Tom Brady heading for a cliff? Stephen A. has no patience for such 'disrespectful' talk | First Take

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GWS - 2 aylar önce
If Tom Brady jumped off a cliff, would you too?
I mean I would if I could get to 3 straight superbowls on my way down.
Jimmie Staggs
Jimmie Staggs - 2 aylar önce
Kellerman is a damn clown... Try as they might, these lib msm media sports hacks can't get their analysis of TB12 right due to their venomous hatred of his greatness
Tee Mafk
Tee Mafk - 3 aylar önce
Chandler Rogers
Chandler Rogers - 3 aylar önce
Tom Brady is not falling off the cliff it's just hes getting older
AndyDiaz - 4 aylar önce
LOOK WHO MADE THE SUPERBOWL🤣🤣🤣Keep calling him old and saying he’ll fall off, it’s never RIGHT❗️❗️❗️
Alex Welch
Alex Welch - 4 aylar önce
I’m watching this days before the pats go to they’re 3rd super bowl in a row and he’s still talking saying that Brady is done.....wait r we in yet another super bowl again o yea we r sooooo and he was talking trash sayin Brady was second to machined in the afc championship game come on man how’s he lose if e was better than Brady please explain I’d love to hear
Ranauldo Greer
Ranauldo Greer - 4 aylar önce
Best part is when Stephen A puts his feet up 😂😂😂
Zach Ellis
Zach Ellis - 5 aylar önce
Max is fuckin annoying
Noble Fishing
Noble Fishing - 5 aylar önce
Brady did his job . Gostkowski missed two kicks that would’ve put them ahead , and the defense feel asleep on that ridiculous last play.
Jon Hawkins
Jon Hawkins - 5 aylar önce
Pats are 9 and 3
Mark Smith
Mark Smith - 5 aylar önce
Max the expert? Little dweb pussy
SuperJohn12354 - 5 aylar önce
SAS agrees with Max, look at old First take , lets not pretend SAS is suddenly a Brady supporter, when ever he puts his feet up, that tells you he completely agrees with Max.
Randy Harris
Randy Harris - 5 aylar önce
tb 12
cliff4ever - 5 aylar önce
The corner of Max Kellermans mouth gives me nightmares and makes baby’s cry.
Michael Grimes
Michael Grimes - 5 aylar önce
Only took 20 years of dominance to get Stephen A. to give Brady some credit
mike thomas
mike thomas - 5 aylar önce
Maybe max should go jump off a cliff do us all a favor 😂 how bout that vikings win 👍
Hung Pham
Hung Pham - 5 aylar önce
Max praise every night for the cliff come sooner f***him...
Johnny Wilkman
Johnny Wilkman - 5 aylar önce
I hate this stupid stuck up bitch molly, STFU! she acts like shes in charge!
corky gilbert
corky gilbert - 5 aylar önce
Max youre wrong again!! Beats Jets and Minnesota. You should be fired for incompetence and pure obnoxious bias!
Gran Marquis
Gran Marquis - 5 aylar önce
Who's missing from this offense is Amendola! We lost him and I knew we'd struggle a bit until someone fills that void
Gran Marquis
Gran Marquis - 5 aylar önce
The team is no longer there! Working with a new team that has to build chemistry
Jessie Roden
Jessie Roden - 5 aylar önce
Proves Brees is the goat...they saying Brees mb MVP
Jessie Roden
Jessie Roden - 5 aylar önce
Brady on the decline...Brees having one of best seasons a front runner n MVP candidate
Xerxes G
Xerxes G - 5 aylar önce
Patriots best days are at the end of the season, Brady doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon.
Nilton Goncalves
Nilton Goncalves - 5 aylar önce
If Tom Brady wakes up tomorrow and is only half as good as he is today, he is still better than half of the starting QBs in the nfl today.
M - 5 aylar önce
Brady's on PED's. Yeah, I said it, bring the criticism.
Robert Lutz
Robert Lutz - 5 aylar önce
A new LT, offense lineman New on interior. Gordon is new, Patterson is new, RB is new, they will gel soon and it will be on!! Patriots Nation
Santiago Trujillo
Santiago Trujillo - 5 aylar önce
Heckel and Jeckel strike again
Mary Jo
Mary Jo - 5 aylar önce
Tom will surprise all of us!
Kenneth Phegley
Kenneth Phegley - 5 aylar önce
THE WHOLE TEAM "SUCKED" when they played the Titans......HATERS are going to HATE.
Habib Olapade
Habib Olapade - 5 aylar önce
Why can Josh Gordon stay off weed now that he is with the Pats?
VIP TEAM - 6 aylar önce
Brady haters like this comment on emotional female hormones 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Gerardo Rodriguez
Gerardo Rodriguez - 6 aylar önce
corky gilbert
corky gilbert - 6 aylar önce
Max hates Brady sooooo much it oooses out his nose.
rowdyrx - 6 aylar önce
Max you have nothing,nothing,nothing
Jubei Tenkai
Jubei Tenkai - 6 aylar önce
Rogers is the one falling off the cliff!
kingjimmyb ofall
kingjimmyb ofall - 6 aylar önce
Rogers never made it up to the cliff!
