The Hate U Give | "The Trap" Clip | 20th Century FOX

El Duce
El Duce - 3 gün önce
Abel Richards
Abel Richards - 7 gün önce
That was deep 💯💯
Mimidoo Tor-Agbidye
Mimidoo Tor-Agbidye - 15 gün önce
Book made me cry, but actually being able to see the emotion is gonna make me bawl
Great Songs
Great Songs - 22 gün önce
This movie is obviously some political bs. Oh by the way I'm a black guy because you obviously cant crizitize this if your white.
Nicole Kleppen
Nicole Kleppen - 22 gün önce
I remember this scene from the book. Of course it's different, but either way ❤️
mansa marqui
mansa marqui - 23 gün önce
I was actually background for this movie 3 weeks in total! Amazing message to come! Get ready!
Anthonia Esi
Anthonia Esi - 28 gün önce
I just read the book
Thunalyn Playlists
Thunalyn Playlists - 29 gün önce
The book is one of my all time favorite books. It was so real, so true, so amazing. Stop saying this is a thing for black people to hate white people. Just stop. This movie is to show what is actually happening in society. It shows you the truth. It’s so inspirational. Do you guys realize how many movies that oppress black people are applauded? Then, when there is a movie about the truth with black and white people, you think you are oppressed. Just stop. Actually think about it for once. If you think it’s unfair, think about what’s actually happening. This is not saying all white people are bad, it is not saying that black people are better. Everyone is equal and you should start acting like it. If it weren’t for stupid choices and discrimination, a movie like this wouldn’t be made. But it is. It has a powerful message behind it. The book is flat out, amazing. The movie, I just know is going to be just as or even more amazing.
eden mcclain
eden mcclain - Aylar önce
Kylie Harris
Kylie Harris - 12 gün önce
eden mcclain I know
mekayla wilson
mekayla wilson - Aylar önce
i’m in love already
Quite an edgy username
Quite an edgy username - Aylar önce
read the book first.
Fidler Kea
Fidler Kea - 8 gün önce
The Hate U Give FuII Movie : [ ]
Kylie Harris
Kylie Harris - 12 gün önce
Quite an edgy username there is a book if so I totally want to read it
Leeah Perez
Leeah Perez - Aylar önce
True. A lot of people in my mom’s old ghetto neighborhoods used to deal and use. They couldn’t get any real jobs ‘cause there wasn’t any real jobs around. One of the reasons I love ‘Pac so much is that everything he rapped about was educational. It’s about minorities: black people, Mexicans, poor people, everybody at the bottom. God bless them and this movie. 🙏❤️
miss aldabashi
miss aldabashi - Aylar önce
Lilevana Gaming
Lilevana Gaming - 3 gün önce
+Mr. Knockout 72 Saying Black Lives Matter does not mean that no other lives matter. Seriously.
Mr. Knockout 72
Mr. Knockout 72 - 6 gün önce
All lives matter...skip the number sign
Ermellia George
Ermellia George - Aylar önce
Some of you may think that this movie is about black hating whites or whatever
But it just portrays some of the ways some of us black peolpe are treated past and present. Not because you are "white" means that you treat(ed) blacks that way. But truly I personally think everyone should be treated with respect as equals black or white.
Sarah Amoako
Sarah Amoako - 3 gün önce
Hacking Le Reken
Hacking Le Reken - 8 gün önce
The Hate U Give FuII Movie : [ ]
Samatha N
Samatha N - 17 gün önce
Ermellia George Finally somebody says it 💯💯
Rolue Vas Reisa
Rolue Vas Reisa - Aylar önce
Your not allowed to like this if your white
Your not allowed to comment this if your white
Your not allowed to hate this if your white
Your not allowed to comment this if your white
But if your black then it’s ok to insult every other ethnicity
Hana Calvaro
Hana Calvaro - Gün önce
The Hate U Give Movie 2018 Film nów Aváíláblé { } #fullhd #1080p
Zauria Taylor
Zauria Taylor - Gün önce
Where do you pull that out of??? This clip isn’t about that at all. Who’s hating on white people??
Vanessa Lage
Vanessa Lage - 4 gün önce
Wth are you even saying? And it’s *you’re
s. DD'S kingdom
s. DD'S kingdom - 8 gün önce
JazzyRozie Tay-Evariste
JazzyRozie Tay-Evariste - Aylar önce
I can’t wait to see this film! 😄👏🏾
Hana Calvaro
Hana Calvaro - Gün önce
The Hate U Give Movie 2018 Film nów Aváíláblé { } #fullhd #1080p
Estefani Toledo
Estefani Toledo - 10 gün önce
Same. I read the book and now I can't wait to watch the movie.
