OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

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Amphicorp47 - 19 saatler önce
buying this for half price a year later... dang
Kay Chung
Kay Chung - Gün önce
I'm getting this phone soon. Does anyone know if the patch update for the 90hz refresh rate software is out yet?
Shikhar Shah
Shikhar Shah - 3 gün önce
This phone had the best colour, of the brightly coloured phones
有米奇不妙屋 - 5 gün önce
Because oneplus896=531+112+1017+809+727+323+307+1213+917+501+1104+519+1125+311+1228+709+220+1005+907+130+630+421+211+1203you+926+410+1117+301+620+510+827+718 legend by rose
Nico Bliznyuk
Nico Bliznyuk - 5 gün önce
What are Herts ??
Varun Jain
Varun Jain - 8 gün önce
sabse bda chutiya phone
No Glo
No Glo - 8 gün önce
1:06 Haha anyone else notice when he said the price is $669 he immediately followed it up with "nice"
saiful islam
saiful islam - 9 gün önce
@Marques, can you please give me a link of the 1st wallpaper?
rickey698 - 10 gün önce
Where do you guys buy these from from in the US? All I'm seeing on Amazon are "refurbished" phones.
Jimmy G.
Jimmy G. - 14 gün önce
I just got this new Oneplus 7 Pro as a secondary device to my 11 Pro Max, I absolutely love it. Making it very hard for me not to pull my sim card from 11 Pro.
V Pooja
V Pooja - 14 gün önce

When you are used to iPhone's gestures
rajiv gautam
rajiv gautam - 15 gün önce
Bekaar phone 2ft Pani me phone khraab Samsung best hai
Robin Hood
Robin Hood - 16 gün önce
Is this better than the oneplus 8 pro?
Avin Ronson Soans
Avin Ronson Soans - 12 gün önce
I think so
HARI KUTTAN - 19 gün önce
Watching from my op7pro
Matthew Fx
Matthew Fx - 19 gün önce
Just brought my 7 pro based on this video and it winning the MVP 2019 award....damn it's heavy
Devopratim Biswas
Devopratim Biswas - 20 gün önce
Anyone knows what the wallpaper in the thumbnail is?
michael s
michael s - 22 gün önce
i have a question..How do i make conference calls???When I had my S8,it's right there,on the screen,while you're talking,called 'Merge'...But this phone does not have that option..I also have to move screens now just to get to the call screen page to answer calls..
Jasmer Singh
Jasmer Singh - 24 gün önce
Ye kon si kampni ka hai
Avin Ronson Soans
Avin Ronson Soans - 12 gün önce
DuckPin2011 - 24 gün önce
Anyone have the wall paper from the very beginning of the video?
Towfique Shovon
Towfique Shovon - 24 gün önce
made a video on oneplus 7 pro V 8 pro
Shahzaib Aftab Khan
Shahzaib Aftab Khan - 25 gün önce
Let me know which mobile should i buy iphone 11 pro or one plus this one?
Koro the lad
Koro the lad - 22 gün önce
You can also find oneplus 7 pro for around 300 now so that's something to consider
FIFI King Size
FIFI King Size - 23 gün önce
Which operating system you prefer. You like iOS go with iPhone 11 You prefer android then OnePlus 7 Pro is great.
carnage venom
carnage venom - 25 gün önce
Now,should I buy the oneplus 7 pro or OnePlus 7t pro
Saibal Republic
Saibal Republic - 25 gün önce
Watching this after OnePlus 8 Pro launched and is a flagship.
Noureddine Mechden
Noureddine Mechden - 25 gün önce
00:10 59°!!
Clay .T
Clay .T - 26 gün önce
The average consumer can I order an Uber ? XD
38sspr crs
38sspr crs - 26 gün önce
Rounded corners are so ugly
xMine1003x - 28 gün önce
I'm looking for a new phone. Should i buy the 7t brand new at amazon for 528€ or should i buy the 7 pro refurbished, little used but as new with 1 year warranty and ebay warranty 128gb for 515€?
ilyn Payne
ilyn Payne - Aylar önce
I've been thinking of buying the Galaxy Note 10 but since watching this video I think the oneplus 7 pro is far better than the note 10 cuz it is cheaper and it has first refresh rate screen
just me
just me - Aylar önce
Can you expand the memory?
FIFI King Size
FIFI King Size - 23 gün önce
Adam Higgy
Adam Higgy - 27 gün önce
Lorina Carvalho
Lorina Carvalho - Aylar önce
From where you got wallpaper
Christian Clark
Christian Clark - Aylar önce
I'm using a 7t right now and that fingerprint scanner is definitely faster than mine.
Anurag Sahani
Anurag Sahani - Aylar önce
Iphone with oled and high refresh rate.... In ur dreams
Irvin Romero
Irvin Romero - Aylar önce
Where my OnePlus 7 pro gang at ???!
