ReTales: Return Policy

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X - 2 gün önce
Where is your

*M A N A G E R*
Cartoon Master
Cartoon Master - 5 gün önce
Apparently the "shirt guy" doesn't know what the word "EXCHANGE" means...
L.D.C Films
L.D.C Films - 5 gün önce
overdose atco
john cena
john cena - 7 gün önce
Oh yes, of course, I was totally hired as a decoy that deceives customers and misrepresents how our store truly functions, and only the manager can cater to your incompetence and provide you with undeserving consolation, because that sure is an efficient system that's allowed this franchise to survive for nearly fourth years. Pleas wait here while I get my manager to repeat the same information I've bestowed upon you, because how can my word alone be valid, me being a mere employee, who had to apply for this job, and prove my adequate ability to handle our consumers. Yeah, yeah.
Yes, I wrote all this down while listening to him say it
Nahee Hong
Nahee Hong - 7 gün önce
That last part tho... *** has left the chat* Because Domics is the new thesaurus now.
Jedi Luke
Jedi Luke - 10 gün önce
L.L.Bean had the same problem.
The more you know!
evie riddle-snape
evie riddle-snape - 11 gün önce
Zachary Michael
Zachary Michael - 12 gün önce
R/entitledparents animated. Great job dom.
Bryan Lim
Bryan Lim - 14 gün önce
The sad thing is that after they speak with the manager and the situation repeats, the business or company's reputation is ruined due to the customer spreading dirt of the company.
Kiwichu - 14 gün önce
Didn’t have any time fore a week and 4 months. *Seems Legit*
Justin Leak
Justin Leak - 14 gün önce
Annoying customer: can I speak to your manager
Me: can I speak to your brain cells because I think their missing
Necole Rae
Necole Rae - 15 gün önce
I also see you left your common sense

YellowRose 1331
YellowRose 1331 - 17 gün önce
I just got the Sonic movie trailer ad
Birinder Singh1234
Birinder Singh1234 - 17 gün önce
Customer: cAn i tAlK t0 uR mAnAGEr??
Me: I am the manager... *bITiCh*
JPK589 - 19 gün önce
god damn fuck thinking the manager will change something
Khooper - 20 gün önce
Yo guys watch this. Imma get epic r/wooshed.

You spelled "retail" wrong. You put ReTales instead of retail. You're welcome for the grammar correction
Raihan - 22 gün önce
I hate people like that.
Full Sweat Mode
Full Sweat Mode - 23 gün önce
Black_ Fog
Black_ Fog - 25 gün önce
Customer: can I speak with your manager.
Me: I don't know. Can you?
WaffleSyrupGuy - 25 gün önce
It’s common sense to actually bring in a receipt though. Even though there’s no time limit, how is the store suppose to know whether or not you’ve purchased it from their store or know the actual price for the clothing?
Also, customers can return clothings that have been ripped? Over here, as soon as they realise there is a stain or a few ripped holes within the shirt they hand you back the receipt and are like “do we look cheap to you”
MiAngel McHarris
MiAngel McHarris - 25 gün önce
Customer: can I speak to your manager
Me: can I speak with your manager?
Me: can you leave. Can you take your clothes and get out
Customer: I demand to speak to your manager
Me: your time is up get out of my store
gamer99 xplayer
gamer99 xplayer - 27 gün önce
First lady a classic Karen move
R/entitled parents second guy the same
jasmine kelly
jasmine kelly - 28 gün önce
OMG u looked so cute at the beggining
InfiniteGMR 07
InfiniteGMR 07 - 28 gün önce
Anyone else watching his old vids in 2019?
mudkipmaniac 5555
mudkipmaniac 5555 - 29 gün önce
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Lemon Nattii
Lemon Nattii - 29 gün önce
oh no too many karens
26Michhellin drawzs 2006
26Michhellin drawzs 2006 - Aylar önce
Ok you know what 100 days is very long, Back in my country you literally get 1 week only
BirdyDirdy - Aylar önce
Fuck the nostalgia
P. A. Whitney
P. A. Whitney - Aylar önce
Common sense!
Ezra Shreeves
Ezra Shreeves - Aylar önce
The Blue Eyed Cat
The Blue Eyed Cat - Aylar önce
I really am the manager sooooooooo... I’m not lying when I say I am the manager
A Painters Face
A Painters Face - Aylar önce
Cashier: *BREATHS*
Customer: Where’s your manager?
Cashier: why?
Customer: you just sexually assaulted me
Cashier: ...
Elle Read
Elle Read - Aylar önce
Sodium - Aylar önce
_karen_ *100*
faith4reality - Aylar önce
This is why i left retail...
Kanin - Aylar önce
White people problems.
Orij - Aylar önce
"Can I speak to your manger?"
"That's Me"
"Can I speak to the CEO?"
"That's me"
"Can I speak to god?"
"That is me child"
James James
James James - Aylar önce
Retaliation is weird.
josh - Aylar önce
Ugh! Can I speak to your manager?
Oh yes, of course. I was totally hired as a decoy that deceives customers and misrepresents how our store truly functions, and only the manager can cater to your incompetence and provide you with undeserving consolation. because that sure is an efficient system that's allowed this franchise to survive for nearly 40 years. please wait here while I get my manager to repeat the same information I'd missed out upon you. because how can my word alone be valid, me being a mere employee who had to apply for this job, and prove my adequate ability to handle our consumers? yeah. yeah.
—PeachyJiminie༄ - Aylar önce
nice video 👍
Gio - Aylar önce
We had to watch your video at our english class.
Code: Asmrgaming in item shop. Josh
Now I’m making moneys for my honey’s.

