19 851
Ashlyn Swinney
Ashlyn Swinney - 21 saatler önce
No hate but i was as scared as her riding a motorcycle when i rode a bike! And once a rode a motorcycle i hit a storage shed! 😃😛
Ram vashisht
Ram vashisht - 2 gün önce
that toothpaste pic was on my science book.
Gacha Cat
Gacha Cat - 4 gün önce
I am 9 YEARS OLD and I have my own motorcycle ^=^
Farmer Potato
Farmer Potato - 5 gün önce
my dad uses the washroom for 20 minuets sometimes, and he brings coffee too ;-;
Chloe Hewitt
Chloe Hewitt - 8 gün önce
azzy when i was about 4 my uncle put me on the front of his motocycle and went super fast
ღMoonLight Studiosღ
ღMoonLight Studiosღ - 13 gün önce
1:30 I mean there r clear umbrellas but with that kind of unbrella it’l Bring color to ur life just like Azzy does
Cheyenne Bean
Cheyenne Bean - 15 gün önce
There is no waves in the dark you can only have waves in the daytime.
H Six
H Six - 21 gün önce
It’s so when you carry a cooler you don’t have to pull it on a hot day or the beach🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏝🏖🏖🏖🏖❤️❤️❤️
nygrd83 - 27 gün önce
How did they get the wine cup in it 👀????
Lily_Cathrin 3694
Lily_Cathrin 3694 - 29 gün önce
Your wrong, an apple a day keeps the docter away but only if you hit him with the apple really hate 😈
Eszter Vizhanyo
Eszter Vizhanyo - Aylar önce
1:32 just...use...a...clear...umbrella........
YOUTUBE LOVER - Aylar önce
2019? Anyone?
Esteban Mora-Ramirez
Esteban Mora-Ramirez - Aylar önce
For the umbrella one you can just buy a see through umbrella
lester rodriguez
lester rodriguez - Aylar önce
Azzy you are the best girl in the world 😎😀😂😂
lester rodriguez
lester rodriguez - Aylar önce
Azzy can you do a Minecraft episode and spawn a Minecraft boss
lester rodriguez
lester rodriguez - Aylar önce
Azzy can you do a Minecraft episode
lester rodriguez
lester rodriguez - Aylar önce
Aimee H
Aimee H - Aylar önce
That cooler is genius
Shay Lovr
Shay Lovr - Aylar önce
I got the app I even got that Christmas sweater
Shay Lovr
Shay Lovr - Aylar önce
Hi it's me, Karma I love your stuff I love you videos I love all your stuff and I don't foresee things to do big guy
Don Earl
Don Earl - Aylar önce
It's so cool.😏also love you every day love you I'm from Scotland 😑🚩🏡🦄😶🐏🍟🏗🎆🎼🏁🇦🇴
Eric - Aylar önce
I there was a zombie apocalypse the zombies would never ever target or try to take azzys brain because they love her to much
Bernice Uy
Bernice Uy - Aylar önce
*how to trick someone*

Read more
Maria Shevyakova
Maria Shevyakova - Aylar önce
You are weard.
Vina Delacruz
Vina Delacruz - Aylar önce
im 9 ok azzy
Vina Delacruz
Vina Delacruz - Aylar önce
I went on a dirtbike and I was steering it then I sprained my grandpa's ankle I feel sorry
Irma Hernandez
Irma Hernandez - Aylar önce
What is the date.
Nyancatgirl - Aylar önce
We need water proof air pods so you can listen to music in the shower or in a pool!
wõlfý plăyś
wõlfý plăyś - Aylar önce
I first went on a motel cycle when I was 4-5 so yeah
caitlin baird
caitlin baird - Aylar önce
Rose are red vilots are blue do you like azzy land because i do
Lily Holman
Lily Holman - 2 aylar önce
Who Else Watches Azzy Instead Of Doing Homework 📚 Cause I Do
russelle joe Castillo
russelle joe Castillo - 6 gün önce
+Crystal Snow girl123 then what are you doing now huh ? Lol
Crystal Snow girl123
Crystal Snow girl123 - 6 gün önce
But you won’t be smart I never do that I am very smart because I always do my homework without watching or doing anything. You won’t be smart and you will fail
Abigail Major
Abigail Major - 2 aylar önce
1:47 why not just get a see-through umbrella?
