Gordon Ramsay vs Microwaves On Kitchen Nightmares

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silver445 - Saatler önce
I feel like when chef Ramsey comes that would be the one time you actually put effort into cooking.... but you wanna microwave food and expect good results???? 🤦🏾‍♂️
X F - 5 saatler önce
That woman says German. Bitch, you are not German lol
Whiteshadow1199 - 7 saatler önce
Microwave exists:
Gordon Ramsay: I’m about to end this whole mans career
LiL B - 7 saatler önce
Gordon ramsay vs chief microwave
Mathew Williams
Mathew Williams - 8 saatler önce
Y’all a bunch of dumbasses. Just because someone says a sentence in a language it doesn’t mean they speak it. Also that wasn’t even the same person.
Nestha Venepally
Nestha Venepally - 9 saatler önce
Them: the foods not microwaved / the kitchen is clean
Cameraman: na aa uhhh 😂😂😂
Dan Komochi
Dan Komochi - 10 saatler önce
“I wanted to kill her but I didn’t” yeah, how dare she say that the food you put in a microwave was put in a microwave. So rude of her to state the truth. Someone who wants the food they’re paying for to be properly cooked definitely deserves murder. Yup.
jacob osborn
jacob osborn - 10 saatler önce
RIP chef Mic
Sassy Blue
Sassy Blue - 11 saatler önce
Chef mike is one of the most dedicated employees in the kitchen. 😅
Sassy Blue
Sassy Blue - 11 saatler önce
The cameraman is ending everyone's careers in here.😅😅
pyronite59 - 11 saatler önce
Die Is Bad, Adios!
Victor Lugosi
Victor Lugosi - 11 saatler önce
Manager: here’s this weeks employee of the month.
*employees getting excited*
Manager: Congratulations chef Mic!!!!
David Boudville
David Boudville - 12 saatler önce
If Chef mike is a microwave, wouldn’t Chef Gordon be an oven cuz he’s always roasting?
McKinney Fry
McKinney Fry - 20 saatler önce
Camera snitching
Liliana Gastelum
Liliana Gastelum - 21 saatler önce
Liliana Gastelum
Liliana Gastelum - 21 saatler önce
DEYMNN !!! - 22 saatler önce
We also have microwave, but we never use it once. We prefer if we reheat the food in the pan
Austin Seder
Austin Seder - 23 saatler önce
I’m from the microwave company and I approve this video.
George Soto
George Soto - Gün önce
Ahhhh good ol chef mic
Dominus Prutez
Dominus Prutez - Gün önce
Damn gordan worst enemy is actually a microwave
Sven Wagner
Sven Wagner - Gün önce
"anything that's not from the microwave?" ... "the salad"

the best part ever of any kitchen-videos worldwide?!
i identify as a chicken tender
Lol what did the German lady at the end say “Adios Amigos” 🤡
Paper Frog
Paper Frog - Gün önce
You fucking donut
Reina Arana
Reina Arana - Gün önce
Microwaves don't belong in restraunts they belong at home and if they are in restraunts they belong in the breakroom
Reina Arana
Reina Arana - Gün önce
Damn just damn
Jeffrey Hei
Jeffrey Hei - Gün önce
Chief mike he works at my house too.......................
Pink Flamingo
Pink Flamingo - Gün önce
Sammy is an actual idiot, if I was spoken to like that in a restaurant, I'd throw the plate at them and leave. CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT SAMMY
MasterSoda - Gün önce
spider guard
spider guard - Gün önce
lol when I said it was microwaved he said it lol
Mr P
Mr P - 2 gün önce
Don't customers get food poisoning?
Ryan Time Traveler
Ryan Time Traveler - 2 gün önce
So.. Martin is a microwave?
LanLock Gaming
LanLock Gaming - 2 gün önce
shoulda asked them to make you a boiled egg.
Basically Clorox wipes
Basically Clorox wipes - 2 gün önce
Omg this makes me hungry ,but not at the same time.. some of this stuff in here is DiSgUsTaNg
Hannah - 2 gün önce
What’s the point in lying to him? There’s cameras everywhere so there’s no where to hide. It’s Gordon Ramsey, he WILL find out.
Flankers Esports
Flankers Esports - 2 gün önce
gordon is littering :/
Willy Pro
Willy Pro - 2 gün önce
Chef Mike is gone...
He shouldn't even be in the kitchen in the first place you lazy guys
Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes - 2 gün önce
Now do ‘Gordon Ramsay vs Mold On Kitchen Nightmares’
Christopher Cory
Christopher Cory - 2 gün önce
Yea'know cooking is way better with fresh 🍖 fresh vegetables and 🍚 fresh.
Learn a thing or two from these shows.
Microwaves your 📺 dinner.
Back in 1970s....
bellissimamoonlight - 2 gün önce
5:55 iconic 😂😂
IvanPlayStation4LiFe - 3 gün önce
In the US even 5 star restaurant use microwave.
The Silent Hero
The Silent Hero - 3 gün önce
I love how he has a spider sense for microwaved food
METALMAN4Wii - 3 gün önce
Nino is better than Sammy at customer service he has pictures to prove it.
METALMAN4Wii - 3 gün önce
If the sides of the plate are hot its been microwaved.
Gonzalo Guerrero
Gonzalo Guerrero - 3 gün önce
After some time in the clink prison mike became a chef. inspiring
Niki Allen
Niki Allen - 3 gün önce
Chef Mike will always be a legend
Plo's Flow
Plo's Flow - 3 gün önce
Top 5 kitchen nightmares characters:
5: Gordon
4: Sammy
2: Chef Mike
janine gayacan
janine gayacan - 3 gün önce
You cant lie to chef gordon😂
Brian Crowley
Brian Crowley - 3 gün önce
The salad?

You FUCKING donut.
Esoteric Peaks
Esoteric Peaks - 3 gün önce
Rip chef mic
Michelle Damron
Michelle Damron - 4 gün önce
"Was that microwaved?"
*Camera man always there to show truth.*