I Bought a SUPERCAR!

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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods - Aylar önce
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Richard Rattray
Richard Rattray - 23 gün önce
@Poemnel13 Unorthodox No, a hyper-corolla
Project 2OH9
Project 2OH9 - Aylar önce
Looking for Mighty Car Mods undergarments on web site, but don't see any? 🤔
Mister Nobody
Mister Nobody - Aylar önce
If it doesnt have a baffled sump already you will need one for track. Maybe stronger toe links too as they are known to break once they get old and rust a bit.
user12122342423422344 - Aylar önce
1st NOT a super car. 2nd Girls car - midget girls car.
James Gargan
James Gargan - Aylar önce
I wana know why the EVO 9 front seats are sitting on the floor in the background ???? New upgrades ?
L L - 5 saatler önce
It's a sports car that embarrassed supercars - the best kind of car
Pranjal Sharma
Pranjal Sharma - 22 saatler önce
When a car becomes your crush and you come to know MCM are making videos about it.
You know you're gonna have watching their videos
Skree - 3 gün önce
Incredibly happy for you guys. Fortunate to have had the experience of driving and autocrossing one of these back in the day and it immediately converted me to RWD. Traded my WRX for an S2000 and never looked back. That being said, can't wait to have one of these in the garage.
David Thornqvist
David Thornqvist - 3 gün önce
Lotus,,such a classic brand. Is it any good then?
c spot run
c spot run - 6 gün önce
Moog, take some driving classes
Cesar G
Cesar G - 6 gün önce
congrats guys!
Fathom - 7 gün önce
Supercar = Luxury, High Performance Sports Car... Lotus Exige = Race Car. Balls to the wall full on race car. Compare this to the SV or SVJ lambo lmao
amancalledcraig - 8 gün önce
Awesome, next stop a Clubman.
Ilan Grossman
Ilan Grossman - 9 gün önce
Yes it’s a supercar. And I’m super jealous
jakub bury
jakub bury - 9 gün önce
Lots of trouble usually serious
Jimmy Andersson
Jimmy Andersson - 9 gün önce
8:11 i just bumped my head on a giant Wang
ImmersiveGamer83 - 10 gün önce
Supercar.. Bit of a reach mate
FasterThanU - 11 gün önce
Fun car but definitely NOT a Supercar!
Tho Pro
Tho Pro - 13 gün önce
Looks a bit like a Alfa Romeo 4C
illo bo
illo bo - 13 gün önce
Hi MCM, what the name of the application on the phone? ty) 13:52
3dw3dw - 13 gün önce
Love my elise. It's been a nightmare of a pain in the ass but I love it never the less. I've got close to 200k miles on mine.
Luka Cro
Luka Cro - 14 gün önce
you guys should do a factory five mk4
Ivar Baratheon
Ivar Baratheon - 14 gün önce
No power steering wtf?
Callum Jemison
Callum Jemison - 14 gün önce
Say what you want if it does 60 in under 4 seconds it’s a super car
Ethan Kim
Ethan Kim - 14 gün önce
When I was lil, meaning me in 2nd grade, I got confused with the Hennesey performance and the Logus elise.
big coffe
big coffe - 16 gün önce
Sports car btw
Bloodreign137 - 17 gün önce
I hadn’t seen a lotus in maybe a decade until I had to take my focus st into a small local shop today and they had one sitting being worked on, then I find this video while binging your stuff :D
Bayne 78
Bayne 78 - 18 gün önce
Like a 79 series land cruiser
all lives matter
all lives matter - 18 gün önce
Is that what u call a supercars
Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson - 18 gün önce
Feel like its more of a sports car then Super. But what do i know... I drive a honda
dcptiv - 19 gün önce
purity = code for cheapest supercar on the market. A supercar is known for stupidity, extravagance & just being over the top in every way. For me even many ferrari models are not supercars anymore.
biscuitninja - 19 gün önce
I'd still take Ms Daisy over the Lotus.
602 GEARHEAD GARAGE - 20 gün önce
Growing up in West phoenix 83 ave and camelback coming from school in my neighborhood some guy had one in dark sliver color daily dive it it was crazy seeing one as a kid
The420beni. - 20 gün önce
So happy to see you guys made it from the driveway :) inspirational
TwentyTwo - 21 gün önce
Most interesting car videos coming soon I guess! also, please buy a 7th gen Celica and make videos of it! Pleasssssssseeeeeeee!!!!!!
RL Agito
RL Agito - 21 gün önce
its fast and pure so why not a supercar. maybe its like a ferrari. are they supercars?