karīna sala
karīna sala - 2 aylar önce
Pleas call mi and i wil show you mi traktor
Anastasia Jacobs
Anastasia Jacobs - 2 aylar önce
U can use it for a Coke
Sebastian Schleicher
Sebastian Schleicher - 2 aylar önce
Try to find the kitty...🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶😽🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
Sebastian Schleicher
Sebastian Schleicher - 2 aylar önce
You are the best TRvideos or in the world🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🐈🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈😹
Sebastian Schleicher
Sebastian Schleicher - 2 aylar önce
Why are you so much I mean you look I mean you look like that you’ve been in the sunshine 100 Seconds.
gamer sis
gamer sis - 2 aylar önce
I have the first one
Jaelynn Daily
Jaelynn Daily - 2 aylar önce
Sooo she says no to bacon and eggs because she would want to eat it but then pizza come on and she said YAS.....
Krishna Kanta Chatterjee
Krishna Kanta Chatterjee - 2 aylar önce
Such a Scared cat
Katie Bloomfield
Katie Bloomfield - 2 aylar önce
Does azzy know you can buy fully transparent umbrellas
Ruth Wood
Ruth Wood - 2 aylar önce
Wow I rode wanna motorcycle when I was 4 p#!@%
Kylie Pro101
Kylie Pro101 - 2 aylar önce
You legit have the same phone that I have but a different color, and btw when u said I need something to put my fingers in while I'm using my phone. Something like that, buy a popsocket it is AMAZING
Jeremy Burgess
Jeremy Burgess - 2 aylar önce
People DID make COMPLETELY CLEAR umbrellas.........
Jeremy Burgess
Jeremy Burgess - 2 aylar önce
But they don’t have windshield wipers 😞😞😞
Breyana B
Breyana B - 2 aylar önce
The people that dislike have some sort of issue that science cant explain
The Kittencorn Gamer
The Kittencorn Gamer - 2 aylar önce
9:30 umm azzy... its an automatic toilet paper dispenser....
Grace Gaschk
Grace Gaschk - 2 aylar önce
Yeah my brother has a belt bottle opener
Tundra Wind101
Tundra Wind101 - 2 aylar önce
Two way tooth paste wastes the lids
Random Unicorns
Random Unicorns - 2 aylar önce
You know they make FULLY CLEAR umbrellas right?
Amani AL-sayed
Amani AL-sayed - 2 aylar önce
9:41 😂❤️
Keeley Strange
Keeley Strange - 2 aylar önce
i have a ride on lawnmower and they are useful but if u have a small yard you don't need it
Michelle Nyandika
Michelle Nyandika - 2 aylar önce
6:34 overkill i have one
Rainbow Pickle
Rainbow Pickle - 2 aylar önce
And people think I’m weird 😋
Katalina Swartzwelder
Katalina Swartzwelder - 2 aylar önce
It will be hard to dringk the milk out of the cratel.
wolf lover :3
wolf lover :3 - 2 aylar önce
This is so cool
Charlee Pollard
Charlee Pollard - 3 aylar önce
im such a big fan and not trying to critisise but the last one was a fishing reel. sorry if it seems like hate. its really not . (smiley face)
Jennifer Marshall
Jennifer Marshall - 3 aylar önce
1:17 oooorrrr you could just get a clear umbrella. dos are real
Teagan Lenahan
Teagan Lenahan - 3 aylar önce
An apple a day will get you killed said my book
eliana mendoza
eliana mendoza - 3 aylar önce
I meant motorcycle I'm going to drive my own motorcycle one day
eliana mendoza
eliana mendoza - 3 aylar önce
I'm going to be driving my own my recycle and I went on the back of my dad's motorcycle and I'm not scared for life I just gots why I want to get another motorcycle so I can make it and my grandpa is fixing my other one so you are just way too sensitive
Oliver De Sousa
Oliver De Sousa - 3 aylar önce
8:02 look at dose subtitles
Rockstar Gevie
Rockstar Gevie - 3 aylar önce
Rockstar Gevie
Rockstar Gevie - 3 aylar önce
Madison Cline
Madison Cline - 3 aylar önce
do you know
who is the
read the
word ;)
Magical Myths
Magical Myths - 3 aylar önce
I had a dream that I went to a restaruant and you where there and we became best friends and that was the best dream I ever had I have anxiety and you calm me down so I am aternaly great full I am 11 so my spelling is not the best 🐴🐎 I love horses what is your favorite animal I am a boy .🐓 I am weird #
