H3 Podcast #4 - iDubbbzTV

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h3h3Productions - 3 yıl önce
Thanks to iDubbbz aka "The Great Exposer" for coming on our podcast show! Appreciate ya!
Making Music with Post Malone ► https://goo.gl/UkT1Oa
Kenz Kiki
Kenz Kiki - 17 gün önce
john doe
john doe - 4 aylar önce
Burakk X
Burakk X - 5 aylar önce
h3h3Productions saying the n-word so cool
Julio Cruz
Julio Cruz - 7 aylar önce
In 5:40 it sound like herbert the pervert from family guy
Mike Davison
Mike Davison - 9 aylar önce
Landon hashtag Hitting l
• TUNIC • ok
• TUNIC • ok - 17 saatler önce
KamikazeYazzie - 23 saatler önce
watching this in 2020, And this is cringe AF... Ethan did not know about "Pisces", . Ethan needs to do research on people he interviews... And, Ian is just logical as ever... And, Ethan is just a dumbass... RIP h3h3 podcast.
Adrian Renteria
Adrian Renteria - 3 gün önce
7:26 I thought for a second a Mexican dude just took over the stream
Jacob Finn
Jacob Finn - 5 gün önce
Upon rewatching I SENSE ALL EDITING
xFireFoxy - 5 gün önce
3 years later and Ether drops his own video on Keem.
Ethan the new Luke Skywalker 😂👏🏻
suck it
suck it - 12 gün önce
5:09 bro don't talk to hila like that ethan
Couldn't think of a Youtube name.
H3 looks like a weathered fisherman
TF Penrose
TF Penrose - 21 gün önce
The real howtobasic was the friends we made along the way
Yo boi rick V2
Yo boi rick V2 - 22 gün önce
You gotta thank Ian cause he's like the Goku or Naruto of YouTube and that actually inspires me.
ben dover
ben dover - 26 gün önce
38:10 he chose to be the content cop, now look at this man idubz.
emma - 26 gün önce
He reminds me of someone but idk who and its really bothering me
rafdrndm - 27 gün önce
this was such a good podcast i am listening to it for the 2nd time
Nicholas Lambert
Nicholas Lambert - 29 gün önce
That sucks they couldn’t get on the same page about leafy😂
Secretly a celebrity
Secretly a celebrity - 29 gün önce
YouTube "red"
YouTube "premium"
ben dover
ben dover - Aylar önce
watching this now loool simp fuck
Topher Films
Topher Films - 2 gün önce
ben dover lol you sound like the Reddit virgin user
ben dover
ben dover - 26 gün önce
@Lil Lol Very true I imagine, though he Chose to create a whole public persona around critiquing other peoples content. Of course people will be critical of him. Get yo comparisons right Lil dumbass.
Lil Lol
Lil Lol - 26 gün önce
ben dover So is iDubbbz you dumbass, he is no Simp. People like you are ruining that word! Use it when needed!
ben dover
ben dover - 26 gün önce
@Pete Swafflemeyer Fortunately not, i get my share fair share of puss of how bout you petie? 38:10 he chose to be the content cop.
Pete Swafflemeyer
Pete Swafflemeyer - 28 gün önce
lol, loser. You guys are literally incels.
cperrine320 - Aylar önce
man i kinda wish ian talked a little bit more about joji
William Howard
William Howard - Aylar önce
I can’t be the only who thinks he looks like fucking Steven Hawking
First World Problems
First World Problems - Aylar önce
2:30 that’s a big oof these days
LOSER - Aylar önce
he totally doesnt know leafy 😭😭😭
toyota camry
toyota camry - Aylar önce
it’s so weird how felix is so comfortable saying that also ethan
Jacob Hatfield
Jacob Hatfield - Aylar önce
How he has fallen from grace
Trippie Aym
Trippie Aym - Aylar önce
mannnn, good times when people understood that leafy is cancerous
Rommesje - Aylar önce
@Neptune Atlas na u just didnt notice the vid being thanos'd, which is logical
Neptune Atlas
Neptune Atlas - Aylar önce
@Rommesje well Oof ok if he did then I will say I just took an L and lost 🤣🤣
Rommesje - Aylar önce
@Neptune Atlas u know someordinarygamers deleted his video about that, don't you?