RL Agito
RL Agito - 21 gün önce
lotus might go out of business. buy a new one from them if you can
Doug Johnstone
Doug Johnstone - 22 gün önce
What's the app that Marty's using?
SL - 24 gün önce
It's more a sports car than super car
Matt - 24 gün önce
ok now boost it
Ryan D
Ryan D - 24 gün önce
I love Lotus and fully intend to buy an Evora but they are not super cars. Amazing sports cars but not remotely a super car. I mean I know there isn’t a real definition of what constitutes a hypercar, super car. Still Lotus is not on that level unless you got the Evija or what ever that insane Lotus is called. Otherwise we might as well start calling the Honda’s and Toyota’s of the fast and furious days super cars. Amazing car though still love all the Lotus line up!!
JLabong - 24 gün önce
What is the song playing at 16:00?
Shaun Fogarty
Shaun Fogarty - 25 gün önce
Reminds me of a 80s 90s Honda Civic with a swap and right wheel drive.
shayne brown
shayne brown - 25 gün önce
Is the i8 a supercar???
veenoable - 25 gün önce
Proton satria had lotus tuned suspension and drive system.. Replacing one part in the system is fucking expensive
Lloyd Collins-page
Lloyd Collins-page - 25 gün önce
*sports car *
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen - 26 gün önce
I predict a lot of heartache but it will be worth it. Of all the cars you've bought (since I've been following you so about 5 years), this is the one I'd most like to drive.
I am definitely looking forward to this one.
Toybox le monza
Toybox le monza - 27 gün önce
So 2jz swap?
pida siouy
pida siouy - 27 gün önce
Like Clarkson said the badge means "Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious" XD
grudge role
grudge role - 27 gün önce
Woah it a hennessy...i meen lotus
El Barto.
El Barto. - 27 gün önce
Wtf! Oh my! It's very nice guy! Hello from russia version translate)))
pida siouy
pida siouy - 27 gün önce
It is not a supercar in the same way that a super attractive girl is not a supermodel.
Bas e
Bas e - 27 gün önce
That is VERY cool
Matt Arnett-Jones
Matt Arnett-Jones - 28 gün önce
Was you in the wiggles singing yummy yummy fruit salad?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 28 gün önce
Like Clarkson said the badge means "Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious" XD
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen - 25 gün önce
Like most of the funny things Clarkson says, someone said it decades before he did and all he was doing was plagiarising someone else's gag.
simon cowles
simon cowles - 28 gün önce
Nice. I just watched your first BM vid and now this. I'm English with an mgtf, a poor man's lotus, a por mans Ferrari. Looking forward to future vids
miniRAMPAG3 - 28 gün önce
I live in Norfolk and work near a place called Wymondham which is where the lotus factory is located!
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 28 gün önce
Wouldn't consider it a supercar
Cam S.
Cam S. - 29 gün önce
Buy all the extra dashboard and door cards you can find, they love to crack.
Jesse Hilario
Jesse Hilario - 29 gün önce
"I've bought a supercar, now I'm a real YouTuber!"
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 29 gün önce
next episode "We are k24 swapping our lotus!" hahaha all jokes aside this is maaaaaad
Christopher Franz
Christopher Franz - Aylar önce
So MOOG had a career change?, by his own comments he should be working in IT now :p
Ian Turley
Ian Turley - Aylar önce
My 20 year old BMW would gap it. Anytime...

(If I was driving the BMW, and a granny was driving the lotus)
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 29 gün önce
Sports car not a super car.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - Aylar önce
"Did you break my cup holder." XD "Sounds a bit like Yaris hilton doesnt it." ahahaha
Hazel Love
Hazel Love - Aylar önce
My partner just got his ‘07 Lotus Elise S after watching this the other week🤣🤣
Rock girl
Rock girl - Aylar önce
"Did you break my cup holder." XD "Sounds a bit like Yaris hilton doesnt it." ahahaha
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - Aylar önce
Moog: “I’m a real TRvideosr” 🤣
Ski Town Street Cred
Ski Town Street Cred - Aylar önce
What is the BMW 3 and 5 series Haynes Manual for???????????????!!!!!!??????????? Nice Lotus, Jedi master!
jBr. -
jBr. - - Aylar önce
It is not a supercar in the same way that a super attractive girl is not a supermodel.
Rock girl
Rock girl - Aylar önce
what’s the weight of the car??
Rimmzy ismail
Rimmzy ismail - Aylar önce
Lotus exige+Toyota engine=JDM!!!!!
lee Whatley
lee Whatley - Aylar önce
Supercar it’s a lotus aka shitbox
legendmusic - Aylar önce
Does anyone else also almost only listen to heavy music like Metallica or Delta Parole when they drive?