833time - Aylar önce
It's a trap!!! That was a callback.
missourigreen051 - Aylar önce
It would be funny if someone hacks into Donald Trump's twitter account and have his tweet say "this movie looks really good," and then put the link for the trailer to The Hate U Give. The movie goes against everything Trump stands for and I like seeing Trump pissed off.
Avril Keane-Keating
Avril Keane-Keating - Aylar önce
I can't wait 🙌
Yonas Kebede
Yonas Kebede - 15 gün önce
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
John N.
John N. - Aylar önce
Hate to break it to you but the system is designed against all of us, not just those with darker skin hues. From birth everyone is a slave paying taxes and following the orders of their birthplace authority. It's the system vs. us, the government vs. me and you, Illegitimate authority vs. us. Not seeing the full picture as the state of violent authority vs all of us is the divisive plot being used by the rulers to keep us enslaved. When humanity unites, under the values of freedom , truth, and morality, we can shake the shackles of the plantation and live free as we're truly meant to be. Taxation is theft, government is violence, you are free, don't let the government steal your freedom and prosperity.
Tim Kruse
Tim Kruse - Aylar önce
agree, but the media paints blacks as victims and thus brainwashing and programming the black masses in america. just like allegory of the cave. only blacks who are free mentally from the slavery can walk with TRUE freedom. just like Harriet Tubman, Kanye West, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Brandon Tatum are examples of blacks with free thought, free from the mentality
Andrew Wooten
Andrew Wooten - Aylar önce
Another white hating black show that will be nominated for awards and be critically acclaimed , thanks black people! I can’t wait to start a black hating show one day
Lil Lia
Lil Lia - Gün önce
Andrew Wooten how is the movie white hating? You are so ignorant. why does everything created by black people offend white people? As if whites haven’t already been making “black hating” shows for years
Capri Imani
Capri Imani - 28 gün önce
its not even a show
Capri Imani
Capri Imani - 28 gün önce
you really dont get it lol
Deon Farmer
Deon Farmer - Aylar önce
This is going to be a drama movie about the struggles that black people go through everyday.
Adrian Novakovic
Adrian Novakovic - Aylar önce
Russell from Grimm is in this woah
MG16NCP - Aylar önce
Parental Guardian
Parental Guardian - Aylar önce
uncle toms
LusoTuber - Aylar önce
This is racist left-wing propaganda. Serves them right if this underperforms. Get woke, go broke.
Hawa Ibrahim
Hawa Ibrahim - 25 gün önce
LusoTuber smh whites always be acting stupid
Baa 123
Baa 123 - Aylar önce
Race was invented by the self-denominated white people in the 16th century. Racism is inherently anti-black, and inherently pro-white. Therefore, this movie is not racist. Not to mention there's not a single mention of anything "anti-white" in this clip or in the description of the movie. You're just projecting your own insecurities onto a movement whose only goal is equality.
LusoTuber - Aylar önce
It's judging people by the color of their skin. It is racist. Worse, it's 'appeal to emotion' leftist propaganda disguised as a movie. Just read the description.
J. Muller
J. Muller - Aylar önce
#walk away
Abdul Khalid
Abdul Khalid - Aylar önce
so Nice
Samba Diallo
Samba Diallo - Aylar önce
Abdul Khalid jh
Alesso Vermudi Galán
Alesso Vermudi Galán - Aylar önce
Garbage Human
Garbage Human - Aylar önce
Some major cringe here.
Lilevana Gaming
Lilevana Gaming - 3 gün önce
Sana Al
Sana Al - 19 gün önce
I know right lol
What did you do to my drink?!
May I ask how?
DestinyMSP - 24 gün önce
Because your white. You wouldn't understand. You're an ignorant human being, enjoy burning in Hell.
Jay Kay
Jay Kay - Aylar önce
Is this a Black Thing?!?! 🤔
It sounds like a Black Thing! 🙄
A black thing is a black only discussion thing were white people can't talk about it because of #WhiteGuilt 😨
Ueno Naoka
Ueno Naoka - 14 gün önce
This was literally discussed in the book. Lol
DestinyMSP - 24 gün önce
You sound like an white person.
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The Avengers Infinity War Sequel Trailer
MY NAME IS KIRK - Aylar önce
Yeah Nihga
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