Neptune Atlas
Neptune Atlas - Aylar önce
@Rommesje watch someordinarygamers smh and no I am not lying. In his vids he literally points it out. If u can't go out of ur way to look it up then that is ur problem. Believe what u want.
Rommesje - Aylar önce
​@Neptune Atlas shit, id say the same if i were tryina cover up a lie, pretending to be lazy n all, you a damn liar my guy
Ronald Gomez
Ronald Gomez - Aylar önce
Its crazy how no black person has confronted him. Its like he travels through the sewers to stay away from them
Bruh Nation
Bruh Nation - Aylar önce
Oh iDubbbz, I know this is the real you instead of the fake one in recent days
Chester Castañeda
Chester Castañeda - Aylar önce
Don't mind me. Just here to look at the comments.
GOOB - 18 gün önce
I mind you
Bathtub Barracuda
Bathtub Barracuda - Aylar önce
"I have a lovely girlfriend who's in the room right now"
scary foreshadowing right there
me kil
me kil - Aylar önce
jef bozies 6:09
jef bozies
jef bozies - Aylar önce
Antony Chigurh
Antony Chigurh - Aylar önce
Hey look, it's the Chad army.
Nester Ness
Nester Ness - Aylar önce
lame. no chemistry. not funny. still upvoted.
Pete Swafflemeyer
Pete Swafflemeyer - 28 gün önce
The fuck are you even talking about.
Unapologetically, Me
Unapologetically, Me - Aylar önce
Ian and Ethans male audience are boys who wish they had confidence and game, so they live vicariously through two men boys who only have “charm” by hiding behind a lense. Now I’m realizing the obsessive fascination with these individuals. Hila, why, baby girl, why?! You have so much potential being lost catering to the ego, or lack thereof, of a jackass.
Finlay - Aylar önce
You're delusional
crzb - Aylar önce
you are *really* upset about something, are you okay?
Unapologetically, Me
Unapologetically, Me - Aylar önce
Ethan, you insecure brat! “Was mine not good?!” Baiting for compliment. Are you worried about Hila giving Ian a compliment. You are so pathetic. One insecure introvert intimidated by another insecure introvert. Glorious!
Pete Swafflemeyer
Pete Swafflemeyer - 28 gün önce
That's the funniest bs I've read in a while.
lol - Aylar önce
damn, are you ok?
Unapologetically, Me
Unapologetically, Me - Aylar önce
So....repeating someone’s derogatory terms towards you, makes it okay. He isn’t as tough as he portrays himself to be. You can tell he is quite uncomfortable. His confidence is behind a camera. Face to face contact, he’d shrink in fear, head down and walking fast. Idubbbz is an introvert recluse. Got it!
OssamabinKenny - Aylar önce
Yeah...Filthy Frank is the best channel ever
Kinda Gay
Kinda Gay - Aylar önce
How does Idubbbz manage to look 40 and 12 at the same time
lyssa flores
lyssa flores - Aylar önce
I was here before the simp/cuck comments
TheDeadlyJake - Aylar önce
Pete Swafflemeyer
Pete Swafflemeyer - 28 gün önce
Lol, Incel
Joshua Larson
Joshua Larson - Aylar önce
SLEESBURG - Aylar önce
Back when buddy wasn’t a cuck😢
E Eh
E Eh - Aylar önce
H3h3 looks like a Mexican druglord ahha fucking Great
Zachary Trussell
Zachary Trussell - Aylar önce
Henry Mahoney
Henry Mahoney - Aylar önce
Margot Curcio
Margot Curcio - Aylar önce
I think idubbbz is sexy
TheRealSnitty - Aylar önce
Hey I’m sorry I’m not going home I right after school I’ll get you some stuff I can do go get some food I got a lot going on the weekend and I’ll get to you get back in the park and then I gotta is a way better I’ll get some food for ya tomorrow I don’t have a lot going for it but I’m going to get my car back from my dads name is so I’ll go get online I’ll be online and I’ll send y’all a text or something haha haha was the day you get a PS4 pro bundle and I’ll get it it out of the box I’ll get on the phone with y’all and I can do go pick y’all and pick it out if I can have you a little newphew was the way you got me and the kids I got a chicken and a drink and a chicken leg so I’m going home and I just is a way better I gotta is a way to go get back online bro I’ll be there at the house and I’ll be back in a bit late I’m gonna I’ll pick ya guys I’ll pick you wanna when you wanna get the kids I love you bye love you guys bye love you I’ll see ya tomorrow I’ll talk ya ya know right haha is this one of ya girl you gotta was a good time to get to the party and I’ll get ya back to ya
Johannes - Aylar önce
Are you ok
Chieludz - Aylar önce
What are you saying and meaning???
