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xxxdarkwolf gold
xxxdarkwolf gold - 9 saatler önce
These aren't really five minutes
Emaly Patterson
Emaly Patterson - 22 saatler önce
The muffins on the stick you. Could make a snowman
kria allison
kria allison - 2 gün önce
ohhhhhhhhhh god trypophobia
Amelia Worthington
Amelia Worthington - 2 gün önce
These are other baking YouTubers ideas and you didn’t even give them any credit!
jeb_ water sheep
jeb_ water sheep - 3 gün önce
I hate these music
donkey louse
donkey louse - 3 gün önce
2.25 not bad
Skittles Kitty
Skittles Kitty - 5 gün önce
I love how the light green crushed jolly ranchers turned into dark green sanding sugar.
bnha_smash fan
bnha_smash fan - 6 gün önce
Todoroki: 5:50
Emma Clements
Emma Clements - 6 gün önce
Nobody :
Five minutes crafts: Who wouldn't love a VALENTINES SEAL
Clumzy - 6 gün önce
You have problems with making bunnies
Gaming with Wolfy!
Gaming with Wolfy! - 6 gün önce
3.15 I made the stars with the stars
Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly - 7 gün önce
Some people’s minds just drift so far to the point where they come up with crazing amazing stuff like this
sophia likes tea
sophia likes tea - 7 gün önce
so yummy has done so many of these recipes
Danika LoPresti
Danika LoPresti - 7 gün önce
That red and white frosting looked like toothpaste
Elina Anderson
Elina Anderson - 7 gün önce
More icing
Kristina & Karissa
Kristina & Karissa - 8 gün önce
For some reason i think the dough is just playdough...😕😕😕
Cat_ Charles_
Cat_ Charles_ - 8 gün önce
Most of those frosting swirls in the first half are actually triggering me I-
holly micheals
holly micheals - 8 gün önce
5:55 looks too much like the icing was stained with blood
holly micheals
holly micheals - 8 gün önce
4:29 why does the bunny have such big cheeks
laura conticelli
laura conticelli - 9 gün önce
Selena Trombley
Selena Trombley - 10 gün önce
Five Minute Crafts: adds a leaf to their cake
Them: I am chef
Maya Saigh
Maya Saigh - 5 gün önce
Welcome to life
Michael Shelton
Michael Shelton - 10 gün önce
5 minute craft:wait 10 min' me: This is 5 Minute crafts!
Dewdropmagic - 14 gün önce
A non clickbait title card for once??
Masterson_ Parker
Masterson_ Parker - 14 gün önce
At 8:20 that just copies pocky
Ana Gray
Ana Gray - 14 gün önce
Ana Gray
Ana Gray - 14 gün önce
Ana Gray
Ana Gray - 14 gün önce
JJ Duck
JJ Duck - 14 gün önce
Somebody in 5-minute crafts had to have worked for some professional bakery or something cuz this is top level design here
Josephine Marie Brozek
Josephine Marie Brozek - 14 gün önce
5:53 jeez it looks like there's blood in the frosting
Let’s Doodle Something!
Let’s Doodle Something! - 15 gün önce
I feel like I’ve seen these before for like, idk 8 times?
Aesthetic Potato
Aesthetic Potato - 15 gün önce
People with tryphofobia screamed at the thumbnail
Sushi DIY
Sushi DIY - 15 gün önce
at 8:20 that's literally a recreation of poxy sticks
Kathryn Davis
Kathryn Davis - 15 gün önce
I’m pretty sure almost all of these were by so yummy and you copied them, not cool
Raya Tyndall
Raya Tyndall - 15 gün önce
For the 2020 cake thay used sprinkles and not the candy they "crushed up"
Soft light Sims
Soft light Sims - 16 gün önce
I watch this cause it bores me then I fall asleep 👍🏻 try it
Abigail Heil
Abigail Heil - 16 gün önce
Those bees be lookin thicc
Movies By me
Movies By me - 17 gün önce
“What kind of sprinkles do you want?”
5 min crafts: *yes*
Papaours Hijab
Papaours Hijab - 18 gün önce
7:37 Why this part is look like unreal?
Silver Bay
Silver Bay - 19 gün önce
D V - 20 gün önce
I m feeling very hungry after watching this video 😄
Maya Lama
Maya Lama - 22 gün önce
Plot twist: Most of the cake are made of colored clay.
Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor - 22 gün önce
This should be names 40 ways to waste sugar
Ćėŕėñ Ģåćhå
Ćėŕėñ Ģåćhå - 23 gün önce
1. Song name? ? ?
Lee Grace
Lee Grace - 26 gün önce
Very creative n lovely on decorative patterns
Smoll Bean
Smoll Bean - 26 gün önce
5:34 that looks a lot like blood...
Smoll Bean
Smoll Bean - 22 gün önce
@ceylin toryunlar True
ceylin toryunlar
ceylin toryunlar - 22 gün önce
Yea that makes it more delicious UwU
Matthew Bickerton
Matthew Bickerton - 27 gün önce
Why shall I do thee like a pro if thou self has already reached such a standard
ghost_rider_xX - Aylar önce
Ralaylay The Clumsy One
Ralaylay The Clumsy One - Aylar önce
I’ve watched these same hacks in so many different videos!!!
Hajar Bouzid
Hajar Bouzid - Aylar önce
Really nice
Jennifer Purvis
Jennifer Purvis - Aylar önce
cute and cool!
Ella M
Ella M - Aylar önce
Sorry cape
Ella M
Ella M - Aylar önce
I don’t they DIDINT have any of these ideas
Kaspa Cake10
Kaspa Cake10 - Aylar önce
Ewww who cuts a cupcake
Dora Ortega
Dora Ortega - Aylar önce
La dé Luna
Dat random Person
Dat random Person - Aylar önce
A better title would be 40 ways to give people diabetes
*this comment is very much COPIED but I thought it clever so yeah*
Jade Jaws
Jade Jaws - Aylar önce
Alright. What's going on. These where actually GOOD. That's not the 5 Minute Craft formula. You must make cringe, post the same hacks repeatedly (sometimes in the same video), and bomb.
しおりch - Aylar önce
Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Cat Lady - Aylar önce
What r u doing while watching this? I'm eating cookie dough 😂😂😂
Maya Saigh
Maya Saigh - 5 gün önce
Trying to shut down my brain
Daisy Cottrell
Daisy Cottrell - Aylar önce
They do the weirdest music AF
Sophia Zhong
Sophia Zhong - Aylar önce
Who in the world has isomalt?!
Answer: NO ONE!