don't agree with you on LOVE , I thought it dragged out a bit and since have watched shows I thought better delivered a similar theme: "please like me" an amazing australian comedy very relatable to millenials and "normal people" follows the timeline from highschool love to college relationship.
Hannah R
Hannah R - Gün önce
These! All very different genres but give them a google, or have a watch:
The Handmaid's Tale
Little fires everywhere
Sofie - Gün önce
The Walters Show
The Walters Show - Gün önce
the 100 is a show you need to watch
Xaha Ather
Xaha Ather - Gün önce
VioletaColfer - Gün önce
parks and recreation and fleabag and big mouth and big little lies YAYYYYYY 💜
bridget p
bridget p - Gün önce
Irrelevant to the topic but I really hope Ashley knows how much she is loved
MyrSTHLM - Gün önce
I've never heard someone pronounce "woman" and "women" exactly the same before
Cece - Gün önce
House of Cards I mean Kevin Spacey do I need to say more !!!!
Izhayla Chuangkrud
Izhayla Chuangkrud - Gün önce
bojack horseman is so good the first season is kinda iffy but eventually it gets so sad. no show has ever compared since i’ve watched it.
Brook 1328
Brook 1328 - Gün önce
I felt that moment when you said that you sometimes create a persona that your s/o might like and you actively have to realize you are doing that and your trying to stop that I felt that to the core of my being as someone that worries about being fake I have created this persona that I sometimes I feel I'm not and when I realize that I have other emotions than that one personality it plagues my mind that I'm fake and that I'm. Not what everyone believes I am that there perception of me isn't me and now that you've said that I realize I'm not what others perception of others and I'm myself
Kristina Hannah
Kristina Hannah - Gün önce
The two shows I have been binging at the moment are Bones and Good Girls. Completely different shows but both amazing!
Fer Poiré
Fer Poiré - Gün önce
You totally got it right with cough cough... La la land. Could not agree more!
Eca Soewarsono
Eca Soewarsono - Gün önce
I love your smokey eye, Ashley
caterine kuhnen
caterine kuhnen - Gün önce
ashley we need a podcast :)
Mary Sue
Mary Sue - Gün önce
You should totally listen to this podcast called Commit or Quit by the Nam brothers. They watch two episodes of a show and make a decision on whether or not they should commit to essentially binge watching it or if they want to quit watching it. They talk about social issues uncovered by the shows and their own life experiences as Korean-American kids growing up and their lives in the US and in Korea. It's really one of my favorite podcasts and I've found a metric fuck ton of amazing shows to watch through them.
chanel navarro
chanel navarro - Gün önce
oh no bb, i dont think tina fey would want you to eat a small child. love the enthusiasm though.
Deanna Pieterman
Deanna Pieterman - Gün önce
Can you do a video just on plants? Propagating them, how you keep them alive, etc.
Bethany Hurst
Bethany Hurst - Gün önce
I love Daniel Sloss 👏🏻❤👏🏻
Loie Milne
Loie Milne - Gün önce
Watch Everything Sucks :)))) It’s available on Netflix and is soooo underrated!! Love you so much 🥰🥰🥰🥰
lizkkk725 - Gün önce
if you like shows abt messy ass ppl n dating "youre the worst" on hulu is a perfect show for u
Medea - 2 gün önce
I know I'm a bit late to commend lol but I want to say I would recommend Ozark as well. It is a well-written a bit underrated thriller type of drama, the characters' development is so interesting to watch and the acting is just amazing too so if you like tension and all, Ozark would be also a great choice.
Wren Acorn
Wren Acorn - 2 gün önce
Wren Acorn
Wren Acorn - 2 gün önce
And Schitt's creek is also amazing
Heejeh Sung
Heejeh Sung - 2 gün önce
Can you do merch
mari pop
mari pop - 2 gün önce
dollhouse by joss whedon !!! it is a must watch. dystopian, depressing, sexy, exciting, evil but likeable characters, questionable morals/ motivations !!
Tóth Renáta
Tóth Renáta - 2 gün önce
i just loved this thank you ashley
Saumyaa Suri
Saumyaa Suri - 2 gün önce
Do you like BTS ? Oh wait lemme correct myself ........Are you madly overly unhealthyly in love with the world famous boy band like the rest of us hopeless germs.
Saumyaa Suri
Saumyaa Suri - 2 gün önce
I would like to tell you ( the Ashley whose reading the comments) that I love all of your videos ........ Thank you for making this video and all the other videos which get me through those moments of my day where I feel like an absolute dipshit ....... {maybe I should see a therapist (when I have enough money)} and seeing you work hard and give real advice and facts really inspires me.......... so thank you thank you thank you.
Charlie Hamilton
Charlie Hamilton - 2 gün önce
Where's Rick and Morty??
natsness - 2 gün önce
If you like a ted talk/comedy combo make sure to watch Nanette by Hannah Gadsby! I can't recommend it enough, it's so good but also really hard-hitting.
Kate Maccenzie
Kate Maccenzie - 2 gün önce
My favorite shows that I would really recommend are:
- Parks and Recreation
- Peaky blinders
- Fleabag
- Ozark
- Arrested Development
- Killing Eve
- Sex Education
- Luther
Jackson Flower
Jackson Flower - 2 gün önce
17:16 ......yes, a really good book
Kalen Oztopal
Kalen Oztopal - 2 gün önce
You need to watch dark on netflix, it's literally the most underrated show on netflix.
Virginia Sarza
Virginia Sarza - 2 gün önce
I hope you’re doing ok. I saw the news and the crazy things that’s currently happening in NY. 😭
Liz Lin
Liz Lin - 2 gün önce
The Dragon Prince on netflix is soooo good! Its by the creators of avatar the last airbender i.e. the best cartoon show (and maybe just show in general) ever. And the guy who voices Sokka in ATLA voices one of the main guys in dragon prince!!!!
Carine - 2 gün önce
A recommendation for a tv show I never hear anyone talk about:
Z: The Beginning of Everything (2015)
It's about Zelda Fitzgerald and her relationship with F. Scott Fitzgerald. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season. Sadly they've never renewed for further seasons.. :(
Ruben Van der Merwe
Ruben Van der Merwe - 2 gün önce
You just need any degree to teach abroad. Like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam. You should use your degree and do that. New York seems depressing.
danny vanai
danny vanai - 2 gün önce
bojack horseman is definitely one of my favorite series, of all time tbh. I never thought I'd somehow relate to a middle-aged, drunk horse celebrity but here we are
hi im Sopita
hi im Sopita - 2 gün önce
Thank you for the Parks&Rec recommendation...I get the MOST second-hand embarrassment
Maggie Williams
Maggie Williams - 2 gün önce
Atlanta + community!
Caroline German
Caroline German - 2 gün önce
Caroline German
Caroline German - 2 gün önce
Aralis J
Aralis J - 2 gün önce
I think you'd love Please Like Me, it's an australian sitcom following the life of a newly out gay guy and his friends, it feels a lot like New Girl at times, just darker in humor and a little more rural lol
I'm guessing a lot of people have rec'd it, but Normal People is such a beautiful show!!!
And in terms of stand up, you might like Hannah Gadsby... I'm not sure, like her comedy is almost not comedy but I love all the specials you mentioned, so you might like her stuff too? Dunno
Alayna Jordan
Alayna Jordan - 2 gün önce
I fell in love with your earrings and I immediately bought them, ha. I'm not one to impulse buy!
Ana D
Ana D - 2 gün önce
*doesnt see avatar the last airbender on the list*
"impossible, perhaps the archives are incomplete"