ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)

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Austin Woods
Austin Woods - 56 dakika önce
Take ALL my money. No more 3D. I wish Tarantino made a film every 2 years and that others with his independant sensibilities would direct films like this more than MCU or DC films. I love em all... but a move back toward the "art" direction of film and away from the "make the most money"/"make comic films for families and incels" trend. I love Thor 3 and Cap 2 but for every good Marvel movie there is a weak one. For every weak marvel movie 4 movies like the one above could be made. I prefer sacrificing the later for the sake of the former.
Sfhgdhfk Hb Yvjvjxcd
Sfhgdhfk Hb Yvjvjxcd - 56 dakika önce
Го патписку
Louey Jaballah
Louey Jaballah - 57 dakika önce
Netflix publishing stranger things 3rd season trailer at the same time.... So rude.
iNINJAgamer - 57 dakika önce
#1 on trending!!!
Jawad Zabir
Jawad Zabir - 59 dakika önce
Where the hell is Pacino?!
Mimosa Meltdown
Mimosa Meltdown - 59 dakika önce
This is my new favorite movie and I haven't even seen it yet.
RainyDayBlue8 - 59 dakika önce
Where's Sam Jackson
Agemass Japon
Agemass Japon - 59 dakika önce
I really need to survive until july 😊😊😊
Surya Brahma
Surya Brahma - 59 dakika önce
Leonardo di carpio I will not miss this movie
Andreas Moser
Andreas Moser - Saatler önce
When we'll be done making movies about making movies, will we make movies about making movies about making movies?
Saurabh Mazumdar
Saurabh Mazumdar - Saatler önce
@1:05 - His inner feelings when he finally got an Oscar!
Balwinder Brar
Balwinder Brar - Saatler önce
Wow It's Trending in India 😁
Alexander Hicks
Alexander Hicks - Saatler önce
Not much in this trailer that interests me about the story, but the cast and director sold me long before the trailer came out. So I’m still genuinely excited to see what it’s about
KAOZTAINMENT - Graphic and Motion Design
a new *Tarantino* Movie ... this planet become a better place!
Silicon Sins
Silicon Sins - Saatler önce
தலைவா ...டோரண்டினோ ...தலைவா ...சினிமாங்குற பேர்ல ..தயிர் சாதமா சாப்பிட்டு சப்னுன்னு இருக்கு வாழ்கை ...சீக்கிரமா வா தலைவா ...உன் படத்துக்காகத்தான் உசுர vechikutrkan....Revenge is always best served cold ....மறக்கமுடியுமா அத ...Hold tight ..Songa தான் மறக்க முடியுமா ....
Mathew c
Mathew c - Saatler önce
Best combo
Shazi Shaikh
Shazi Shaikh - Saatler önce
I only comment to comment that I don’t comment..!
Subhanshu Mishra
Subhanshu Mishra - Saatler önce
That's awesome...
vincenoir 02
vincenoir 02 - Saatler önce
anyone know what rating this film is? like 15 or 12 or 18?
Paelorian - Saatler önce
I like how I have no idea what the movie is about but I'm pretty much sold anyway. More trailers should be like this. Just show off the talent and give a taste of the atmosphere and aesthetic without giving away the plot, so we can enjoy the storytelling of the film as the filmmakers intended. In this case we don't even know the premise and that's all the better. We're going to see it anyway as long as the reviews aren't terrible, and probably even if they are, because it's Tarantino and big stars with big skills and the setting is right up his alley. So let's go this movie and be surprised at the inevitable twists and turns. Perhaps it will even defy our expectations.
Mr Fantaman
Mr Fantaman - Saatler önce
Anyone keep rewatching Margot dancing at 0"36?
DHARMENDRA BABU - Saatler önce
I have seen this trailer for like 100 times just to see the actor who's playing Bruce lee
Alan George
Alan George - Saatler önce
First time I'm watching a trailer before the film for a Tarantino film!
Anyone with me?
