Nintendo Switch Piracy & Hacking - Did You Know Gaming Ft. Dazz

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Imba Imbaneski
Imba Imbaneski - 6 gün önce
I'm sort of new in the Nintendo Switch Jailbreak Community, but can I play games online when my switch is jail broken? I'm planning to buy a switch in 2 days, which is better the V1 or V2? Thank you.
Zachary Ornelas
Zachary Ornelas - 8 gün önce
What's the game @8:07
Paddy McGinty
Paddy McGinty - 9 gün önce
Hehe! "Fusée Gelée" in French means "Stoned Rocket".
Velma's Booty
Velma's Booty - 10 gün önce
I don't have anything against piracy and I'm not even against pirating things myself from time to time. But I hate the idea of people trying to make money off of hacking and piracy. Seems like it's entirely against the point of it all.
Pedro. - 10 gün önce
1:07 I got my not-hacked switch banned too, all my games were bought, in the shop I bought many indies too and I was even paying for the online service. Messaged them, and their answer was that "the ban was permanent and they couldn't do anything about it". So I actually hacked it and sold all the physical games. Fuck you, Nintendo.
Mrs. No
Mrs. No - 11 gün önce
I find hacking nintendo consoles so fascinating, honestly.
I'm no coder myself, but I enjoy custom firmware a lot and I often download nifty tools for the console to make them that more interesting.
My most proud achievement however was the one that was my most risky one: Hacking my New 3DS.
As an avid Pokemon fan who particularly enjoys romhacks of Pokemon games that are harder or amazing fan projects(Pokemon Voltwhite 2 and Clover come to mind) I wanted to play them on a native console instead of a pc.
The desire for custom themes and Pokemon editing tools on the go also contributed to the urge to hack it.
My New 3DS can now play anything from nes games to ds games, edit and clone Pokemon to give away in wonder trades (such as 6 IV Japanese dittos) and have an elegant theme of an Egyptian princess.
What's preventing me from hacking the switch is simply that the only thing I'd want to do on it is change the themes, and I'd likely get tempted in pirating games that still need to make a profit for Nintendo.
I'd much prefer hacking and pirating a console Nintendo doesn't support anymore than one that is simply to not hurt Nintendo in the long run.
I'll be part of the problem when I 'only' pirate one game that still needs to make profit for the publishers, even if it's from a billion dollar company and what they'd lose is 'only' 60 dollars at most.
Lily Mrazek
Lily Mrazek - 11 gün önce
I'm just gonna stick to hacking my 3ds lol this is scary
covennett halo
covennett halo - 11 gün önce
Why is gaining access to the root directory such a big deal? We do this on android with root and with iPhones jailbreak which also is a cat and mouse games so to say as well. Is really that bad on switch? Will I get banned if I install android? Hell they got Linux in this ??? 😆 that's amazing. So is the the risk real or is it like jailbreak where you'll be fine as long as you have a sense of morals?
Zema - 11 gün önce
Did the Hacking Group tried to paint themselfs as victims with that last statement?
Deoxal - 13 gün önce
piracy is morally good
Remy Kamermans
Remy Kamermans - 18 gün önce
i have no desire to hack / mod my switch.
Past system i only had desire to mod / hack them so i could play import games.
many past system had regio locking and let you wait months for release in europe or never saw release outside japan / usa.
also some games got censored / banned in certain regions so you could pick up a non censored version from a different region.
Bunseth Likyon
Bunseth Likyon - 22 gün önce
Aye! Use atmosphere instead
aciDC 14
aciDC 14 - 26 gün önce
Shit like this facinates me to no end.
Chloe H
Chloe H - 27 gün önce
TX isnt a pro piracy app? Huh?
Chloe H
Chloe H - 27 gün önce
Tbh... I’ve been using a modded switch for simplicity sake.
I pretty much buy a game, dump it, download the latest update, then convert it to xci format & throw it on my external drive.
I do this with all of my consoles for two reasons.
1. I can leave my games in their case in perfect condition on my shelf.
2. Its very simple to have everything on an hdd rather than on cartridge!
3. In the case of the switch ( and a few other consoles ), there are some killer mods worthwhile you can only get on a modded console. Example, I bought crash nitro kart on the switch because it had happened to have a 60fps patch, something not even on the xbox one x version.
Dominik Rausch
Dominik Rausch - Aylar önce
I think the only acceptable hack for the switch is a save state backup.
Like backing up your saves from the console to a SD Card and from there to the PC and eventually even an external cloud.
BmoreAkuma - Aylar önce
"for fun" to sell on eBay.
Toro Toro
Toro Toro - Aylar önce
God bless pirates
The305Ent - Aylar önce
"...and that one black guy." 😂
heymancoolvideo - Aylar önce
It would be so cool if the Switch had more general computing use, like GPD Win palmtop.
BaconBloons - Aylar önce
Who’s here before 1 million views?
TheForgoten100 - Aylar önce
You're talking like piracy is a bad thing.
Sorubro - Aylar önce
Piracy es awesome
Piracy is useful
Piracy is necessary
jose jabroni
jose jabroni - Aylar önce
can anyone tell me the name of the song. the battle sounding song. im having a brain fart... I know it's Mario
Inkyobus - Aylar önce
I wish nintendo would accept and work alongside the homebrew community. They did some really interesting things with the 3ds back in its hay day and its clear they want to find and report vulnerabilities to prevent piracy as much as Nintendo does.