Kevin Phoenix
Kevin Phoenix - 20 gün önce
We're here and not going anywhere.
gangstalishis - Aylar önce
You can get this phone refurbished 256gb for $270 which is a steal. If I did t have an iPhone X this would probably be in my pocket.
Adam Higgy
Adam Higgy - 27 gün önce
Or brand new at TMobile for $450 256gb variant
TroutOfOrder - Aylar önce
Ahh marques the 7 Pro is no longer on the One Plus website so I can't order it directly from them!
Olivier .B
Olivier .B - Aylar önce
Is there sombody that recommends different camera software for op7pro in 2020. And if wat software??
-? - Aylar önce
Question to the public. Currently deciding between fluid amoled great display OP7 pro but not so great camera, Mi Note 10 with 60hz amoled but a 108mp camera, and lastly, any other upcomming fluid amoled device soon (Oneplus Z, Motorola Edge and so on). First question is: is fluid (90-120hz) Amoled worth it, or should I stay on 60hz phones if I'm not doing any gaming? Mostly searching/scrolling/watching vids on YT (most of these phones will have supported HDR10, so no worries there). Primary focus is on these 108mp camera's, since it has a really beautiful depth of field. The second question: are these 108 mp more worth it in terms of depth of field, or are they pretty simuilar to these cheap 64mp sony IMX 582, 586 sensors? I've had the 108mp camera Mi Note 10 in hand, but never experienced those 64mp camera's in person. Thanks for the answers.
Lejay James
Lejay James - Aylar önce
No headphone jack hmmm mixed feelings...
SYLWVIN - Aylar önce
Anyone here after being disappointed by the one plus 8 pro ? :(
David Woo
David Woo - Aylar önce
anyone else think even after watching a bunch of review videos, it's still really hard to tell with certainty which to buy? need free try-before-buy programs so we can compare and experience at home first!
sal colon
sal colon - Aylar önce
No expandable storage? Deal breaker for me.
Barri hernandez
Barri hernandez - Aylar önce
I want to buy for my birthday
Barri hernandez
Barri hernandez - Aylar önce
Marquez the one plus 7 pro is water dust and resistance or not
Harshul gaba
Harshul gaba - Aylar önce
So you're saying one plus was just 3 dollars away from perfection.
Latin Lover
Latin Lover - Aylar önce
Nahh for the price Samsung is better
BratOm - Aylar önce
I like how he said "$669. Nice."
Reddit is enlightened
AyyooCarlos - Aylar önce
Awesome video man what else have you found on the 7 pro since this video
wullla to
wullla to - Aylar önce
Epic intro
Aakash Bhavsar
Aakash Bhavsar - Aylar önce
here after watching oneplus 8 pro review
sri harsha
sri harsha - Aylar önce
The best mobile
Ivan Terrybjle
Ivan Terrybjle - Aylar önce
The new oneplus 8 pro is out.
I buy oneplus 7 pro!
Avin Ronson Soans
Avin Ronson Soans - 12 gün önce
Best decision
Rahul Srinivasa
Rahul Srinivasa - Aylar önce
Who is watching after OnePlus 8 release?
Ivan Terrybjle
Ivan Terrybjle - Aylar önce
@Rahul Srinivasa I DON T NEED. 30 WATT AND SD 855 IT S ENOUGHT!
Rahul Srinivasa
Rahul Srinivasa - Aylar önce
@Ivan Terrybjle and you'll get the Snapdragon 865 and 65W fast charging.
Ivan Terrybjle
Ivan Terrybjle - Aylar önce
@Rahul Srinivasa i don t need 5g! 4g+ it s enought
Rahul Srinivasa
Rahul Srinivasa - Aylar önce
@Ivan Terrybjle common bro OnePlus 7pro doesn't support 5G compatibility. Instead of this you can try Realme X50 pro. It is way better than OP 7 pro. And it is cheaper.
Ivan Terrybjle
Ivan Terrybjle - Aylar önce
The new oneplus 8 pro is out. I buy oneplus 7 pro!
Matthew Kroelinger
Matthew Kroelinger - Aylar önce
How does it hold up in April 2020? I just got a renewed one via Amazon and look forward to it. It will be my secondary phone along with my iPhone, but I wanted to jump back into Android at least part time.
ici - Aylar önce
why do you need 2 phones? just get a cheaper android if you’re using it as secondary..
Ivan Terrybjle
Ivan Terrybjle - Aylar önce
The new oneplus 8 pro is out. I buy oneplus 7 pro!
Penn Shimano
Penn Shimano - Aylar önce
Watching this on my Razr flip phone oh crap hold on just got a message on my beeper
Kevin R
Kevin R - Aylar önce
Who else is watching this after OP8 came out?
