H3 Podcast #6 - Philip DeFranco

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h3h3Productions - 3 yıl önce
If you missed our last episode with Keemstar, you can still listen to it here: (APPRECIATE YA!)
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Caroline - 2 yıl önce
h3h3Productions ngl I thought this was a bot at first lmao
Be Safe
Be Safe - 2 yıl önce
Keemstar sounds fat
ChristopherPatrick - 3 yıl önce
h3h3Productions BEST CHANNEL ON TRvideos!!!!!!
Beanstalk - 3 yıl önce
h3h3Productions what happened to the keemstar episode?
vladimir merzliakov
vladimir merzliakov - 3 yıl önce
am i the only one that cant find tje podcast on google play musikk please help!
ZMAN 420
ZMAN 420 - 6 gün önce
Kallisto AGG
Kallisto AGG - Yıl önce
Philly DeScammer
GuitarParts101 - Yıl önce
lol when you go back to the old podcasts you really realise how much ethan says FASCINATING
TheIdealisticCynic - Yıl önce
I love the foreshadowing to him going independent in this video.
Kyle - Yıl önce
I used to watch this guy religiously as an eighth grader in 2007... This is the first time I've heard his voice in over a decade
Juptej Singh
Juptej Singh - Yıl önce
Damn that old intro and set looked mad nice
Orri Greaves
Orri Greaves - 2 yıl önce
We never had food in my house, my sister and I would walk uptown to have one meal a day, no matter the weather. My older sister gave up some canned food I put in my closet, and when my mom found it when trying to steal money from me, she freaked out at us. She would come home screaming at us for nothing, drunk out of her mind. Childhood was so weird and unlike any of my friends at the time. Now my sisters and I all suffer from anxiety disorders, and my brother and I suffer from severe depression. I was maybe 11 when my brother tried to kill himself in our home, thankfully he did not succeed. Getting out of that home at 18 was such a transition. My mom has almost died twice from alcoholism, and has finally tried to get some help. The effects of my childhood have really messed with me, but I think I am a more empathetic person because of it all.
lobdooks - 2 yıl önce
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lobdooks - 2 yıl önce
Samm Q
Samm Q - 2 yıl önce
I am new to h3h3
so can someone tell me what is this law suit ?
Nichole - 2 yıl önce
All 3 of you are pretty awesome.
oscar - 2 yıl önce
22:36 "The princess is in another castle"
Nathaniel - 2 yıl önce
Lmao, I thought the same with the nuke thing, where he said a light going off and a noise sounding, but whenever I heard a plane or a helicopter or something light that I thought stuff like "holy shit we're getting nuked aaa" and now I think "hey it's a flying hunk of metal"
Not in Gb
Not in Gb - 2 yıl önce
LOL Ethan believes even if he raises his children well, there's still a chance they will just decide to murder him.
That's crazy enough, but on top of that, the guy still wants to have kids!
Hahah what a madman.
Tengku Aliff
Tengku Aliff - 2 yıl önce
That awkward moment when you are a 16 year old and in Kansas.
seraphiccandy21 - 2 yıl önce
Wait...Phillip is 31??? I am 30 O_o I thought he was in his late 30's...like 37 or 38
AnonyMorshu - 2 yıl önce
1,444,995th View.
dontbeweird Rj
dontbeweird Rj - 2 yıl önce
Me likey
Marco Minchella
Marco Minchella - 2 yıl önce
I’d like to see Casey Neistat as a guest
ButterLordIII - 2 yıl önce
What was Philips old name?
Amaterasuchan - 2 yıl önce
Damn that blackhole thing is so me.. fuck.
B00ST10 - 2 yıl önce
Immense amount of the *succle*
Rick Sanchez Jr.
Rick Sanchez Jr. - 2 yıl önce
Bro... All that there's to it is. These huge YouTubers get all this fame and money and they no longer have the need to work very hard and bust ass to put out quality content yet alone content alone because they have enough money to not have to worry about working anymore. Thus Ethan has to sit there and makeup excuses as to why he's not making H3 videos anymore.
SkeyeU - 2 yıl önce
For Philip Defranco-The guy that walked into your studio...Do you think he's related to the guy that tried to kill your mom and you with carbon monoxide poisoning? That video of the guy just walking into the studio and closing the door scared the life out of me.
Paige Bundy
Paige Bundy - 2 yıl önce
just curious, why are some podcasts 30 min while others are well upwards of an hour? would have loved to hear more from DeFranco!
Zack Jenkin
Zack Jenkin - 2 yıl önce
Diogenes' Lantern
Diogenes' Lantern - 2 yıl önce
As a lawyer I can attest. Legal costs can ramp up exponentially within the first month. And the costs you recover from the opposition come down to a pittance of the end bill.
Karasamune - 2 yıl önce
What Phil said about not caring about himself, I used to treat myself the same way. It made life a living hell. There's nothing selfish about caring for yourself.
Karasamune - 2 yıl önce
Bring Leon Lush on the show
João Neto
João Neto - 2 yıl önce
19:19 Actually that happened in Brazil with Suzane von Richthofen.
Julia - 2 yıl önce
Honestly phil is a really inspiring and good guy
Yahinkie - 2 yıl önce
In 10:50 , what does Phil mean by this?
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh - 2 yıl önce
Look at OGC side ways
Haiden Geary
Haiden Geary - 2 yıl önce
Im not into podcasts, not even remotely interested, but this was interesting. it could be the recent reemerging (sp?) panic atracks/depression, but man its awesome/sad when you hear the life story of others. And not even just because of who it is, just being another human is enough.

I donated a kidney to my mom when I was younger, so a lot of this hit home. So now I feel so useless ,guilty, because now ,emotionally, Im a wreck.
