The 28 Heroes - VF Film Complet

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Carlos Toimil
Carlos Toimil - 7 saatler önce
jean louis cardan
jean louis cardan - 13 saatler önce
Super film.Il y a longtemps que je n'avais pas vu un film de cette qualité.
Justicier Blanc
Justicier Blanc - 23 saatler önce
Film à 1€, perte de temps.
AV VA LA - 3 gün önce
AV VA LA - 2 gün önce
That is not English translation, it's a subtitles. If you know where we can find this film with the English translation , it's completely different things when you watch with the subtitles and with proper English translation
p i
p i - 2 gün önce
TRvideos, find this - - 28 SOLDIERS RUSSIAN FILM
Gordon Frickers
Gordon Frickers - 3 gün önce
Bon téléchargement, merci bien, un film très impressionnant
jakaria Kuwait
jakaria Kuwait - 3 gün önce
Beautiful and very nice move
Jasem Aljbore
Jasem Aljbore - 3 gün önce
الحروب التي دمرت الشعوب من اجل تنفيذ رغبات الاخرين في مايسمه التحالفات الدوليه من اجل المصالح المشتركة تبن لكم ايها الحكام
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed - 5 gün önce
Très bon film merci
Marutha Bala
Marutha Bala - 5 gün önce
R Thierry
R Thierry - 5 gün önce
Courageux russes , de valeureux soldats , mais un peu de la determination et de la rigueur des allemands ne feraient pas de mal à notre pays qui part en sucette , lentement mais sûrement...
Torben Dinesen
Torben Dinesen - 6 gün önce
1 more russian B movie
BASTR Bastardos
BASTR Bastardos - 7 gün önce
Надо пероводит на все языки чтобы знали с кем ваюиет. Ниски поклон вам наши любимые деды я щас плачу мы вас никогда не подведем. Ето вы дали надежду СССР что можно остановить фашизм.
Seba Chazzy
Seba Chazzy - 7 gün önce
daaa bonge la video
Vladimir Valdez
Vladimir Valdez - 7 gün önce
Subanla doblada o suctitulada en español
Андрей Григорьев
En TRvideos encuentra este - 28 Панфиловцев / Смотреть весь фильм. hay Subtítulos en español.
yu yang
yu yang - 7 gün önce
Tuyen Tran
Tuyen Tran - 7 gün önce
Did they sponsor War Thunder?
Elisey Shp
Elisey Shp - 2 gün önce
WT sponsored them
Андрей Григорьев
Walter Schumann
Walter Schumann - 7 gün önce
Amazing, a movie as believable as Fury.
Walter Schumann
Walter Schumann - 2 gün önce
+Elisey Shp This is fantasy. Putin or whoever has decided to increase Russian patriotism by making up fake stories. If this is true then WW2 would have been over in a month. Be realistic, without lend lease from the USA the soviet union would have lost or negotiated peace in Germany's favor. At the wars end Stalin and Marshal Zhukov said the same thing. Anyone can win a war by losing 10 soldiers for every enemy they kill. In WW2 the red army had a poor record and your average Russian does not want to be reminded of that. So make up some fantasy battle and they forget that they are still in a third world country, when Germany the loser of WW2 is one of the richest and most modern today. How bad is it when you must go back over 75 years to show something they are proud of doing.
Elisey Shp
Elisey Shp - 2 gün önce
Fury is a fiction, this is true.
Lubomír Lokos
Lubomír Lokos - 8 gün önce
Kdy se naučí každý, kdo sem dává film, napsat i jeho název!!! Dát sem film bez názvu může jen totální debil!!!
Чингачгук Большой змей
Шальопа чисто шпарит по-хранцузски.)))
Yasar 7
Yasar 7 - 9 gün önce
Eerimen Bzej
Eerimen Bzej - 9 gün önce
Soviet Flick
Grzegorz D
Grzegorz D - 9 gün önce
An investigation by Soviet authorities was carried out in 1948 and since declassified, revealed that the story of the 28 was a fabrication. The claimed German casualties were not confirmed in German or Soviet operational documents and the Germans fulfilled their day's objectives well before the end of the day. Not all the twenty eight were killed — six of the soldiers were still alive. One of them was arrested in 1947 on charges of high treason and confessed to having "voluntarily" surrendered to German troops and to having later joined a German police force. The findings were kept secret and the Twenty-Eight Guardsmen remained national heroes. 
Sources on internet are reach:
This is only propaganda and Putins fake.
Jack Woods
Jack Woods - 9 gün önce
There was a case in Stalingrad where Russian marines were making a last stand and only 2 were left and the tanks started rolling in. One of the marines, a sergeant had two firebombs and stood there, waiting for the tank to get close enough but there were bullets everywhere. One of them hit one of the firebombs and immediately set him ablaze. Then the Germans saw that blazing figure stagger over to the tank and slam the other firebomb against it. Doesn't get much braver than that.