Ivan Terrybjle
Ivan Terrybjle - Aylar önce
The new oneplus 8 pro is out. I buy oneplus 7 pro!
prashanth pr#
prashanth pr# - Aylar önce
0:46 he didn't do this in the review of one plus 8 pro yeyeyeyeyeyeyyeye 😂🍭❄️
FaireFiree - Aylar önce
Anyone here in 2020? I need some help. I can't decide between the Note 10 Plus or this. Anyone can help?
Zed - Aylar önce
Ivan Terrybjle Nope Only camera is better rest Oneplus is better.
Ivan Terrybjle
Ivan Terrybjle - Aylar önce
I have this smartphone but Samsung Note 10 plus is very better!
Apinash Thankavadivel
Apinash Thankavadivel - Aylar önce
OnePlus 7 pro trust me
Zed - Aylar önce
This one cause of 90hz and software although note 10 is more expensive with a tiny better camera
Daniel Tanu Wijaya
Daniel Tanu Wijaya - Aylar önce
This phone is nice.
Mandeep Baweja
Mandeep Baweja - Aylar önce
Here after Oneplus 8 Pro, looks like Marques is more impressed by this 7 pro more than the latest 8 pro which costs $899 with Punch-hole camera.
divy krisna
divy krisna - Aylar önce
Where do I find the gcam mod guys???
Alex R
Alex R - Aylar önce
EyeCe Gaming
EyeCe Gaming - Aylar önce
Damn !!!!!!! That intro was intense ......
The Indian Polish Connection
That's where I found the pixel 4 to be so clever. Due to it's radar tech, it detects human contact and when noone is around shuts down completely saving on the battery immensely. I think that's surely a game changer. Think google missed a trick by promoting the irrelevant side of the radar tech.
Fearless Dreams
Fearless Dreams - Aylar önce
phone of the year
ryan peterson
ryan peterson - Aylar önce
Does this phone support t mobile?
ryan peterson
ryan peterson - Aylar önce
Fukumi-Senpai thanks
Fukumi-Senpai - Aylar önce
TMobile has their own varient so you should check their website.
BoBaker - Aylar önce
Should I buy this or wait for 8?
BoBaker - Aylar önce
I’m about to unbox it now
BoBaker - Aylar önce
Alex Richards UAE, Dubai 590$
Alex R
Alex R - Aylar önce
@BoBaker Location? Price?
BoBaker - Aylar önce
Alex Richards i just bought it new, not very expensive
Alex R
Alex R - Aylar önce
Buy this.. used.
michael alston
michael alston - Aylar önce
I just read a rumor that the OnePlus 8 pro will be released at $1000, what a let down. Looks like I'll be upgrading my OnePlus 6 to the 7 pro then if this is true.
Boker - Aylar önce
It has a hole punch now.
Leo Frössling
Leo Frössling - Aylar önce
Is it worth upgrading from a Galaxy S8 to this phone?
Leo Frössling
Leo Frössling - Aylar önce
Bought it yesterday and I am very pleased this far 👍
Zed - Aylar önce
I just did that and yes
AL K - Aylar önce
Leo Frössling yes for sure it is. But the new one plus 8 pro came out today. Even tho it’s more expensive.
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas - Aylar önce
Just got my OnePlus 7 Pro and I'm loving it so far!
509g1 - Aylar önce
Has it got SD card storage?
Dragami - Aylar önce
What's that racing game he played at 4:43
Burak Demirpençe
Burak Demirpençe - Aylar önce
asphalt 9
GOAT - Aylar önce
All the years I've been watching him and only now I realize that he has a unibrow.
Ranveer Malhotra
Ranveer Malhotra - Aylar önce
does this supports 5G network?
Jonathan Galicia
Jonathan Galicia - Aylar önce
Ranveer Malhotra no, but i think the McLaren edition does
DJI Drone Travel
DJI Drone Travel - Aylar önce
Just a Amazing phone I have the 7t pro and I love it ^^
Robot Cat
Robot Cat - Aylar önce
I would have bought this phone if it had a better battery
Saeed Azhdari
Saeed Azhdari - Aylar önce
loved that shot at the beginning.
Sharafuddin KK
Sharafuddin KK - Aylar önce
Is it a good buy in 2020 ?
Sharafuddin KK
Sharafuddin KK - Aylar önce
@pavan gangal how is the battery
pavan gangal
pavan gangal - Aylar önce
I bought it will use it for next 3yrs..
Moawad Abdelaziz
Moawad Abdelaziz - Aylar önce
Please enable the subtitle 😊
Sunil Kc
Sunil Kc - 2 aylar önce
Curved display are so cool
Hamed Alsitiny
Hamed Alsitiny - 2 aylar önce
Now it's been 4 months with OP 7TPro & I regret nothing
Lauren Campbell
Lauren Campbell - 2 aylar önce
This or the S20?
Fukumi-Senpai - Aylar önce
One plus released a new phone in 2020 so you should check that out.