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Like Father Like Son
Like Father Like Son - 2 gün önce
its yeshua not jesus so get over it
It's refreshing to watch this after watching too much flight and cash nasty and white Iverson and all the other YouTube "ballers" lol.
Noah Tolai
Noah Tolai - 11 gün önce
Terry X Abis
Terry X Abis - 14 gün önce this dude is back again 🥵🔥
Rida Shaikh
Rida Shaikh - 23 gün önce
The pro looks like if Maverick Carter and P Diddy had a baby
Dolphinreacts - 24 gün önce
This is why parents(like Jamie Newman) should always be careful if they want their kids to pursue basketball as a career. The chances of making it to any professional league, NBA, g-league, or overseas, is like making at as an movie star, not a career that most of us can pursue.
Shylon Kado
Shylon Kado - 29 gün önce
Ohh this is hoopin
PAPI CHULO - 29 gün önce
He on xgames mode
Anthony James
Anthony James - Aylar önce
These edits are priceless 😂💯
Daniel D
Daniel D - Aylar önce
this default mycareer lookin ass
Nathan de Guia
Nathan de Guia - Aylar önce
Steven A's brother can play!
Theme Fresh
Theme Fresh - Aylar önce
Dude at the beginning trying to be like Rico Hines
Nice Guy Eddie
Nice Guy Eddie - Aylar önce
IceBucket2K - Aylar önce
There’s levels to this hoop shit
Fony - Aylar önce
the whole video is just squeaking
21redsox21 - Aylar önce
These edits 😂😂😂
Damian Bennett
Damian Bennett - Aylar önce
U never realize how nice real pro players are till you put them against non-pro players. The gap in skill is so wide lmao
Dave Williams
Dave Williams - Aylar önce
What’s his name man he going crazy wtf🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
David H
David H - Aylar önce
All y'all.saying Journey man players are bums. Shoutout
bo.nguele - Aylar önce
It’s really shows u how good starters for teams are
Antonio Wooten
Antonio Wooten - Aylar önce
👀 like a nba all star game no defense
Fact Check
Fact Check - Aylar önce
Ball has a $100,000,000 shoe contract for what?
Not his skills
Fact Check
Fact Check - Aylar önce
Somebody call the police department, a crime was committed damn!
That’s the baddest pick up player I’ve ever seen.
Dax Kessler
Dax Kessler - Aylar önce
no shit
G Thompson
G Thompson - Aylar önce
Man listen if you make it to the league, you can play.
Original Quality
Original Quality - Aylar önce
Raekwon Harley
Raekwon Harley - Aylar önce
Everybody in this game athletic asf
catching with casey
catching with casey - Aylar önce
He got to work on defense though that’s probably the only reason he ain’t in the league
catching with casey
catching with casey - Aylar önce
He got some darn quick first step and about as automatic as can be
J.B Cooper
J.B Cooper - 2 aylar önce
Even Austin Rivers, Alonzo Trier, Pat Bev, KCP would rip these niggas a new one
J.B Cooper
J.B Cooper - 2 aylar önce
Look like Magic Johnson with a jumper
J.B Cooper
J.B Cooper - 2 aylar önce
Christon Willis
Christon Willis - 2 aylar önce
4:23...I'M SHOOK
Chino Man
Chino Man - 2 aylar önce
Every sport has tons of guys right there but not quite good enough. They destroy everyone except the pros. Tells you how good the pros are
Chino Man
Chino Man - 2 aylar önce
J.B Cooper me too brother me too
J.B Cooper
J.B Cooper - 2 aylar önce
Story of my life
Nick D
Nick D - 2 aylar önce
Hes probably a 2,3, or 4 year in college to be that good and not make the Cavs
Zaremstein Vids
Zaremstein Vids - 2 aylar önce
Is that short taco fall I see
pearl louise
pearl louise - 2 aylar önce
It's Unfortunate But Odds Are NONE of These Young Men Will Make The NBA...
Nathan Cloud
Nathan Cloud - 2 aylar önce
Like watching a damn all star game.
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis - 2 aylar önce
I’m betting these kids first thought was “damn he is fast and good” until he started consistently doing them in. Then im sure they realized that his game pace is on another level. Decision making, shot making, whether to drive or not, reacting to the defensive positions and set up. The pace of the pro’s is unbelievable. See it on tv and you think you can do it. Run with them and realize that you’ve got a long way to go.
J.B Cooper
J.B Cooper - 2 aylar önce
Facts. Their endurance level is crazy. It seems like they treat every possession like its 7 seconds on the clock
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter - 2 aylar önce
Uno they good when u be oooing and aaaaing whilst watching in ur room
george jetson
george jetson - 2 aylar önce
He didn't even miss one bucket... damn he's pro.
JP Balling
JP Balling - 2 aylar önce
Bro I'm DYING AT 2:40 They hit him with the he need some milk meme 😆🤣😂
Maisy’s World
Maisy’s World - 2 aylar önce
Humble hoopers 🙏🏾
Gabe Martinez
Gabe Martinez - 3 aylar önce
This makes me miss the game so much in quarantine anybody else
BigHomieWavez - 3 aylar önce
I ain’t know wyclef could hoop?
zach - 3 aylar önce
i hate lefty niggaz
guccigrewal - 3 aylar önce
Is that giannis’s little bro
J RM - 3 aylar önce
You don’t realize how good the nba bench warmers are.