TheRealSnitty - Aylar önce
Fucking simp ( I mean I idubbbz )
I’m not Jerry
I’m not Jerry - Aylar önce
Lol you changed your comment because you thought I was being serious
THE GUY - Aylar önce
Chieludz bro do you actually think this dude is Cory from Cory in the House?
lyssa flores
lyssa flores - Aylar önce
@I’m not Jerry I couldn't imagine Hila flirting to save her life. She's way too far up Ethan's ass.
I’m not Jerry
I’m not Jerry - Aylar önce
Yeah, I mean it’s so obvious that Hila is cheating on Ethan and I’m pretty sure Ethan knows but acts like he doesn’t care.
Chieludz - Aylar önce
You look look like a 600 pound virgin
goku goku
goku goku - Aylar önce
joey c
joey c - Aylar önce
Goku cuckZ
GucciToez - Aylar önce
Racist little shit
Rommesje - Aylar önce
@Papi Chulo ight i get you g, im directing my comment to OP
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo - Aylar önce
@Rommesje GucciToez said racist little shit and somebody asked who was racist, so I answered with the time stamp he was probably referencing.
Rommesje - Aylar önce
@Papi Chulo what, that makes no sense to me. you provided a timestamp saying ethan's a "racist little shit"?
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo - Aylar önce
@Rommesje I’m not saying he’s racist, but definitely the original commenter is referencing to Ethan.
Rommesje - Aylar önce
@Papi Chulo hows that racist tho xd
Kevin Dube
Kevin Dube - 2 aylar önce
Damn I didn’t know Ethan used to look like a radio shock-jock from the late 90s 🤔
901김예빈 - 2 aylar önce
cyberdoll2005 !
cyberdoll2005 ! - 2 aylar önce
not to sound like a weird fangirl but..... his jawline is so nice.. his smile is adorable. hes actually very attractive in general.. he makes my heart do a thing.. idk ima cry fr🥺
Rommesje - Aylar önce
@Politically WOKE Hindus no, now answer the question i asked u earlier about dropping out of school, im actually suspecting a case of bad parenting rn
Politically WOKE Hindus
Politically WOKE Hindus - Aylar önce
@Rommesje send me your wife's only fans account
Rommesje - Aylar önce
@Politically WOKE Hindus by asking some braindead neckass who tries to be politically woke why hes so fed up with a youtuber? shit dude, seems to me like i just stepped on your toes a little too hard there lol
Politically WOKE Hindus
Politically WOKE Hindus - Aylar önce
@Rommesje this is basically the only way you can defend that cuck lord of yours. Lmao
Rommesje - Aylar önce
@Politically WOKE Hindus tfw the nerd who has "woke" in their name ends up comparing isis with an edgy youtuber. serious question tho, did u drop out of school *before* developing ur critical thinking?
trogster - 2 aylar önce
am i the only one that doesnt see him as the im gayyyyy guy
Chieludz - Aylar önce
He is that guy
BINARYGOD - 2 aylar önce
Straight men are so pathetic - cannot be remotely close to another man without 'joking' about it being gay.
