How to spot a liar | Pamela Meyer

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x666x34b - 23 dakika önce
You can tell when a politician is lying when their lips are moving.
Jay DoubleBoo
Jay DoubleBoo - 38 dakika önce
Trump is on a whole other lie level.
boya kkey
boya kkey - 2 saatler önce
R.S. La'Point
R.S. La'Point - 6 saatler önce
Sandy Hook parents were very easy to read as liars also.
Jay DoubleBoo
Jay DoubleBoo - 37 dakika önce
Yes, you have clearly mastered it.
JP Bushcraft and survival reviews
Did she just say people wish to murder?
FMF Forsyth
FMF Forsyth - 11 saatler önce
What a joke in my opinion...and unless you can do this in real time outside a clinical enviornment when it counts this is nothing more than quazi bait and switch mumbo jumbo...
THR33STEP - 11 saatler önce
Now she has pictures of Trump for her speech about lies and deceit.
BadHombre - 12 saatler önce
So, how to spot a liar?
Look in the mirror.
Joe Phillips
Joe Phillips - 13 saatler önce
OJ lied?
Bill Evans
Bill Evans - 14 saatler önce
How to spot a liar?.... Just watch and listen to Caligula Trump....
Gaz Lee
Gaz Lee - 15 saatler önce
Easy just watch any politician.
Noah Trim
Noah Trim - 15 saatler önce
She is lying to herself !
dewfall56 - 15 saatler önce
Clinton and obama were liars?! Will wonders never cease?
Julio C. Carrero-Pulido
Julio C. Carrero-Pulido - 15 saatler önce
"May all beings happy,be peaceful, be liberated.." S:N.Goenka
RJ - 17 saatler önce
"How to spot a liar" just turn on CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, FOX, That morning show Whoppi is on , Snopes or any other mainstream media news source
J Taylor
J Taylor - 28 dakika önce
News outlets,yes. The View, IDK, i think it might be a case of the "dumb af" with those squakers.
Betty Veronica
Betty Veronica - 18 saatler önce
How to spot a liar:. You will be in undated with Tweetstorms.
Heighwire McCain
Heighwire McCain - 18 saatler önce
host on ted: you can't find this guy on google
guys from quora:
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 18 saatler önce
She's lying, I can see it...
Ernesto Pediangco
Ernesto Pediangco - 18 saatler önce
I study our President Trump to recognise lying behaviors. He is the great deciever !
dewfall56 - 15 saatler önce
But he's nothing compared to obama, comey, and the clintons in that area. They are the true expert liars.
herman sohier
herman sohier - 19 saatler önce
Ofcourse we're lying,to protect a personal self that dos'nt exists.
Ja C ob Nels o N
Ja C ob Nels o N - 20 saatler önce
I am an Astrologer
Ja C ob Nels o N
Ja C ob Nels o N - 20 saatler önce
I Ran SBuzx
z d
z d - 20 saatler önce
Elon Musk is a huge, massive liar!
Freedom Do
Freedom Do - 20 saatler önce
Freedom Do
Freedom Do - 20 saatler önce
Catch you
marc curtis
marc curtis - 23 saatler önce
Go to 1600 Pennsylvania av....Ring the bell ... and the BIGGEST orange liar ever ,will answer the door #nomoreRacism2020
animist channel
animist channel - Gün önce
"The truth is simple. It's the lies that get complicated."
I tried lying when I was a kid. I didn't like it. It took too much effort to keep track of what other people were thinking, and I had already realized that other people didn't think very well. This meant, in order to lie and manipulate, I had to try to keep track of how badly they understood the truth in the first place. It just wasn't worth the time, when there are so many better things to do with the intellectual energy.
So I decided, as a universal policy, just to tell the truth to the extent that it was possible to describe in words in the time allotted, and leave the rest of the mess up to them to sort out for themselves. This set in motion a long chain of people being pissed off at me for not lying, and me increasingly not caring what the idiots have going on in their head so long as it doesn't make for a security issue.