Ike Turnup
Ike Turnup - 3 aylar önce
4:40 “Y’all defense suck” 😂😂
C Gssn
C Gssn - 3 aylar önce
Never seen him in my life
acfalle54 - 3 aylar önce
I don’t think most hoopers can fathom the level of play in the NBA. It’s just stupid different.
Smile Always
Smile Always - 3 aylar önce
For real tho, even when you see a D3 player playing against casuals, you’ll see how huge the difference is when it comes to skill. Not to mention a pro baller or even a reserve in the NBA
Illuminejanemar - 3 aylar önce
Who is he ?
tepanganiban - 3 aylar önce
Sheesh everything IS better after 4:20
Kiah Hubby
Kiah Hubby - 3 aylar önce
Man I see all these discouraging ass comment talking about the gap between this and the gap between that ain’t no damn gaps. Put in work you can be better than anybody in this video. Non believers smh
jacari armstrong
jacari armstrong - 3 aylar önce
Can this guy coach me
TORO plays
TORO plays - 3 aylar önce
Hoodie Rio, Camron Fletcher and Caleb love are still not in college....
Garett Zurliene
Garett Zurliene - 3 aylar önce
Anybody know all the players in this?
DarkenedVortexGames - 3 aylar önce
4:20 ball hit him right in the hands and he was blaming him for the pass like wtf lmao
J.B Cooper
J.B Cooper - 2 aylar önce
He wanted the oop
Mook On YT
Mook On YT - 3 aylar önce
Crazy to think how great this dude is. Strong, fast, elite jumpshot, can drive, handles, throws dots and still isn't in the NBA like damn I had no chance 🤣
Garrett Cook
Garrett Cook - 3 aylar önce
this is honestly fucking racist and disgusting where are all the white people at they probably dont even let any come to this
Crack Baby
Crack Baby - 3 aylar önce
Lol stfu
Dra Taylor
Dra Taylor - 3 aylar önce
It's levels
JCsongwriter1 - 3 aylar önce
11:50 🤣🤣 at his reaction
Allan Baylor
Allan Baylor - 3 aylar önce
That dbo music 🤣
Jeo Lopez
Jeo Lopez - 3 aylar önce
He is a coldddddddddd killer and he knows it !
Te'Shawn Merritt
Te'Shawn Merritt - 3 aylar önce
Well you have a guy that has nothing to do but play basketball versus kids still in school. And it's not like these were the best kids in the country all at this one school
Tree - 3 aylar önce
boi imagine kobe playing in highschool beating this pro niggas up 🤮
Donnierr Denhamerr
Donnierr Denhamerr - 3 aylar önce
A lot of these guys were juniors in high school lmao
leon scott
leon scott - 3 aylar önce
It's actually great for pros to go play some college kids or high school kids every once and a while because it helps them build their self confidence subconsciously. They are all walking buckets but something happens to your brain when you start playing with James harden and KD in pickup... You subconsciously loose some of your self confidence. I always say the difference between this guy and someone like Lillard isn't as much about skillset... It's BARELY skillset. The difference is that Lillard is insane enough to beleive that he's actually the best basketball player who ever walked this planet and actually beleives it when he's on the court lolol
TA3 HONCHO - 4 aylar önce
What’s his name bro😭
TA3 HONCHO - 4 aylar önce
He cold asl💯
Bernard Bernabe
Bernard Bernabe - 4 aylar önce
I think top 3 ncaa div1 teams are better than bottom teams in
risingStar - 4 aylar önce
jeez these guys are amazing
Kennith Lejean
Kennith Lejean - 4 aylar önce
Nucci Nucci
Nucci Nucci - 4 aylar önce
Is this vashon?
Kyyhs - 3 saatler önce
Yea half of them
Zach T
Zach T - 4 aylar önce
3:55 TRAVEL!!!! Can't pick up your pivot foot player!!! That's against the rules. I could do this all day. basketball isn't even basektball anymore. The rules aren't followed. Travel, carrying, palm the ball. Just do whatever you want. LOL
Zach T
Zach T - 4 aylar önce
3:24 TRAVEL!!!!!! people just have no idea how to play this game any more. You can't pick up your pivot foot player. That's called travelling. LOL.
Zach T
Zach T - 4 aylar önce
OOHHH! 2:39 you sure can do nice moves when you can palm the baskebtall huh??? LOL. What a joke.
Ayinde Hiss
Ayinde Hiss - 4 aylar önce
And imagine...hes not on an nba that's crazy
Kabeer Eldemire
Kabeer Eldemire - 4 aylar önce
What bruh name he a bucket no cap
Johnny B
Johnny B - 4 aylar önce
One study showed that 75% of all Division I basketball players think they will make the NBA, but only 2% actually do. The truth is, your chances of being a professional basketball player are the same as winning the lottery. The pro basketball player in this video was so fun to watch. Hope he helped some of those kids get a better grip on reality.