Why do i dream a lot of my having honey’s
Abbey Coward
Abbey Coward - Aylar önce
I once had a guy try to return a day old pizza... 
I worked at a pizza hut, and yes, part of it was eaten.

My manager was just as dumbfounded by his stupidy.
yellowmarble08 _
yellowmarble08 _ - Aylar önce
This is just r/EntitledParents/r/ChoosingBeggars
Karonpad - Aylar önce
Customer: can I see your manager
Manager: **Repeat what I just say**
Customer: **suprise pikachu face**
Michael Dave Liwag
Michael Dave Liwag - Aylar önce
"A Year ago"
Mr Potatoes
Mr Potatoes - Aylar önce
Why domics say We also told you and your selective hearing or this shirt is $5 just like your IQ
ToManyDekus - Aylar önce
Dom let me speak to your manger
Clumsycode1 - Aylar önce
Anyone else waiting for I am the manager
Yann Rodrigues
Yann Rodrigues - Aylar önce
-Can I speak to your manager?
Strawberrysunset23 - Aylar önce
I love you lol
lock heart
lock heart - Aylar önce
Xx raptor Playz xX
Xx raptor Playz xX - Aylar önce

Sninichi Kudo
Sninichi Kudo - Aylar önce
Sadly I can't seem to sign up because I think it does support Asia maybe or maybe not I'm still checking, this would help me lower my fees to school my parents can save up for themselves after all they will need the money more thand I do
Marin Pavišić
Marin Pavišić - Aylar önce
*"Receipts, please"*
Bre annski
Bre annski - Aylar önce
Can I speak with the manager. Oh I am the manager. About your CEO. I am the CEO. 😐😥😏😁😣😭😭😢😭😭
FAD3 DRAG00N - Aylar önce
Ryan Michael Upton
Ryan Michael Upton - Aylar önce
Soooooooo can I return my shoes now?
Sushimrex - Aylar önce
I'm selling "yah" buttons
Cost : 1 like
No return or exchange accepted
will idk
will idk - Aylar önce
Fun fact my sister told me, some thrift stores take ripped shirts and fabrics to fill and make blankets.
Remajane Balansag
Remajane Balansag - Aylar önce
"Can I talk to you're manager"
*spongebob mocking meme*
"cAn I tAlK to Your ManugEr"
DERPICHU - Aylar önce
Dom get the definition of simple and easy they are completely different.😤😠😡👺👎🖕
neeko 036
neeko 036 - Aylar önce
2019 anyone?
L. Sam
L. Sam - 2 aylar önce
I have a feeling you worked at a Canadian tire
Lajike the Tank
Lajike the Tank - 2 aylar önce
When people ask me if they can talk to my manager, I'm more than happy to have them out of the way and help other customers while my manager handle these idiots.
Carx Da legend
Carx Da legend - 2 aylar önce
RedHotReddy - 2 aylar önce
Dom going into Bitch Mode is my favorite thing ever
BeAm Phantom
BeAm Phantom - 2 aylar önce
Lemme speak with ya manager
Boi I am
Lemme y’all to the owner
The owner is 5000 miles away
Lemme y’all to the pres
Read the sign b****
DUKNightcore Rythym
DUKNightcore Rythym - 2 aylar önce
I really want a job in retail just so I could potentially say *I am the manager*
I.T. Scientist
I.T. Scientist - 2 aylar önce
Can I speak with the manager
MonkeyJedi99 - 2 aylar önce
Rene Figueroa
Rene Figueroa - 2 aylar önce
“About a year ago!” Lol I fucking love you
The leather minecart
The leather minecart - 2 aylar önce
9:52 When you have a blind customer
Mr. Pepé
Mr. Pepé - 2 aylar önce
David David
David David - 2 aylar önce
Entitled parents
AKI - 2 aylar önce
At Khols (worst job I've ever worked) I had someone that returned stuff they bought 8 years ago. And some people would try returning worn shoes they bought a year or two ago... and the supervisors would allow it.
Farhan Mollah
Farhan Mollah - 2 aylar önce
as if the manager automatically takes their side
A.J. Animations
A.J. Animations - 2 aylar önce
Dude, you explained that whole thing about the manager to the customer, and I was like
"why isn't this guy working at walmart? We need it!"
jane 92
jane 92 - 2 aylar önce
2:42 😂😂😂
The Diamond Clasher
The Diamond Clasher - 2 aylar önce
Roses are red
Violets are blue (no they are not but I need this to rhyme)
I like Domics
And love it too
Fish Potato
Fish Potato - 2 aylar önce
When i get older I am going to have a binder of receipts
RobiePAX - 2 aylar önce
I'm General Manager in electronics store. This reminds me of my recent conversation with a middle age woman who brought a phone back 2 weeks after she bought it. Warning: your braincells may die reading this.
-Customer: my screen is cracked.
-Me: did you take insurance policy with the phone against accidental damage when you bought it?
Customer: no.
-Me: then its going to be a chargeable repair.
-Customer: you going to charge me nothing. If you'd know the laws the you'd know that phone has legal warranty to work at least a year.
-Me: manufacturer warranty covers if phone breaks on its own. Not by physical damage.
Customer: what are you, a lawyer? No, you are just a sales guy on a minimal wage. I know lawyers who studied for years and know what they are talking about.
-Me: (I'm not mentioning that I'm a General Manager)
-Me: no I'm not the lawyer, but I know the store's returns and repairs policy. Warranty doesn't cover accidental damage inflicted by the customers.
-Customer: warranty covers negligent quality of the phone. Phone cracked in one drop. My old phone fell hundred of times and didn't crack. So its bad quality phone by the manufacturer.
-Me: there is no such thing as "you can drop it x amount of times" warranty.
-Customer: I want to speak to your manager.
-Me: (points at the badge which was on me all along)
-Customer: (pauses for a moment)
-Customer: I'll bring this to small claims court and make a complaint against your attitude. (walks out)
Mr. Pepé
Mr. Pepé - 2 aylar önce
If she was smart she would've just paid the repair. If, if.
eric t
eric t - 2 aylar önce
I didn't understand Half the words you said can I talk to your manager
Pyora Taneja
Pyora Taneja - 2 aylar önce
Customer- Can I speak with your Manager?
Employee- Listen, I've been here the longest. The only other person in this store
is a 16 year old girl and she technically isn't old enough to use the toaster so, I'm probably your best
bet. I'm the manager.