But its clear piracy has got them paranoid about any sort of code be it in the eshop or not.
Dovahkiin the dragonborn
Dovahkiin the dragonborn - Aylar önce
At this point, the switch is gonna have to be for adults
Tass Wilson
Tass Wilson - Aylar önce
That music in the background is very distracting
jack favvv02
jack favvv02 - Aylar önce
So is the current console hackable?
Guy Montag
Guy Montag - Aylar önce
I had a hacked psp. I had access to all games that ever appeared on the psp, for free. It was the best time of my life. I would like the same for the Switch. Nintendo has always had outrages prices for their games. You can get Last of Us on the ps4 for like 15 bucks, yet you have to pay 60 bucks for a fucking Mario game? And the price NEVER goes down...
DTrig - Aylar önce
This is such a fucking yakuza move. Like, Jesus. Did Nintendo sponsor this?
Define - Aylar önce
Two things that were left out:
1) 90dns blocks all nintendo servers by using DNS, so nothing can be sent to them. Combined with running homebrew and other software on the emuMMC, which is the eMMC running on a SD card without touching the eMMC at all, Nintendo has no way to detect the mod as the system physically remains unmodded except in the sd card, which should be removed when the legit switch is booted.
2) Incognito can erase the Switch's identifiable info so Nintendo knows that a console is being modded but has no information to ban it. The switch can't connect online, but it also can't be banned. If a user uses recovery mode to restore the switch, then it can connect online and once again all traces of being modded are lost.

Overall a good video, these things are probably just more recent or are irrelevant to the overall video.
VRTLHVN - Aylar önce
Nintendo should just learn from sony and leave it be. Regardless of their attempts someone else will always crack / hack any possible flaw/ loop hole that can be made on said systems. Its utterly pointless to fight it
Noah Policarpio
Noah Policarpio - Aylar önce
Why won't Nintendo hire these people to make their consoles unhackable? Or even better, let them add interesting features to Switch?
Spencer Collins
Spencer Collins - Aylar önce
Nintendo deserves to be pirated for making us pay for their shitty internet service
Tagataro Lian
Tagataro Lian - Aylar önce
nintendo sucks
NeptuneOG - Aylar önce
There YouTube I finally watched it now stop recommending it to me
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez - Aylar önce
the music choice was perfect
tony arangoa
tony arangoa - Aylar önce
Yuzu is a nice emu hehehe
Random Dude
Random Dude - Aylar önce
_especially lewd images_
Tyler McQueen
Tyler McQueen - Aylar önce
can someone please explain to me why i thought this was something run by game theory for so long??? idk if they did a crossover video or something but i thought matpat owned this channel or something