2020 Pokémon Collinsville Regional Championships: TCG Masters Top 4, Match A

Abubakr Ayobami
Abubakr Ayobami - Aylar önce
I don’t now what is going on but I like card games.
Qinghai Xie
Qinghai Xie - Aylar önce
Please don't make ash go please!!!
Rex Dejaro
Rex Dejaro - Aylar önce
Wait is this expanded???
Deswegg - 28 gün önce
ricardo ricky
ricardo ricky - Aylar önce
7:40 😔😔
MH13 - Aylar önce
17 comments????? what?
しんたく - Aylar önce
Smallish - Aylar önce
Expanded.. yikes.
Corey Me
Corey Me - Aylar önce
Is there a requirement for how many energy’s your can run in these tournaments?
Natanis - Aylar önce
Also some previous metas like 2 years ago had a lot of turbo decks, meaning there could even be more than 12!
Zach T. Smith
Zach T. Smith - Aylar önce
The only requirement is on special energy (which is 4 copies) you can run as many as you choose...although this can ruin the consistency of your deck depending on what you are trying to do...i have decks that run 4 and I have decks that run 12 so it just depends on what you want to do
ImtheONE - Aylar önce
And I thought yugioj was bad lol. That first turn was crazy
Jasmine masterss
Jasmine masterss - Aylar önce
Expanded is horribly broken It's like playing with the forbidden cards lmao
Zach T. Smith
Zach T. Smith - Aylar önce
These are mild 1st turns compared to when vespiquen/vileplume was a thing lol 1/2-3/4 of a deck turn one for full board cancer setup to fully stall opponent from doing anything
Sarim Shamsee
Sarim Shamsee - Aylar önce
Why tf did he have Soo many cards on the bench... Can't u only have 4 card.., ? Plz helpp
Brendon Deering
Brendon Deering - Aylar önce
Agreed with other commenters, only allowed 5 on bench unless you have sky field
Meech - Aylar önce
MA419 thank you!
MA419 - Aylar önce
you can have up to 5 normally (ik cuz i play tcg online) but skyfield allows you to have up to 8
Tyler Folts
Tyler Folts - Aylar önce
I think he had a sky field stadium card which lets each player have 8 Pokémon on their bench
Vaishnavi Kank
Vaishnavi Kank - Aylar önce
Hi pokemon off. Site in India we cannot download Pokemon TV app so it's my request to start this app in India
CardCritic - 2 aylar önce
oh yay! Psychic gets it's last hurrah
Robert Santiago
Robert Santiago - 2 aylar önce
Returning player from 99-02 glad to see this
ricardo ricky
ricardo ricky - 2 aylar önce
where's everyone
Nikhil Kohli
Nikhil Kohli - 2 aylar önce