Finlay - Aylar önce
The horror
Dane Brass
Dane Brass - 2 aylar önce
wow, that's a sweeping statement
Jacob Hendry
Jacob Hendry - 2 aylar önce
Sexist hetero-phobic
East African warrior YMA1990
iDubbbz girlfriend joined onlyfans on Snapchat.
Big F for our fallen soldier.
From content cop to a cuck simp
Rommesje - Aylar önce
do u know what simp means
hillary h
hillary h - 2 aylar önce
I'm familiar with idubbbz videos and it still shocked me when he first said it
LordVortex - 2 aylar önce
"I was playing Minecraft when I was...uh 20 years old" - iDubbbzTV 2017
Cshep 05
Cshep 05 - 2 aylar önce
Michael Hunter
Michael Hunter - 2 aylar önce
Lol you could say Nigerian Fruit
Jason - 2 aylar önce
idubbbz is the shit, yo! I never used to watch you, til I seen your collabs.
Jason - 2 aylar önce
Leafy is totally FASDer than a lot of gamer, if you get what I'm saying.😳
Od sz
Od sz - 2 aylar önce
I would literally pay $ to get drunk with Ian and just talk stuff n' shit with him, no gay stuff edups, sorry
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese - 2 aylar önce
joey c
joey c - Aylar önce
Biggie cheese go drown. Nobody loves you
aiden - 2 aylar önce
ian we will never let you forget slenderman gangnam style
Dan Balan & Tina Karol Fan club
there are people who love Mr Beast?)
Jake B.
Jake B. - 2 aylar önce
Edups has those Jack Nicholson eyebrows
Samuraisahsah - 2 aylar önce
Ian looks like he needs a shower tbh
Julian Baxter
Julian Baxter - 2 aylar önce
He should do a content cop on himself. That'd get hilarious views
ModeratelyTrumpet - 2 aylar önce
You should probably do a new one and call this the beta idubbbz interview.
Ryan Dents
Ryan Dents - 2 aylar önce
Ian seems like a psychopath
Makenzie Abeyta
Makenzie Abeyta - 2 aylar önce
Thomas Best
Thomas Best - 3 aylar önce
Thomas Best
Thomas Best - Aylar önce
@lyssa flores dangut i forgot to count
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo - Aylar önce
@lyssa flores Haha 😂
lyssa flores
lyssa flores - Aylar önce
@lost 😂😂😂 my bad
lost - Aylar önce
@lyssa flores stole my thing I've been working at for weeks. Blocked.
lyssa flores
lyssa flores - Aylar önce
@Papi Chulo i knew u were gonna fuckin do sum shit like that
Gabby Jones
Gabby Jones - 3 aylar önce
I’m watching this is 2020 and realizing the internet was such a better time when you can joke like this and not be judged or canceled , we really live in a world full of baby back bitches now lol
Ventreal - 16 saatler önce
omg you cussed im gonna go get your channel removed im so offended by you cussing
sophie - Aylar önce
yes i agree i really hate cancel culture
joey c
joey c - Aylar önce
Exactly! Ian isnt a bad dude. Nobody has dignity and a sense of humor. They're all sjws and cancer
Cshep 05
Cshep 05 - 3 aylar önce
Ganku Dog
Ganku Dog - 3 aylar önce
This is so awkward XD
DR. SH - 3 aylar önce
Macbook air price
DR. SH - 3 aylar önce
Macbook air occation prix
DR. SH - 3 aylar önce
Mish Wish
Mish Wish - 3 aylar önce
Wow nowww i know why ethsns jokes are shit as of 2020. He gets them from craigs
Chandler Bailey
Chandler Bailey - 3 aylar önce
Holy shit 26:00 has me in tears.
Geoff Miller
Geoff Miller - 3 aylar önce
Ian is actually gay?
NarvalSwegger - 2 aylar önce
food - 3 aylar önce
YouTube is like working in the cartel