Laura Dern And Jack O'Connell Talk New Film ‘Trial By Fire’ | TODAY

Richard EVANS
Richard EVANS - 26 gün önce
Jack o Connell is a world class actor
margarita jackson
margarita jackson - 4 aylar önce
I love you jack💘
hz0gzq - 4 aylar önce
Mav Hunter
Mav Hunter - 4 aylar önce
I'm glad to see Jack only becoming more successful!
MrThony542 - 5 aylar önce
I'm cook!
TheJeffhero - 8 aylar önce
Jack seems kind of weird
Jo Do
Jo Do - 4 aylar önce
Your mum
Nina K
Nina K - 8 aylar önce
I didn't realize HOW much Jack O'Connell has influenced my taste in men, but he surely did
Paul Carter
Paul Carter - 8 aylar önce
Watch Jack in Netflix's Godless..Brilliant
Blaine Joyce
Blaine Joyce - 9 aylar önce
..that movie made me cry.
Just Emojis
Just Emojis - Aylar önce
Blaine Joyce like a wailing mother who lost her son. I couldn’t stop crying.
Дана Б
Дана Б - 10 aylar önce
Jack is obviously high. Its becoming a problem, dear
begbould me
begbould me - Aylar önce
Ha ha what? No he isn't 😂 he just looks and sounds like he's in the local chatting to his friends, this is pretty standard up north in the UK.
kerosene queen
kerosene queen - 5 aylar önce
@super gerd I'm no native speaker, I don't know how to express this correctly, but what I wanted to say was, I don't notice it, whether in what he's saying, how he's speaking, how he behaves,... I don't see any signs.
super gerd
super gerd - 5 aylar önce
@kerosene queen you don't see it cause he's not twitching like people high on coke do
super gerd
super gerd - 5 aylar önce
you don't know what signs to look for for people using drugs. jack is just like that on interviews, he's very shy and private.
Дана Б
Дана Б - 7 aylar önce
@Krystle Marie Wampler Jesus, this is sad. About him not using drugs I`d like to believe it but sometimes its enough just to look at him. I wish Jack to get rid of the addiction REALLY. He is so young and promising
Red Hot Chili Peppers man
Red Hot Chili Peppers man - 10 aylar önce
What a terrible ending to this interview. The movie was very sad and there's nothing to joke about.
Kevin Boix
Kevin Boix - 10 aylar önce
Emily Ratcliff
Emily Ratcliff - 10 aylar önce
Kevin Boix cook
lamoskgr Moskow
lamoskgr Moskow - 10 aylar önce
Please wstch it. This kid is such a good actor
traytheapostle - Yıl önce
Look at a cook, all grown up.
lake eola band
lake eola band - 7 aylar önce
tbh i feel like he looks the same at least on the interview
Essie95 - 9 aylar önce
He will always be Cook for me ❤️ (Sorry for my bad english)
fiore flower
fiore flower - Yıl önce
jack o'connell
..great actor!
Xavier Ocon
Xavier Ocon - Yıl önce
2:03 classy and meek response 👌🏼
ron j
ron j - Yıl önce
Texas killed a innocent MAN!
La Tejana Urbana
La Tejana Urbana - Yıl önce
Wrongful incarceration
Look Closely At My Pic
Look Closely At My Pic - 6 aylar önce
Wrongful execution
Mrs Paul Walker
Mrs Paul Walker - Yıl önce
Jack ❤️😍
Albany - Yıl önce
Es un comentario en español pero necesito expresar cuanto lo amo y lo orgullosa que estoy de el. Lo amo demasiado
wilson alonso giraldo quitian
@SoyPatricio. lo conocosco
SoyPatricio. - 11 aylar önce
wilson alonso giraldo quitian como?🤔
wilson alonso giraldo quitian
Flipariaas si te digo que te o puedo presentar
Albany - Yıl önce
Jack! I love you so much!!!!!
Flying Apple
Flying Apple - Yıl önce