Lauranntinia Levi
Lauranntinia Levi - 6 aylar önce
I played rugby until I was 45 and better than when I was 21 cos my work out was way better and was a more dangerous player cap my team to the championship in the last 3 years winning 1 and could have played till Im 50 but then suddenly I didnt feel like playing anymore and when Tom Brady gets that feeling that the urge is no longer there then hell walk away and say Fank You For Coming
Craig Winston
Craig Winston - 6 aylar önce
He's forcing it to Gordon. He'll target Hogan too next game
richard escobar
richard escobar - 6 aylar önce
Of course brady can play till he's 45. You can barely touch the qb now. And NFL offenses are scoring at will, then ever before.
TheBostonranger1 - 6 aylar önce
Max is the biggest Brady hater. He has no respect for the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL......
BJ Golden
BJ Golden - 6 aylar önce
Easy for Max to talk about someone falling off a cliff when he sits on his ass and looks at a camera. He wouldn't make it one play in the NFL.
jasonk333 - 6 aylar önce
“Falling off a cliff doesn’t mean he can’t still have a good game”
I don’t think max knows how cliffs work
Clifton Brown
Clifton Brown - 6 aylar önce
Max the Cliff Kellerman Rob Parker the worst there is was and ever will be Period! Straight up Tag Team Bums!
Hung Pham
Hung Pham - 6 aylar önce
Max is wrong most of the time, but he didn't admit it until he's right. I feel sorry for the guy...
dfk4500 - 6 aylar önce
Max go back to the boxing ring!!! You dumb fuck!!!!!! I can't stand his grey face ass!!!!!!!!!!!
Cameron - 6 aylar önce
Tom Brady fell of the cliff years ago, but all he does now is throw check downs and crossing patterns to wide open receivers, so it’s not gonna show in his stats for a long time
Leo Diaz
Leo Diaz - 6 aylar önce
Molly stfu! I cringe every time you comment and interrupt.
TruePatriot1776 **
TruePatriot1776 ** - 6 aylar önce
Molly should fall off the cliff.....its like everything she says sounds so fake and forced. Producers just telling her to ramble and interrupt whenever she can. Just shut the fuck up already lol
jzon3251 - 6 aylar önce
Goddamn it Max 😂
Ginger Weatherbee
Ginger Weatherbee - 6 aylar önce
maybe i'm misinterpreting what Max means, but isn't he just saying that Brady is starting to look more average, more mortal.. not the Superstar that he once was. if that is what he means by falling off the cliff.. he's right. Brady is looking more average, it also doesn't help when players like Gronk & Edelman are out.. those two are his security blankets
Logan Johnny big papi age 5
Logan Johnny big papi age 5 - 6 aylar önce
But if Brady is the greatest it shouldn't matter if Gronk and others are out. Also the greatest don't get destroyed by the Titans. Those sound like excuses to me
Jon Hawkins
Jon Hawkins - 6 aylar önce
Someone tell max, what are the records of the 2 teams from the last superbowl, which team is going to the playoffs.
TOM BRADY - 6 aylar önce
Max is headed for the cliff of these nuts
Yoshi Maeshiro
Yoshi Maeshiro - 6 aylar önce
Waitaminit!!!! Wasn't there a video, a couple of months ago, of Max Kellerman saying Tom Brady has "reset the record of what is possible"? Oh, yeah, and here it is:
Timedevour36 - 6 aylar önce
Can someone put together a compilation or something of Max saying Brady is done over the years? I only just started really getting into the not-game side of football so I'm curious.
Chris Napolion
Chris Napolion - 6 aylar önce
Molly is a idiot
Chris Napolion
Chris Napolion - 6 aylar önce
Defenses are better
Chris Napolion
Chris Napolion - 6 aylar önce
I say nor
jeb brady
jeb brady - 6 aylar önce
I think Max Kellerman is over the cliff
Nappy-headed Knuckle heads
Nappy-headed Knuckle heads - 6 aylar önce
Only gets better year after year ma niggaz❗
Nedbo Savage
Nedbo Savage - 6 aylar önce
Steven A Is Soooo Funny 😄
youngbuck0911 - 6 aylar önce
No one fucken cares if you're much younger Molly, it shows in the dumb as fuck comments you make and your loud, 'look at me' voice.
youngbuck0911 - 6 aylar önce
Molly "I cant even handle life right now"... SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOURE OVER 30, talk like a normal human being.