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - Aylar önce
should handle like it's on rails all day long.
Gizard Bigman
Gizard Bigman - Aylar önce
Wouldn't consider it a supercar
alex lam
alex lam - Aylar önce
my dream car
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - Aylar önce
I've always wanted one and still do
Zed orda
Zed orda - Aylar önce
Lotus and supercar just don't make sense. Lotus is an Exotic car but not on a supercar level. Supercar starts around 500hp+ & USD$500K+. Hypercars are the bleeding edge of possible and change almost each year but are in the 1000hp+ & USD$1.5 million+ range atm.
gary nutkins
gary nutkins - Aylar önce
Let's put it simply it's a English supercar small fun to drive and a standard engine with a bit of good old tinkering.
And a lot cheaper in servicing than a Lamborghini
Charlie Strehle
Charlie Strehle - Aylar önce
Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious
gary stewart
gary stewart - Aylar önce
Sports car not a super car.
ПЦ - Aylar önce
:-( its not a NSX...
Orlando Delgado Verdugo
Orlando Delgado Verdugo - Aylar önce
Moog: “I’m a real YouTuber” 🤣
The Khajjah
The Khajjah - Aylar önce
Good choice, Enjoy!
Andres Yerenas
Andres Yerenas - Aylar önce
what’s the weight of the car??
Troy Clements
Troy Clements - Aylar önce
Marty didn't break it, if you drop it out the window then he's performed a weight reduction as per the lotus mantra lighter is better. Also & by the by with Marty sat beside you, you already have double the cup holders which lotus provided. 🙌
DramA525 - Aylar önce
Been watching for years and years. My heart feels so happy for y’all and this channel!
Hella Rice
Hella Rice - Aylar önce
My dads best friend had one but he just sold it about w month ago
Princess_Yow - Aylar önce
I'd rather have a Lotus Exige, than a non GT Porsche; it's all about driver focused vehicles.
Erik Saulkalns
Erik Saulkalns - Aylar önce
finally we got here
hersheytemple - Aylar önce
I've always wanted one and still do
Deja Fastfingers Ra
Deja Fastfingers Ra - Aylar önce
Supercar? Not realy
Better u get a alfa 4c
Michel te Braake
Michel te Braake - Aylar önce
Good taste!
OvAeons - Aylar önce
I hate modern volvos :) WAY too 'luxury bells and whistles'.
OvAeons - Aylar önce
My all time favourite car :O
Nicholas Koenig
Nicholas Koenig - Aylar önce
I love these cars! I’m so excited to see what you guys do with it!!
Jose Collazo Jr
Jose Collazo Jr - Aylar önce
Thanks Marty and Moog for your understanding of not unnecessarily wearing a useless face mask on your videos thank you for your understanding that you a distraction from all that bullshit!
Alina Skrypynets
Alina Skrypynets - Aylar önce
damn what a cool sport car, I wish I had such one. My old duster is still my feet, but I dressed it up with Technaxx Car Alarm TX-100, did anyone try it for your car? This one: http://bitly.ws/agXo
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - Aylar önce
"Adding power will make you faster in a straight line. Reducing weight, everywhere else" -Colin Chapman
Mark Harris
Mark Harris - Aylar önce
I want one - seriously, I will spend the next decade looking for one!
Mads Hansen
Mads Hansen - Aylar önce
Solid car! Made me remember the Tommy Kaira ZZII - is that available in Australia?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - Aylar önce
"Is that supposed to happen?" "No." :D
Hugo Perez
Hugo Perez - Aylar önce
Pattrick Stratton
Pattrick Stratton - Aylar önce
FHA - Aylar önce
John Ellis
John Ellis - Aylar önce
Delorean- steeped in drama, controversy, conspiracies, and flux capacitors.
Rolando Crisostomo
Rolando Crisostomo - Aylar önce
Corolla engine= not a supercar.
bongo bob
bongo bob - Aylar önce
The Aston martin vulcan is 2 mondeo engines bolted together. Now tell me that aint a super car.
Dominic Mariani
Dominic Mariani - Aylar önce
lotus tuned the chassis and suspension of the pontiac fiero gt
Eidolus Gad
Eidolus Gad - Aylar önce
You said you bought a supercar, is it hiding behind the garage? Maybe move the car with the Toyota engine out of the way to make room to bring it in.
Anestis Giannas
Anestis Giannas - Aylar önce
Aren't these zenkova's rs606???