Jeffy's Pet Shark!

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SuperLuigiLogan - 4 aylar önce
Go watch the full video and subscribe!
adam spear
adam spear - 9 gün önce
you have adds on this channel again
Dawson Woods
Dawson Woods - 26 gün önce
Are y'all gay
Dawson Woods
Dawson Woods - 26 gün önce
Does it fill good
Emilyrichu - 29 gün önce
Monkula Kruger Why You Wanna Know?
Monkula Kruger
Monkula Kruger - 29 gün önce
What is your address
jhun rick
jhun rick - 7 saatler önce
Is thats puppet shark?
Aprils Diamond
Aprils Diamond - 10 saatler önce
Omg it’s @shark_Puppet
Glitchy - 4 gün önce
ClxudyxTearz - 6 gün önce
Hey the sharkpuppet
Debra Juszkiewicz
Debra Juszkiewicz - 7 gün önce
I geometry Dash
I geometry Dash - 8 gün önce
The shark puppet
Moe Betta
Moe Betta - 11 gün önce
Just for big sunset
Moe Betta
Moe Betta - 11 gün önce
Jesse do another video subscribe to the channel if you wanna come to my house when I get
Madison Jenkins
Madison Jenkins - 12 gün önce
Hey Jeffery
Elias - 13 gün önce
Girl: hi cute
Boy: wanna f
Girl: sure

Also girl: 0:08
MANTAAJ SK - 14 gün önce
This is how much people like super luigilogan
foxyslayer the pirate
foxyslayer the pirate - 20 gün önce
It has 2mill veiws i made a vid with streaming this long and got 10 VEIWS!!!
Aiden nonstopboy
Aiden nonstopboy - 21 gün önce
Shark puppet
Master jared gaming
Master jared gaming - 23 gün önce
I got a ADVERT!
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton - 24 gün önce
Good job Logan and shark puppet
Ty Edwards
Ty Edwards - 24 gün önce
This feels like a sml short
Dawson Woods
Dawson Woods - 26 gün önce
Do Jeffy have sex with mario
Kamla Persaud
Kamla Persaud - 27 gün önce
Kamla Persaud
Kamla Persaud - 27 gün önce
orville V. Guanio
orville V. Guanio - 28 gün önce
logan call superluigilogam SLL
GalickGunGeets - 29 gün önce
shark puppet
Arleigh Corona
Arleigh Corona - Aylar önce
Why is Jeffy so dumb
Flako - Aylar önce
Last word of SLL “We’ll see you guys on SuperBowserLogan!”
T9G '
T9G ' - Aylar önce
Destination Finds
Destination Finds - Aylar önce
Felipe Hipolito
Felipe Hipolito - Aylar önce
Who likes superluigilogan he’s the best youtuber👇
Max Gamer
Max Gamer - Aylar önce
The shark was shark puppet
lilibeth moreno
lilibeth moreno - Aylar önce
I’m a big fan
Peashooter And sunflower cute couple group
That shark is from shark puppet!
hayley fitzjohn
hayley fitzjohn - Aylar önce
I like turtles
gay boi
gay boi - Aylar önce
Ok ill admit your stuff is funny but my nephew is acting like Jeffy more and more every day (hitting his sister and Mom and my dog breaking stuff for fun exc) so we band him from watching last night this morning we found him trying to hang himself with yarn yelling he wants to kill himself so naturally I start yelling (like bowzer I suppose but I've been like that before your videos) I Cut the string and he starts punching me dosnt hurt because I'm 15 he's 7 and he has autism so I grab him by the back of his neck and pin him to immobilize him and get the string away from him and any sharp objects near by till my dad got up
Blue YT
Blue YT - Aylar önce
It's funny how they demilatize you but every other youtuber has cussword there video
Susan Anita
Susan Anita - Aylar önce
Shark puppet
Percy Mondelo
Percy Mondelo - Aylar önce
Roger Walden
Roger Walden - Aylar önce
Go to shark puppet channel he is funny
steven 69
steven 69 - Aylar önce
Jeffy has a girlfriend and Jeffrey uses a condom
Mayvelin Bahena
Mayvelin Bahena - Aylar önce
Jeff’y : huh
Doglover 123
Doglover 123 - Aylar önce
This is mr shark
This is his fish supply
Sim Un
Sim Un - Aylar önce
Omg the shark puppet from tik tok