Nainab :3
Nainab :3 - Aylar önce
woot woot i did!! Odd1sOut wooooo (why am i so happy about this its literally 8 pm wth)
GoGo Holmes
GoGo Holmes - 2 aylar önce
# 1:21 I checked my window
Ronalen Subic
Ronalen Subic - 3 aylar önce
Stop uploading these vids you just make me hate people more.
Health, Weight & Real Talk
Health, Weight & Real Talk - 3 aylar önce
I was forced to work in a store as part of a job I got through a job agency. Working in the departments gift shop was only 30% of my job but I hated it and dealing with idiot returns were the worst.
AluTheDrawer - 3 aylar önce
I feel like the only reason people say let me talk to your manager is because they think they will get free stuff
xuelin gao
xuelin gao - 3 aylar önce
My Mom: Uh.. Hi, how much does this piece of clothing cost?
Employee: $2.99 ma'am.
My Mom: ,😱😱😱😨😨😨😵😵😵😫😫😫
Employee: 😓😒
Nabeel Adil
Nabeel Adil - 3 aylar önce
1:31 my teacher when i say i left my book at home
Տʍօɾҽš - 3 aylar önce
I also see ...
you left your common sense at home
Pattoncookie - 3 aylar önce
Right before this video played an ad saying subscribe to PewDiePie played.....amazing.
Helena Niceswanger
Helena Niceswanger - 3 aylar önce
The Math Channel
The Math Channel - 3 aylar önce
Best utuber
zachos 2000
zachos 2000 - 3 aylar önce
is that "can i speak to your manager" line really THAT common in North America? i mean granted ive never worked in the retail industry and according to James (i think he was the one who said it) at theodd1sout, i should work there for a time, because everyone should work at retail to know how that feels (according to James or whoever really said it)
But i hear that sentence used so often in satirical stuff and jokes and generally as a common stereotype, yet i have never ever heard anyone say that here in Denmark, maybe im just completely oblivious, but never when i have been shopping with any of my friends or family have they said it and i dont think ive ever heard any strangers say it either, if they did ive forgotten because it wasnt memorable.
SailorMochi - 3 aylar önce
as a retail employee, I’m so TRIGGERED
Joseph Masangkay
Joseph Masangkay - 3 aylar önce
Ocean’s 8?? Tactic
Paco Llama
Paco Llama - 3 aylar önce
I still work in retail and I cannot begin to express the urge to lie to them and say I’m the manager every time someone says can I speak to the manager
Lesly caceres
Lesly caceres - 3 aylar önce
Chill the lady forgot her glasses
Oh she is wearing them
Y can’t I change my profile Picture
Aoki Mika
Aoki Mika - 3 aylar önce
I'd probably just be like "I am the manager." just to not bother the manager and save my own time...