Downyfabricsoftener - Saatler önce
Tyler Durden vs Bruce Lee
Sridhara Vignesh
Sridhara Vignesh - Saatler önce
Thots everywhere!
shafique khan
shafique khan - Saatler önce
A paradigm shift from his usual backdrop and premise......Badly waitin to be enthralled once again.😊😊😊
eXBack 40verland
eXBack 40verland - Saatler önce
Bruce Lee 👍🏻 Pitt and DeCrappio can Red yarn 🧶 a rope and disappear
BIG CHUNGUS - Saatler önce
Is this not about the Manson murders
RedInterceptor - Saatler önce
Then there's a stunt double for the stunt double
shafique khan
shafique khan - Saatler önce
At last we have our beloved Quentin back........ and how
Tuncay IşıtanART
Tuncay IşıtanART - Saatler önce
vay açakal arif v216 dan araklamış ölen ünlüleri bir araya getirmiş.
Markiv S
Markiv S - Saatler önce
Now Bollywood watchers be LIKE...bc an to Once upon a Bollywood b ayegi
Peg E
Peg E - Saatler önce
I was just complaining to the family that there is little to nothing to see at the Theatre unless you are a kid...then "BOOM" there it is!!!  The Trailer was so Nostalgic it was like a Breath of Old Fresh Air!!!! (Oxymoron) Love the casting of this movie... I can just imagine the "discussions" my sisters and I will have on who was their favorite between Brad and Leo...that is a no brainer...Brad is no Leo is no Brad is no Leo is...yup...we may all start smoking again after we watch this movie...@@@@@@
Mr Pablo GV
Mr Pablo GV - Saatler önce
Holly sheeeet bruce lee
geetika sukhija
geetika sukhija - Saatler önce
Legend has it..... if you double click the like button it turns grey
LACNYC90304 DL - Saatler önce
Can Hollywood make my movie? I made my own script but I suck at writing endings and suspense. If you know anybody hmu. And then after we finish it. I can put a buget on it since I finally have a job. So help me God, I will kill this entire 🍕 for myself.
reealitychick - Saatler önce
WOW---- ARE THEY ALL GREAT---- CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE..... BRAD LEO BRUCE AND SO MANY MORE Mr. T---- I m sure you did it again!!!!
D E X X I E - Saatler önce
what does Leo say at the very end when hes crying I cant understand. I see everyone laugh during trailer reactions.
Just Kartik
Just Kartik - Saatler önce
I also want to know!
Usama Mughal
Usama Mughal - Saatler önce
That was the best acting i have ever seen in my whole life!
Riya Sharma
Riya Sharma - Saatler önce
Leonardo di caprio fans like here
mclarenight - Saatler önce
So what is the story behind this movie?
trongborg - Saatler önce
I want this now!!!!!!!
Olok Terorista
Olok Terorista - Saatler önce
I smell. Oscars in this..😁😁😁
bellagio - Saatler önce
cant wait!!
chartbuster go
chartbuster go - Saatler önce
I just love brad pitt
IW_LEGENDARY_SAYaiN22 - Saatler önce
You got Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie. You had my curiosity but when I saw that this is a Quentin Tarantino film. You have my full blown attention.
Emilian from Canada
Emilian from Canada - Saatler önce
WHERES The Soundtrack??? Lol Jajajajaj
samuel Martins
samuel Martins - Saatler önce
Cadê os Br para debater sobre o filme ?
David Khassen
David Khassen - Saatler önce
7 or 8 august 2019
Avis sarath
Avis sarath - Saatler önce
What did I just saw .. no blood I thought it was different director lok
Megan Goatley
Megan Goatley - Saatler önce
What does he say at 1:29??
Mosiah Anderson
Mosiah Anderson - Saatler önce
Am I the only one who thought that was actually Bruce Lee
Babr MaLik
Babr MaLik - Saatler önce
LEGENDS!! Their name's enough to watch this movie.
Shery Bawa
Shery Bawa - Saatler önce
Tommorrow my9th class exam and i am watching this.
Buffynator 666
Buffynator 666 - Saatler önce
Shut up and take my Money Mister Tarantino!
Suk Mike Hok
Suk Mike Hok - Saatler önce
Spoiler alert, Margot Robbie will die
Logan Robinson
Logan Robinson - Saatler önce
Bruce lee, Charles Manson, DiCaprio and Brad Pitt? In the same movie? Sounds like a good time to me.
ХуДоЖнИкИ Art Painting Malerklasse
*Офигеть, Брюс Ли как настоящий!*
alexander vantage
alexander vantage - Saatler önce
that was the best acting i ever seen in my all life!(tarantino...always the best & my god look at the cast!!!)