Suprbun99 Hdi
Suprbun99 Hdi - 4 saatler önce
The soldier was called Panikaha as i can remember
Pierre Gasselin
Pierre Gasselin - 9 gün önce
Reconnaissance éternelle a l'armée rouge pour sa vaillance et sa détermination contre les nazis. La Russie sait se souvenir et c'est tellement bien. Ou est l'hommage de nos cadets de Saumur en France ?
gaucho juanjo
gaucho juanjo - 10 gün önce
Ruslan Dugalev...honor a tus antepasados !! Heroica batalla, por la Patria !! Donde Fué esta batalla heroica ?
gaucho juanjo
gaucho juanjo - 10 gün önce
En donde fue esta batalla ?
Gérard Turcotte
Gérard Turcotte - 10 gün önce
Mat Bond
Mat Bond - 10 gün önce
Best war movie.
Giva Soram
Giva Soram - 10 gün önce
have mercy for those who doesn't know what language is this... so pliz later upload with English dubbed or English subtitles.... so that u may get lots of like and subscribers......
ابن الجنوب
ابن الجنوب - 10 gün önce
Redo Cherici
Redo Cherici - 10 gün önce
Film très réthorique est pas trop realistique: les divisions panzer n'allaient pas à l'attaque ainsi, comme des chars de la première guerre mondiale, ils n'étaient pas suivi de la fanterie autrement ils seraient un cible trop facile pour l'artillerie soviétique. La vitesse de l'action était leurs arme meilleure.
Lgndry M8
Lgndry M8 - 10 gün önce
Красная армия всех сильней
Центурион - 11 gün önce
Фильм ох**нный ! Жаль только , что по-французски всё , а так ... Смотрел до конца . Что понравилось : реально как-то всё - без дурацкого патриотизма и дурацких криков типа : ! или : ! ... И ещё - немецкие танки , именно немецкие танки начала войны . Что ещё : фуфайки , самокрутки , будёновки , сорокопятки - которые на разносят в щепки танк , а именно останавливают с характерным металлическим лязгом при попадании снаряда , также как и птр , птр стреляло таким боезарадом , что не могло подорвать танк , а именно пробивало , как в фильме с характерным звуком ... В общем - режиссёру постановщику и консультантам , если таковые были , ( я о консультантах ) - большое спасибо . Это вам не бондарчуковский > .Жаль только , что на франко - язычных рассчитан .
Центурион - 10 gün önce вот вся "правда " о "героях" панфиловцах - просто пропаганда . Вся история этой страны построенна на вранье , Андрей Григорьев . А фильм - да , захватывающий : название , как не отвечающее правдивым событиям надо сменить .
Центурион - 11 gün önce
Андрей Григорьев А что -это разве французы ? Я в комментах читал что казахи ...
Андрей Григорьев
Умеют французы фильмы делать, да!?
Mr skafloc40
Mr skafloc40 - 11 gün önce
French crap language.
The Joke
The Joke - 12 gün önce
Je l ai regarder en vostfr c encore plus imersif
Galina Yakovleva
Galina Yakovleva - 13 gün önce
Thanks to everyone, who liked the movie! We were trying very hard =)
Galina Yakovleva
Galina Yakovleva - 13 gün önce
Maximum quality is 360p ? WHYYYYY?
Chrys Tophe
Chrys Tophe - 13 gün önce
Merci pour ce partage. Très bon film. Qualité du son et des images.
tomasz kamerski
tomasz kamerski - 14 gün önce
Świetny film
Matthew JesusWins
Matthew JesusWins - 17 gün önce
You got some more? 😂 😂 😂
صادق کریمی
صادق کریمی - 18 gün önce
چاکر هرچی خارجیه
Averyl Belevia
Averyl Belevia - 18 gün önce
Enfin, j’ai trouvé un site de film complet de qualité HD que je cherchais,
Je veux juste partager avec vous tous les amateurs de cinéma.
Omégobata Chenesawaipaw
Omégobata Chenesawaipaw - 17 gün önce
Double fracture du bassin 22cm dans ton côlon Rapport bucco génital pr l autre Voilà je vous souille comme une vulgaire salope de film X J adoooooore les films pornographiques
trung vu
trung vu - 20 gün önce
Phim Nga rat hay!
Oran Culpepper
Oran Culpepper - 20 gün önce
When did Russian speak French
VIKING VIKING - 20 gün önce
Gud bless you RUSSIA💪🏻🇷🇺❤🇷🇺
against zionist evill....
Go Russia🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
From tunisia🇹🇳
Серега Калинин
Серега Калинин - 13 gün önce
marcin górski
marcin górski - 21 gün önce
dam todt
dam todt - 22 gün önce
Le film n'est pas désagréable à visionner. Cependant, pas très réaliste. La réalité historique n'était visiblement pas la priorité du réalisateur..
KAYALA' SELECTA - 22 gün önce
Très bon film Russe, ça change de tout ce cinéma juif dont nous sommes inondé d'Hollywood en passant par les productions Françaises.
Jose Leiva
Jose Leiva - 24 gün önce
Buenisima lastima que no esta en español