What I've found is that most people will bluff-lie up to the point that my eyes start rolling and I'm obviously bored with tolerating it, and then they get angry that I'm not playing along, and then they give up and either go away or finally start doing something productive. If they can't get to a productive state, I tend to go away on my own, because there's always something better to do.
Not lying doesn't mean I'll tell anything. In fact, it makes it really easy to keep secure information secure, because I can talk about true things all day without getting confused. It also doesn't mean I'll answer every question, because a lot of things are none of your gorram business, so frak off ya' greedy pervert.
Altogether, this has made it fairly easy to make a good living working for rich busy people who don't have time to sort through other people's bullshit and personal issues. They just want a job done well, and not to have to worry about being ripped off or betrayed. In the end, they learn to like having someone who will tell them honestly if they are paying enough to have that job done well, so they can decide what it's really worth to them.
Apparently, it's still creepy, or in that "uncanny valley." One of my associates even told me (approx), "I finally got used to the idea that I would never get used to the idea... of you. After that, I was able to be okay with it, because I stopped feeling like I had to try, and just accept that you exist."
If the average person took the time and energy they put into lying, and spent that energy improving themselves so they could do a good job, and think and act coherently, and recognize the truth when they saw it... they wouldn't have to run around lying in the first place. They would already have the thing worth having, that no one can take away. It seems to take the same amount of work either way, and with the truth you can even relax and stop being afraid all the time.
"So tell me, doctor... am I lying?"
Gene Dutton
Gene Dutton - Gün önce
How does one get considered for a bionic prosthesis? I am an a right knee disartic. I have total weight bearing on my stump. Since 1983!
C Hansen
C Hansen - Gün önce
Oh thats easy, if the subject has a Democratic pin on his lapel, hes a liar, 100%!
Fred Forbush
Fred Forbush - Gün önce
Hillary makes for an easy study in liar-spotting.
EnragedSephiroth - Gün önce
It's crazy to think that "qualifying language further discredits a liar" but we're all perfectly fine every single time Donald Trump does it to our face: "believe me."
Gannon Rosencrans
Gannon Rosencrans - Gün önce
Spot a liar by Pamela Meyer lol
Xavier Magnus
Xavier Magnus - Gün önce
Wow, blaming the victim, and projecting. Nice, spotted the liar. Don't think I need to go farther
Rocket - Gün önce
lol this isn't a science, it is a pseudo science, I have seen people grieving tell jokes and cry
Greetings from SCala Ad Caelum.
David Kimball
David Kimball - Gün önce
John Keck
John Keck - Gün önce
I learned a little bit (sorta), but the video largely comes across as an advertisement for why you need to hire a liespotter.
Guardian 2nd Ground Div
Liars are best at lying to themselves. An unrepentant liar does not endeavor nor feel compelled to seek/find/ tell/accept/know/ or the furthering of knowledge, understanding, or truth. They behave as if the truth is a point of perspective or based in opinions. They harbor no concept, appeal, benefit, or belief in the ideology of mutualism or value in trust. Good things happen for do right people. Liars are known as such. The lies people are most likely to believe are the lies they wish most were true. There are some non verbal communication (like in poker) methods employed to conceal knowledge and used to be dishonest, but it is by our deeds that we are known. The most heinous acts have are assigned the most repulsive of titles. The difference between evil and what is not socially acceptable behavior is that the opinions of our equal do not afford guilt or shame it is the knowledge that we will answer to God who clearly defined right and wrong that bothers us. We can see a science greater than our own, and intuitively know this is a creation of the Very God as described in the Bible. That God authenticated the message with advanced knowledges in ancient texts. It is only by God that truth can be defined and that the ideology of right and wrong exist at all. We trade the truth for a lie when we give credit to the creation instead of the creator. Give grape all the time in the universe and it will not outthink me. Give man all the time in the universe and they will never fit 3.2 billion letters of sequential binary coding/ programming or information into a microscopic bit of egg whites (protein). BTW Cristians are not good people, we know there is no such thing.We are sorry when we let people down, and even more for our betrayals against God who you can be sure is the source of all good. People are not evil or good, but rather the instruments that play those songs. We ha e a choice. The choice who do you want to be. We should always grade people on the basis of their intent, and thine own self be true. Like the guy in the mirror whatever that takes. If you take the right paths you won’t have to even ask for what the wrong path feel they can only have by lying and stealing. Have conscious or don’t but please go stand with the demons or with us. It’s exactly time to choose a side, and that you can be sure your sins will find you out.
