Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019

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Aniket Yadav
Aniket Yadav - 57 dakika önce
Please make a next avengers part adding all old superheroes
King Jordan
King Jordan - Saatler önce
Will black panther be in the game
Coast To Coast
Coast To Coast - 2 saatler önce
Finally a real AAA shot at a super hero game besides of course Batman and Spiderman, looks like it will be good. Hopefully
Tony Snchz
Tony Snchz - 2 saatler önce
Natasha *prince charming from shrek* Romanoff
Greg Jones
Greg Jones - 2 saatler önce
More worthless woke bullshit
Greg Jones
Greg Jones - 2 saatler önce
More worthless woke bullshit
DiestorZero - 3 saatler önce
0:42 AuronPlay confirmed?
Paul Quilla
Paul Quilla - 4 saatler önce
no basta
necesito otro final de avenger end game :`c
Adam Curley
Adam Curley - 5 saatler önce
For those of you who do not know they will be adding other Marvel characters into the game as free dlc. You can listen to them talk about it from their Square Enix presentation at E3.
Rememba_da_name - 5 saatler önce
lord farquaad is aliveeeee @2:10
Justin Moore
Justin Moore - 5 saatler önce
Hrmm it didn't work. Still piggies.
Ayla Gamer
Ayla Gamer - 6 saatler önce
They forgot Hawkeye lol.
calamorta - 6 saatler önce
Impossible to look at it and not be disappointed that the real actors were not hired to play their characters...
AutomaticJaguar - 8 saatler önce
Marvel: coming may 2020
Me: dammit they played us
Hunter5865 - 9 saatler önce
This looks incredible, I'm glad it's not a ps4 exclusive
Deer Studios
Deer Studios - 9 saatler önce
are avengers danger to society ..... yeah they saved the world and the universe "Endgame" . just because they failed once doesn't mean they are threat TF
Mark Dowd
Mark Dowd - 9 saatler önce
Were is hake eye
Vghhvbhhvgy bsbnshdjdndndbd
Vghhvbhhvgy bsbnshdjdndndbd - 10 saatler önce
The graphics look like there from 2013 😂
Star_Lord85 - 10 saatler önce
Star_Lord85 - 10 saatler önce
Star_Lord85 - 10 saatler önce
Football Maniac
Football Maniac - 11 saatler önce
Matt Wong
Matt Wong - 11 saatler önce
Hopefully this won't be an Epic Games Store exclusive
Addiethepenut - 11 saatler önce
Game: **Exists**
Hawkeye: *Am I a joke to you?*
Keth Shan
Keth Shan - 13 saatler önce
There better be a dlc were every one is played by there mcu counterparts cuz for a long time i wanted a mcu avengers game and this is closest im going to get i wann play as Robert downy jr Chris evens Chris hemsworth scarlett johansson and mark ruffalo
spider wolf
spider wolf - 6 saatler önce
What makes you think the mcu actors would wsnt to do this???? Most of the mcu actors are done
Da ComicBookNerd
Da ComicBookNerd - 8 saatler önce
Go play Lego marvel avengers then lol. Has all your mcu avenger content lol
David Díaz
David Díaz - 13 saatler önce
Why does Tony look like Mac from Always Sunny?
Роман Обман
Роман Обман - 14 saatler önce
Aahahahah какой же отстой )))
Professor Who
Professor Who - 15 saatler önce
The manliest Black Widow there ever has been.
Iron Boy
Iron Boy - 16 saatler önce
i need this game
South Park
South Park - 17 saatler önce
15 temmuz parodisi olmus aq
Sanjai Kathir
Sanjai Kathir - 17 saatler önce
It's an animated video
Kewin Stewart
Kewin Stewart - 18 saatler önce
Well...this looks terrible
Lyrex28 - 19 saatler önce
No offense or anything but anyone like it better if their voices and face were like from THE Avengers movie?
Lyrex28 - 15 saatler önce
@spider wolf hmm well if neither can happen then i'll just live with it, either way MCU or not MCU both of them are nice.
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
They wont get the mcu actors or desings
Lyrex28 - 16 saatler önce
@spider wolf yet still they might look nice.
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
This isn't linked to the mcu so that's why plus the actors nugt. Kt want to do this
kucluk Gaming
kucluk Gaming - 19 saatler önce
excuse me,I respectfully want to ask permission whether my channel can upload end game avengers
Da ComicBookNerd
Da ComicBookNerd - 8 saatler önce
Probably not since its still in theaters lol
Mr. Sadi Stark
Mr. Sadi Stark - 19 saatler önce
Cap died
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
He's confiemd to be playable but he's coming back
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Ba NaeNae
Ba NaeNae - 21 saatler önce
*Ali a intro intensifies*
Sean W
Sean W - 22 saatler önce
Please have spiderman in this
Crystal Puppet
Crystal Puppet - 23 saatler önce
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spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
FuturisticHub - 23 saatler önce
Thanos really did snap the Avengers out of existence... I don't see a single one here
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
This isn't based on the mcu
Incredible World
Incredible World - 23 saatler önce
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Michael Zhu
Michael Zhu - Gün önce
They should have combined avengers with the spiderman ps4, i mean they already reference the avengers a few times
Christian Jimenez
Christian Jimenez - Gün önce
The black winds begin to howl
Katrick Z
Katrick Z - Gün önce
Hawkeye: exists