Josh Dupee
Josh Dupee - 6 aylar önce
Lol ooooook
Abudu Saaka
Abudu Saaka - 6 aylar önce
Want a blanket molly stop 🤣
Rico Bonds
Rico Bonds - 6 aylar önce
Even if he fell he lands on a buncha money
elastic774 - 6 aylar önce
The lowest qb has 81 rating in league
Ray Williams
Ray Williams - 6 aylar önce
All he's done for the last ten years was DINK AND DUNK!! #BUMINREALITY
Michael R
Michael R - 6 aylar önce
Not as long as the NFL allows him to take hgh. The plot is for an NFL player to supplant MJ as the greatest champion ever. He said he would play until he was 45 3 years ago as if he got assurances from the NFL that he would be able to get away with taking what he takes. The Tb 12 method is just a coverup for the steroids and hgh use.
elShit07 - 6 aylar önce
Max and Molly need to go they are annoying.
tlt40s&w 70
tlt40s&w 70 - 6 aylar önce
Titans put the smack down on Brady. Also Brady plays in the backyard of the easiest division in football. Bills, Dolphins and jets are junk teams and most the time don’t even see the door of a post season run. Numbers don’t lie, the Pats will alway be in post season play, it’s a gd joke and for this team to get the recognition they do is a fucking joke. Stephen brother you should be ashamed to keep backing a known cheating team that is in the weakest division in football. Dude put your feet on the floor, you look stupid doing this.
Shane Blackburn
Shane Blackburn - 6 aylar önce
Max Kellerman proves yet again why he is the biggest joke among sport analysts. Seriously how did this guy even get a job in the ESPN building.
Medijine Time
Medijine Time - 6 aylar önce
Max, has been talking about this cliff for three years now. I am to the point were I truly believe Max has a man crush on TB 12. It is the only explanation.
cashtheyen - 6 aylar önce
Max Kellerman should kill himself
Nick Mihopoulos
Nick Mihopoulos - 6 aylar önce
Damn kellerman is dumb
Alex Kane
Alex Kane - 6 aylar önce
Will max be replaced before Brady falls off a cliff?
Dillan Barton
Dillan Barton - 6 aylar önce
god, here we go again, I feel like im re-watching the same video every day
BPrimeTimeL - 6 aylar önce
Screen says QBR 47.4 and Molly says 41.5? Lol
Benjamin Farias
Benjamin Farias - 6 aylar önce
Madden curse
Daniel Baltzell
Daniel Baltzell - 6 aylar önce
Please get rid of molly 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Bruce Nunes
Bruce Nunes - 6 aylar önce
Let's see now, this Cliff has been extended
for about for 2 years. Now, Max says, that falling off a cliff means you can still have a few good games. Well, how does that happen... you just go back on top of a cliff or jump back onto a cliff or raised to the top of the cliff and then one is productive and excels! That's not a cliff!
I believe that Max's ;Integrity" has fallen off the cliff.
Silvano G
Silvano G - 6 aylar önce
Teddy will never agree with Max ever it's all politics Hell never bite the hand that fed him
Victor - 6 aylar önce
tom brady will play till hes 90
Trevor Sanso
Trevor Sanso - 6 aylar önce
*When all goes well* - 'Praise be to Tom"

*When things go awry* - "Tom doesn't have enough weapons"
Anthony Thompson
Anthony Thompson - 6 aylar önce
Max you are a hating bitch!!!!!
Paris Harper
Paris Harper - 6 aylar önce
Fall right into another ring! Smh
cisco01real1 - 6 aylar önce
Max has a point, people think brady is gonna play forever..
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson - 6 aylar önce
As a Pats fan my concern is they let three of Toms best offensive weapons go Gronk is most likely playing his last year and has hit his cliff, three back operations. Their defense sucks and are the reason the Pats lost the SB. This all said Tom is the best end of story.
XMXH - 6 aylar önce
Pats dynasty 2.0 ends this year and the rebuild will begin.
Jason Lancaster
Jason Lancaster - 6 aylar önce
So when is the cliff? When he's 50? I think we're seeing the end
AntLBee - 6 aylar önce
This Braud is Annoying...She stay hating on S.A.S.
K W - 6 aylar önce
down stats against 3 teams with great defenses playing the biggest games of their seasons........ so its pats vs who in the bowl?
DoesNotExist305 - 6 aylar önce
I'm a Dolphins fan and despartely want Brady to get near this proverbial cliff but do we have to listen to his same conversation every time he has a couple average games? Ridiculous
DAYRON-FERNELL FORY - 6 aylar önce
listen to a SMART analysis STUPID: KEEP THINKING ITS "fiction" so when the PATRIOTS are kissing the 2019 SUPERBOWL TROPHY all of HATERS CAN BITCH, MOAN, & CRY 😂😂😂☺
Toni Toni
Toni Toni - 6 aylar önce
I’m tired of Tom Brady, it was a great career but damn please let it go, I mean damn your 41 and you look tired
Toni Toni
Toni Toni - 6 aylar önce
I’m sorry but he does look old and doesn’t look the same
sinjonezp - 6 aylar önce
Shut up Molly!!
James Zuniga
James Zuniga - 6 aylar önce
Its cause he can't record the defense signs anymore. Duh.
Dylan Martino
Dylan Martino - 6 aylar önce
Let’s be honest tom Brady is only winning because of he’s experience in their coaching in they play in a division with jets buffalo in the dolphins cmon man.
Common Sense
Common Sense - 6 aylar önce
Everybody somehow forgot that max admitted he was wrong. He stated the cliff will still come, he was just wrong about when.
Rich Daguerre
Rich Daguerre - 6 aylar önce
SAS wanna be Shannon so bad