urbanromantics777 - Gün önce
And another useless piece of time wasting... Nothing new, nothing useful, nothing to learn... Just a load of useless talking....
Dutch Resistance
Dutch Resistance - Gün önce
Truth is not relative, “...if you don’t love the truth you cannot know it.” Also, these little tidbits don’t apply to psychopaths. And, for others, judge them by the fruit of their lives.
nick willson
nick willson - Gün önce
Truth can indeed be subjective, depending on your circumstances, your goal, your intellect, your memory, all sorts of factors. Self deception is still a lie, but a lie we tell to ourselves. It's a very complex issue. But I do agree that the psychopaths and sociopaths are much harder to spot. Their truths are very different to none sociopaths. And even if you detect what you think is a lie, it might be harder to spot exactly the reason for the lie, unless it's an obvious direct question. Takes a lot of work, and not an exact science.
Infinite Sunshine
Infinite Sunshine - Gün önce
This presentation was misleading by omission and choosing not to address related factors such as physical conditions, how children mimic environmental and / or adult behavior that carries through to adulthood, and actions or reactions of people with mental health conditions who are triggered by certain discussion. Someone I know who grew up in south side Chicago once told me never look at peoples' eyes directly unless you know them well enough, because it could cause unnecessary grief and possibly get you killed.
While some of what is stated might help identify obvious liars, there are other professional, supposedly expert opinions that do not entirely corroborate everything said in this particular Ted Talk. Perhaps somewhere in the middle is a more balanced assessment? Or, maybe enough is not definitively known, however much some people want to self-aggrandize in order to appear to be an expert.
There is much more to learn about lying and being lied too. People will find what they look for about the topic.
It also smells of discouraging or encouraging certain behavior to better suit OCEAN profiling.
"The science of the psychographic profiling employed by Cambridge
Analytica has been highly contested. But it is based on psychological
methods that have a long history for measuring and categorising people
by personality. At its core is a psychological model called the "five
factor model" of personality – or the "Big Five."
"These include "openness", "conscientiousness", "extroversion",
"agreeableness" and "neuroticism" (OCEAN). Personality theorists believe
these categories are suitable for classifying the full range of human
personalities. Psychologists have invented instruments such as the Big
Five Inventory to capture OCEAN data for personality modelling." -​
peter pyke
peter pyke - Gün önce
if you lie you better have a good survival mood i think i can lie can tell a liar when they talk a lot of bollocks and waffle.hesitation is another.
Geronimo - Gün önce
The Title should say : " How The Democrats Lie Viciously"
Clancy Coburn
Clancy Coburn - Gün önce
step one: look for a green outfit and sloppy 1940s styled hair.
Dan Valois
Dan Valois - Gün önce
Pam lied at 17:12. 4000 lbs for an EEG. I don't think so. EEGs are closer to the weight of an average PC. See everybody lies. She likely meant FMRI. Despite picking on this detail, her point is still the same.
Dave Walker
Dave Walker - Gün önce
Haven’t we all learned this by watching Trump?
Matthew - Gün önce
This was all a lie.
mypurplelover - Gün önce
The mouth sounds are the worst
Angela Jones
Angela Jones - Gün önce
What were the telltale signs (that Clinton was lying)? His lips were moving.
Tender Tattz
Tender Tattz - Gün önce