Square enix: I aM aBoUt To EnD tHiS wHoLe MaN's CaReEr
Dandy - Gün önce
FamineX - Gün önce
Why is it that i think Captain America will be like "SURPRISE B*****S IM BACK"

Edit why are so many people bitching, this looks good
jonathan - Gün önce
Deus ex had to die for this and i dont know how to feel
Biller Beemstar
Biller Beemstar - Gün önce
This game looks so terrible, the voice accords sound so incorrect, the characters don’t even look like the actual characters. Iron man sounds like nolan north. this game looks trash they spent more money on graphics instead of story.
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
This isn't based on the mcu dumbass so it doesn't have the actors or designs plus Tony is played by nolan
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez - Gün önce
hawkeye brainwashed again somewhere
Daniel Herrera
Daniel Herrera - Gün önce
Is it me or Bruce Banner looks like Todd Howard?
Vectir Gamer
Vectir Gamer - Gün önce
Is exclusive for PS4?
新Unusual - Gün önce
Thanos dlc
Shxtsui - Gün önce
Pero si murio iron man :v
TheLastPaperCup - Gün önce
I accidenatlly looked this up meant for endgame BUNT WHAT
Lip Sco
Lip Sco - Gün önce
is cap dead???
Richard Mind your own name
Looks wonky
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - Gün önce
The Avengers with Hawkeye: Win
Avengers AOU with Hawkeye: Win
Infinity War without Hawkeye: Lose
This Game without Hawkeye: Lose
Try to say Dick Cheese without laughing
wheres the collab with fortnite
EliteRocks !
EliteRocks ! - Gün önce
sooo bad.... is this for wii u?
Logicew - Gün önce
Anyone remember HeroUp (Super Hero Squad Online). That game was epic
Oaph - 2 saatler önce
Lol yeah
suppu Shan
suppu Shan - Gün önce
This was in next level
Čertík99 - Gün önce
not bad
KraftDinnerKid - Gün önce
No One:

absolutely no one:

Me when I saw that Captain America dies: *screaming intensifies*
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
He's coming back
amin ka
amin ka - Gün önce
I don’t like this😖
Shaikh Mohammad Oais
Shaikh Mohammad Oais - Gün önce
George thethird
George thethird - Gün önce
How bad does it suck that Marvel wont throw an extra quarter to the game to make them look like the Avengers.....
George thethird
George thethird - 16 saatler önce
"This isn't based on the mcu genius" lol Spider wolf...why do I image you saying that with a lisp??????
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
This isn't based on the mcu genius
GM - Gün önce
CAYDE! Wtf are you doing! Hurry up and resurrect back in Destiny damnit!
Amit Arora
Amit Arora - Gün önce
Please make this game available for Xbox 360
Simeon batara
Simeon batara - Gün önce
2:46 do you guys thinking what i thinking?
Locke Jawe
Locke Jawe - Gün önce
Black Widow looks like Ginger Panther here...
Paolo Gnazzo
Paolo Gnazzo - Gün önce
Looks like a cheap ripoff
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
It isn't it was funded by marvel themselves
LIGHT of the East
LIGHT of the East - Gün önce
So disappoint for first impression 😢 about heroes face, outfit and playable characters. hope we just wrong...
spider wolf
spider wolf - 15 saatler önce
I'm pretty sure the dlc will be playable offline aswell
LIGHT of the East
LIGHT of the East - 16 saatler önce
It's will be great if have more character playable in main story. Not just dlc for online muti that just feel sad. but anyway I will judge at all when we see the first gameplay. // thanks for your info.
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
More characters will be added and they confirmed alternate suits
The nextinline
The nextinline - Gün önce
We want Marvel Heroes back! NOW!
Corporal Slip-TiT
Corporal Slip-TiT - Gün önce
This gonna b the reason to own a ps6 fo sho dawgs🙃✊🤡
snow fox
snow fox - Gün önce
Why do they make every super hero game super childish and lame looking and that dialog sucks I mean come on look at Batman arkem knight if you need help
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
Kid get outta here
Rye - Gün önce
just do another tomb raider game square enix and crystal dynamics, nobody wants an avengers game
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
People do want an Avengers game myself included
Parmeshwaran Gounder
Parmeshwaran Gounder - Gün önce
Agree with you, these MCU fanboys are too salty. Don’t even appreciate a game.
MrPainBro - Gün önce
Wish they looked like the movie characters... but other then that, THIS LOOKS WICKED!
Dj Starlight
Dj Starlight - Gün önce
DC is better. It came out first and marvel have just copied them. If u don’t notice that then ure crazy.
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
You do realise dc copies marvel as well right??? Namor was before aquaman Wasp was before bumble bee and so on Plus dc has very few good characters there too most overrated and popular characters are a near invunerable God and a depressed orphan dressed as a small flying mamal
AluTheHungryGhost - Gün önce
Eh, both would just use same people to make stories. Nothing wrong with Fantastic Four stealing Challengers of Unknown look since both were created by Jack Kirby.
Mrashiaap -Creative Destruction
Rip peoples that died in the bridge
LavaDuck - 2 gün önce
They shod have been voiced by the real actors
hit like
hit like - 2 gün önce
I love Tony Stark 3000 times
Dylan Wilhelm
Dylan Wilhelm - 2 gün önce
90% of the people before clicking : OMG A NEW MOVIE
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
About 10% actuslly msot people knew it was a game beforehand
Incredible World
Incredible World - 2 gün önce
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Rs Yadav
Rs Yadav - 2 gün önce
You have t make a movie on thanos
Trevor McCormick
Trevor McCormick - 2 gün önce
The main antagonists might be the organization known as A.I.M. because Taskmaster and Abomination have worked for A.I.M. before. Ultimo is the big robot at the end.
Marco Andrade
Marco Andrade - 2 gün önce
1:37 Taskmaster?!
Jmoney Beats
Jmoney Beats - 2 gün önce
You guys better pull it off
Hudson - 2 gün önce
Why does tony sound like cayde-6
Hudson - 15 saatler önce
I’m joking bye the way
Hudson - 15 saatler önce
I know but I thought he was dead
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
Smae actor
TheOrangeCreeper - 2 gün önce
And of course it's only going to be on PS4 first.
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
Incredible World
Incredible World - 2 gün önce
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Gordon Tubbs
Gordon Tubbs - 2 gün önce
These characters look more like their comic book versions.
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
That's the point
300 likes with no vids challenge
I'm hoping there will be thanos
EndyRambar ‘
EndyRambar ‘ - 2 gün önce
Am I the only one who gets ow vibes here?
“Some called them murderers”
“They even called us criminals”
They get back together years after a devastating loss (Venice incident)
Even the soundtracks
Grimbozo- San
Grimbozo- San - 2 gün önce
I like it to be honest!
Rayna Pelletier
Rayna Pelletier - 2 gün önce
tyrekd2004 d
tyrekd2004 d - 2 gün önce
Black widow is a man
G0at Fate
G0at Fate - 2 gün önce
Where is the gameplay marvel?
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Looks at cap die
Aaron R.
Aaron R. - 2 gün önce
Hulk planet :(
Giffica - 2 gün önce
This looks horrible, who thought this looked good for release? This is going to be an absolute train-wreck.
spider wolf
spider wolf - 16 saatler önce
The game still has a year before release this is pre alpha they acknowledged this