Eric Champlin
Eric Champlin - Saatler önce
abc def
abc def - Saatler önce
If only George Clooney'd be a part of the cast we could officially say that the three men that get more handsome the older they get would be starring...
Lucia Nosella
Lucia Nosella - Saatler önce
I don't even need this teaser. Imma watchit.
MayDay GoingDown!!
MayDay GoingDown!! - Saatler önce
it's got by Quentin...I go see it...it's that simple.
Abhishek Kanyal
Abhishek Kanyal - Saatler önce
There are those who may say Endgame to be the most awaited movie of the year.... But not us... Not us... 😍
Draco Dragnien
Draco Dragnien - Saatler önce
Girl:"That was the best acting I ve ever seen in my whole life"
The Oscars:"Meh.. British actors BETTER"
Leonardo DiCaprio:"I figured u would say that"
Igor M
Igor M - Saatler önce
1:11 Robert Redford confirmed
PUBG BEASTS - Saatler önce
Cathal - Saatler önce
0:00 I swear that's the map from Overwatch. Hollywood I think it's called
Gone girl
Gone girl - Saatler önce
Margot Robbie ❤️
Utkarsha Dahal
Utkarsha Dahal - Saatler önce
That Dicaprio dance better be turned into a gif.😂
Tom - Saatler önce
JULY?!!! Ffs.
mikebart70 - Saatler önce
Whos playing Bruce???
2 2
2 2 - Saatler önce
Next pulp fiction !
Oscar Medrano
Oscar Medrano - Saatler önce
So Excited can’t wait for this
DRAXLER M - Saatler önce
Rip Bruce lee
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh - Saatler önce
Dont copy bollywood movie titles
schlitzohr - Saatler önce
Remember the Marshal Scene from Django Unchained? 0:04 its the same location!
Swirv One
Swirv One - Saatler önce
If it's a Tarantino movie, two things are guaranteed. One, it'll have too many scenes with way too much dialogue. And two, it'll be at least 15-20 minutes too long.
Tell'emSteveDave - Saatler önce
Fingers crossed for 70mm prints of this!
Dazz Arlonsy
Dazz Arlonsy - Saatler önce
Second Oscar!!!!
Juka - Saatler önce
I've been waiting for this sexi duet for a long time
Luca Caldari
Luca Caldari - Saatler önce
Two major actors In a movie directed by a big Name? Idk why but I have the feeling that it's going to sucks so hard!
Nicole - Saatler önce
Interesting to see how Charles Manson will be incorporated into this movie
Tony S
Tony S - Saatler önce
Damien Lewis as 'The King of Cool' Steve Mcqueen!
Shetty Shetty
Shetty Shetty - Saatler önce
Klumsy Kameleon
Klumsy Kameleon - Saatler önce
DiCaprio carrying movies.
Necruz 2006
Necruz 2006 - Saatler önce
White girls be like “omg I hate the word moist!!” Then say the n word
Josue Ferrer
Josue Ferrer - Saatler önce
Demoraram para colocar os dois juntos!
Justin berg
Justin berg - Saatler önce
I’m so happy but would be happier if we got a lil cameo from Uma Thurman.
Sane The Happy Pill
Sane The Happy Pill - Saatler önce
Ths looks dumb..but it has Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, so I'll watch.
Erica Urbina
Erica Urbina - Saatler önce
Only a trailer. Leo already deserves another Oscar 🙏🏼😂
pierato francysk
pierato francysk - Saatler önce
tarantino..brad pitt and Leonardo...i couldnt be better then this
hannah Fontana
hannah Fontana - Saatler önce
Leonardo DiCaprio is more attractive then Brad pit now
Никита Перепёлкин
What the track is playing here, tell me, somebody!!!
ThE InDiAn stallion
ThE InDiAn stallion - Saatler önce
Los Bravos- Bring a little Lovin
JamelVelle - Saatler önce
The Funny Youths
The Funny Youths - Saatler önce
*Hollywood Ka Varun Dhawan*
M-SIB - Saatler önce
Unknown person
Unknown person - Saatler önce
*Finaly* ...
francesse joseph
francesse joseph - Saatler önce
Sahebaaz 75
Sahebaaz 75 - Saatler önce
#7OnTrending in India ❤