Eden Ginni
Eden Ginni - 3 aylar önce
That beard is actually real my dad has one
janice smith
janice smith - 3 aylar önce
Sorry but I do it
Heather Fisher
Heather Fisher - 3 aylar önce
My mom was in a 🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍Ackudet
OREO chan
OREO chan - 3 aylar önce
Get a sea through unbrella
The Girl
The Girl - 3 aylar önce
for the umbrella one, I actually just bought an umbrella that uses a one way film (like mirrors in police stations where u could see through from outside but not from the inside), which is better than that one on the photo
Marcy Johns
Marcy Johns - 3 aylar önce
I rode a modercycle on the back for 2hours straight and I'm under the age of ten it's fun you just gotta get used to it I've rode on the back since I was at least six what makes me feel comfortable is doing it with someone you trust which to me is my dad I've learned the basics like how to hold and lean but after you learn that your good
Pugley’s Planet
Pugley’s Planet - 3 aylar önce
I had a clear umbrella when I was I a kid
Laura Ling
Laura Ling - 3 aylar önce
They make clear umbrellas I have one
Brenden Lalli
Brenden Lalli - 3 aylar önce
I need all these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tavores Hart
Tavores Hart - 4 aylar önce
Dick. Butt
Sherone Parsons
Sherone Parsons - 4 aylar önce
Give me a love to watch Azzy
Sorel Johnson
Sorel Johnson - 4 aylar önce
OMG 4:36 where can I find this!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Sorel Johnson
Sorel Johnson - 4 aylar önce
Like and I will do 1 tricep push-up
Kattie Wilde
Kattie Wilde - 4 aylar önce
The wine is for if you are on a bar
Kim Jung un
Kim Jung un - 4 aylar önce
Putting my coffee maker on my head
Blossom Okwudili
Blossom Okwudili - 4 aylar önce
Its. Not. Ugly
Izzie_ Mizzie
Izzie_ Mizzie - 4 aylar önce
1:30 you could just get a see through umbrella :'D
Neave Langan
Neave Langan - 4 aylar önce
You should get all of these now I haven't seen the full video but you should get back by Sea which is the bracelet thing
Lillian Young
Lillian Young - 4 aylar önce
I've been surfing, and it's probably a bad idea to swim at night
Queen_ tt
Queen_ tt - 4 aylar önce
Azzy i have riden a motorcikle a hondred times and i am not schared i am ten
Kanna Chan
Kanna Chan - 4 aylar önce
1:28 that's what see through umbrellas are for
Tyna Purter
Tyna Purter - 4 aylar önce
They have umbrellas with clear sides to see through
Felicite' Fort
Felicite' Fort - 4 aylar önce
or if u have kids u dont need to buy to toothpat
Lawrence Munashe Kupika
Lawrence Munashe Kupika - 4 aylar önce
There are cokes that are in bottles made of glass
Lexus Watson
Lexus Watson - 4 aylar önce
Why was the ring on the middle finger 😠😡😢😈😤😵😳😲😱😒
buent340699 - 4 aylar önce
love ya azzy
Mariam Saleh
Mariam Saleh - 4 aylar önce
I can’t eat most pepperoni because it’s Pork
chrystalight.2 - 4 aylar önce
Follow me on Instagram I am chrystal764
Sunflower Pvz
Sunflower Pvz - 4 aylar önce
Ahhh azzy's videos are helping me stop cringing at what I did in the day thanks azzy!!!😊😀
Cannabrit - 4 aylar önce
2:40 that’s actually genius for bars and parties because a girl can take her drink with and not worry about leaving it unattended.
Danielle Ludes
Danielle Ludes - 4 aylar önce
Two way tooth paste =two people can use it at the same time
Jill rybarczyk
Jill rybarczyk - 4 aylar önce
We need some more people like azzy you
Go azzy I love you leave like if you agree
rabia aitali
rabia aitali - 5 aylar önce
im sorry azzy but im eleven and not just ive ride with somebody in a motorcycle but ive rode one
carmen - 5 aylar önce
Livia Liesenfeld
Livia Liesenfeld - 5 aylar önce
I am nine and I have been on my dad's motorcycle what 50 times
•It's Alex and and Mika•
I Just Have To Say It Your Mike Looks Like A Pink Penis😂😂😂