Bianca Taylor
Bianca Taylor - 2 yıl önce
I would love to watch Phil confront his catfish... It would be sooo fucking awkward and cringe and GOOD. I'd watch with popcorn happily
Lori Burnip
Lori Burnip - 2 yıl önce
Considering what he has been through it is incredibly impressive Phil is doing so well in life. He has a wonderful wife, is a business owner & is a wonderful Dad. It is very rare that a person who has been through so much ends up being as stable as he is. The most impressive being how good of a Dad he is. I'm so glad he didn't continue the cycle of abuse. He is an admirable man.
Commitment2Risk - 2 yıl önce
How the hell am I just watching this now :/
TCNickelson2 - 2 yıl önce
What a fucking twink
ego. - 2 yıl önce
philly is my son
Abigale Simmons
Abigale Simmons - 2 yıl önce
thank papa for these captions :->>>>>
WaitingToFade - 2 yıl önce
Why did you lose the awesome intro?
MrMarieBlanc - 2 yıl önce
h3h3Procuctions, If you guys are able and willing, it would be great to hear a shout out to signing up for organ donation during a video.
Thank you guys for the video. Papa bless, congratulations Hila with your dope line of killer Teddy Fresh threads. :)
R Lu
R Lu - 2 yıl önce
wish you would post the unedited version
colouredblossom - 2 yıl önce
I don't understand the hate for Philip nor the criticisms based on the topics discussed in this podcast. I thought it was very insightful. People are so bloody quick to judge, it's disgusting.
Matt Daminato
Matt Daminato - 2 yıl önce
:D tiny ethans! baby hilas!
MST3Killa - 2 yıl önce
So I'm the same age as Ethan and Phil... great... the hell am I doing with my life.
Lex Poulina
Lex Poulina - 2 yıl önce
Sir .Driken
Sir .Driken - 2 yıl önce
LOL Hila what was that look at 11:48
Prune Juice Power
Prune Juice Power - 2 yıl önce
on the subject of shity kids killing their parents: i had a "friend" that one tried to cut his mothers throat with a broken beer bottle then when she had no choice but to call the cops for help, he grabbed a gun, ran out into the open and started pointing it at the police HELICOPTER that was over head. METH.... not even once
Prune Juice Power
Prune Juice Power - 2 yıl önce
i wasn't depressed, until i watched this....
Mason Guy
Mason Guy - 2 yıl önce
Shirt pod cast
Christian King
Christian King - 2 yıl önce
My mom and brother both have PKD. Really shitty disease. My mom is on dialysis and my brother is doomed to be on dialysis. Feelsbadman
SwaggyJay - 2 yıl önce
too bad they already won
Ethan Querin
Ethan Querin - 2 yıl önce
Didn't Shane Dawson have the same thing happen to him? That's insane
Louise B
Louise B - 2 yıl önce
A mini Ethan and Hila will be beautiful.
ToxicatedLum - 2 yıl önce
Way too short
Stekiz - 2 yıl önce
I LOVE PHIL!!! 😀😀😀
Toe_knee - 2 yıl önce
Can u interview Daz games
Arielle JS A
Arielle JS A - 2 yıl önce
Wow. What a story. Wow. Love you all three! :^D
Trash Fire
Trash Fire - 2 yıl önce
This video makes me so happy now that they won the lawsuit
Rhyno Jordan
Rhyno Jordan - 2 yıl önce
I never knew defranco wasn't his real last name till this podcast
Skaddledoo - 2 yıl önce
Philip,what's with ya'hands
M0onbug - 2 yıl önce
Hello?! They said they've been thinking about having kids soon Whoawhoaehoaa omgomgo
Tommy Varekai
Tommy Varekai - 2 yıl önce
what are they talking about at 0:50? what happened back then?
erikcarrillo33 - 2 yıl önce
Dude I already loved Philly before this and I love the guy even more now great interview.
Shelby Hagan
Shelby Hagan - 2 yıl önce
I wish this was longer man
Victlin - 2 yıl önce
Fucking love philly d, probably my favourite news channel and he uploads so frequently. Such a real dude
Chloe Bubbledoor
Chloe Bubbledoor - 2 yıl önce
Damn I didn't realize how much phil looks like channing tatum
Kiah Mackley
Kiah Mackley - 2 yıl önce
Philly d is the man
Zachary Williams
Zachary Williams - 2 yıl önce
Say what
The Big Fig
The Big Fig - 2 yıl önce
If you have a kidney removed does it throw you off balance? Does it make you lighter and quicker?
Krystal Meth
Krystal Meth - 2 yıl önce
Jonathan T
Jonathan T - 2 yıl önce
where did hila get her shirt?
pimp slickback
pimp slickback - 2 yıl önce
I kinda think ethan pressed to much into Phillips life story to much
VII - 2 yıl önce
I love it when channels put memes and jokes in their closed captions. It adds a whole other depth to the video.
Squeegee93 - 2 yıl önce
Philly D - the lovable douchebag! For real, though, I've been following this guy since 2008 (the end of my 8th grade / beginning of 9th grade year) and it's awesome to see what he was willing to do (and is still willing to do) for H3 and the community as a whole. Also, keep making incredible content, guys. While I found out about you last year because of this huge scandal and through Phil, even without him I know you'd still be massive and making wakes in the YouTube community because your content is hilarious, original, and has a quality to it that most YouTube channels lack. Keep it up. :) And say hi to Post Malone for me!
Elon Fucking Musk
Elon Fucking Musk - 2 yıl önce
Papa Bless Philly D
CyberneticRaven - 2 yıl önce
You should have Philip DeFranco on again now that you have a new format.
Ionic - 2 yıl önce
I know exactly what Phil is talking about with that black hole thing, I have a crippling fear of death in general.
Eye of Horus
Eye of Horus - 2 yıl önce
So much better than baited